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Toolkit for Retirement Communities

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Resident Opportunities & Benefits


Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation and Program Opportunities


Financial Benefits & Return on Investment


Our Products


Introduction For residents of all levels, daily “performance” and ADLs are just as important as an athlete’s performance in any sport. By integrating underwater treadmill and resistance jet exercises for wellness or rehabilitation within your facility, you will be providing a safe and effective way to help your residents rehabilitate, become more active, and safely perform everyday tasks required for an independent lifestyle.

Who Will Benefit From a HydroWorx Underwater Treadmill Program? HydroWorx is pleased to help demonstrate and educate how water will benefit three key components of your business: your residents, your rehab and wellness department, and your facilities; helping all three perform better and meet their goals. Key areas where residents have and will improve with a HydroWorx underwater treadmill, therapeutic resistance jets, treadmill support bars and adjustable floor include: ◆ Balance activities without the fear of falling or injury ◆ Exercise and weight loss with less to no pain ◆ Improved leg strength to help remain active and reduce falls ◆ Ease joint and muscle pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia or other chronic pain issues ◆ Increased compliance with rehab and wellness programs ◆ Faster rehabilitation from various surgeries


Resident Opportunities

“What we’ve seen through the use of the X80 Underwater Treadmill has been absolutely incredible. We had a woman who could not stand or walk for approximately more than 10 minutes a time and she was able to do 40 minutes on the treadmill. She was gleaming from ear to ear. It was so exciting to see.” - Wiley Piazza, Director of Projects & Initiatives for Whole Person Wellness Services

Resident Opportunities Any of the HydroWorx products such as the 2000 Series pool (equipped with the ascending/descending floor) or the portable X80 underwater treadmill & resistance jet will help improve balance to reduce resident falls within your organization. It also allows active residents the opportunity to continue to exercise with less pain, improving everyday activities for sedentary residents and leading to increased independence. By offering HydroWorx technology within your facility, you are helping your residents become more active, healthy and independent; thus increasing their lengths of stay within assisted and independent types of living. Offering or enhancing your current aquatic programming through the use of HydroWorx technology will benefit your residents greatly. Here’s how: The healing properties of water and the versatility of the HydroWorx products can help offer more programs and services. The following items are examples of additional services your facility can provide and residents can participate in with the HydroWorx Pools, or HydroWorx X80 for existing pools, with both product lines providing underwater treadmill, resistance jet, support bars and underwater video technology. ◆ Balance Improvement and Fall Prevention Programs ◆ Group Classes or Personal Training Sessions ◆ Pain Free Weight Loss ◆ Pre and Post Surgery Rehab & Conditioning ◆ Arthritis, Chronic Pain & Joint Health ◆ Community Outreach Programs 5

Resident Opportunities & Benefits

"Lack of leg strength can have serious repercussions for older people and their families. Gerontologist Walter Bortz, MD, clinical associate professor of medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine, explains that lack of strength in the lower limbs is the number one reason why most older people are admitted to nursing homes.” - Source: ICAA Developers Guide 2006

Balance Improvement & Fall Prevention Programs The greatest benefit you can offer your residents is a pain free solution for fitness and rehabilitation. This provides compliance and improves the residents’ confidence to accomplish everyday tasks and minimize the risk of injury. Adoption of this product within your facility, whether it is a CCRC, SNF, Assisted Living or Independent Living, will help residents be independent longer and speed up therapeutic recoveries. Offering this type of program on a HydroWorx underwater treadmill will help you improve your residents’ balance, prevent falls and increase their mobility. Here’s how: ◆ Help to eliminate impaired gait and balance issues. While walking on the underwater treadmill, reduced body weight eases the pressure on joints so individuals can move freely, and build strength. ◆ Improve strength and endurance. Research has proven that walking or jogging on a HydroWorx underwater treadmill builds lean muscle mass (particularly in legs) faster than land based exercise. This improved leg strength can also greatly reduce falls and hip injuries among your residents. ◆ Provide a safe environment; individuals who are at risk for falls or have a history of falling can confidently walk or improve balance and posture without the fear of falling or injury. HydroWorx treadmill support bars provide additional support. (Improving compliance and increased exercise.) Confidence + Comfort = Compliance = A Good Movement Based Program. ◆ The hydrostatic pressure of water naturally decreases inflammation and increases circulation, eliminating muscle soreness; thus increasing compliance and program participation. ◆ Instills a sense of accomplishment and confidence in your residents, both increasing participation in fitness and social activities. The more a person walks, the better a person walks.


Group Classes or Personal Training Sessions: Treat your residents to a low impact but challenging underwater treadmill class in a large or small group setting or even an individual personal training session. You can push participants without the pain and joint stiffness or soreness you experience on land. â—†

Use the integrated resistance jets, underwater treadmill and water weights to enhance balance and improve leg strength without muscle soreness or the fear of falling.


