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Houston Yacht Club

January 2013

2012-2013 Flag Officers

Other Contacts

Commodore: Bob Wright, Vice Commodore: Nancy Edmonson, Rear Commodore: Robert Williams,

Ensigns: Carol Lee Hollister 281-867-5068 Entertainment: Barbara Matuszak 281-471-1988; Debbie Cardenas 281-470-6602; Danna Jennings 713-247-9331 Harbor Committee: Bob Wells 281-471-0066 Heritage & Standards: P/C Ginny Garrett 281-471-6131 House & Grounds: Ed Matuszak 281-471-1988 Ladies Association: Martha Gillett 281-471-4568 Membership: Andrew McStay 713-522-3201 Memorial Fund: Judy Lamkin: 281-471-2130 Mosquito Fleet: John Peter 281-471-8468 Race/Regatta: June Shaw 713-629-7747 Ragnots: Amy Beck, 281-480-0278; Maya Houston, 713-723-0868 WSA: Terry Eukel 281-531-7123 Yachting Committee: Jack Yoes 281-480-1115

Line Officers Fleet Captain: Gordie Keenan: Secretary: Ken Humphries, Treasurer: Steve Gillett, Measurer: Derek Beck,

Trustees Gary Banks: Madonna Breen: Farley Fontenot: Paul Francis: Lawrence Maher: Andrew McStay: Bob Wells: Jack Yoes:

Honorary Officers Fleet Historian: Sam Akkerman 713-526-0482 Fleet Surgeon: Dr. Michael Lucas 281-881-0265 Fleet Chaplain: Linda Christians 713-875-7454


Staff General Manager: Ross Tuckwiller Ex. 106 Harbor & Facilities: David Hampp Ex. 107 Food & Beverage: Sandy Tuckwiller Ex. 104 Accounting: Barbara Belansky Ex. 141 Sailing Director: Katrina Williams Ex. 149 Member Services Administrator: Julie Dunlap Ex. 100 Marketing: Jennifer Glass Ex. 150

WINDJAMMER is published monthly by: the Houston Yacht Club P.O. Box 1276 La Porte, TX 77572-1276. Telephone 281-471-1255 Fax 281-471-9260




that while I had a great time, I am now considering putting in that hot tub that Stephanie has been asking for.


Katrina Williams has arrived and has already started putting our Ragnots through their paces by holding numerous practice sesIt is hard to believe that another year has come and gone and that sions and meetings. If you haven't had a chance to meet Katrina, 2013 is almost here. The past year has been filled with new chal- take a minute and introduce yourself to this delightful young lenges, wonderful on-the-water activities, great parties and excit- woman who has taken on the task of helping our young sailors ing events, welcome changes and so many successes. Thanks to reach their full potential. everyone, HYC has yet again lived up to her outstanding reputation and continues to be a premier sailing and racing venue. While we reflect on all of the exciting and fun memories of 2012, we also realize that over the past year there have been losses as November was a very busy month. The Ladies Association's well. We have welcomed many new friends to the HYC family, Holiday Market was held in early Novembut we have also had to say our final fareber and offered some great ideas and holiwells to a number of long-standing and day shopping in a relaxed, fun-filled enviwell-loved members. Even though Walronment. The Ensigns were wined and ter, Steve, Matt and Beth are no longer dined in fine style at their annual banquet with us, we will always remember them on the 17th, and Chef Joseph and his staff fondly and they will live on in our memoproduced another wonderful buffet on ries. Thanksgiving Day. By the time you read this, the 2013 CalenOn-the-water activities offered something dar will be set, and plans will be moving for everyone who wanted to be out on the forward for a very busy, fun-filled year. water in the beautiful weather. The Annual Please take note of these two events in Turkey Day Regatta was challenged by January that will kick off 2013 in fine beautiful weather without wind, and while style. the only real winner was the bar on Saturday, one race was successfully completed On Jan. 13, following a brunch buffet, the on Sunday, and P/C Pat Gibson fought his Commodore's Concert Series will kick off way through the doldrums to win the Big with a performance by the River Oaks Bird in the Viper fleet. The Mosquito Fleet Chamber Orchestra's brass quintet in the made their annual visit to Moody Gardens ballroom at 2 p.m. Tickets are $10 per for the Festival of Lights and Dickens on person, and we will all be treated to a spethe Strand. Paul and Sabra Francis chaired cial musical performance of an original Commodore Bob Wright the event, and with 10 boats making the selection written by Ross Griffey, son of trip, the cruise was a great success and everyone raved about our V/C Nancy Edmonson and Charles Griffey. Ross is a very what a wonderful time they had. The Club Championship was gifted and talented artist who is currently studying at Julliard, so held Nov. 24, and was raced in Ensigns. Four teams participated don't miss this opportunity to hear his musical premier performed this year, representing the Lightenings, the Ensigns, the Ragnots by ROCO. and last year's Past Champion. Robert Williams (as Past Champion) and Ian Edwards (representing the Lightning fleet) finished Lastly, but something Stephanie and I are both very excited with tied scores. Ian won the tiebreaker and won the Champion- about, will be the Commodore's Ball on Jan. 19. We have lined ship. Lastly, the Challenge Cup was held Dec. 1 and HYC, Lake- up some great entertainment, the menu is set, and we hope that wood and GBCA were well-represented. Being one of the many you will all make plans to help us celebrate the upcoming year. who wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather from the deck of a In closing, may everyone have a safe and blessed holiday season, boat, I joined the HYC J-80 team for 5 races, and am proud to say and I look forward to a wonderful 2013! that we came away with 2nd place, right behind GBCA. I will say January 2013 WINDJAMMER 3

