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Houston Yacht Club

October 2012

Commodore’s Corner BY PAT GIBSON

2011-2012 Flag Officers Commodore: Pat Gibson, Vice Commodore: Bob Wright, Rear Commodore: Nancy Edmonson,

Line Officers Fleet Captain: James Liston, Secretary: Andrew McStay, Treasurer: Robert Williams, Measurer: John Cardenas,

Trustees Madonna Breen: Farley Fontenot: Paul Francis: Pfrancis@ Gordie Keenan: Lawrence Maher: Bill van Ravenswaay: Bob Wells: Jack Yoes:

Honorary Officers Fleet Historian: Sam Akkerman 713-526-0482 Fleet Surgeon: Dr. Jacki Kendrick-Mostert 713-465-4515 Fleet Chaplain: Linda Christians 713-875-7454

Other Contacts Ensigns: Carol Lee Hollister 281-867-5068 Entertainment: Madonna Breen 281-812-9971 Harbor Committee: Robert Williams 281-326-2153 Heritage & Standards: P/C Ginny Garrett 281-4716131 House & Grounds: Ed Matuszak 281-471-1988 Ladies Association: Martha Gillett 281-471-4568 Membership: Andrew McStay 713-522-3201 Memorial Fund: Judy Lamkin: 281-471-2130 Mosquito Fleet: John Peter 281-471-8468 Race/Regatta: Bill van Ravenswaay 713-917-0992 Ragnots: Amy Beck, 281-480-0278; Maya Houston, 713-723-0868 WSA: Ann Bordelon 281-470-8253 Yachting Committee: Jack Yoes 281-480-1115

Staff General Manager: Ross Tuckwiller Ex. 106 Harbor & Facilities: David Hampp Ex. 107 Food & Beverage: Sandy Tuckwiller Ex. 104 Accounting: Barbara Belansky Ex. 141 Sailing Director: Scott Lindley Ex. 149 Member Services Administrator: Julie Dunlap Ex. 100 Marketing: Jennifer Glass Ex. 150

WINDJAMMER is published monthly by: Houston Yacht Club P.O. Box 1276 La Porte, TX 77572-1276. Telephone 281-471-1255 Fax 281-471-9260

The deadline for the November issue is Oct. 15. e-mail: Please call the HYC Office with your ads

2 WINDJAMMER October 2012


Thank you - Please be seated! Finally! Cooler weather has arrived. After several months of scorching temperatures the first “cool” fronts have arrived and brought relief to our area. Yes any day we are not hitting 90 is a cool front to me. As a result just recently we actually saw a number of people tinkering with their boats in the harbor and dry storage just because they could without the risk of needing medical attention from over exposure to the temperatures. This is when it gets really good. The last month has been another busy one on a number of fronts. Of course you know the outcome of our work on the Port of Houston issue and I am happy to not have to report on that one again. But one more thank you to all those that contributed their time and energy to that issue and of course for coming out to our Celebration of the Bay! There were a number of tremendous social events including the WSA Sail to High Tea which once again was made exciting by some serious weather, the Ladies Association Cocktail Party saw some great colors and the annual Wienerville Party, a joint production by the Mosquito Fleet and Yachting Committee. In addition to these was the Progressive Martini Party which was relocated to the guest pier and Beachcomber. The martini mixologists brought out some great recipes to tantalize the adventurers among us and the cookout after-party music was provided by John “the Mosquitodore” Peter. If all that was not enough the Skeeters took it up one more notch, as if that’s possible, and pulled together an off-the-cuff lobster boil on pier 12 with DJ Eddie M on the turntable. On the sailing front there is no rest for the weary. Once we gathered ourselves from the Lightning event we were right back at it whether it’s going down the bay for Rum Races or staying here for the increasingly popular Series Races right at HYC. R&R chair Bill van

