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As the world enters a more divided era both politically and ethnically the one thing which over the years has united people from all walks of life has been sport. From major international sports tournaments to local competition, barriers are removed with friendship and camaraderie being the result of a shared love of a pastime which has brought people together, who may otherwise never have met. With this in mind the World Sport Summit will bring together people from all over the world to try to develop and expand this unique characteristic, which is found in all sports at all levels, and use this to promote and encourage 'Sports Together for Peace'. The World Sport Summit will also focus its attention on the various ways of encouraging everyone into a participative sport and what is required from governments and the sports' governing bodies to help nurture and develop the infrastructures required in making sport accessible to all. This includes providing the necessary access and facilities for the disabled and what can be done to encourage and assist participation in a sport where economic restrictions may apply. Sport is the great leveller. It also leads to a healthier lifestyle and in a world which is ďŹ ghting obesity access must be made easy and aordable. And the beneďŹ ts must be better promoted to encourage greater participation, especially among the younger generation.

The World Sport Summit will be held annually in various countries throughout the world where a number of topics which are relevant to modern life and sport will be discussed.

Host destinations will be those which have the very best sports facilities giving them the chance to showcase these on the global stage.

In what has become a major global industry other countries including Turkey, England, Russia, Spain, Gulf States, South Africa, Australia and America will also be invited to showcase their countries and facilities as major sports destinations for training and competition.

WSS will act as the catalyst in bringing everyone together to help plan for the future of sport, including meeting the needs of the disabled, the expectations and demands of the athletes at both home and abroad as well as how to ďŹ ll the empty hours away from home when not training or competing.

Programme - WSS will feature a number of forums and discussions on a variety of topics including: 1. Encouraging and developing a campaign of Sports Together for Peace 2. Sport and its global impact on economic development 3. Sport for a healthier lifestyle 4. Trends in sport and the facilities required 5. Adapting to the needs of the disabled 6. Sport in the computer age, especially among children 7. Finding and securing sponsorship at all levels 8. The eect of TV in sport 9. The development of major sports destinations and how they see the future 10. Investments in sports tourism and the marketing and sales channels required 11. The challenges encountered with travel, especially with equipment and the ease of access to a destination. 12. B2B platform to encourage co-operation, partnerships, competitive opportunities, sponsorship, travel advice, etc. 13. World sports federations and local governing bodies will have a platform for sharing ideas and knowledge of how their sport has and is developed and funded. 14. Closing ceremony and announcement for the venue of the World Sport Summit 2018

The World Sport Summit Annual Awards and Dinner In recognition of achievement in sport from all walks of life WSS will present a number of awards during the Gala Dinner on the final evening. These will be in recognition of achieving something special within the sports industry and will include:

· Ambassador of Sport Together for Peace · Promoting Sport Together for Peace · Lifetime Achievement in Sport · Sportsman or woman – amateur/professional · Team – amateur/professional · Act of Sporting Conduct in competition – amateur/professional · Sports Coach – amateur/professional · Investment in sport – private/government · Sports complex · Sports media – TV, newspaper, internet · Sports commentator · Sponsor – corporate entity/individual

Nominations are invited from 3rd parties for any of the above awards although candidates can also nominate themselves. All requests for consideration must be fully backed up and be supported by at least 2 other people/companies and must be submitted by no later than 6 weeks prior to the World Sport Summit. Please download and use the appropriate form.

Sports Together for Peace

In much the same way as European football has embraced FARE and its 'no to racism' campaign the World Sport Summit is looking to establish a more inclusive campaign embracing all sports under the banner of 'Sports Together for Peace'.

Piara Power Executive Director of FARE

This will be a long term project to promote harmony and acceptance of multi-racial, multi-religious and politically dierent beliefs, through every sport. Sport is recognised as the one medium that unites people in an inclusive way which transcends all cultural boundaries.

There will be a number of discussions and debates Lord Sebastian Coe President of IAAF

throughout the congress and delegates will be invited to air their ideas and views, by the end of which a blueprint will be agreed to launch the campaign of 'Sports Together for Peace', with no political aďŹƒliation.