Evan Kerr V/C Nancy Edmonson

BITTS AND TALES Friends of all generations are what being part of HYC is all about. By VICE COMMODORE NANCY EDMONSON

Thanks to Gerry Victor for suggesting the name for this year’s column. Given that my articles over the past year were bits of this and tales about that, it seemed to fit. It also gave me the chance to learn a new nautical term—a bitt is a type of bollard, for those of you who were wondering. And while tales can refer to telltales, they can refer to good yarns as well. This month is a good one for a tale—a tale about a long-time HYC member. Evan Kerr and her husband Henry joined HYC on March 22, 1957, a full 55 years ago. She and Henry lived in Shoreacres for all of those years, in two different houses on Miramar, until Henry passed a number of years ago. Evan remained in Shoreacres 4 WINDJAMMER January 2013

until her house was destroyed by Hurricane Ike and now lives in Lewisville near her family.

It used to make me laugh to see my kids and another neighbors’ kids—who generally could be found racing around on bikes, digging in dirt, or generally inShe remains an HYC member, visiting volved in non-stop action—sitting primly when she can and enjoying the Windjam- with Evan sipping grape juice. I’ll bet she mer and great memories when she can’t. A could tame wild horses also! youthful 91 years old now, Evan still enjoys boating. The picture you see here is Cheryl Thomas lived on the other side of Evan sailing on one of the lakes in the Evan and fondly recalls the impromptu North Texas area while proudly displaying piano recitals by Evan’s sister, who lived her HYC colors. there with her for a few years. Evan’s nephew Scott told me his favorite story from his Aunt Evan and Uncle Henry. Apparently, rather than evacuate, a handful of members scurried down to HYC during Hurricane Carla in 1961 and watched and partied while the hurricane came ashore! Henry filmed the event, and Scott hopes to find the footage for us. For those of you who are new to the area, Hurricane Carla was the “big one” of the 20th century around here—like Hurricane Ike in storm surge but with even stronger winds.

When Bonnie Jean was playing, Evan would open the doors to her porch and the outside so we could all hear the music. Neighbors and even passer-bys would stop in for music and Evan’s hospitality. Anyway, Evan, this article is for you. You are an inspiration. This article is also a reminder to all of us in the HYC family to treasure our older members—they are repositories of our shared history and testaments to the power of remaining active and connected to friends.

Evan was my neighbor for many years and was always wonderful with the neighbor- We all love boats and the water, but lifehood children. One of my favorite memo- long friends of all generations are really ries is of her having tea parties on her front what being part of HYC is all about. porch, where she would serve the kids white grape juice in champagne glasses with oyster crackers.

HYC LADIES ASSOCIATION The Ladies Association promotes good fellowship among members and encourages participation in social activities.

folding chairs, banquet china and electric blinds, to name just a few. Both last year and this year, the Ladies Association plans on making a donation to the much needed carpet fund. The second Wednesday of each month the association hosts a program for all members. These program luncheons are guest speakers, style shows, shopping trips, bay cruises, out of town trips and many other interesting topics and presentations. The fourth Wednesday of the month is Games Day, which always finds a group of bridge players and sometimes card, domino, bingo players or a movie.