Beth and Commodore Pat Gibson

Ravenswaay has just about perfected the recipe for handling an around the buoys or around the bay course with little race management. More and more boats are showing up for these where you can do a traditional or pursuit start and whoever finishes first wins – as it should be. As fun as it is, I know Bill would also like to do some racing so as we look ahead we will need to get a few more hands to take a turn at doing this type of PRO work – no studying, classes or tests required. As this Windjammer hits your mailboxes we will just be wrapping up the HOOD Regatta which is one of the HYC biggies of the year and draws in competition from all over the bay and surrounding areas. In conjunction with the HOOD was a Porthole Pub Party with Live Music from our favorite garage band featuring Jay and Gordie and any pick up artists they can find. And this time they added a “Carpet Aid” feature to help us pay for the new carpet that is soon going to arrive at HYC. October is chock full of events including bay area regattas like LYC’s J-Fest and Harvest Moon and the GBCA Performance Cup Regatta. Here at HYC we have more series race action, the Ensign Distance Race, Allen’s Landing Cruise,

News CONTINUED from page 2 Oktoberfest Party and many others. And while the kids continue to rip it up on the TSA circuit and beyond, they are ending their official year with the Ragnot Banquet and then the big crowd pleaser — Boo Boating is at the end of October. While national politics dominates the news cycle these days and the silly season is in full swing, October also marks that time of the year where we wrap up the term of the current Flag and Board and look forward to the election of new officers and trustees to serve as the club’s leadership for the next year. Ballots will be coming in the mail soon and I encourage you to consider your choices and return your ballot by mail or better still attend the Annual Meeting on Oct. 30 and vote in person. If you have not attended before, the Annual Meeting serves as a means to communicate out the committee reports from the last year and things you can look forward to in the next year, much of which is delivered with great fanfare and humor. We have a tremendous list of candidates on the ballot and I thank them for their willingness to serve HYC alongside with those that are continuing on. And I also thank those who are stepping away from club leadership this year albeit not away from the club. They have served us well and I know we have not seen the last of their work. Following the meeting we will have the Change of Watch on Nov. 4 to recognize the good work of our outgoing board and welcome the new leadership aboard the ship. So with this I am done! It has been a tremendous year and I have enjoyed serving as your Commodore. Together as a club we have accomplished many great and important things. In the Windjammer we have chronicled the many events and contributions of our members over the last year. Among it all the staff of the club has delivered and I thank them for all their work. I know that the new flag along with new and continuing trustees will serve us all very well and I wish them good fortune in the year ahead. Last but certainly not least I would like to thank Beth, my Commodorable, for her support, inspiration, creativity, good humor and cool outfits. Love ya honey!! See you at the Club!

HYC MEMBERS JIM O'LOUGHLIN and SCOTT TUMA as part of the Texas Blind Sailors Sailing Team defended their 2011 Blind National Regatta Championship by winning the 2012 Blind National Regatta held in Newport, RI in September. Pictured above are team members David Atkinson, Karen Penrose, Jim O'Loughlin and Scott Tuma. The team would like to thank HYC for providing the HYC logo polo shirts.

49er FX TRAINING AT HYC… 2016 Olympic hopefuls Kristen Lane and team mate Molly Carapeit prepare and tune the new Olympic class 49er FX. Several teams and their coach Luther Carpenter will be basing practice off the HYC lawn over the next few months. Be sure and give them a big Texas welcome.

ON THE COVER HYC Ladies Association Board Members include from front to back Martha Gillett, Danna Jennings, Debbie Cardenas, Barbara Matuszak, Anna Matthews and Linda McKee.

ANNUAL MEETING OCT. 30 The HYC Annual Meeting is Tuesday, Oct. 30. A buffet dinner will be available starting at 5:30 p.m. and the meeting will follow at 7 p.m. At this time your votes for the new Board of Trustees will be counted and all Committee Chairmen will give short reports to give you an overview of the year.

