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Your Aquatic Research & Case Studies: Sport Edition

Aquatic Research & Case Study Bulletin Greetings! Welcome to the HydroWorx bulletin. This is your monthly resource for the latest aquatic case studies and protocols. We will also be including tips on how to rehab and condition your athletes. We hope you find this information helpful. If there is a topic you'd like us to cover in an upcoming issue, please let us know! Sincerely, Your Friends at HydroWorx

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In This Issue College Sprinters Pain-Free in HydroWorx Pool Aquatic Exercise Propels Athletes into Better Shape The HydroWorx Blog

Post Recovery Workout in the HydroWorx Pool

College Sprinters With Hamstring Issues Running Pain-free in HydroWorx Pools Pulled hamstrings are not unexpected conditions for recreational and professional athletes, but the real trick is making sure recovering from this type of injury is handled wisely. Hamstring strains (as they're commonly called) can run from a Grade 1 to a Grade 31. Yet despite the fact that a Grade 1 is far less severe, it still requires diligence, commitment and savvy athletic training to prevent it from worsening. At Akron University, Akron, Ohio, two sprinters who had Grade 1 hamstring strains are running pain-free thanks to their rehabilitation in a HydroWorx pool. As Jason Coleman, Akron Athletics Sports Medicine, explains in the following video, these sprinters are on course to maintain their athletic ability, strengthen their hamstrings and the surrounding musculature, and boost their overall cardio. Click here to watch the video!

Guest Blogger Kelly McCluskey

Much has been written about how much time you need to recover after an endurance event. Whether you are a triathlete, marathoner, 5 or 10k runner, recovery is as important as your training, without a good recovery program you risk injury. I have read articles in Runner's World that said to take a week off after a marathon. After my Half Ironman, I decided to follow this plan, after all I covered 70.3 miles, the equivalent of two marathons. After a week off I was ready to get back into my training. I wanted to do two post recovery workouts and compare them to see which felt better. The first workout back was on a regular treadmill at the Y. I did an hour run at moderate speed with no inclines. I felt pretty good until about mile three and the soreness in my quads and IT bands returned from my Half Ironman. I got through it and felt a


Your Aquatic Research & Case Studies: Sport Edition


Hamstring/Hamstring, article, 2011.

Aquatic Exercise Propels Athletes into Better Shape Weight can creep onto even the most athletic individuals' bodies, especially if an injury has occurred, training has ceased or a long-term hiatus has been taken. Because extra pounds will impact performance (sometimes dramatically so), it becomes imperative for sports trainers to have protocols to help athletes get back in shape safely and efficiently. One method to accomplish this goal is to offer aquatic exercise regimens. From underwater treadmill interval training to swimming against resistance jets, there are plenty of ways for sports trainers to facilitate a client's weight loss. Best of all, as a recent study supported by a National Swimming Pool Foundation grant illustrated, exercise in water allowed ease of motion in participants without compromising intensity.1 For facilities serving the athletic population, this type of research demonstrates the power of aquatic exercise to assist an individual's desire to shed unnecessary pounds. Check out the study's abstract by clicking here >> Please click here to learn more about our research findings 1The Effect of Water Depth on Energy Expenditure and Perception of Effort in Female Subjects While Walking, Alkurdi, et al, International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education, 2010, 4, 49-60, 2010.

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bit fatigued after, but I expected some soreness because it was my first workout back. The very next day, I decided to run again, but on the underwater treadmill in the HydroWorx pool to see if I felt any difference. I did an hour of running on the HydroWorx pool and almost immediately felt a difference... Finish the rest of this article here! Check out the rest of kelly's blog, My Tri Life>>

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Your Aquatic Research & Case Studies: Sport Edition

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HydroWorx January Sports Bulletin  

Hamstring strains (as they're commonly called) can run from a Grade 1 to a Grade 3 1 . Yet despite the fact that a Grade 1 is far less sever...