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Pollution-The Green City Emerges For a growing Metropolis like Hyderabad, the primary concern for the average citizen ,is a trouble free, pollution-less mass transport, that takes them from home to office, from point A to point B in the shortest possible time. When the choice becomes an Elevated Metro Rail Transport System then the chances for an eco-friendly addition becomes markedly improved. The situation at the ground level has assumed alarming dimensions. Vehicular traffic has thrown up choked streets fueled by dependence on fossil fuels. Fine grained dust, penetrates into the lung, airborne pollutants like soot mixed with smoke pour out from exhaust pipes to continuously fill the air, adding to long term health deterioration. So when a solution for the high density of traffic and consequent traffic snarls, blockages and increasing fumes around traffic signals is mooted, the one thought that engages the attention of a conscious citizen is ‌will the new Mass Rapid Transport System like a Metro Rail become part of the problem or be the solution the City of Hyderabad needs in the present time frame. Luckily the City has chosen Elevated Metro Rail System which is by design a Green, ecofriendly architecture that assures not to increase existing levels. In a sense such a Metro can at once act as a catalyst to improve the travel experience in air-conditioned comfort, reduce wastage of time by an entire City that often has to wait for traffic to move at a snail’s pace and reduce the stress and strain such commuting delivers. The spin-off benefits of fast movement in a pollution free way, could result in lesser health bills, less strain on the wallet, empower increased travel to visit monument, leisure places, tourism attraction points and generally improve the family life of a common man, not only from the City but even impact those who aspire to visit this historic city that is now on the IT MAP of the world. It has been said the City of Hyderabad is one of the most economical in terms of office space, lease rentals for residential accommodation and the hub of a talent pool of professionals who gravitate from all parts of India to share the growth and drive progress of this City. As citizens of this city we can ask one question – Are We really Going to Get a Green Ride? The answer could be a resounding YES once we have the Metro Rail rushing to and fro in service of the common man.


hyderabad metro rail is all set to bring to the citizens, an international urban transportation experience through its quality-intensive, co...

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