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05 April 2011

Dear Parent / Carer th

The end of term is fast approaching – we close for the Easter holidays on Friday 15 April 2011 at 3.00pm rd (normal closing time). We re-open on Tuesday 03 May 2011 after the bank holiday weekend. The remainder of the term dates for this academic year and for 2011 – 2012 are available on our website We launched the new school uniform for September 2011 during assemblies two weeks ago and there will shortly be photographs on the school website. Uniform rules will be adhered to very strictly and students not following the rules will be sent home to get changed. There is very clear guidance available on our website or please contact us direct. Details of our new school uniform are shown overleaf. From April 2011 the new pupil premium comes into being. This is additional funding to support the school in educating students. It is paid to the school for every student who is eligible for Free School Meals. We need all parents of students eligible for Free School Meals to register for them – even if they do not wish to take them up. If your child is eligible for Free School Meals please make sure that they are renewed before they are due to expire. If you do not renew your child’s Free School Meals and they expire your child’s meal will not be funded and this can cause distress to students. The third and final HPV injection that protects against Cervical Cancer will take place (for Year 8 girls) on th Thursday 12 May 2011. We have a number of students who are afraid of injections and become anxious and upset. Can parents of these students please reassure them and explain the importance of the vaccination. The vaccination has to be given in three separate doses with a set period of time in-between. For more information on the HPV vaccine please visit website; or contact the school immunisations team for Tameside and Glossop on 0161 366 2120. rd

Year 11 – Whole year group photograph will take place on Tuesday 03 May at 9.15am. Please note that students must be in full school uniform. We would like to remind parents that we do not normally authorise holidays taken in term time. These can have a negative effect on the children’s education as they may miss vital lessons. Examinations run at different times throughout the school year and it may not always be possible to re-sit examinations missed through absence. The school calendar is published on the website – please check dates before booking holidays. Yours faithfully

Denise Spence Headteacher