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August 2013

Commodore’s Corner BY BOB WRIGHT

2012-2013 Flag Officers Commodore: Bob Wright, Vice Commodore: Nancy Edmonson, Rear Commodore: Robert Williams,

Line Officers Fleet Captain: Gordie Keenan: Secretary: Ken Humphries, Treasurer: Steve Gillett, Measurer: Derek Beck,

Trustees Gary Banks: Madonna Breen: Farley Fontenot: Paul Francis: Pfrancis@ Lawrence Maher: Andrew McStay: Bob Wells: Jack Yoes:

Honorary Officers Fleet Historian: Sam Akkerman 713-526-0482 Fleet Surgeon: Dr. Michael Lucas 281-881-0265 Fleet Chaplain: Rev. Dr. Linda Christians 713-8757454

Other Contacts Ensigns: Carol Lee Hollister 281-867-5068 Entertainment: Barbara Matuszak 281-471-1988; Debbie Cardenas 281-470-6602; Danna Jennings 713-247-9331 Harbor Committee: Bob Wells 281-471-0066 Heritage & Standards: P/C Ginny Garrett 281-4716131 House & Grounds: Ed Matuszak 281-471-1988 Ladies Association: Martha Gillett 281-471-4568 Membership: Andrew McStay 713-522-3201 Memorial Fund: Judy Lamkin: 281-471-2130 Mosquito Fleet: John Peter 281-471-8468 Race/Regatta: June Shaw 713-629-7747 Ragnots: Amy Beck, 281-480-0278; Maya Houston, 713-723-0868 WSA: Terry Eukel 281-531-7123 Yachting Committee: Jack Yoes 281-480-1115

Staff General Manager: Ross Tuckwiller Ex. 106 Harbor & Facilities: David Hampp Ex. 107 Food & Beverage: Sandy Tuckwiller Ex. 104 Accounting: Barbara Belansky Ex. 141 Sailing Director: Katrina Williams Ex. 149 Member Services Administrator: Julie Dunlap Ex. 100 Marketing: Jennifer Glass Ex. 150

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2 WINDJAMMER August 2013


It is really nice to be able to sit for a bit while I write this column since the HYC action has been non-stop for the last few weeks. The 15th Annual Leukemia Cup Regatta was held at HYC June 21-23 and was a huge success, bringing in a little over $121,000. Stephanie and I had the honor of hosting “Team Vitol” on Synergy, and in addition to seeing folks from last year’s crew and making new friends this year, we had a great time catching up with Jim and Allison Orchid who made the trip back to Houston to again crew with us in the regatta that had been their brainchild for several years before the first Leukemia Cup Regatta was ever sailed out of HYC (and rumor has it that their return to the Houston area just might become a permanent arrangement by the end of the August!). I am going to leave the racing results to Race and Regatta and let Cheryl divulge all the details from the weekend, but I can’t help but brag a bit on our group. While Synergy didn’t take any of the sailing trophies, Team Vitol made a huge difference through their fundraising efforts on behalf of the Regatta, bringing in more than $21,000, and three of my favorite ladies came through yet again as the top fundraisers. My hat is off to Stephanie, Brenda Cheney and P/C Cheryl Thomas for their hard work and dedication.

HYC is blessed with many employees and members who quietly go about doing whatever is necessary to make HYC a safe and enjoyable place to be. This has never been more evident than on the evening of the first Summer Series race June 30. A huge “Thanks” goes out to David Hampp for his ready first aid for Gordie Keenan who had an unfortunate disagreement with a sharp object and received a severe cut. David’s experience as an Army medic proved valuable in patching Gordie up until Joan van Ravenswaay could provide transport for Ruth and Gordie to St. Johns Hospital. Gordie is on the road to recovery, but this is the kind of teamwork that makes HYC the safe haven it is to all of us.