BY MARTHA GILLETT The 2013 lineup should be exciting. January will start the year off with a shopping trip to the new Tanger Outlet Mall. February we will celebrate Valentine’s Day with another dinner like last year. Other programs will include a style show, and exciting trips. Trips will be promoted in the weekly email as well as posters, emails, etc. June is the annual picnic. August will be our brainstorm session to discuss the events for the upcoming The HYC Ladies Association was formed in 1946 to provide a year. September is the popular Annual Cocktail Party, followed means of getting better acquainted and enjoying the social activi- by a special program in October. November is the Holiday Marties of the Club. The current by-laws stated purpose is to proket and December is the exciting Christmas Luncheon gift exmote good fellowship among its members, encourage participachange where much fun is had by all. As you can see there are a tion in social activities of the Club and help the Club on special lot of fun and informative events planned! Please join us as this projects when needed. Bi-monthly programs, luncheons, and is a great way to meet your fellow HYC members. games day are still going on 65 years later. In addition, the Ladies Association helps the Club by presenting an annual gift that PICTURED ABOVE LADIES ASSOCIATION COCKTAIL PARTY in years past included lighting fixtures, stage curtains, ballroom The Ladies Association would like to personally invite all new members and all members who may not currently be a part of the Ladies Association to join the Ladies Association. We believe each member can bring something special to the table for the good of the entire club.

January 2013 WINDJAMMER 5

MEMBERSHIP Membership at HYC has benefits. BY ANDREW MCSTAY


This has been another successful year for the Membership Committee at HYC. Our membership numbers are up again in all membership categories. We continue to achieve the recruitment of wonderful new members for our club. This year we have had 45 new members join HYC. We continue to see increases in almost all membership classes and the Limited Retiree membership class continues to yield a strong group of wonderful and involved new members. This steady and impressive growth in membership is due to the hard work of the Membership Committee over a number of years and leaders. We have developed and continue to follow our marketing plan and the success we have achieved starts from that document. Marketing always ultimately involves people and at HYC those people include our fabulous and dedicated marketing manager, Jennifer Glass who continues to always perform above and beyond the call of duty. Likewise the Membership CONTINUES on page 7


Location. No yacht club or marina is better located then we are. Less than a 30 minute drive from downtown Houston and located Committee members have dedicated hours of time and talent to right on Galveston Bay. You can leave your home and be hoistgrowing HYC and deserve every members respect and thanks for ing your sails in less than 45 minutes! undertaking this task. Last, but certainly not least, you the members deserve thanks for all your help in the effort to recruit and Facilities. To add to the benefit of our location consider the fact retain new members. You continue to not only refer your friends that we have a beautiful historic clubhouse that provides memand families, but have been unstintingly welcoming to the new bers with opportunities for fine and casual dining, entertaining members. Give yourselves a pat on the back. friends and even overnight accommodations. Best of all we have a state of the art harbor that is second to none in meeting your No doubt the redesign and implementation of our new website every requirement. has been the most important contribution of the Membership Committee over the last year. This effort, which was several Activities. If you are a competitive sailor or just like chilling on years in the making, has rewarded our club with a beautiful and the foredeck with a cool one, you will find unlimited activities exciting new website that not only provides information to our available at HYC. Cruise or just socialize with the Mosquito members but functions as our portal to the world and number one Fleet and Yachting Committee, learn to sail at WSA camp, enjoy marketing tool. The figures on our website usage are impressive some of the many entertainment activities planned each year. and we have interest in HYC from all over the world. Our new Whatever interests you, you are sure to find others at HYC who members continue to tell us that in many instances they first dis- share that interest. Which brings me to: covered HYC by our website. In the coming year we will continue to improve the website and plan on adding additional infor- Friendships. You are absolutely guaranteed to make lifelong mation on the Ragnots, summer sailing camps and programs, friendships as a result of joining HYC. video and other exciting features. We are certain we will be able to have the website better serve the informational needs of mem- I am sure all you know these good thing about HYC, why not bers and groups within HYC. As the year draws to a close please share that good news with others and help us grow HYC. consider all that HYC membership means to you and yours and Smooth sailing and be safe. remember to continue to help us market our home on the bay. Keep in mind these important points about HYC: January 2013 WINDJAMMER 7

RACE AND REGATTA The 2013 Race and Regatta Calendar is packed full of top-quality boating events.


boats and our memberships, I urge everyone to review the club calendar and note interesting events and plan to participate. The range is from advanced levels of competition on specially prepared boats to the casual cruiser at different levels.

In 2013 HYC will again host two national level events drawing sailors and boats from across the country, stage our own club regattas for sailors from Galveston Bay, and the Austin/Dallas areas, stage at least BY JUNE SHAW one large national-level fundraising regatta to raise funds for scientific research Please note how our HYC Club Calendar (Leukemia Cup), our newly revamped offhas been carefully developed over the shore race for the big boat crowd, a wide course of years to provide a balanced selection of events to appeal to the broadest variety of youth activities which have selection of our membership. To maximize helped propel our young Ragnots onto the the value of our investments in both our