October 2012 WINDJAMMER 3

Ladies Association

Join the Ladies Association for a Style Show Luncheon Oct. 10 BY MARTHA GILLETT Ladies Association

The Ladies Association Annual Cocktail party was held Saturday, Sept. 8 at HYC and nearly 200 people were in attendance. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. The food and decorations were fabulous thanks to the club staff. Thank you Sandy Tuckwiller, Chef Joseph and all the staff for doing such a great job! In addition, thank you to all who were able to attend this great event. Betty and Honorary P/C Hank Arnold were on hand for the Ladies Association Cocktail

Congratulations and thank you to Linda Party held recently at HYC. McKee for doing such an outstanding job as Ladies Association President last year. You worked really hard and it was greatly appreciated by all. The Ladies Association Board for 2012-2013 includes President, Martha Gillett; 1st Vice President Danna Jennings; 2nd Vice President Debbie Cardenas; Secretary, Barbara Matuszak; Treasurer, Anna Matthews; Past President, Linda McKee. We also have Janis Wiley chairing Public Relations Committee and Laura Donley and Cindy McMordie co-chairing the Sunshine Committee. Linda McKee created the Public Relations Committee last year to help get Wayne Christensen, Barbara Bukowski and the word out to HYC members and other Bill van Ravenswaay clubs about events and happenings of the Ladies Association. I created the Sunshine Committee to help reach out to members who are ill or may no longer be able to attend events due to health reasons. We want to send them cards and pictures to let them know they are still loved by their HYC family. What a great team of ladies and we look forward to a great year. Mark your calendars! There will be a Style Show Luncheon Wednesday, Oct. 10. Cassanova’s Downfall will be featuring their new fall clothing line. More details to follow in the weekly HYC email. Also, the Holiday Market is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 7. You can get a head start on your holiday shopping. Guests are welcome to the style show and the holiday market is open to the public. Be sure and RSVP for the style show luncheon. Games Day will be on Oct. 24. Bridge players and those wanting to play card games or any other games are welcome to come join the fun. We also will be featuring the movie Burlesque for those not playing a game. Please contact

4 WINDJAMMER October 2012

Carroll and Deborah Lundin

Terri Benson, Megan Larson, Trevor Mulvey and Carolyn Sinclair

P/C Ed and Marsha Bluestein

Judy Lamkin if you are going to attend games day and in what activity you will be participating. She will need to know how many tables for bridge or cards and how many for the movie. She will also need to let the club know how many people will be having lunch. We look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming events! Cliff and Nadeen Hyde


Six Membership Applications Approved in September BY ANDREW MC STAY Membership Committee

This has been a tremendously successful month on the membership front at HYC. We have six new members that were approved by the board in September and five more for October. This is wonderful news and demonstrates the word is out that HYC membership is a “must have” for anyone who wants to get the most enjoyment out of boating and the bay. This success would not be possible without the tireless work of our marketing director, Jennifer Glass. Every one of these thirteen new members have been guided and encouraged during the process of joining by Jennifer’s calm and steady hand. Each new member represents hours of work on her part, recruiting, answering questions, giving tours, following up and closing the deal. The membership committee congratulates her on her outstanding work and dedication to HYC.

Robert and Judie Williams, Kenneth and Cynthia Blackledge, Dianne and Gerald Victor, with Ruth and Gordie Keenan

