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Houston Yacht Club

September 2012

Commodore’s Corner BY PAT GIBSON

2011-2012 Flag Officers Commodore: Pat Gibson, Vice Commodore: Bob Wright, Rear Commodore: Nancy Edmonson,

Line Officers Fleet Captain: James Liston, Secretary: Andrew McStay, Treasurer: Robert Williams, Measurer: John Cardenas,

Trustees Madonna Breen: Farley Fontenot: Paul Francis: Pfrancis@ Gordie Keenan: Lawrence Maher: Bill van Ravenswaay: Bob Wells: Jack Yoes:

Honorary Officers Fleet Historian: Sam Akkerman 713-526-0482 Fleet Surgeon: Dr. Jacki Kendrick-Mostert 713-465-4515 Fleet Chaplain: Linda Christians 713-875-7454

Other Contacts Ensigns: Carol Lee Hollister 281-867-5068 Entertainment: Madonna Breen 281-812-9971 Harbor Committee: Robert Williams 281-326-2153 Heritage & Standards: P/C Ginny Garrett 281-4716131 House & Grounds: Ed Matuszak 281-471-1988 Ladies Association: Martha Gillett 281-471-4568 Membership: Andrew McStay 713-522-3201 Memorial Fund: Judy Lamkin: 281-471-2130 Mosquito Fleet: John Peter 281-471-8468 Race/Regatta: Bill van Ravenswaay 713-917-0992 Ragnots: Amy Beck, 281-480-0278; Maya Houston, 713-723-0868 WSA: Ann Bordelon 281-470-8253 Yachting Committee: Jack Yoes 281-480-1115

Staff General Manager: Ross Tuckwiller Ex. 106 Harbor & Facilities: David Hampp Ex. 107 Food & Beverage: Sandy Tuckwiller Ex. 104 Accounting: Barbara Belansky Ex. 141 Sailing Director: Scott Lindley Ex. 149 Member Services Administrator: Julie Dunlap Ex. 100 Marketing: Jennifer Glass Ex. 150

WINDJAMMER is published monthly by: Houston Yacht Club P.O. Box 1276 La Porte, TX 77572-1276. Telephone 281-471-1255 Fax 281-471-9260

Deadline for the October issue is Sept. 15 e-mail: Please call the HYC Office with your ads

2 WINDJAMMER September 2012


Time is really starting to fly now and there has been a lot happening at the club that has been making that so. The big news of course is the outcome of the Port of Houston Commissioners review of the public comments in the Bayport Ship Channel project. As you know by the many emails I have been sending out our voices were heard and the Port has agreed to withdraw the Marsh/Island for the permit application. This is a huge positive step for Houston Yacht Club. The Rear Commodore has an article that details this effort that made us successful so let me simply thank everyone who participated on the committee, made contacts, maintained websites, updated facebook pages, wrote letters, prayed and anything else that may have been done to ensure the right outcome. I would also like to invite you to a Celebrate the Bay Party Sept. 15 at HYC. Watch the weekly email for details.

the club and the event which comprised the third and fourth North American Championship regattas we have hosted this year. When added to our “normal” series of events each year this has to mark one of the busiest regatta calendars for HYC in a long time. Thanks for your help on these events and your patience while the club gets taken over by them.

