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NURSERY the FUtUre oF hand washinG is toUCh Free

When people need to get their hands clean, the last thing they need is to touch a dirty dispenser. With the new GOJO TFX System, there is nothing to touch. Just place your hands below and a single dose is automatically dispensed. 934 tFX pUrell dispenser Touch Free for Gel and foam sanitiser H265mm x W155mm x D95mm Free with each case of purell hand sanitiser Gel

747 pUrell sanitiser Gel 4 x1200ml cartridges (for dispenser 934)

HYGIENE paper hand towels

Mini z-Fold 414 A quality 2 ply white tissue in a small format specifically designed for little people! 14 x 23cm 6000 per case 914 Mini z Fold dispenser A unique dispenser designed for our mini z-fold towel 170 x130 x190mm z-Fold Fast replacing C-fold as the most popular towel format. Dispenses more easily and reduces wastage. 406 natural single ply 100% recycled, 3000 per case.

tFX FoaM dispenser Touch free for foam handwash and soap H265mm x W155mm x D95mm Code 935

V - interFold The lowest cost sysstem that dispenses so easily - each towel pulls out the next one.

Free with each case of Gojo premium Foam handwash or Gojo antibacterial Foam soap

410 Green single ply 100% recycled, 5000 per case

749 premium Foam handwash 2 x1200ml cartridges (for dispenser 935)

750 antibacterial soap 2 x1200ml cartridges (for dispenser 935)

C - Fold 427 C-Fold Blue single ply 100% recycled, 5000 per case 426 C-Fold Green single ply A quality paper towel 2700 per case We also supply a range of other qualities in single, 2 or 3 ply, in white, green and blue. Please ask for details and prices and we will gladly send free samples.

pro paper towel Mini Centrefeed rolls Recently upgraded to our Tufcel bonded 2 ply tissue quality.You must try this thick, absorbent towel. Ideal for mopping up spills, cost effective and more convenient than standard kitchen rolls.

nappies,wipes & saCKs Our nappies are made by the largest European own label supplier and have all the latest features of the top brands. 8401 nappies Midi 4 - 9 kg 2 x 54 per case 8402 nappies Maxi 9 - 20 kg 2 x 50 per case 8403 nappies Junior 12 - 25 kg 2 x 44 per case

309 2 ply tufcel Mini centrefeed rolls 12 rolls 22cm x 69 m std. Centrefeed rolls We have a huge range of qualities of Standard Centrefeed rolls, 1, 2 and 3 ply in white, blue and sand. Ask for details.

60% cotton 40% viscose Cotton wool available in rolls, balls and pleats. 1044 Cotton wool balls 1007 300g rolls 1060 200g pleats

365 2 ply blue Good, thick, strong tissue 6 x 150m rolls per pack

666 Baby dream Baby wipe A thick, quality wipe. 16 x 20.5 cm Lanolin and fragrance free. 12 packs of 80 wipes..

319 2 ply white 6 x 50m rolls per pack 302 2 ply white tufcel 160m pure white, bonded tissue, like kitchen roll paper.

hand soap & sanitiser 753 purell hand sanitiser Iso-Propyl Alcohol hand rub, kills 99% of germs. Widely used in the NHS. Ideal for sanitising hands when there is no sink to hand! 6 x 350 ml Pump Bottles

756 avoca handwash An antibacterial hand soap similar to the brand leader, pH balanced with moisturisers.Kind to hands and sold in convenient 500ml pump bottles. 6 x 500ml pump bottles per case

7102 pro Biosoap Antibacterial soap. 2 x 5 Litre

Free deliVerY on all orders oVer ÂŁ75

667 Baby dream sensitive 16 x 20.5 cm Lanolin and fragrance free. 12 packs of 80 wipes. For sensitive skin.

686 Bactericidal wipes Medical disinfectant wipes 2 tubs of 200 wipes.

685 skin Cleansing wipes 4 tubs of 150 wipes

nappies,wipes & saCKs

toilet roll, dispensers & tissUe 245 handy toliet rolls A good quality, yet economical, 2 ply standard toilet roll. 320 sheets per roll. 2 packs of 36 rolls per case.