In a large or small group setting, guide residents through a session on the underwater treadmill designed to improve balance, reduce falls, increase conditioning, help with weight loss and leg strengthening.


Finish the session with an amazing deep tissue massage that will reduce pain and leave residents refreshed and rejuvenated.


Resident Opportunities & Benefits

Pain Free Weight Loss: HydroWorx’s water treadmill and jet systems have been proven to be very effective for weight loss. Here’s why it “worx” for your residents: ◆


Studies show you burn more calories in the water exercising than on land, but without orthopedic pain or damage. Water’s resistance increases lean muscle that will help you burn fat at rest --- land treadmills don’t! In chest deep water an individual is only 20% of your body weight, allowing the body to move and exercise pain free. Without the pain, residents are able to endure more and increase their length of sessions. At the end of a weight loss session, residents can use the water massage as a fun reward… it’s amazing and feels great!

Pre and Post Surgery Rehab & Conditioning Utilizing water’s properties of weightlessness that encourage pain free exercise coupled with Hydroworx technology can be incredibly beneficial to an individual’s fitness, strength and mobility before or after any type of knee, ankle, neurological, spine or shoulder surgery. Here’s how: ◆

Walking or jogging on the underwater treadmill enhances mobility and decrease stiffness—without the pain.

Studies show the underwater treadmill and jets will add lean muscle tissue so residents will be stronger before or after surgery.

Water massage with the powerful jets will help reduce joint or post-surgical swelling and increase joint flexibility.

Stretching in the water using the treadmill support bars will significantly enhance flexibility and balance.

By eliminating the pain, weight loss, improved ROM, and strengthening can be achieved; all leading to a more successful surgery and rehab.


Resident Opportunities & Benefits

Arthritis, Pain & Joint Health Relaxation and low impact movement are two of the key elements in controlling any kind of chronic pain. It’s important to keep joints and muscles moving but without adding undue stress. Here’s how utilizing a HydroWorx underwater treadmill and jet can help to make this happen: ◆ ◆


At chest depth, exercise sessions; residents will bear only 20% of your body weight. The warm water, gentle jet massage and smooth treadmill create the ultimate pain free joint movement environment. The therapeutic water massage system will help reduce joint swelling and massage away troublesome daily pain.

Community Programs Our country’s demographics and retirement age populations are changing drastically with 10,000 adults turning 65 years old each day. In addition, 72 million Americans are obese, 27 million suffer from Osteoarthritis and 25% of our population suffers from Chronic Pain. With this comes the need for neighboring and local communities to seek programs that will help them age actively and maintain their independence and quality of living. Offering local community members access to your facility and programs can greatly benefit your community, organization and future business.


Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation and Program Opportunities

Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation and Program Opportunities When asked how she felt about the Underwater Treadmill and Jet, 94 year old Kate, a resident at Country Meadows Retirement Community said, "I had some pain in my back, but when I came over here I got rid of that in about a month's time. And I don't think it was anything but the water." HydroWorx Pools or the HydroWorx X80 underwater treadmill & resistance jet for existing pools can allow for a variety of benefits for the rehabilitation patient by decreasing their short term rehab stay following a hospitalization, surgery, and/or injury. Thus returning patients home or back to assisted or independent living sooner; as well as providing significant financial savings.


Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation and Program Opportunities

When it comes to benefits for the rehabilitation patient, HydroWorx technology provides many specific properties that land based therapy does not. What this means to your patients and their rehab programs: ◆ Begin rehab sooner. Patients can begin aquatic therapy typically 3-4 days post surgery by waterproofing the wound with a bio-occlusive dressing. This decreases swelling and discomfort allowing the patient to unload their body weight and move freely in the warm water. Speeding up recovery and minimizing the loss of range of motion and muscle. ◆ There are no accessibility or depth issues with the 2000 and 1200 series pools, allowing for resident comfort and compliance, and eliminating fear and traditional pool barriers. ◆ The buoyancy of the water along with the safe speeds of the underwater treadmill, offer a way to strengthen legs and improve gait, easily accommodating patients at varying rehab levels. ◆ Balance programs tailored to the individual can be provided in a safe and pain free environment. Individuals can confidently walk or work on balance and posture without the fear of falling or injury. ◆ The hydrostatic pressure of water naturally decreases inflammation and increases circulation, helping eliminate muscle soreness. While walking on the underwater treadmill, it’s virtually pain free. Your reduced body weight eases the pressure on joints so individuals can move freely. ◆ The resistance of water provides up to 200 times more resistance than land. Our resistance jets can also provide additional resistance to challenge post-surgery patients as they progress through rehabilitation, with precise resistance and direction as needed. ◆ Our deep tissue massage eases sore muscles and achy joints, and can manipulate any scar tissue that may build up post surgery. ◆ Because of the comfort and elimination of barriers patient compliance and rehab potential both increase. Overall, offering aquatic therapy allows post operative patients the opportunity to experience an earlier level of rehabilitation and activity compared to waiting until they could bear their weight on land. This translates to your resident not losing their muscle strength, their range of motion and decreasing their pain level while improving function. A German study published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, indicated that getting patients moving in the pool within six days of their surgeries was the ideal timeframe for maximum benefits. After all, early activity and edema control in the aquatic environment contribute to better function and, subsequently, better outcomes. For additional clinical aquatic outcomes regarding post-operative rehabs such as total knee/hip replacements or spine surgeries, be sure to visit for over 100 FREE video case studies.