Given the load of activity that has been going on we have not worked on too many projects since last month. One The other major happening was of course effort I would like to comment on has the Lightning North Americans which resulted from the eight months we have was a 10-day adventure for the club. been dealing with the Port issue. Over Regatta Chairs Paul and Sabra Francis that time there has been a lot of reflecdid a masterful job of organizing that tion on HYC’s history and its signifievent with the class sparkplugs of Ian cance to us the members, the community and Lindy Edwards bringing the energy and quite frankly around the world. As a to top it off. With 55 boats registered for result we have again asked the question the “big” event and boats launching and about HYC’s rightful place on the Naretrieving everyday, that was a lot of tional Register of Historic Places. Obwork. With all that mileage we did have taining that designation takes a fair bit of one crane failure toward the end of the time so a committee has been put in event and I would like to thank the Har- place to research the criteria and advance bormaster for his quick response in get- the process of applying for this important ting a crew out to make repairs and get designation. V/C Bob Wright will be us back in action. In addition to the club reporting on that in the coming months. staff there was a stellar organization of volunteers that did everything from man- Looking forward there are a number of age the race courses, operate the cranes, big events on the calendar for you to cook food, entertain, provide housing, consider. A couple to mention here inmake trophies, measuring and on and on. clude the Mosquito Fleet parties, the annual Ladies Association Cocktail Party I would like to congratulate Reed (can’t miss) and of course the HOOD Baldridge for his role on the winning Regatta. These of course are in addition team in the Junior North Americans and to the list of series races, Ragnot circuits, also local sailor Jay Lutz, who along Jamming parties and so on. Check your with his brother Jody and nephew Jona- tri-fold or the calendar on the website thon, won the North American Champi- and make your choices. Or just do them onship. We have received many positive all. See you at the Club! comments from the competitors about


Lightning North American Championship Was A Success BY PAUL FRANCIS Special to the Windjammer

HYC hosted the 2012 Lightning North American Championship Regattas July 31 through Aug. 10. These included the Masters, Womens and Juniors North American Championships (28 boats) held the first five days and the open North American Chamionship (53 boats) held the last six days. Jack Yoes was the PRO for the Masters, Womens and Juniors and Jimmy Tichenor the PRO for open NA’s. Paul and Sabra Francis were the Regatta Co-Chairs, and Jack and Cissy Yoes, Ian and Lindy Edwards, Andrea Zaite, P/C Brad Larson were on the planning committee. Ross and Sandy Tuckwiller helped to design the onshore food and beverage sup- Skipper Jonathon Lutz with crew Reed Baldridge and Jonathon Pottharst win the ILCA Juniors’ North American Championship. See additional regatta photos on pages 4-5. port that were critical. On the water, every scheduled race was completed. The Race Committee’s received rave reviews. The onshore events included two opening receptions, two pool parties, a shrimp boil (at which 165 pounds of shrimp were eaten!), a Kemah Boardwalk evening, three sailing clinics, two class meetings, eight lunch buffets, 10 kegs at the Beachcomber, and two awards banquets. More than 70 sailors were housed at HYC members’ homes – with almost all the members reporting having wonderful experiences with their guests. A commemoration of Cissy Sparks as a very longtime Lightning sailor was made by Lindy Edwards. Jack Yoes created a nifty regatta website:

ON THE COVER HYC hosted the 2012 Lightning North American Championship Regattas July 31 through Aug. 10. See complete detail above and on pages 4 and 5. Cover photo by Dmitriy Yegorov

The Masters Championship was won by Gary and Joan Hurban of Niack, NY, who informed everyone as they accepted their trophy that they’ve “been waiting for this all their lives,” as they had used their wedding money (over 40 years ago) to buy their first Lightning when they didn’t even know how to sail. See race results online at More than 50 HYC members volunteered time to make it all possible. They are too numerous to mention, but the team leaders were: Linda McKee and Melodye Hodges (Registration), Kay and Dean Snider (Sail Measuring), Jack Yoes and Jimmy Tichenor (Race Committees), June Shaw (Judges), Sabra Francis (Housing), Andrea Zaite and Jay Grills (the Shrimp Boil and pool parties); Ian and Lindy Edwards

(Donated and made all the unique trophies!), Riddhi Chheda (Apparel), Cissy Yoes (Centerpieces), Yandell Rogers (Banners) and Nancy Edmonson and Charles Griffey (Spectator Boats). Extra special mention must be made for Dave Haglund who assisted in operating the cranes to put the boats in and lift them out every day (over 350 in and outs!) in blistering heat. He’s now known as “Mr. Crane.” The Club staff performed flawlessly and provided wonderful and varied food even on the days when the Club is normally closed. Post-regatta thank you’s from the Lightning Class and many of the sailors have been profuse for the Club’s performance in every category. HYC did itself proud once again.