842 washcloth Disposable Face and Body Washcloths. Soft non-woven fabric towels that are ideal as facial flannels for children. 29 x 33 cm 10 x 100 per case

232 Bulk pack toilet tissue Individual sheets of high quality tissue bulk packed. Each pack contains 250 sheets.

339 hygiene rolls 50cm wide 9 rolls per case 344 hygiene rolls 25cm wide 18 rolls per case Quality 2 ply rolls suitable for a wide variety of uses, including changing mat covers.

955 pro dispenser Wall mounted plastic dispenser for code 232 bulk pack toilet tissue.

798 nappy sack 30 x 36cm (available in either 5x300 or 20x300 per case)

949 tommee tippee nappy wrapper Maxi tub The Nappy Wrapper Maxi™ is a simple way of dealing with a large volume of nappies. Ideal for nurseries and crèches, it locks in smells and germs with a twist of the wrist. Also holds up to 55 nappies before it needs emptying.

213 Mini-Jumbo toilet rolls High quality toilet tissue. An economical 150m roll on a 2.25” core. (3”core also available). 1001 pro Mini-Jumbo dispenser Wall mounted plastic dispenser for code 213 mini jumbo toilet rolls. 250/254 professional Facial tissues 20 x 19cm interleaved 100 sheets per box 24/36 boxes per case

796 Maxi tub refills Tommee Tippee / Sangenic Easiseal universal refills (6 months + ) 12 per case 794 sangenic easiseal refill (0-6 months) 12 per case Bin liners 769 pedal Bin liners 11” x17” x 18” 1000 per case 771 swing Bin liners 13”x 23” x 29” 1000 per case 774 Black dustbin liners 18 x 29 x 39” 200 per case.

971 wall Mounted dispenser White plastic, takes code 251 Mansize tissues (C-fold) 23 x 24 cm 100 sheets per box 24 boxes per case

nitrile & VinYl GloVes We have thousands of cases of disposable gloves for you to choose from. Ranging from traditional latex to synthetic materials such as nitrile and vinyl. Our gloves are available in a wide range of qualities, colours and sizes. As comfort is important, we suggest you contact us first to try them before ordering. Contact us on 0117 9461960 or email, so that one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives can arrange free samples to be sent to you.

polYthene prodUCts 120 white aprons 27” x 42” 5 x 100 flat pack 121 white aprons 27” x 42” 2 x 200 on a roll 123 Blue aprons 5x100 on a roll 124 Blue aprons 27” x 42” 2 x 200 on a roll The lowest cost gloves we sell, offering simple protection. Packed in dispenser boxes.

Latex glove prices have increased significantly in recent months and therefore we would suggest the following synthetic gloves as a cost effective alternative. Ultrathin nitrile (powder free) Available in white and violet. Our PRO Ultrathin Nitrile gloves offer comfort comparable to latex gloves, without the risk of latex allergy issues. 010 - 014 white 10 x 100 per case 020 - 024 Violet 10 x 100 per case

20 boxes x 100 gloves per case 141 polythene Gloves (M) 153 polythene Gloves (l) 931 Glove dispenser over shoes / shoe covers

Cast polythylene blue shoe covers with elasticated tops Universal size fits all. 169 Single size 14” 170 Single size 16” (1 pack of 500)

CleaninG prodUCts stretch Vinyl Stretch Vinyl offers improved fit and comfort, over standard clear vinyl. Powder free.

s117 Mop handle s109 Mop head

080 - 082 10 x100 per case

Clear Vinyl Gloves Cheaper than latex and looser fitting, The Clear Vinyl glove is our most economical, synthetic fitted glove. 109-112 powdered Vinyl Gloves 10 x 100 per case 070-073 powder-Free Vinyl Gloves 10 x 100 per case

s104 dust pan & brush s114r Bucket (Also available in Green, Blue & Yellow)

Free deliVerY on all orders oVer £75

CleaninG prodUCts Cleaner santiser Odourless and foodsafe, with bactericide.