Christiano Ronaldo Goodwill ambassadors for UNESCO

Olympics and Super Bowl, through to more localised

Vitaly Klitschko Former professional boxer & Mayor of Kiev

competitions and facilities in a town or city, there is a whole range of economic and financial benefits to be had. Of particular benefit is employment, both directly and indirectly.

From the people building and maintaining sports facilities to the local economy which benefits from the influx of people to the area, including the athletes, their families and fans, many

Menderes Türel Mayor of Antalya

people are reliant on sport as a means of income.

Especially with major international tournaments like for example The Masters in golf or Wimbledon in Tennis when whole communities benefit. Dan Jones Partner in Deloitte & Head of Sports Business Group

Sport and its global impact on economic development

From huge international sports festivals like the World Cup,

Sport for a healthier lifestyle

As the problems of obesity grow and the health dangers increase, sport is recognised as a way of helping combat the Dr Walter C Willett Reputedly the World's Most Influential Nutrionist


People need to be encouraged to change their lifestyle and in many cases their diet to enjoy a longer and healthier life.

While it is recognised that sport will help with this, there needs to be a greater emphasis on how each sport can benefit Richard Way CEO, Sport for Life, Canada


Not just from the physical benefits but also from the mental benefits of interacting with fellow athletes.

Barbara L Fredrickson Professor with Specialism in Social Psychology

this and other mainstream sports suffer from a lack of facilities and accessibility. Football itself while it can be played almost anywhere, like a street, beach or back yard needs to encourage more people into mainstream participation.

Novak Djokovic Top Tennis Player raised in Serbia during a time of war and extreme poverty

Of course not everyone can go on to become a world star but without the necessary infrastructure and the accessibility, especially at grassroots level, people are limited to the choices they have in so many sports and those who could go on to become top athletes are not given a chance. Examples of non-inclusive sports include golf and tennis, both of which

Hidayet Türkoğlu Former NBA basketball Player & President of Turkish Basketball Federation

are mainstream but both of which are seen as exclusive on financial grounds.

Kenan Sofuoğlu Supersport World Champion

Michael Jeffrey Jordan Former NBA Basketball Player

Trends in sport and the facilities required

While football is recognised as the biggest sport in the world,

Adapting to the needs of the disabled

Sports facilities for the disabled have come a long way over the last 20 years or so and slowly more is being done to cater for their needs.

People with disabilities must not be excluded from Prince Harry Founder and President of Invictus Games

participating in sport which very often oers therapeutic beneďŹ ts both physically and mentally.

With the Paralympics and Invictus Games there is now major international competition but yet still much more needs to be done. Facilities which are open to able bodied people must be encouraged to adapt more to the needs of the disabled. Georgios Fountoulakis President of the Hellenic Parlympic Committee

Natalie Du Toit Winner of 10 Gold Medals for Swimming in the Paralympics

participation among the young generation. The first is obviously screen time in front of the TV, computer or on the phone. Kids today are now looking on computer games as

Tatsumi Kimishima CEO Nintendo

sport, where they can compete with anyone on the globe via the internet, without moving from their chair, assuming they even sit on one. The second is a parental problem where kids are being forced into specialising in a particular sport in the hope of realising the dreams of their parents. This can and does cause negative

Dr. Alan Goldberg Sports Performance Consultant

feeling especially when the parent, with no formal qualifications is trying to act as professional coach and mentor to their potential superstar. The two questions to be addressed are “how can we get screen time to encourage children into physical activity” and “how to expand the choice of sport to all without interference from parents”.

Brent Walker, Ph.D President of the Association for Applied Sports Psychology

Sport in the computer age, especially among children

There are two problems attributed to the decline in sports

Finding and securing sponsorship at all levels

Whither an aspiring athlete or small time club, money and Chubby Chandler CEO, International Sports Management

support through sponsorship almost becomes a necessity for survival.

While sponsorship at the very top level is accepted and understood, it is at the lower levels where it is most needed. There are so many ways to secure this and package a deal which makes it interesting to a potential sponsor or David Barry Dein Former vice-chairman of Arsenal Football Club


One just has to be creative, exible and persistent.