CONTINUES on page 9

REGATTA from page 8

world stage, and last but not least our HYC Club Series regattas for members only. We’ll start the year with our REVOGNAH Regatta Jan. 1. Revognah is hangover spelled backward. This event features high hilarity, blended with savage (well, as savage as we can manage…) competition. January and February feature three training events aimed at upgrading the skills of our members. We’ll start with an Introduction to the Racing Rules of Sailing, then an introduction to the Race Committee and culminating with the Advanced Race Management Seminar which offers the opportunity to become US SAILING certified at the national level. All members who are interested in sailboat racing are invited to attend; it’s a great way to get an armchair view of how this all works. Also, volunteering to work on the Race Committee gives you the best seat in the house at our regattas. The visuals are spectacular, colorful spinnakers and boats blasting through chop. You’ll see the intense concentration of the helmsman, feats of strength on the foredeck, the sweating of the grinders, and owners desperately shouting “STARBOARD!” hoping to avoid collisions. Our 2013 HYC Regattas are the HYC Midwinter, The Elissa, Leukemia Cup, Houston Open One-Design (aka. the “HOOD”) and Turkey Day. These all share similar features – windward/leeward courses for the one-design classes, windward/leeward courses for non one-design boats sailing under a handicap system (PHRF), and a “round the bay” format for the cruising boats which we call the HYC Pursuit. The HYC Pursuit PHOTO BY DMITRIY YEGOROV

CONTINUES on page 10 January 2013 WINDJAMMER 9

REGATTA from page 9

mind that we can help you locate HYC members to help coach and crew.

race is interesting in that it also uses the PHRF handicap system but applies it at the start. The start is staggered and calculated so We’ll wrap up 2013 with two interesting races. The Club Chamthat all entrants arrive at the finish line at approximately the same pionship is a contest between delegates of the various organizatime. It makes for some excitement at the finish! tions within HYC, members only event that is sailed on a onedesign boat. The winner receives a Club Champion trophy at the This year we will also be hosting national class events to include Change of Watch Ceremony where we usher in our new leaderthe J-22 Class Midwinter Regatta, the Viper North American ship team at season’s end. The other interesting race is the DouChampionship and the US SAILING Junior Doublehanded/ ble-Handed Regatta – the last race of the season. This is a fun Singlehanded Championship. These are all regattas organized by and casual regatta – raced pursuit-style wrapping up with a party national associations featuring the same sailors you read about in featuring bratwurst, sauerkraut and beer. the big sailing magazines – all held right here at HYC! The Race and Regatta Committee looks forward to seeing everyAnother fun event is the HYC Club Series. These races are one out on the water this year. Come join us as either a competinamed by season - Spring Series, Summer Series and Fall Series. tor, an extra hand on the race committee, or just simply being a These events are unique in that they are for club members only spectator enjoying the sport of sailboat racing. Many fun and which capitalizes on one of our great strengths as a club – the exciting opportunities abound. We promise to help you make warm and welcoming nature of our membership. 2013 a memorable year. The club series gives a newbie racing sailor the experience to mix it up with a grizzled veteran out on the water and then enjoy beers with him/her after the races up in our bar. Also keep in REGATTA ACTION PHOTO BY ELDON DALES 10 WINDJAMMER January 2013

MOSQUITO FLEET Membership in the Mosquito Fleet is open to all HYC members. Join the fleet and enjoy the fun events planned throughout 2013.

PELICAN PARTY When the Skeeters are about, the parties will come out. PHOTO BY VIVIAN GRIFFEY

BY JOHN PETER Happy New Year to the entire HYC family. I am excited to be your Mosquitodore for one more year. Becky and I believe we have another great calendar for both cruising and land events and we look forward to every member of HYC joining the M. Fleet so as to enjoy many of these fun activities. 2012 was a wonderful year for the M. Fleet, highlighted by a membership totaling 104. This made the M. Fleet the largest fleet at HYC. We represent a cross-section of the entire membership including: (a) large and small power boaters (b) large and CONTINUES on page 12

January 2013 WINDJAMMER 11


Membership criteria has been relaxed over the years to include any HYC member who small racing and cruising sail boaters; (c) can recognize a powerboat or who owns a Junior Members, Senior Members, Retired gas or electric motor of any type – such as Members; and (d) Republicans, Democan electric shaver - or who knows of somerats, and Independents. body who has such a motor. For those Members who are new to HYC in 2012, here are the historical highlights of this great Fleet.

During the five years from 1998 to 2003 the fleet expanded both in membership and in boats, and by 2003 the M. Fleet was comprised of well over 100 members with The M. Fleet is the successor to the Power- boats ranging in size from 10-foot inflatnauts which was formed in 1977 to meet ables to 50-foot+ motoryachts which monthly to enjoy the company of other cruised as far south as Port Aransas and powerboat owners, eat, drink and talk Corpus Christi and as far east as New Orpowerboats, with very little business, if leans. any. From 2003 to 2008 the number of boaters In 1988 the HYC M. Fleet, an offshoot of in the M. Fleet continued to expand, the the Powernauts, came together to provide average boat size in the Fleet continued to activities for HYC members with small, increase, and a great number of HYC fast, shallow-draft boats and over the next members who did not even own a boat 10 years the M. Fleet cruised up Buffalo became Skeeters due to the great parties Bayou to Allen’s Landing, to the old Bay- and fleet activities such as the annual Lobtown Marina, and to points beyond and in ster Boil, Fish Fry, Shrimp Boil, and varibetween. ous cook-offs of dubious distinction.

