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Child Health Issues – An Opinion

An interviewer asked Nancy O’Hara, M.D., a leading U.S. paediatrician, about the seemingly ever increasing occurrence of such childhood illnesses as diabetes, asthma, ADHD, allergies and autism and whether the greater numbers today evidence only better diagnosis. “It is not just better diagnosis,” says O’Hara, “There have been a series of factors including a more toxic environment, poor nutrition and a genetic predisposition in these kids for the chemicals, toxins, metals and junk food to negatively impact their development and health.” Does our health system focus too much on pharmaceuticals and not enough on prevention and cellular health? O’Hara: “Prevention …before moms get pregnant is key.” Speaking to the need for all to take charge of their health, she advocates for fundamental changes.“ It is not just big pharma, but our insurance industry, our medical system in general. Doctors get paid to fix disease not to insure wellness.” What about the difficulties conventional medical practices have in accepting prevention, nutritional and other means to heal? O’Hara: “Nutrition is a very small part of a doctor’s training. There is very little understanding of food as the best ‘drug.’” The food industry [often provides] a quick meal, a quick fix, and what we are teaching and preaching is not quick. … Food is the fuel for the brain. How it is absorbed and digested by our guts affects how our immune system sees it and how we can process it for use by the brain. If the gut is not working right or is inflamed, then the immune system will see foods as they are abnormally absorbed as foreign and react against it. [For many] diets are devoid of the basic things we need like probiotics, B vitamins, zinc, and essential fatty acids.…You have to start

with diet. I think casein- and gluten-free is a good place to start but foods need to be healthy; you do not replace gluten carbs and junk with gluten free junk.” “The diet needs to be full of protein with lots of veggies and fruits and fewer carbs and no junk. This does not have to be that expensive and can make a big difference. The whole family needs to be supported in being healthier in all ways. This includes diet, relationships and stress management. It is a heady undertaking but one that is necessary and doable for the health of all of our children and all of us.” For more information regarding : Childhood Obesity in Australia and Broncafect Mediherb please visit here :

Child health issues – an opinion  

It is not just better diagnosis,” says O’Hara, “There have been a series of factors including a more toxic environment, poor nutrition and a...

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