SAVE THE DATE join us for the

CELEBRATE THE BAY PARTY Saturday, September 15 at HYC. Please watch the weekly email for details. September 2012 WINDJAMMER 3


2012 Lightning North American Championship Regattas

4 WINDJAMMER September 2012


September 2012 WINDJAMMER 5


Six Membership Applications Submitted for September BY ANDREW MC STAY Membership Committee

Well, as I write this we are truly into the dog days of summer. Despite the heat we are working hard to grow and retain members and are constantly on the lookout for new ideas to make the overall experience of HYC membership even better. To that end the Membership Committee recently held a two hour “brain storming� meeting to identify and develop marketing and retention ideas for the club. Dozens of great ideas emerged and now we will boil them down to the best ideas and see what we can do to implement them. We can also use additional input and I sincerely urge anyone who is interested to contact me at and join our committee. Because we work so hard at this task we can always use fresh faces and ideas. Please consider donating some of your time to this important component of our club. Our new website continues to yield inquires about membership and special events at a rate greatly in excess of the previous website. We also are getting interesting statistics showing that the website is being viewed by people all over the United States and with a significant number of page views from Europe. We are certainly spreading the good word about HYC. Stay cool, be safe and smooth sailing. The following membership applications have been submitted for approval in September Katherine Rabe, Junior 25-29 Membership, Recruiting Sponsor: Keith Rabe Brian and Jayne Aquino, Senior Membership, Recruiting Sponsor: Marcus Aquino Kenneth and Cynthia Blackledge, Non-Resident Membership, Recruiting Sponsor: Membership Committee

6 WINDJAMMER September 2012

(Pictured Above) George and Maya Houston, John and Dorothy Flato with Harris and Helane Knecht (right) attend the New Member Reception. Both families were approved for HYC membership in July.

Jorge and Mariana Samitier, Expat Membership, Recruiting Sponsor: Commodore Pat Gibson Gerald and Dianne Victor, Limited Retiree Membership, Recruiting Sponsor: Gordie Keenan Charles Michael and Michele McGlothlin, Limited Retiree Membership, Recruiting Sponsor: Membership Committee


View From the Aft Deck By Rear Commodore Nancy Edmonson As you all know, Galveston Bay won a significant victory on August 15, 2012, when the port commissioners of the Port of Houston Authority voted unanimously to remove the option of dumping dredge spoil in Upper Galveston Bay as a part of their current permit application. I’d like to thank the Port Commissioners and Executive Director Len Waterworth for listening to our concerns. I am quite confident that there will be more battles over the integrity of the Bay in coming years, but we proved with this issue that the Bay’s varied users and stakeholders can come together when necessary and be successful. What I would like you to know is just how varied our supporters were. Make no mistake here — Houston Yacht Club led this fight and it wouldn’t have been successful without us — but we had many allies that I would like all of us to thank.

Rear Commodore Nancy Edmonson and her son Ross Griffey spend time on Galveston Bay.

Commissioner Rusty Senac when passing out thanks. As many of you know, the part of the Bay in question (as well as HYC’s harbor) is in Chambers County. Commissioner Senac learned of this issue from one of our members and came to us with offers of Let’s start with our local elected officials in State government — assistance. He also led us to another constituency—the oysterthese four men were truly critical to our success. Please thank men of Chambers County—that had concerns about open bay Representative John Davis, Representative Wayne Smith, Repre- dredge disposal and allowed us to demonstrate wide-spread opposentative Larry Taylor, and Senator Mike Jackson for their active sition to what was just plain a bad idea. and unwavering work on our behalf. Local cities and their elected officials that publicly declared their opposition to the dredge spoil dumping included the cities of Morgan’s Point, La Porte, Shoreacres, Seabrook, and Kemah. I know the unanimous support we received from the bayfront communities was a huge factor in at least one of the Port commissioner’s opposition to the dredge spoil dumping in our bay. Harris County commissioners Jack Morman and Jack Cagle led the charge for Harris County. Harris County appoints some of Port commissioners, so their support for our cause was important. Let’s not forget the Chambers County Commissioners Court and