Lastly, to those members of the committee who have worked so hard and successfully this year, my personal thanks. You have all gone above and beyond. Now, on to the As the club year draws to a close, the mem- next goal. bership committee is beginning to focus on our goals for next year. We know we want The following applications were approved to continue working to make our new web- at the September Board of Trustees meetsite even better and will encourage all of the ing: groups in the club to contribute information Katherine Rabe, Junior 25-29 Memberand news on an ongoing basis, all to imship, Recruiting Sponsor: Keith Rabe prove access to and knowledge of club actiBrian and Jayne Aquino, Senior Memvates and benefits. We also intend to debership, Recruiting Sponsor: Marcus velop a plan to increase member retention Aquino that will highlight, explain and introduce all Kenneth and Cynthia Blackledge, the benefits of HYC membership to all the Non-Resident Membership, Recruiting members. We would also like to see a better Sponsor: Robert Williams Katherine Rabe with her dad, Keith Rabe and more organized publicity effort on beJorge and Mariana Samitier, Expat, half of the club. Recruiting Sponsor: Commodore Pat Christopher and Yvette Sidnell, NonGibson Growing and retaining membership takes Resident Membership, Recruiting Gerald and Dianne Victor, Limited not only the great work of our club staff but Sponsor: Membership Committee Retiree Membership, Recruiting Sponthe volunteer efforts of our membership Akash Morrison, Junior Under 25 sor: Gordie Keenan committee members. I will be asking some Membership, Recruiting Sponsor: Mike and Michele McGlothlin, Limof you to become active members of the Marie Wise ited Retiree Membership, Recruiting committee as I see you around the club, but Richard Thorp, Junior Under 25 MemSponsor: Membership Committee you don’t have to wait to be asked. Please bership, Recruiting Sponsor: Marie consider joining our committee. You can Wise The following applications were submitted contact me at: Theodore and Stella Dow, Limited for October: and I will be happy Retiree, Recruiting Sponsor: MemberPatrick Gaussent and Sophie Gagey, to discuss with you how you can help with ship Committee Expat Membership, Recruiting Sponthis important work on behalf of HYC. sors: Rose and Case Families October 2012 WINDJAMMER 5


All of the photos on this page were taken before the Oct. 6, 2007 Boats Are We at HYC live performance. Pictured above are the Cell Block Tango Dancers representing the Women’s Sailing Association.

Boats Are We At HYC Please join us in the Ballroom for the 5th Anniversary celebration and video showing of the musical comedy Boats R We At HYC Saturday, Oct. 6. This is the actual 5th anniversary of the musical show from Oct. 6, 2007. It celebrates life at HYC, and stars our own yacht club members, acting, singing, and dancing to the soundtrack from Chicago, the hit movie. You will also see some skits from the original Boats R Us show from 1985. Cocktails and a prime rib buffet dinner will begin at 6:00 PM. The cost for dinner is $17.95 per person. There will be a full bar in the back of the ballroom for your pleasure throughout the evening. The film will be shown on a big screen beginning at approximately 7:00 PM. There will be stories, anecdotes, and never before told drama from behind the scenes. We are encouraging anyone from the production who wants to wear his or her costume, to feel free to do so. Join in the fun! For those of you who would also like to revisit HYC from 1985, we will be showing Boats R Us, the original show, in the ballroom, following Happy Hour, at 7:00 PM on Friday, Oct. 5. This will be a casual showing. For Saturday, Oct. 6, Reservations Are A Must As Seating Is Limited. Please call the Club today at 281-471-1255. (Pictured Right) Leigh Ann and Brian Hawboldt representing the Race Committee

6 WINDJAMMER October 2012

Some of the Ragnot Dancers include Tom Revak, Beth Gibson with Debbie and John Cardenas,


October 2012 WINDJAMMER 7

News HOFBRAU HAUS OKTOBERFEST Please join us for Hofbrau Haus Oktoberfest Saturday, Oct. 20 in the Porthole. A German-style Buffet is available from 6 to 7 p.m. and then dance to the music of Bill Parish from 7 to 10 p.m. Wear your dirndls and lederhosen. The cost is $25/person (children 12 and under $12.50/person; children 2 and under free. Music only option: $10/person and $5/child. Call the HYC Office at 281.471.1255 for reservations. The event is sponsored by the Entertainment Committee.

RAGNOT BANQUET OCT. 26 The Ragnot Banquet is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 26 at HYC. A slideshow begins at 6 p.m.; dinner at 6:30 p.m. with the banquet to follow. Please call the HYC Office at 281.471.1255 for reservations.

HOLIDAY MARKET ON THE BAY The Ladies Association will host a Holiday Market on the Bay Wednesday, Nov. 7 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at HYC. The Holiday Market on the Bay is open to the public and admission is free. Come and enjoy a day on the bay and shop for holiday items, baked goods, clothing and jewelry. There will be a lunch buffet available for everyone to enjoy for only $15 per person.

