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TUBOMATIC V59ES Tubomatic V59ES volume crimping machine is ideal for crimping hydraulic hoses up to 1" six spirals and 1"1/4 four spirals. MAIN FEATURES: - self lubricating moving components; - new electronic control with touch screen colour display; - new silent pump; - "6 o'clock position" die in fixed position for greater stability of the hose during crimping; - particularly narrow crimping head for crimping pipe ends with large flanges or 90° couplings.

swaging force 6 wire spiral 2 pieces 4 spirals 2 pieces 2 wire spiral maximum swaging diameter swaging/hour die opening standard voltage motor power dimensions weight without oil oil double effect cylinder back limit switch back mirror pressure control system speed reduction system data transfer kit base + quick change die system electric pedal marking dies special dies special voltage ° * •

140 TON (155 US TONS) 1" 1" 1/4 1" 1/2° 67 mm* (2.638") 3900• Ø + 50 mm (Ø + 1.970") 375V-420V 50HZ 3PH 5,5 Kw (7.5 Hp) 530x740x1480 mm (20.882"x29.156"x58.312") 469 Kg (1000 lbs) 70 lt incl. incl. incl. OPTIONAL OPTIONAL OPTIONAL OPTIONAL OPTIONAL OPTIONAL OPTIONAL OPTIONAL WITH SPECIAL DIES With special dies Ø 54 mm upon request Theoretical with 1/2" hose