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Hydraulic Test Equipment Product Overview

Manufacturers of hydraulic components and test equipment for the Mobile, Industrial and Agricultural Industries

Testing hydraulic systems

Webtec Service Centre

For anyone who has experienced a hydraulic component failure when they could least afford it, the Webtec range of test equipment holds the answer. If your system is down and oil is collecting around your feet, the downtime is costing you £K’s a day. You need to quickly identify which component has failed, fix it, test the system and get back to work. A Webtec portable tester will allow you, even if you are working alone, to easily and safely simulate operating conditions using the built-in load valve to help pinpoint the fault. The illustration below demonstrates a DHCR tester being used with two flow meters and a phototach to measure flow, pressure, temperature and speed.

Service required?

We specialise in recalibration of all hydraulic test equipment, whether from the Webtec range or another manufacturer’s. Our centre is equipped for electronic and mechanical repair work with flow, pressure and temperature calibration facilities.


We operate in accordance with ISO 9001 and all of our test references are traceable to national & international standards. As a manufacturing company Webtec Products Ltd is ideally suited to servicing and repairing both hydraulic components and test equipment.

For safety, Webtec testers include the unique INTERPASS(R) protection system. In the event of over-pressurisation, burst discs built-in to the load valve will safely bypass oil internally through the valve and back to tank. NOT externally into the environment or onto you.

Further information

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Webtec has a policy of innovation and continuous improvement that has led to the range you see here with unique features such as the bi-directional pressure balanced load valve, internal burst discs and simplified controls.

Phototach to check shaft rpm Flow Meter for flow No. 1

Flow and Pressure cable for flow No. 1

Flow No. 1 Pump No. 1

DHCR Readout for Flow, Temperature and rpm.

Load Valve for flow No. 1 Flow and Temperature cable for flow No. 2

Pump No. 2

Load Valve for flow No. 2 Flow No. 2

Flow Meter for flow No. 2

420 bar Gauge

Accuracy: See below Flow: Up to 550 lpm Pressure: Up to 420 bar Type: Unidirectional/ Ports: BSP / NPT Reversible Applications: Hydraulic condition monitoring and test stands

Accuracy: 4% FSD Flow: Up to 400 lpm Pressure: Up to 420 bar Type: See below Ports: BSP / SAE Applications: Hydraulic condition monitoring and test stands

Low pressure flow indicators

High pressure flow indicators

l Ideal for tank line

l Unidirectional, up to

l From 0.2 up to 110 lpm

l Optional relay switch


at 70 bar

l Optional thermometer

l Available in aluminium

l Available in aluminium

for oil

for oil, or brass for water

l Low cost,

WPC Series

accuracy 5% FS

180 lpm and 420 bar

FI 750 Series

Medium pressure flow indicators l Economical solution,

l Unidirectional, up to

accuracy 4% FS

l From 0.5 up to 550 lpm

l Optional relay switch

at 240 bar

l Optional thermometer

l Switches and analogue

l Available in aluminium

output available

for oil, or brass for water

l Suitable for oil, water-

glycol & phosphate ester

WPB Series

400 lpm and 350 bar

FI 1500 Series

FlowHUB digital monitoring solution l Flow and temperature

l Reversible, up to

monitoring - Measure, display, switch, transmit

l Built-in thermometer

l Low cost of ownership,

l Available in aluminium

accuracy 3% FS

for oil

l 5 flow sizes cover range

FlowHUB Series

1 - 360 lpm, option of 210 / 420 bar

l Optional switches and

analogue output (mA, V)

200 lpm and 420 bar

RFI 1000 Series

Accuracy: 4% FSD Flow: Up to 200 lpm Pressure: Up to 420 bar Use: See below Ports: BSP / SAE Applications: Agricultural, small-medium mobile machinery

Accuracy: See below Flow: Up to 800 lpm Pressure: Up to 480 bar Use: Bidirectional Ports: BSP / SAE Applications: Mobile machinery and large fixed installations

Pressure test kits

Simplified digital testers

l Complete kits for

l Measure flow (1% FS),

pressure testing

l Assembled to customer

l Simple ‘On / Off’ control


l Simulate machine

performance using loading valve

l Fit test points wherever required in the circuit

l INTERPASS(R) protected

l Kit includes gauges,

hoses and test points

PT100 Series

Mechanical testers

DHT ‘1’ Series

Digital hydraulic multimeter

l Improved design, low

l All digital display

pressure drop

l Measure flow (1% IR), pressure, peak and temperature

l Measure flow

(reversible), pressure and temperature

l Calculate power and volumetric efficiency

l Built-in loading valve, INTERPASS(R) protected

RFIK Series

l No batteries required

l Easy to use, three standard screens

DHM ‘3’ Series

Separate loading valve


l Five models: up to


1500 lpm

l Safe and clean to

use, INTERPASS(R) protected

l Use separately or with LT / CT flow meters

pump efficiency with P-Q test performance using loading valve

performance (Bidirectional)