In 2009 and 2010 the M. Fleet scheduled many of their events as on-shore events on the Club grounds; the Fleet started cruising again in 2011, and in 2012 we had a very robust cruising calendar. That brings us to the 2013 Mosquito Fleet Calendar. The entire calendar is shown on page 13, but I want to make special note of 2013 Membership and cruise signup, scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 13 from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the lobby of the Club. This is your opportunity to pay your $20 dues for 2013 and sign up for the various cruises we have scheduled for the year.

M. Fleet Dues for 2013 M. Fleet Dues for 2013 will remain at $20 per person - cash or check only, no club charges please. Dues must be paid in advance of signing up for any M. Fleet cruise. Membership entitles the Member (plus 1) to all M. Fleet Privileges, including reduced pricing at the Fish Fry, Lobster Boil, Wienerville and Shrimp Boil.

PLEASE SEE SCHEDULE on page 13 12 WINDJAMMER January 2013

2013 HYC MOSQUITO FLEET CALENDAR OF EVENTS Sunday, Jan. 13 M. Fleet Membership Signup in Clubhouse Lobby Saturday, Feb. 2 Fish Fry and Mardi Gras Party at the Beachcomber

Friday to Sunday, July 19-21 Cruise to Moody Gardens Friday to Sunday, Aug. 16-18 Cruise to Harborwalk Saturday, Aug. 31 Raft-up at the Guest Pier – Frozen Drinks Party – BYO; Cheeseburger in Paradise Cookout at the Beachcomber with music and prizes

Saturday, March 9 Friday to Sunday, Sept. 27-29 Rodeo BBQ Cook-off (min. of 6 teams required); Blessing of the Cruise to Oak Island - Wienerville at Beeson Park Pavilion Pits; Games; Country dance lessons; Barn Dance at the Beachcomber Saturday, Nov. 2 Shrimp Boil and M. Fleet Change of Watch at the Beachcomber Friday to Sunday, March 29-31 Cruise to Oak Island/Beeson Park Friday to Sunday, Dec. 6-8 Cruise to Moody Gardens for Dickens on the Strand and Moody Saturday, May 4 Gardens Holiday Light Show Club-Wide Derby Party in the Porthole, M. Fleet Lobster Boil by the Pool PLEASE NOTE: The dates for all cruises are definitive – reservations have been made and, where necessary, deposits or guarFriday to Monday, May 24-27 antees are in place pending slip assignment to specific Skeeters Cruise to Harborwalk and their boats. Check with the Cruise Captain for each cruise event for further information. Saturday, June 15 Progressive Pier Dinner Party, Dance at the Beachcomber


January 2013 WINDJAMMER 13

14 WINDJAMMER January 2013


YA C H T I N G COMMITTEE Power and sail boaters join together to enjoy excursions and parties. BY JACK YOES There are a wide variety of yachting events planned for the year that include Bay sails, raft ups with friends, overnight excursions, pursuit races, informational programs, and some pretty darn good parties. Many Yachting Committee activities are planned in conjunction with the Mosquito Fleet. We also join in the Race and Regatta crowd and race on the Pursuit Course in the HYC Club Series. This is a low stress

way to get involved in the active HYC racing scene. We really want to encourage family sailing. Nothing is better than seeing our children and other family members learning the pleasures of the water and the wind as well as the self-esteem that comes from being able to handle a sailboat. Please join us on Sunday, Jan. 13 from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the HYC lobby for a look at the year ahead. We’re joining with the Mosquito Fleet and the Entertainment Committee to review the calendars for 2013. You’ll want to be sure you plan ahead for some of the overnight trips and go ahead and get your slip reservations in early before they all fill up. There is nothing you have to join and no dues to be paid. Just come on out and play. For more information contact Jack Yoes at


