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VALVE CAPS AND WATER BOTTLES THAT ENSURE NO LEAKS, NO TASTE AND NO SMELL Hydroshot Valve Caps use our revolutionary worldwide patented technology

regulations and are worthy of your brand name.

allowing us to supply our customers with a

Hydroshot products are perfect for:

high quality product.

- Sports Enthusiasts and Fans

Hydroshot bottles don’t leak or spill, leave

- Promoting Your Company & Campaigns

no after taste and offers a unique “flow

- Fundraisers & Sponsorships

control” function unlike our competition.

- Team Shops

Our innovative technology and FDA

Plus, they are priced to sell for much less

approved materials produce cost effective,

than our competitors Valve Caps, which are

high quality, BIO and user friendly products

a thing of the past.

that will meet all your needs, health


APPLICATIONS & USES Hydroshot products can be purchased as a unit or separately to enhance your product line. Contact us and have one of our friendly consultants advise you on the various applications & uses.

SPORTS & ACTIVITIES Hydroshot products are perfect for everyone at any age and widely used in the Sports Industry. Whether you are a professional athlete, outdoor enthusiast, hang out at the Gym or just an at home fan, our Hydroshot bottles keep you Hydrated & Healthy without the worries of spilling. When not in use, just turn to the Off “-“ Position and toss it in your bag until you are ready to go again without the worry of leaking or spilling.

PROMOTIONAL & SPONSORSHIP Our extensive market research shows that recognition is the best way to support a special cause and reward your supporters. Magnets, pens and mugs end up on a shelf or in a drawer. Hydroshot products will give you the recognition & exposure you deserve while providing a practical product that everyone will appreciate, use and enjoy and all at an affordable price.

CHARITY & FUNDRAISERS Helping those in need should be encouraged and recognized in our daily live style. When sponsoring a worthy cause, Hydroshot products will benefit your organization, raise funds and bring awareness to your cause. Combining compassion with functionality is the key to successfully sponsor any cause.


VALVE CAPS Our Hydroshot trademark and innovative patented caps deliver top performance in a costconscious approach. Our caps can be purchased separately and will enhance any product line. Push-Pull caps are a thing of the past, Hydroshot valve caps are functional and don’t require the use of your hands or teeth making them practical and more hygienic.

ON/OFF VALVE CAPS Our “new” patented Positive Shut Off feature means our caps won’t spill or leak even during the most vigorous activities. Even in the OPEN “+” position Hydroshot caps don’t spill or leak and the cap becomes completely leak & spill proof in the CLOSED - position that is primarily used when storing your bottle. This feature will prevent leaks & spills when the bottle is not in use or tossed in a bag.

SPORTS VALVE CAPS All Hydroshot valve caps are spill & leak resistant, allowing your costumers to enjoy a bottle that performs like a champion and with flow control. Our patented Hydroshot silicone valve technology allows the liquid to flow through the centre and vent around the sides incorporating a diaphragm that better absorbs impact to prevent leakage when dropped or shaken.


CAPS & CLOSURES - SPORTS BOTTLES Unlike our competitors, Hydroshot NEW patented locking feature requires fewer parts making our products more cost effective and easier to keep clean. This bottle is perfect for any age and every activity. Convenient, fun & easy to use with flow control where the more you squeeze the bigger the flow. Hydroshot out performs the competition at a lower cost. Available for 2 bottle sizes: •

0.75ml/ 26oz

0.68 ml/ 23oz

or custom size Features:

Spill & Leak proof

“NEW” Positive shut off & locking feature (with the ON/OFF Valve Cap)

Patented technology

Flow control

Cost effective


Squeezable LDPE bottle

Fits in standard bike and car holders

All of our bottles can be printed with a minimum order of 500 pieces

All bottles and Caps can be molded in custom colors if they meet our minimum production quantities

• Our ON / OFF valve caps can be molded in 2 colors giving you a more customized product.


Our bottles are biodegradable and: • BPA, DEHA & DEHP Free • FDA Food Contact Safe • Prop 65 Compliant

HYDROSHOT: HIGH TECHNOLOGY Serving Your Hydration Needs SILICONE VALVE TECHNOLOGY: Our patented valve technology is designed to flow through the center and vent around the sides incorporating a diaphragm that absorbs impact to minimize leakage when dropped or shaken. One of the distinct benefits of our system is that our valve has a variable output unlike our competitors whose flow is either on or off. Our technology allows for a more controlled flow; when the bottle is squeezed gently the flow is low and increases with the intensity of the squeeze.



friendly products worthy of your brand name.

drinking product & closure industry. Our

Whether you are starting with a new concept

patented technologies have been developed

or using our existing designs, our technology

& tested for over 43 years. Our revolutionary

will enhance your products’ success and

products have won global

consumer satisfaction.

recognition and awards. Our





Deva is a privately held to





the British Virgin Islands;

quality standard products

with offices in Hong Kong,



USA and in Europe. As in


the old British Empire, the





affordable cost.

sun never sets for us and we are available to serve you

Our extensive knowledge

better, faster, wherever you are.

and understanding of the latest technologies, processes and materials ensure delivery of cost effective, high quality, bio and user

United States Office

Asia Office - Hong Kong

2930 Geer Road #115, Turlock, California 95382

Suites 1601-1603, Kinwick Centre 32 Hollywood Road, Central Hong Kong

Europe Office - Portugal Rua Cidade de Lobito, 340 - 3Âş Dto, 1800-088 Lisbon +351914818269 [6]!/Hydroshot

Hydroshot Brochure  

This is our institutional brochure that describes our products and technologies

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