Clay Smith Managing Director, - a crowd funding platform for athletes/clubs

developing a sport both nationally and internationally.

However the antics and ways portrayed of global superstars has an impact on the audience and how they see a sport and what they need to do if they aspire to the levels of their hero.

Richie Benaud Australian Cricket Commentator

The question is, can and how should TV play its part in developing and promoting sports in a way that is realistic, so the average person can understand and appreciate the basic fundamentals and fellowship which a sport tries to embrace.

In the modern age what makes it viable by audience number

Nasser Ghanim Al-Khelaïfi Chaiman & CEO, beIN Media Group

to bring a sport to TV and how much does it cost.

The effects of TV in sport

There is no doubt TV plays an important part in promoting and

Peter Hutton CEO, Eurosport

The development of major sports destinations and how they see the future

A number of countries and cities have developed themselves into major sports destinations for competition and training.

The most recent of these are Belek - Turkey, Malaga - Spain and Dubai. Akif Çağatay Kılıç Minister of Youth and Sports of Turkey

All of these have the infrastructure and facilities to attract the very best athletes and will continue to invest in expanding and upgrading their facilities for the future, with access to anyone who can afford it.

Jose Ignacio Wert Sports Minister for Spain

Saeed Hareb General Secretary Dubai Sports Council

Pavel Kolobkov Sports Minister of Russia

Tourism aligned with sport has become big business with many countries competing in this market.

Ali Şafak Öztürk Chairman of Regnum Hotels & Antalya Sports Club

Such has been the growth of this industry there is now an annual award for the World's Leading Sports Tourism Destination.

Past nominees include 2015 winner Abu Dhabi - UAE, Doha - Qatar, Vancouver - Canada, Melbourne - Australia, Durban

Mubarak Al Shamsi Director, Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority

- South Africa and Rio - Brazil.

What makes these places so special and how have they developed their market?

Margie Whitehouse Chief Marketing Officer, South African Tourism

Investments in sports tourism and the sales channels required

Nabi Avcı Minister of Culture & Tourism

The challenges encountered with travel

One of the greatest challenges of sports people is travel especially when flying overseas. With the growth of the budget Bilal Ekşi GM Turkish Airlines

airline and the changes in the how tickets and baggage are priced, all too often equipment now incurs a massive premium to the cost.

The other problem is ease of access to a destination and the desire for direct flights, especially when travelling with valuable and essential equipment. Jaan Albrecht CEO Sun Express

Should airlines be more accommodating to sports travel and what can they better do to help?

Or is there a better and easier way to send equipment on in advance of the athlete arriving at a destination? How important is the relationship between an airline and the Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum CEO, Emirates Airlines

growth of a sports tourism destination?

Examples can include: · Travel companies offering advice and destination management · Partnerships between sports bodies and groups · Arranging competitive sports meetings and competitions · Sponsorship and sponsors It would be kind but obviously not mandatory when successful introductions and conclusions have been reached at these meetings, they are made known to the B2B desk for use in future marketing.

B2B Platform

Throughout the World Sport Summit there will be a dedicated area for B2B conferences and meetings. People can register their interest in what they are looking for and others can register their interest for what they are offering. They will then be matched up with an appointment and meeting time.

There will also be a permanent desk for the 'Sports Together for Peace' campaign where visitors will be welcomed for their personal views of how this can be developed and how they see it working and impacting in their own country. Information from this will help the Summit to achieve its goals of embracing as many people and as many sports as possible. Platform for sharing ideas There will be a casual meeting area for everyone to use for networking with other members from their own sports as well as those from other sports. Sharing ideas of how one sport is administered can have a positive impact on another sport. We will actively encourage our specialist guests and speakers to mingle, meet and network with groups, teams and individual athletes at all levels. Of course one has to be realistic and understand this is not the place to 'sell' but an opportunity to gather information, advice and guidance.

