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Ink & Water I am interested about relationship between people and information that media is giving. Nowadays, people can get information easily from the Internet. Because the Internet has variety of information, not all the information is correct. People need to be able to cut out unnecessary information and gather what they want. Firsable, I dyed the water in yello, blue, and red colors. When I was trying to see what was happening to the colors, the colors were spreading around like people were getting the information from the internet.

Sounds of popular place I went to the popular place in Seoul, which are Sinsa, Hongdae, and Myeong-dong, three places. When I was filiming the sounds from these places, the thought of vaguness of sounds come into my mind. Eventually, I recorded the audio with pressing my finger on the camera itself to give these reddish background effect. The bottom images with scarlet backgrounds are the one with the finger on the camera. On the top of these images, it has sound levels from those places. I put in the audios into the program called ‘Audacity’ to know what kind of sound level of each place will show. As expected, all the sounds had different sound levels with variety of strength and weakness that flows like a wave.

01 Sinsa

02 Hongdae

03 Myeong-dong

Projecting light About the pictures, I wanted to make a hat with the lines because my concept is about the relationship between people and the media. When I was thinking about this relationship, connection came into my mind. Therefore, the the lines were created that is about connection. First is wiggiling lines that looks like circuit of the telephone. Second is line that is looks like sound wave. Third one is polka dots patterns because when I was looking at how the ink was spreading on the water, I thought about the cells. For the last pattern, the constellation came into my mind because connecting dot to dot reminds me of constellation images. On the last page, I showed what it would look like on my face because I wanted to see how the patterns would look like on the face that has depth instead of plain surface like paper.

Hyeree ten02  
Hyeree ten02