Dining Room Specials Wednesday Night Specials Oct. 3: Chicken Fried Chicken Oct. 10: Seafood Pasta Au Gratin Oct. 17: Smothered Steak Oct. 24: Hawaiian Style Ribs Oct. 31: Snapper Flores Thursday Night Specials Oct. 4: Grilled Salmon Oct. 11: HYC Mix Grill Oct. 18: Mexican Buffet Oct. 25: Steak Dianne

Dining Room Hours Wednesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch Wednesday and Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. for dinner Friday from 6 to 10 p.m. for dinner & Friday night buffet Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

8 WINDJAMMER October 2012

HYC members were on hand to wish the Zapater family smooth sailing on their move to Saudi. Those pictured include (back row, left to right) Sandra Baldridge, Gustavo Zapater, Christine Kendrick, George Houston, Camila Zapater, Charlotte Rose, Celia Houston (front row) Felipe Zapater, Paul Houston and Beth Gibson.


October 2012 WINDJAMMER 9


Women’s Sailing Association Elects 2012-2013 Board The Women’s Sailing Association elected officers and directors for 2012-2013 at its Annual Membership Meeting in September. Officers for 2012-2013 will be: Terry Eukel, President Sabra Francis, Vice President Jo Tyson, Secretary Mary Vance, Treasurer Terri Benson and Lou Rosenfeld were elected to two-year terms as directors. Cindy McMordie and Laura Donley will continue on the board, serving the second years of their terms. The new board will assume office on Oct. 1.

HYC Contribution The WSA Board voted in September to contribute $500 from the WSA general fund and another $500 from the Windward Bound Sailing Camp fund to the Houston Yacht Club for the purchase or maintenance of Race & Regatta equipment. “Since our focus is on sailing, we feel it is appropriate for WSA to support HYC’s Race & Regatta Program,” explained Ann Bordelon, 2011-2012 WSA president. WSA also maintains and manages several HYC Sunfish that HYC members can rent by contacting the office at 281-471-1255.

WSA officers and directors for 2012-2013 are, from left, Cindy McMordie, director; Laura Donley, director; Terry Eukel, president; Terri Benson, director; Sabra Francis, vice-president; and Mary Vance, treasurer. Also elected were Jo Tyson, secretary; and Lou Rosenfeld, director.

sailing teams to campaign for major championships like the Adams or Knost Regattas.” To apply for a scholarship or talk about leading or joining a women’s sailing team, please contact Ann Bordelon at or Terry Eukel at

“I want to remind HYC women that WSA has a scholarship fund that supports women sailors who want to compete in regattas,” Bordelon said. “We are also encouraging HYC women to form

Judy Lamkin, Leslie Wells and Sandra Baldridge enjoy the Celebrate the Bay party held recently at HYC 10 WINDJAMMER October 2012

Vanessa Keeling, Charlotte Rose and Yuki Yoshiyasu get ready for a day on the bay.


October 2012 WINDJAMMER 11

HOUSTON YACHT CLUB 3620 Miramar Drive Shoreacres, Texas 77571

Please join us for the 5th Anniversary celebration and video showing of the musical comedy

Boats Are We At HYC Saturday, Oct. 6 Cocktails and a prime rib buffet dinner begin at 6:00 PM in the Ballroom The cost for dinner is $17.95 per person The film will be shown on a big screen beginning at 7:00 PM. There will be stories, anecdotes, and never before told drama from behind the scenes. We are encouraging anyone from the production who wants to wear his or her costume, to feel free to do so. Join in the fun! For those of you who would also like to revisit HYC from 1985, we will be showing Boats R Us, the original show, in the ballroom, following Happy Hour, at 7:00 PM on Friday, Oct. 5. This will be a casual showing. For Saturday, Oct. 6, Reservations Are A Must As Seating Is Limited. Please call the Club today at 281-471-1255.

October 2012 Windjammer  

October 2012 issue of the Windjammer

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