Welcome Dinner, Gala Dinner and Clos ng Ceremony

The full launch of 'Sports Together for Peace' will form part of the closing ceremony. This will include appointing and naming the Honorary President and Advisory Board to oversee and follow its progress. The host country and venue for the World Sport Summit 2018 will also be announced. On the first evening there will be a welcome dinner for official delegates, speakers, WSS sponsors, and special invited guests. On the final evening there will be a Gala Dinner for everyone associated with the World Sport Summit including official representatives of the various sports governing bodies. During the Gala Dinner there will be an award ceremony in recognition of achievement in sport from all walks of life. These will be in recognition of achieving something special within the sports industry. Nominations will be invited from 3rd parties for any of the above awards although candidates can also nominate themselves. All requests for consideration must be fully backed up and be supported by at least 2 other people/companies and must be submitted by no later than 6 weeks prior to the World Sport Summit. Please download and use the appropriate form.

Act of Sporting Conduct in competition Investment in sport - private/government Lifetime Achievement in Sport Sports Coach - amateur/professional Sports commentator Sports complex Sports media - TV, newspaper, internet Sponsor - corporate entity / individual Sportsman or woman - amateur / professional Team - amateur / professional

Invitations to the World Sport Summit will be sent to: ●

Government Ministers related to sport, youth and tourism.

International and local sports governing bodies in every country. ●

Sports coaches, referees, schools.

Special invitation will be sent to teams and organisations who have held tournaments in the host destination. ●

Sports marketing companies.

Lead sponsors of major events.

Sports equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

Sports media companies like Sky, Eurosport and Fox. ●

Sport commentators, authors, editors.

In short everyone with a connection to sport.

Throughout the Summit there will be the opportunity of inspection visits to see what the host destination has to offer. There will also be the opportunity of looking at the facilities of one or two local hospitals who specialise in sports injuries.

Sponsorship Opportunities Title Sponsor - All advertising and promotional material will feature the name of the Title Sponsor immediately alongside or underneath the World Sport Summit. For example The World Sport Summit sponsored by Company Name. The only exclusion to this will be the Awards. Associate Sponsor - these will be secondary sponsors who wish to have their name/logo featured on the main advertising and promotional material usually along the bottom of any printed material. Special Event Sponsors - these will cover such things as delegate hotel rooms, the Gala and Welcome Dinner at a hotel, transfer transport including inspection visits, daytime delegate lunches the B2B area and the casual meeting area. All special event sponsors will be mentioned in the main Summit catalogue and can use their event/service to promote their name. Note – hotel rooms and transfers can be sponsored by more than one company. Media Sponsor - will have full access to all parts of the Summit including where requested and possible, interviews with some of the leading delegates and speakers. Facility providers' sponsorship - these are the places which will be included into the inspection trip of the area when delegates come to look. All sponsors will be invited to send a number of representatives to the Welcome and Gala Dinner and the lunches during the day. All sponsors will be authorised to associate themselves directly with the Sports Together for Peace campaign on their own advertising and marketing material. All sponsors can have exhibition space at the World Sport Summit, with the cost of decoration and furnishing at the sponsors' expense.

“Sports Together for Peace”


From governments to governing bodies, from the famous professional to the weekend amateur, all united together for the future development of sports at all levels.

ENDORSEMENTS Thomas Bach IOC President

Fatih Terim Professional Football Manager

Michael Jeffrey Jordan Former Basketball Player

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson Former Wheelchair Athlete

Tony Hawk Professional Skateboarder

Turgay Demirel FIFA President Europe

Usain St. Leo Bolt Professional Sprinter

Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal Former Basketball Player

Pierluigi Collina UEFA Head Of Referees

Zinedine Zidane Professional Football Manager

Arda Turan Professional Footballer

Kevin Kuranyi Professional Footballer

Gianni Infantino FIFA President

Horacio Muratore President of FIBA America

Dr. Ary S. Graça FIVB President

Christa Thiel DSV President

Yavuz Kocaömer Turkish National Paralympic President

Boris Becker Former Tennis Player

José Mourinho Professional Football Manager

Hassan Moustafa IHF President



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