CleaninG prodUCts 6001/6201 Multicloths Multi-purpose cleaning cloths, similar to J-cloths. 45 gsm, ideal for wiping surfaces when wet. Available in packs of 50 or on a 125m roll.

7039 2 x 5 Litre 7040 Trigger Spray 6 x 750ml

Packs (4 x 50) or Rolls (1 x 2)

Kleen off pine toilet cleaner and freshener. Safe with septic tanks. Bottle has angled neck similar to domestic products. With a pleasant Pine fragrance. 7101 12 x 750ml

spray polish Luxury furniture cream with waxy, lavender perfume. For wood, tiles, plastic and vinyl. Shines perfectly with a wipe.

6001 / 6201 Blue 6002 / 6202 red 6003 / 6203 Green 6004 / 6204 Yellow 6101 Catercloth Cloths which can be laundered, yet at a disposable price. A large, bulky cloth, ideal for washing-up and general cleaning. 36 x 51cm, 2 x 25 per case 6101 Blue 6102 red 6103 Yellow 6104 Green

7025 x Trigger spray 6 x 750 ml 7038 Aerosol 12 x 300ml anti-Bacterial absorbent Sanitaire absorbent powder can be sprinked on organic waste to absorb, deodourise and sanitise it. Safe on carpets and upholstery.

window Glass Cleaner A solvent type cleaner (no abrasives) that leaves a smear free finish. Also excellent for cleaning stainless steel, phones and computers. 7022 2 x 5 Litre 7024 Trigger Spray 6 x 750ml

7213 4 x 250g Shakers sta-Kill deodoriser Removes odours caused by urine, vomit, mildew and cooking. Highly effective against MRSA and other organisms, contains bactericide.

hard surface, antibacterial, sanitising wipes Ideal for cleaning and sanitising work surfaces and nappy changing areas.

7058 x Trigger spray 6 x 750 ml 7059 2 x 5L air Fresheners Aerosol air fresheners in two fragrances. 7054 summer Flowers 12 x 400ml 7055 Marine Breeze 12 x 400ml

679 Bucket (500 wipes) 2 tubs per case 23 x 20cm wipes 679r refill pouch (500 wipes) 3 refill pouches per case 20 x 23cm wipes

KitChen & laUndrY prodUCts washing Up liquid Concentrated washing up liquid for the kitchen 7018 12 x 1 litre 7017 2 x 5 litre

dishwasher tablets 4 in1dishwasher tablets. Suitable for all types of dishwasher.

High Performance Non-hazardous Cleans Sanitises Floor Cleaner A very effective foodsafe and non-tainting disinfecting cleaner for floors and carpets. Low foam, so it can be used in scrubber dryers. Dilutes 1:10 for carpet spotting, 1:20 for heavy soiling 1:40 for general cleaning. 7403 Fragrance Free 2 x 5 Litres per case

7205 144 per tub

hard sUrFaCe Cleaner (General pUrpose) Excellent for cleaning walls, paintwork, sinks, kitchen equipment, leave for 30 seconds to disinfect, remove grease, then wipe clean with a cloth. Can also be used to sterilise cloths and utensils.

washing powder An excellent concentrated product. Each pail consists of120 washes (approx.). Available in Bio and Non-Bio, 10kg tubs. non-Biological powder For sensitive skins. 7206 10kg pail

7405 Fragrance Free 2 x 5 Litres per case 7401 trigger spray 6 x 750ml per case

Biological powder High quality and concentrated. 7207 10kg pail

hand sanitisier

Biological laundry liquid A high quality concentrated biological laundry liquid. 7210 10 Litre

Hand Sanitising Foam NHS tested. Cleans and kills pathogens on contact. 7408 25 pots of 50ml per case sanitisinG wet wipes

Fabric Conditioner 7208 2 x 5 Litre

Handy Sanitising Wet Wipes, ideal for the surgery, nursery or ambulance. Each pot contains 200 wipes impregnated with bactericide. 7407 Pots of 200 2 pots per case

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