Financial Benefits & Return on Investment

Financial Benefits & Return on Investment

Financial Benefits & Return on Investment “They can't believe it, they can't believe the way their body feels when they're walking because it's so different in the water and they can speed it up and slow it down and they really enjoy that. And then when you add the jets in they're done, they just love it." - Deb Kunkle, Country Meadows, Memory Support Coordinator Offering aquatic therapy enhanced with underwater treadmill and resistance jet technology can have a significant impact to your facility. The safe and productive healing environment of the HydroWorx pools and the HydroWorx X80 has proven to help individuals rehab faster and stay well longer, benefitting both residents and facilities. We have detailed a few additional financial benefits specific to your facility type: Financial Impact Outcomes for Short Term Rehabilitation Program Through the Use of HydroWorx Technology: ◆

By starting rehab sooner, patients will progress better, have less pain and higher success rates. This will naturally grow the facility’s reputation and admissions.

Increased admissions by becoming the “facility of choice” due to the pool’s differentiating factor. Residents will gravitate to your facility’s increasing admissions due to low ALS numbers, which is also attractive to payer sources, discharge planners and marketing directors.

The facility and rehab program become unique and known as a specialist in therapy, leading to greater referrals and future admissions and census.

With HydroWorx technology, such as the moving floor, you are eliminating depth and accessibility issues to broaden the types of therapy patients and conditions of which you can treat. Thus increasing therapy patients, business, billable opportunities and revenue.

The facility is able to replace patients at a higher rate and maintain a full census of higher acute therapy patients, yielding greater reimbursement and revenue.

Utilizing aquatic therapy and underwater treadmill programming leads to a greater specialty and more unique marketing opportunities to help.

See pages 21-22 to view example proforma numbers. You may also conveniently run the numbers yourself by using the proforma statement on the “Profit Analyzer” CD.


Financial Impact Outcomes for CCRC/SNF Facilities Offering HydroWorx Technology: ◆

Increased Therapy Revenue; - Increased therapy patients and units billed - Higher acute therapy patients admitted - Increased RUG scores through increased minutes from greater patient compliance, comfort and endurance - Outpatient therapy opportunities

Increased admissions and census growth, from good reputation as a true comprehensive and continuous care facility, by providing unique and specialty therapy and wellness programs.

Increased lengths of stay in the Independant Living and ASL components

Increased private pay services to offer

Increased revenues from outsourcing pool space and equipment

See pages 21-22 to view example proforma numbers. You may also conveniently run the numbers yourself by using the proforma statement on the “Profit Analyzer” CD.


Financial Benefits & Return on Investment

Financial Impact Outcomes for Independent & ALS Facilities Offering HydroWorx Technology: ◆

Good aquatic technology and programs help residents stay well and independent longer; these individuals will therefore stay within the Independent and ASL facilities longer, maintaining higher occupancy for the facility.

A unique wellness amenity is important to residents. Keeping their goals to stay well longer in mind, will in turn increase facility admissions and help to maintain a higher census.

Better performing wellness programs, leading to healthier and more active residents. This, in turn, leads to less falls and injuries (both of which can have a negative financial impact for a facility).

Allows for ancillary revenues through membership and therapy, as well as possible pool space and leasing options to outpatient therapy providers, (also leading to referrals).

Increased amenities and programs to offer and generate private pay revenue.

Increase community offerings; increasing outside revenue sources and income, as well as future business and admissions.

Increased admissions and facility marketability.

Also refer to previously mentioned CCRC benefits.

See pages 21-22 to view example proforma numbers. You may also conveniently run the numbers yourself by using the proforma statement on the “Profit Analyzer” CD.


Proforma Example: Therapy & Fitness Pools Below you will see revenue and expense analysis for the HydroWorx Therapy & Fitness pools based off of industry averages. We have given potential profits for years one through five.

You may also conveniently run the numbers yourself by using the proforma statement on the “Profit Analyzer� CD. How many new patient evaluations do you plan to perform per month in the first four months?


How many new patient evaluations do you plan to perform per month after the first four months?