Help! In the HYC Room 20 Archives we maintain a complete set of Windjammers as part of our holdings. We have recently discovered that we are missing six issues from the year 2010. The missing months are: February, March, April, October, November, and December. If you are reading this and might have a copy of any of these issues which you no longer wish to keep would you please put it/them in the Archives mail box in the office. Submitted by P/C Ginny Garrett

Please recognize and thank Galveston Bay Foundation for its assistance and firm support. It recognized that while marshes (although maybe not this one) can be beneficial environmentally, they should not be built at the expense of the boating community. Let me tell you that having GBF on our side was a huge boost and kept us from being pegged as anti-environmental, an accusation that I found particular troubling. GBF was joined by Galveston Bay Conservation & Preservation Association, Galveston Bay Keeper, and the Sierra Club in expressing environmental concerns about the proposal. The boating community in this area is large and represented by many groups. But they all came together when we asked. Thanks for the assistance from Lakewood Yacht Club, Texas Corinthian Yacht Club, Galveston Bay Cruising Association, Texas Mariners’ Cruising Association, the Houston Sail and Power Squadron, the Galveston Bay Sail and Power Squadron, US Sailing Association, Texas Sailing Association, and Clear Lake Racing Association. We all use the Bay and were all willing to fight for it. Last but certainly not least, thanks to all of the members of the Club that worked on this issue. You all wrote letters, attended meetings, provided technical and legal expertise, contacted elected and appointed officials, and supported your Board with words of encouragement. We are not a Club of shrinking violets—we are people willing to take on Goliath for what we feel is important. I am proud of HYC and proud of its role as the protector of Galveston Bay. Now get out there and enjoy the water— you deserve it! September 2012 WINDJAMMER 7


Make Reservations Now For Cocktail Party I will take over as New President at the Cocktail Party. Please help me welcome our new Board of Officers for the 2012-2013 year. They are as follows:

BY MARTHA GILLETT Ladies Association

Thank you to everyone who attended the brainstorming meeting. We brainstormed for possible events and activities for next year. Many super ideas were discussed and we look forward to the upcoming year. The Ladies Association Cocktail Party will be held on Saturday, Sept. 8. We will be welcoming our new slate of officers for 2012-2013, and honoring our Past Presidents of the Ladies Association. Please join us for an exciting evening of fabulous food, complimentary chilled champagne and wine during the social hour, glitzy fashion and dancing!! The fun begins at 7 p.m.

Martha Gillett, President Danna Jennings, 1st Vice President Debbie Cardenas, 2nd Vice President Barbara Matuszak, Secretary Anna Matthews, Treasurer Linda McKee, Past President

Linda McKee says thank you, thank you, thank you to the wonderful group of ladies that assisted her this year on the Board. Barbara Matuszak, your past leadership helped guide the way. Anna Matthews, you know where every penny is earned and If you have not yet paid your Ladies Association dues for 2011- spent and keep us straight. Judy Lamkin, your minutes help 2012 (new HYC members), or you inadvertently marked them off document the historical events. Also, thank you to Janis Wiley your HYC bill, it is still not too late to join for this year. The for all your assistance in your newly created committee position dues are only $40, and this entitles you and one guest to attend as liaison to Lakewood Ladies Association and other entities at the Cocktail party. All you need to do is call the Club Office at our club, as wells as event promotions coordinator. You all made 281-471-1255 and they can check your dues for you. The Ladies a great team. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work. Association Cocktail Party is one of highlights of the Club’s social calendar. So mark your calendars and don’t miss it! Reser- Stay tuned for the upcoming events next year. If you would like vations are a must. Thank you to all who helped label and stuff to volunteer to help coordinate any events, please let any of the the party invitations. board members know. We look forward to everyone’s participation over the next year.

make it a sweep of Regionals. We hope to see a great showing from Fleet 2. RegisHYC Youth Sailor William Romeo tration can be done via Regatta Network. sailed in the 2012 Laser North American This is a new format for Ensign Regionals. Championship which was hosted by the Columbia Gorge Racing Association. Wil- Try it out. liam sailed a great regatta, placing 10th in The Leukemia Cup was sailed recently at the championship which had more than HYC with Little Oil, Dean Snider; and 100 boats competing. Congratulations Crusader, Dick Baxter, placing first and William. second.