Leukemia Cup Regatta BY P/C CHERYL THOMAS The 2013 Leukemia Cup Regatta at the Houston Yacht Club will be sailed in Dinghies, One Design and Cruising Class boats on June 21-23. This will be a fun weekend with events that sailors and nonsailors can participate in. Schedule: June 21: Competitors’ Briefing and Happy Hour June 22: Races and then enjoy Dinner, Auction and Music in the Ballroom June 23: Races and Trophy Presentation There will be trophies for sailing and also awards for fundraising in each class. The overall Leukemia Cup Trophy will be presented to the Sailor or Virtual Sailor who brings in the most donations for the Leukemia Cup Regatta. All donations will go to the Gulf Coast Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for research and patient services. A Kickoff Party with Gary Jobson presenting his videos and slides from sailing events all over the world will be held at HYC. Other parties will be held in Houston and the bay area before the regatta. The Mike Ogden Memorial Golf Tournament hosted by Brazoria County Commissioner Matt Sebesta will be held at Country Place Golf Club in Pearland on Monday, May 13. The Fantasy Sail with Gary Jobson will be held in Captiva, Florida for all Sailors and Virtual Sailors who bring in donations of $10,000 or more for the Leukemia Cup Regatta. We welcome all sailors and non-sailors who would like to participate in the Leukemia Cup Regatta. Please join us on the planning and fundraising committee or come to help or party on the weekend of the event. Or you can help bring in sponsors and auction items. For more information: or or Regatta Chairman, P/C Cheryl Thomas at or 281-4711255. 16 WINDJAMMER January 2013

ready to race. The Awards BY P/C CHERYL THOMAS Ceremony on Saturday night included an outThe 2012 Fantasy Sail with standing program with films and sailing stories by Gary Gary Jobson was held in Jobson, National Chairman December at Southern Yacht Club in New Orleans. of the Leukemia Cup ReFriday night the Leukemia gatta and Past President of US Sailing. & Lymphoma Society hosted a reception at the Anyone who brings in Sheraton Hotel on Canal $10,000 or more in donaStreet and then a large group met for dinner at Mr. tions for the Leukemia Cup Regatta receives an invitaB’s in the French Quarter. tion to the Fantasy Sail. On Saturday morning, LLS pays for airfare, lodgbuses took the group to Southern Yacht Club where ing and parties. A family 19 boats belonging to SYC member may be invited to attend also for a fee of $300 members were rigged and (and they pay their own

airfare). Some teams who have fundraised together came to the Fantasy Sail this year, so if you do not want to fundraise alone, ask me about the teams that qualified.

ica’s Cup as tactician for BY P/C CHERYL THOMAS Ted Turner and has skippered many prestigious events all over the world. Gary Jobson, National Chairman of the Leukemia Gary has won several Cup Regatta and Past Presi- awards for covering the America’s Cup and the dent of US Sailing, will entertain us with his slides, Olympics on ESPN and NBC. films and some of his 112 sailing stories in the Ballroom at the Houston Yacht While you are at the event, you can pick up a Leukemia Club Friday, March 15. Cup Regatta Fundraising Gary has won the Amer-

Packet and set up your online fundraising page if you are ready. There will be a buffet before the show.



Those qualifying to attend the 2012 Fantasy Sail from the Houston Yacht Club regatta were Past Commodore Cheryl Thomas, Stephanie and Commodore Bob Wright, and Brenda Cheney. Brenda won the award for fourth in the nation in fundraising.

For more information: or or call HYC at 281-4711255.

CONCERT SERIES BY P/C GINNY GARRETT Concert Committee Chair January 2013 marks the return of the Commodore's Concert Series. Past Commodore By Baldridge inaugurated these events in 2005 with a concert by the Yale Glee Club and this year we begin with a performance from the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra's Brass Quintet which will honor new HYC Commodore Bob Wright and Stephanie, and long time ROCO Patron and frequent HYC benefactor, Vince Morvillo and Margaretta.


Saturday, May 18 Murder Mystery Dinner Show

Scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 13, at 2 p.m. in the HYC Ballroom, it promises to be a sparkling beginning for the Commodore's Ball week.

The Entertainment Committee brings special events and great Saturday, June 29 entertainment to the members Martini Madness and Jamming with Jay of the Houston Yacht Club. Saturday, July 13

ROCO's motto is "The most fun you can have with classical music" and the concert will also include an original work by Vice Commodore Nancy Edmonson and Charles Griffey's son, Ross Griffey, a graduate composition student at the Juilliard Conservatory. Tickets are $10.


I would like to acknowledge our generous underwriters for the event. Patrons: V/C Nancy Edmonson and Charles Griffey, P/C Jim and Camille Tichenor and Randa Williams. Friends: P/C By and Sandra Baldridge, Troy Beacroft and Greg Westergren, P/C Ed and Marsha Bluestein, P/C Charles Buckner, Fred and Ellen Prelle and Rebecca Rush. HYC already is planning future Commodore's Concerts. Be watching the Windjammer for upcoming special classical music events at our Club.

The Entertainment Committee for 2013 will be offering a variety of events to promote activities that appeal to all club members and enhance relationships within the Club. The event calendar for 2013 includes many new activities along with the mainstay events such as Super Bowl Sunday and the New Year’s Eve party.