HV Series

l Measure hydraulic

l Simulate machine

l Simulate machine

pressure and temperature

P-Q Test Volumetric Efficiency

Accuracy: 1% IR Flow: Up to 1500 lpm Pressure: Up to 480 bar Use: Bidirectional Ports: BSP / SAE Applications: Mobile machinery and large fixed installations

Accuracy: 1% FS Flow: Up to 800 lpm Pressure: Up to 480 bar Use: Bidirectional Ports: BSP / SAE Applications: Mobile machinery and large fixed installations

Digital testers with remote inputs

Analogue testers with remote input

l Measure flow, pressure

l Measure flow, pressure

l Secondary flow and

l External speed input

and temperature

and temperature

speed inputs

l Simulate machine

performance using loading valve

l Simulate machine

performance using loading valve


l INTERPASS(R) DHT ‘2’ Series



HT ‘2’ Series

OEM test kits l Remote readout for use

l Custom test kits built to

l Measure flow, pressure

l Ideal tool kits for service

l Secondary flow and

l OEM branding and

with LT / LTR Series

your specification

and temperature


speed inputs

marketing solutions available

l Used by major mobile machinery OEMs worldwide

DHCR Series

Digital test kit (up to 1500 lpm) l Measure flow, pressure,

temperature and optional speed

l Kit designed for hydraulic testing of very large mobile machinery

l Optional load valve rated to 1500 lpm and 420 bar to simulate machine load

DHCR1500R Kit

OEMs worldwide

Sensor Recognition (SR): Sensors can be plugged into any input of an HPM readout, automatic recognition of the type, range and calibration of the sensor. No user input. Application: Mobile hydraulic system testing

Intelligent Digital (ID): Digital sensors (CAN protocol) with automatic sensor recognition, connect in-line with one another using shorter cables. Uniquely identified by the datalogger. Application: In-depth hydraulic system fault-finding

Hand held readouts

Hydraulic dataloggers (SR)

l Digital pressure gauge

l 4 input data loggers

l 2 input readout with 2

l High speed data

l Peak capture and dP

l Rechargeable battery

with peak capture

with multi-line display

line display

capture and storage


l USB connectivity

l Rechargeable battery HPM110/420


Flow meters (SR & ID)

Hydraulic dataloggers (SR & ID)

l Precision turbine flow

l 3 models, offering

l 9 models cover range

l Connect Intelligent

between 16 & 26 inputs

meters (1% IR)

Digital (ID) and Sensor Recognition (SR) sensors

1 - 750 lpm, up to 480 bar

l Additional top ports

l Full colour 5.7" display, USB, Ethernet

l With or without built-in CT/CTR Series

loading valve

Sensors (SR & ID)

l Wide range of


datalogging options

PC software

l Pressure transducers

l PC compatible analysis

l Temperature sensor

l Analyse data fast and

rated up to 1000 bar



l Speed sensor

l Produce reports and

l Current & voltage input


converters for custom sensors


l Display with multiple HPMComm software


4 - 20 mA sensors: On-board electronics to optimise accuracy. Industry standard 4 - 20 mA output. Fast and simple to install. Other analogue outputs available.

Applications: Condition monitoring, hydraulic test stands, control systems, remote monitoring

CT flow meters

C2000 hydraulic data-acquisition system

l Precision turbine flow

l Complete hydraulic test

l 8 models cover range

l Includes sensors,

meters (1% IR)

stand solution

1 - 1500 lpm, up to 480 bar

hardware, software and training (optional)

l Additional top ports

l Up to 64 inputs. Choice

for pressure and temperature

CT-mA Series

l Other outputs available (mA, V, pulse)

Pressure transducers

of mA and frequency

C2000 Series

produce test certificates

Speed sensors

l Models cover pressure

l Speed sensor with TTL

l Accurate to 0.25% full

l 0 - 2 kHZ magnetic

l Fast response time

l Ideal for measuring

range 1 - 1000 bar




pump/motor speed

l Other outputs available (mA, V)

MPT Series

l Connects directly into SP-TTL Series

Temperature sensors


Flow meters - special applications

l Scaled up to 150째C

l Precision gear type flow meters (1% FS)

l Rated to 480 bar

l Flow range 0.1 - 16 lpm,

l Fast response time

up to 200 bar

l Other outputs available

l Unidirectional

(mA, V)

TP Series

l Display, datalog and

LG Series

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