Ensign Ensights

Let us Entertain You

Mark your calendars. Fleet 2 is hosting the Region IV Championship Regatta Sept. Mark your calendars for these upcoming 22-23 in conjunction with the HOOD Re- entertaining events: gatta. (The Austin fleet asked us to trade Sept. 22, Jamming with Jay and years with them due to a lack of water in Gordie, A Carpet Aid Concert Lake Travis.) This will be a two-day reOct. 20, Oktoberfest gatta with three races on Saturday and two Nov. 2, Yankee Doodle Dandy Happy on Sunday. We expect 2 or 3 crews from Hour Austin and a possible 1 from Dillon and 1 from Florida. There is a possibility that Robin Durrschmidt from Connecticut may join us also; he has raced in three other CONTINUES on page 9 2012 Regional Regattas, and this would 8 WINDJAMMER September 2012


Jamming With Jay… The ever popular Jamming with Jay and Gordie will be back again to serenade us on Saturday evening, Sept. 22 right after the HOOD Regatta at HYC. We’ll be in the Porthole. This event will be held jointly with Race and Regatta.

all left their mark through the years and while HYC is big on surrounding our members in rich history, the stains in the carpet are not exactly the memories we wish to keep.

So please come and join us for a night of music and dance. And, if you would like This time, Gordie and Jay are playing for a to tip the Carpet Aid Jar, we’ll have a big one there for that purpose. very worthy cause and that is to raise

man. Bill has several polkas already in mind to get us in the mood for this event. If polkas aren’t your specialty, this is not a problem. Bill has a lot more music for dancing under (and with) the stars. Get your costumes ready.

Join Us For Happy Hour

Our last 2012 themed happy hour will be Friday, Nov. 2, just before the presidential money to help pay for our second floor election. This will be a red, white and blue Join Us For Oktoberfest event. Best costume will win a prize. carpet replacement. So come join us folks – we have all done our part to soil the Oktoberfest is right around the corner. We Submitted by Madonna Breen carpet! Happy hours and happy feet have have hired Bill Parrish to be the music September 2012 WINDJAMMER 9


Trophy Winners Announced for Women’s Sailing Weekend BY ANN BORDELON WSA President 2011-2012