Luau by the Pool with Pig Roasting and Steel Drum music Saturday, Sept. 14 Grill your own Steak and Jamming with Jay Saturday, Oct. 5 Fall Festival with Yard Games, Festival Food and a German Beer Garden Saturday, Nov. 16 Howling at the Moon (Karaoke) and Jamming with Jay

Some of the featured events for the year will be a Casino night in March, a Murder Mystery Dinner Show in May and several Tuesday, Dec. 31 themed Jamming with Jay nights starring New Year’s Eve Party our very own HYC musicians.

The schedule of events for the year is as follows:

Also, there will be a Houston Texans Tail Gate party in January TBA when the playoff schedule is set. Go Texans!

Sunday, Feb. 3 Super Bowl Party

Committee members for the 2013 year are: Debbie Cardenas, Barbara Matuszak and Danna Jennings.

Friday, Feb. 22 Go Texan Happy Hour with Cowboy Taboo Game Saturday, March 23 Casino Night

Should you have a suggestions for an event or would like to help organize one of our events, please contact one of the committee members. We are looking forward to a great entertainment year at HYC.

Saturday, April 13 Drive in movie night January 2013 WINDJAMMER 17

WOMEN’S SAILING ASSOCIATION Discover Your Boating Bliss… HYC’s Women’s Sailing Association can help you find your perfect place in the world of boating. BY TERRY EUKEL

WOMEN’S SAILING CAMP Learn to sail or improve your sailing skills at WSA’s Windward Bound Women’s Sailing Camp. PHOTO BY KIM ELLIS

Although sailing is the primary focus of the Women's Sailing Association (WSA), you don’t have to be a racer to enjoy being on the water. You can pop out of the HYC harbor for a relaxed day sail. You can cruise around the bay or down the Texas coast. You can even work on the race committee or provide shore support for regattas. There is something for everyone, regardless of age and experience.

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WSA from page 18 WSA is a great group of women who can help you find your place on the water. It is women helping women in a relaxed, friendly, fun atmosphere. Learn to sail or improve your sailing skills at WSA’s Windward Bound Women’s Sailing Camp. Attend WSA seminars on tactics, navigation and sail handling. Join other WSA members to form a racing team and compete in local, regional, statewide or national events. Join other WSA members in planning and supporting local, national and international regattas held at HYC. Apply for a WSA scholarship to pay your entry fee or expenses to race in a major competition. Join other WSA members for informal sails on dinghies and keelboats. WSA’s Windward Bound Women’s Sailing Camp is a very special way for women to learn to sail or improve sailing skills. Campers stay at HYC for the 3-day camp. Counselors with years of experience patiently introduce sailing concepts and provide hands-on-experience in dinghies and keel boats. More experienced campers work together as a team, improving sail and boat handling. An introduction to navigation and boating safety are

included. Most of all, camp is FUN. You never know what to expect, but you will leave with a smile, lots of new skills, and some very special new friends. And when you’re not on the water, you can party all year long at WSA onshore events: Windward Bound Reunion Luncheon Family Games Night In-Town Party Sail to High Tea Christmas Cookie Exchange This year is the 30th anniversary of both WSA and Windward Bound Sailing Camp! Celebrations of the anniversaries are being woven into plans for this year. Join us to find your place on the water and to have some fun. To learn more, contact Terry Eukel, 2012-2013 WSA President at


YOUTH SAILING HYC Ragnots are having fun on and off the water all year long. BY MARIE WISE Founded in 1957, Ragnots are the youth sailors and all members of the HYC community 18 years old and younger. The Ragnot mission is “To develop knowledgeable young sailors while instilling in them the love for the sport of sailing that will serve as a foundation for the future of our club and our sport.” Tradition runs deep at HYC, and many of today’s sailors are second and third generation Ragnots. FUN IN THE SUN PHOTO BY MARIAN FAREBROTHER 20 WINDJAMMER January 2013

Katrina Williams was named as HYC’s new Sailing Director in November 2012.

Katrina brings extensive sailing program management experience from her involvement at Annapolis Yacht Club and collegiate sailing organizations on the east coast. Katrina’s sailing resume is topnotch as well. She has been, and continues to be, a serious national and international competitor in Optis, Lasers, 420s, the Elliot 6m, and the 49er. More importantly, Katrina has a gift in communicating this sailing experience to our young sailors. Her passion for the sport is well paired with a positive tone and consistently sunny outlook. As a role model, coach, and leader, Katrina has already become an integral part of the Ragnot team.

