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Who Says Hydrogen Enhanced Combustion Reduces Pollution, Fuel Expense and Maintenance? 63% Particulate Matter (PM) Reduction

14% Fuel Improvement

Rush Truck Center, Escondido California, – Page1

Rush Truck Center, San Diego, California – Page1,

Adding small quantities of gaseous hydrogen to a gasoline engine significantly reduces exhaust emissions and causes a significant reduction in fuel consumption. Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pasadena, California – Page 7,

The addition of small quantities of hydrogen and oxygen to a diesel engine enhances the combustion process. Moreover reductions of PM by 60%, CO by 30% and NOx by 19% have been confirmed. University of Calgary, Alberta – Page 5,

Adding small amounts of hydrogen to gasoline produced efficient lean operation by increasing the apparent flame speed and reducing ignition lag. NOx levels were appreciably lower with a hydrogen-gasoline mix than for gasoline alone. NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH - Page 20,

10% mileage increase, 39% Pollution Reduction Professional Service Industries - Portland, Oregon – Page 4,

90% reduction in Hydrocarbons (HC) • 15% reduction in Carbon Monoxide (CO) 10% reduction in Nitrous Oxides (NOx) • 95% reduction in Particulate Matter (PM) California Environmental Engineering, Santa Ana, California – Pages 3-4,

Questions and Answers 1. Will it fit on any car, truck or boat? Our system works on any car, truck, boat or equipment powered by a gas or diesel engine, with no modifications to the engine whatsoever. 2. Will it void my warranty? No. Our device is designed such that it will neither harm your engine nor void your warranty. 3. Where does the Hydrogen come from? Using electrolysis we separate Hydrogen from water then pipe the Hydrogen directly to the engine air intake. 4. Is the system safe? Yes. Our system can never explode or catch fire. It is in fact much safer that the gas in your tank. 5. How can my engine power this device and still get the gains you claim? Don't the Laws of Physics state you can't get more energy out of something than you put in? We are happy to report we comply with all Laws of Physics! Currently your engine extracts just a fraction of the energy present in the gasoline or diesel that powers your vehicle, the rest exits the tail pipe as pollution. By using 6 to 30 amps from your alternator we can generate enough Hydrogen to cause the existing fuel to burn more completely. The energy recovered more than offsets the electricity we use to create the Hydrogen. The result is a Big Net Energy Gain and we remain in harmony with the Laws of the Universe! 6. How much does it cost? The system for small to medium personal cars and trucks will cost between $1,800 and $3,000 installed. The system for medium commercial vehicles will cost about $6,500 installed. The system for large commercial vehicles, mining equipment and large bulldozers will cost between $8,800 and $30,000 installed. 7. Are there tax benefits? YES! The feds and many states have energy programs so that (in many cases) the cost of a system gives you a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. 8. How can I learn more? Go to our web site for a complete description of our company and products. NOTE: Quotations are summarized but accuracy is maintained. Consult links for full documentation Hydrogen Power Systems, Inc. • Escondido, CA • 760-291-0468 • • Patent Pending • Copyright ©2008 Hydrogen Power Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved

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Who sayes Hydrogen Power Systems - works ?

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