Women’s Sailing Weekend was held July 28-29, with 17 entries the first day of the regatta and 12 the second day. The event was sponsored by the HYC Women’s Sailing Association and underwritten by Sea Lake Yacht Sales. The first day, crews with women helmsmen competed for the Catherine Spiller Trophy. On the second day, all-female crews competed for the Fairfax Moody Trophy. Kayla Gibson (HYC) won the Catherine Spiller Trophy and the team of Laura McAllum, Caroline Burda and Fairfax Hamilton (SOAK Products) won the Fairfax Moody Trophy during Women’s Sailing Weekend July 28-29. Fairfax Hamilton is the granddaughter of Fairfax Moody, who gained fame in 1936 as the first female skipper in a Lipton Cup Regatta. Kayla’s entry was also a family affair. Her crew included her mother, Beth Gibson; her sister, Halle Gibson; and her father, HYC Commodore Pat Gibson. In the Spiller Regatta, Kayla won first place in the PHRF Spinnaker Class. Second place went to Caroline Burda (SOAK Products) and third place went to Joan van Ravenswaay (HYC). In Vivian Griffey participates in the Women’s Sailing Weekend held PHRF Non-Spinnaker, first place went to Karen Penrose recently at HYC. (GBCA); second, Linda McKee (HYC); and third, Madonna Breen (HYC). for organizing the regatta and coordinating crews, skippers and In the Women’s Regatta, which determines the Fairfax Moody boats. Trophy winner, McAllum, Burda and Hamilton won first place in the PHRF Non-Spinnaker Class. Second place went to van Windward Bound Camp Ravenswaay and third to Breen. In PRHF Spinnaker, Yuki Kant- Dates have been set for next year’s Windward Bound Sailing tida (HYC) won first, Anne Lee (HYC) won second and Julie Camp for Women. Campers will check in the evening of June 5 Goetschius (HYC) was third. and the banquet will be held the evening of June 8, 2013. So, if you are female and 21 or older and want to learn to sail or imA good crowd gathered Saturday evening at the Beachcomber to prove your sailing skills, put these dates in your calendar now. grill hotdogs and hamburgers and enjoy music provided by Jay Grills, who also helped keep the grills fired up. Thanks, Jay. This will be the 30th Edition of Windward Bound, coinciding Thanks also go to our sponsor, Sea Lake Yacht Sales and its with the 30th Anniversary of the Women’s Sailing Association. owner Vince Morvillo, who has always encouraged us in all our You don’t want to miss this one! Application forms will be endeavors and has financially supported this event for many available early in December, after we select new Camp Directors years. Another thank-you goes to SOAK Products for chipping and determine camp costs. In the meantime, you may contact in for the beer and to all the boat owners who loaned their boats one of our current Camp Directors, Anne Lee at for the event. Linda McKee found the attractive trophies and had or Terry Eukel at if you them engraved. My personal thanks go to the ladies who helped have any questions. set up the party Saturday: Daphne Pickering, Melodye Hodges Beckman, Jo Tyson and Julie Goetschius. A Special Note to the HYC Men: Camp makes a More thanks go to Bill van Ravenswaay and the race committee, including Annemarie and Rainer Majewski, Kate and Bill Baker and Terry Cantrell. And of course, we want to thank Anne Lee

10 WINDJAMMER September 2012

wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for that special lady in your life.

WSA continues on page 11

WSA WSA continued from page 10 Upcoming Events Sail to High Tea at Lindy Edwards’ home in Pelican Bay will be over by the time you read this article. We’ll report on that next month.

Annual Meeting In September, WSA will hold its annual meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 19, at HYC. We will elect officers for next year and hear reports from this year’s committee chairmen. If you are a WSA member, please plan to attend. We may have doorprizes. If you cannot attend, please send or bring your ballot to HYC. If you did not receive a ballot, please contact WSA President Ann Bordelon at

Madonna Breen, Patty Ward and R/C Nancy Edmonson participate in the Women’s Sailing Weekend held recently at HYC.

Funfish Sail WSA will hold a Funfish Dinghy Sail on Saturday, Sept. 29. Details will be announced by email in early September. If

you have any questions, please contact Cindy McMordie at

HOMES FOR SALE 615 Baywood mls # 60030806 new price $145,777 Completely updated ranch home with a garage apartment and beautifully landscaped patio.

3553 Sunrise mls # 69670014 Offered for $165,000 Amazing multilevel treehouse within walking distance to the Houston Yacht Club and private pier. The garage and workshop are a dream for the project minded homeowner.

Contact Susan Densford, Realtor Keller Williams Waterside Cell: 281-796-4471 Email:

September 2012 WINDJAMMER 11

HOUSTON YACHT CLUB 3620 Miramar Drive Shoreacres, Texas 77571


LADIES ASSOCIATION COCKTAIL PARTY SATURDAY, SEPT. 8 at HYC The fun begins at 7 p.m. with fabulous food and beverage. Please make sure you have paid your Ladies Association dues of $40 as this entitles you and one guest to attend the Cocktail Party. Additional tickets cost $40 per person. If you are a new HYC member, or are not sure you have paid this year’s dues, please call the Club office at 281.471.1255 for details. Reservations are a must. Call the HYC Office at 281.471.1255 for reservations. The event is semi formal.

September 2012 Windjammer