Sailing Dinghy racing is a core part of the Ragnot program, and our young sailors compete in a range of boats from Optimists, Lasers, and 420s to J22s, Lightenings, and multiCONTINUES on page 21


YOUTH SAILING from page 20 hulls. It speaks to their skills as well-rounded young sailors that they are highly regarded as crew for more senior members. There were many team and individual accomplishments on the racecourse in 2012. Here are just a few highlights:

practice for all fleets, and the After School Sailing Program continues during the Fall and Spring. Specialized clinics throughout the year offer more opportunities for on-the-water practice. The “Mini” program is specifically designed to introduce our very youngest sailors, starting at age 6, to fun and safety on the water and at HYC.

In Optis, Ryan Vittimberga and Wiley Rogers, two of Houston Yacht Club’s Ragnots qualified to represent the USA at the 2012 North American Optimist Championship in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. Overall, the USA finished with four of the top 10 sailors. Ryan finished 5th and Wiley finished 9th out of 147 sailors. At Texas Youth Race Week, eight sailors form HYC qualified for Team Trials, where Wiley Rogers finished 4th overall, and Dane Byerly took Top Honors Overall in the Opti RWB. Twenty-three sailors were at the USODA Valentine’s Regatta where kudos go to Abi Beck for finishing 71st overall, the 15th girl finisher. Dane Byerly and Alexandra Mares participated in the IODA Asian Championships in Sri Lanka.

Texas Sailing Association (TSA) holds fun regattas for youth sailors throughout the year within easy traveling distance from Houston. The highlight of the TSA calendar is Texas Youth Race Week in Houston with HYC as one venue. Ragnots also compete in regional, national, and international regattas.

In Lasers, William Romeo placed 10th at the 2012 Laser North American’s, and 16 Ragnots competed in the 2012 Laser Nationals at HYC. Team Racing action included Ragnot participation in the Volvo Team Race Academy in Miami and in the USODA Team Race Midwinters Championship in New Orleans.


Each summer, Ragnots can participate in two week-long overnight camps, one for the junior sailors and another for the Laser and 420 sailors. The Summer Sailing Program consists of daily

Young sailors of any age, with any level of experience, and with any future sailing goals are welcome in the Ragnots. Learning the fundamental skills of sailing is the first step to competitive racing or a future of cruising and enjoying the water. Above all, Ragnot sailing is exemplified by the Corinthian spirit, good sportsmanship, and respect for the sport.

As our next generation of sailors, the Ragnots are an important part of HYC and assume club responsibilities. They serve as the color guard at the Opening Day and Change of Watch ceremonies, and each year they elect a Ragnot board for event planning and communications.

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The Ragnots conducted three fundraisers in 2012 to help support the equipment and At the end of each summer, a banquet cele- coaching needs of the program. The raffle brates the achievements of the past year. of the coveted Ragnot parking space was This past November, we recognized all our popular as always. The cardboard boat young sailors and awarded the traditional race and the famous day-long Endurance Ragnot annual trophies. The prestigious Race made raising money fun and got the Buck Hayworth Award, which recognizes entire HYC community involved. From HYC’s outstanding teenager, was awarded racing to playing, Ragnots are always havto Yuki Yoshiyasu. The Kirk Arnold ing fun. Award, which goes to the club champion, went to Abigail Beck. The Never Give Up Get Involved Award was awarded to Abigail Beck and Planning for the 2013 Ragnot season is Paul Houston. The newly elected Ragnot well underway, and many exciting events Flag for 2012-2013 is: Commodore Ian are in the works. We are all looking ahead Beck, Vice Commodore Rachel Walston, to overnight camps, Texas Youth Race Communications Officers Celia Houston Week and all the TSA regattas, and both and Charlotte Rose, and Entertainment traditional and new opportunities to hang Officer Abigail Beck. Congratulations to out at HYC with our friends. For more these sailors for their hard work, dedicainformation about dates and how to get tion and contribution to our Club and involved contact Katrina Williams at sailYouth Program.

Having Fun The social life of a Ragnot is a busy one! Every year the Ragnots trick-or-treat from boat to boat at the Boo Boating party on Halloween, serve as elves when Santa arrives by boat at the Holiday Open House, hide the eggs at Easter for the younger ones to find, and, best of all, race homemade cardboard boats around the harbor in the funniest race of the year on the 4th of July. Fun days are for tubing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and cook-outs with family and friends are often the best part of a day’s sailing practice.

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The Ragnots would like to give special thanks to all the HYC members and outside donors who have contributed to and supported youth sailing throughout the year. With your generosity, the Ragnots remains one of the finest and most successful youth programs in the United States. We also wish to thank the HYC Flag Officers, Board of Trustees, the HYC Management and Staff, and RASA for their continued support. Finally, a huge shout out to all the Ragnot parents and volunteers who put in countless hours toward the benefit of the program.



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