What do you anticipate charging for a new patient evaluation? How many patients do you plan to have per day in the first four months? How many patients do you plan to have per day after the first four months? What do you anticipate reimbursement to be for a 15 minute session? What amount do you anticipate your patients' insurance coverage not paying? ESTIMATED PROFIT FOR YEAR 1 ESTIMATED PROFIT FOR YEARS 2-5 (per year) 5 YEAR TOTAL PROFIT

$170 8 14 $55 50% $115,327.14 $233,707.14 $1,086,155.71


Financial Benefits & Return on Investment

Proforma Example: X80 Underwater Treadmill & Jet Below you will see revenue and expense analysis for the HydroWorx X80 Underwater Treadmill for existing pools based off of industry averages. We have given potential profits for years one through five.

You may also conveniently run the numbers yourself by using the proforma statement on the “Profit Analyzer� CD. How many new users per treadmill do you plan to have per day in the first four months?


How many new users per treadmill do you plan to have per day after the first four months?


If billing for Personal Training, what do you anticipate charging per session (assume 60 mins)? How many treadmills are you interested in acquiring? Which treadmill model are you interested in? What is the cost to install the required electrical service (estimate)?

2 X80 $500









Marketing Benefits Summary: Your investment in HydroWorx technology will be the talk of the town and will show that you are invested in the well-being of your residents. There is power in explaining the benefits and educating your residents, wellness/fitness/aquatic directors, physical therapists and staff. Below is a list of suggested actions to make it easy for residents to want to get in the water and harder for them to say no. ◆ Educate your residents and local communities on how aquatic therapy and this technology can help them (pain-free and without the fear of falling). ◆ Educate local physicians and therapists on the benefits of water. A recommendation from the resident’s physician or physical therapist can be the reason they get in the water, or come to your facility. ◆ Make it easy for your residents. - Offer your residents suggestions on clothing to wear in the water. • Offer a list of different types of suits for various needs of the aging population including mastectomies, incontinence and weight issues. • Tell them where they can buy these items. - Provide your residents with transportation to and from the pool. - Provide towels, a bag for their wet suit and towel for after they are out of the pool. ◆ Pre marketing and continuous marketing has proven to be beneficial for a program’s growth. Consult with an industry professional who has successfully integrated a HydroWorx pool or portable X80 underwater treadmill into his/her Retirement Community for experienced support.


Our Products

Our Products Offering Products As Unique and Versatile As Your Residents’ and Facility’s Needs Whether you are looking to add a warm water therapy pool to your facility or a portable underwater treadmill & jet to your existing pool, HydroWorx has products to suit your needs and applications. Our aquatic therapy & exercise pools are designed by clinicians with the aging population in mind. HydroWorx is proud to be the only manufacturer that offers moveable floor technology that eliminates accessibility and depth issues. All of our pools also come standard with an underwater treadmill, resistance jet and hydro massage capabilities. Our X80 portable underwater treadmill with integrated resistance jet technology can be a great advantage to your existing aquatic program. HydroWorx 2000 The HydroWorx 2000 Series is the most advanced aquatic therapy product In the world. Equipped with a moveable floor and an 8'x12' underwater treadmill, you must see it to believe it. HydroWorx 1200 The HydroWorx 1200 Series technology is a quantum leap forward in aquatic therapy and fitness. This 6' wide by 9'6" long therapy and fitness pool includes a moveable floor and the entire floor doubles as an underwater treadmill. HydroWorx X80 Enhance your existing pool into the ultimate rehab & fitness machine with our X80 portable underwater treadmill with integrated resistance therapy jet & massage technology. HydroWorx 3500 The HydroWorx 3500 Series, our second largest therapy pool, offers maximum versatility. This 12'x16' pool offers up to TWO underwater treadmills or a deep water well for extra depth.

HydroWorx 750 The HydroWorx 750 Series is a radically functional pool that can be transferred into any existing building with ease. This is 8'2" wide by 14' long pool includes our underwater treadmill and resistance jets as standard features. HydroWorx 500 The 7'6" wide by 14' long 500 Series pool offers tremendous versatility at a remarkable price. Standard features of this pool includes our underwater treadmill, resistance & massage jets and multiple therapy work stations. HydroWorx InstaFit The HydroWorx InstaFit Series is a 7'5" wide by 17' long therapy pool that offers a convenient, plug-in answer for clinicians who need immediate access to the benefits of aquatic therapy with minimal constuction costs.

When you consider that an X80 underwater treadmill can be leased for $399/month and your community membership may cost $50 monthy, you can quickly see that 8 new members (total!) is all you would need to pay for this addition to your facility. 23

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HydroWorx Toolkit for the Aging Market  
HydroWorx Toolkit for the Aging Market  

Successfully integrate aquatic therapy into your retirement community with this profitability toolkit.