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hyde Leadership Charter School BRONX, NEW YORK

If you believe

Developing a Child’s Character is as important as developing a child’s mind…

E l e m e n ta r y, M i d d l e a n d H i g h S c h o o l


Hyde Leadership Charter School prepares students to succeed not only in college but also to become responsible, ethical and fulfilled adults who will succeed in life.


– Head of School Betsy Olney

The Hyde Difference...


yde Leadership Charter School (Hyde-Bronx) is a college preparatory charter school that opened in 2006 in the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx — the poorest Congressional district in the nation. We are part of the Hyde Schools network, a group of public charter and private boarding schools founded on the belief that every individual is gifted with a unique potential and a zip code should never determine a child’s destiny. When Hyde-Bronx students are admitted, they score similarly or below the students at surrounding local schools. However, as shown by a Harvard EdLabs-conducted study, once enrolled in Hyde-Bronx, our students make

significantly more progress than those students who were not lotteried in and are now attending other schools. The Harvard study found that Hyde-Bronx middle school students gained approximately one month of learning in math and two months in English for each year they were enrolled in Hyde-Bronx. Not only is our academic program rigorous, but we differ fundamentally from other schools because of our intense focus on character development and parent involvement. Using the distinctive Hyde Process for Family-Based Character Education, Hyde-Bronx unites parents, teachers and students in helping each student achieve his or her best.

Our Holistic Approach...


t Hyde-Bronx, character development isn’t just an “add-on.” It is integrated into our academic courses, arts classes, and our athletic program. Our academic program seeks to develop life-long learners who are socially responsible citizens of the world. There is an emphasis on hand-on projects, problem-solving, critical thinking, community service and the development of social skills. We believe that every student, every parent and every teacher is meant to connect with a deep and unique purpose in life. Explicit teaching of Hyde’s “Five Words” (Courage, Integrity, Curiosity, Leadership, Concern) and Hyde’s “Five Principles” (Brother’s Keeper,

Conscience, Truth, Humility, Destiny) occur inside and outside the classroom. We also believe that character is developed by example. Our students, parents and teachers participate in a program that regularly addresses each individual’s personal growth. In addition to professional development, teachers participate in their own self-discovery through the Hyde process of journaling, facilitated discussion, workshops and seminars.


At Hyde-Bronx everyone is treated fairly. Each of us has a unique potential and our goal is to realize it.


– Jameily Molina, 11th grade student

Family Involvement...


t Hyde-Bronx, we understand the critical importance of parents in helping to develop a child’s character. Ultimately, parents are the primary teachers and home is the primary classroom. Hyde expects all parents to make a commitment to their own growth and change. The Family Education Department supports parents through this process. Its mission is to emphasize, foster and develop family renewal by bringing students, teachers and parents together to focus on personal growth. This is achieved through action and reflection activities, which include seminars, discovery group meetings, family days, off-campus retreats and other experiences,

such as the ropes course shown above, where Hyde community members support and challenge one another.

Home Away from Home...


ur elementary and middle schools are located on Bryant Avenue in the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx and are easy to reach via nearby public transportation. Our new high school building on Hunts Point Avenue — a custom-designed 31,500-square-foot building opened at the start of the 2011-12 school year — is around the corner and also easy to access. HydeBronx staff and students played an integral role in the design of the new high school building with the objective of having a building that encourages community and fosters collaboration, creativity and studentcentered learning.


It truly feels like family here. There is so much support from colleagues and leadership.


– John Swader, Elementary School Performing Arts Teacher

Is Hyde-Bronx Right for You? If you can answer “YES” to all of the following questions, we would love to speak with you about joining our passionate and dedicated teaching staff at Hyde-Bronx. I am passionate about making a difference in urban education. I believe that the purpose of education is both academic achievement AND character development. I believe it is vital for a school to work in partnership with a student’s family. I believe in student-centered learning. I want to be part of a school where I am asked to voice my thoughts and opinions. I want to pursue my own self-discovery and growth. I want to be part of a supportive and challenging working environment where teachers and staff collaborate and hold each other to their best.

If you would like to learn more about Hyde-Bronx and how to apply, please visit our website at

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Hyde Leadership Charter School is an equal opportunity employer. Race, color, religion, sex and national origin or any other basis protected by statute are not factors in employment, promotion and compensation. Š 2012 Hyde Leadership Charter School. All rights reserved.

Developing A Child's Character Brochure  

Hyde Leadership Charter School's brochure

Developing A Child's Character Brochure  

Hyde Leadership Charter School's brochure