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Limited Joint Venture Agreement 1. This Limited Joint Venture Agreement (Agreement) is between Hydrogen Power Systems Inc. (HPS), a California Corporation and ________________________________________________, (Subscriber). 2. HPS manufactures fully assembled On-Demand Hydrogen Injection products (Systems) for machines powered by internal combustion gasoline and diesel engines. 3. For each $1,000 Subscriber pays to HPS, HPS will assign to Subscriber an exclusive interest in one System. Each such System will be identified and tracked by a unique serial number. 4. Within 90 days from the date of this Agreement HPS will begin building the Systems identified in the attached addendum and offer these Systems for sale through various sales channels. HPS has up to one year from the date of this Agreement to sell the Systems identified in the Addendum to this Agreement. 5. Within 30 business days after HPS receives full payment for a System identified in this Agreement HPS will pay Subscriber $1,250 for that System. Thus the TOTAL RETURN to Subscriber on each System will be 25% or greater. 6. For any System not sold within the year Subscriber has three Remedies: 1. Grant HPS additional time to sell the System, 2. HPS will return $1,000 to Subscriber for each unsold System within 15 business days of Subscriber’s written request, 3. HPS will deliver title and System to Subscriber for each unsold System within 15 business days of Subscriber’s written request. 7. This Agreement is concluded and terminates once HPS has paid Subscriber as described in paragraph 5 or Subscriber has exercised Remedy 2 or 3 as described in paragraph 6. 8. Subscriber understands, acknowledges and agrees that this Agreement is not a stock offering or investment solicitation and no part of HPS ownership or control is being sold, offered, transferred or granted to subscriber. 9. HPS may grant Subscriber the option to subscribe to additional Systems if HPS decides to continue this Limited Joint Venture Agreement program. Signed: ___________________________________ Date: _________________ Richard Connors, President Hydrogen Power Systems Signed: ___________________________________ Date: _________________ Subscriber

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HpsTech Limited Joint Venture Agreement  

Hydrogen Power Systems Limited Joint Venture Agrrement +25% 1 year Return on Investment

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