So many people were involved in the execution of the entire Regatta weekend, and I don’t have enough room to list everyone who made the event so special. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to thank a very special couple who came out as a “support” boat for us. While “Synergy” was out making her way around the race course, we were joined by “We’ll Sea” as Bob and Leslie Wells hosted another Vitol group for a day-long cruise to watch the racing. Thanks to both of you for donating your day to entertain and for making our friends feel so welcome!

All of this was followed closely by HYC’s 4th of July celebration. The day started off with the Commodore’s Cup, and since I was not allowed to cheat and take a head start, yours truly came in 4th behind Pat Gibson, Nancy Edmonson and John Cardenas. I am convinced that there needs to be an age and weight limit for future years (all 3 winners were much too young, and Nancy Edmonson needs to wear ankle and wrist weights!). Thanks to my kids and grandkids for hauling the Sunfish back to the Club grounds for me – otherwise, it might still be sitting on Shell Beach.

Commodore’s Corner The day progressed with food, games, more food, balloon races, yet more food, watermelon races, followed by more food, the Calcutta and cardboard boat races, and finally the best fireworks display I have ever seen. However, since the cardboard boat race was the premier event of the day, I would like to recognize the top 3 winners: Alex Wise on his unnamed boat (1st place), “The Shark” sailed by Emily Hamm and Ian Goetschius (2nd place) and Diana Sutton, Andrea Zaite and Mindy Rudder on “Slippery Girls” (3rd place). In addition, the Calcutta bids equaled $7,000 for the Ragnot coffers! The day was such a huge team effort, and I want to thank everyone involved for your help and support including (but certainly not limited to) John and Debbie Cardenas, Jack and Cissy Yoes, Robert and Judie Williams, By and Sandra Baldridge, Derek and Amy Beck, Karen Garrett and John McCutcheon, the HYC Staff and – oh, yes, Stephanie.

And in that same vein, July 13-14 was the weekend for our HYC Ladies to shine, and shine they did! The racing on Saturday was sailed with a woman on the helm and in some cases a mixed crew and the prize was the Catherine Spiller Trophy. And Sunday the ladies were back at it for a 2nd day, this time with all female crews in competition for the Fairfax Moody Trophy. Turnout was great with 13 boats entering the Spiller Regatta and 8 entering the Fairfax Moody. Congratulations go out to all the competitors and especially to Diana Sutton and her crews who swept the honors both days on her (and I guess Tom’s) J-109 “Leading Edge”.

water, Stephanie and I look forward to hosting a group on Synergy the next time an event like this can be arranged. In close, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our Mosquito Fleet’s latest cruise. On Friday, July 19 (and in advance of the onslaught of young sailors) 7 boats left the HYC harbor and headed to Moody Gardens in Galveston. With happy hours each night, breakfast on Saturday morning, and land yachts arriving continually to join in the fun, it was reportedly a fabulous weekend. Everyone is home safe and sound, so be on the look-out for their next big event!

August is filled to the brim with summer activities, starting with the US Sailing Chubb’s US Junior Championship for the Sears, Bemis and Smythe trophies the 5th – 9th, WSA’s High Tea on the 10th, HYC Summer Series #3 on the 11th, the 2013 Ensign National championship in Toms River, NJ (looking forward to sailing with Dick Baxter on Crusader for this event) the 11th – 15th, the Mosquito Fleet cruise to More sailing and still more accomplishHarbor Walk August 16th – 18th, the TSA ments - Lake Geneva Yacht Club in Youth Team and Match Racing weekend Fontana-on-Geneva Lake, Wisconsin on the 17th and 18th, and finally with the hosted the 2013 Club 420 National Cham- Starting on Monday, July 15, Texas Youth Mosquito Fleet Raft-up at the Guest Pier pionship July 11-13. HYC’s Ian and Abi Race Week ramped up at first at TCYC, and “Cheeseburger in Paradise” cookout at Beck finished up C420 nationals in great then Lakewood, and finally at HYC for the the Beachcomber on the 31st. With all of style, placing 7th overall and 2nd in the final days of racing and the awards banthese activities, there is something for evejunior category! Congratulations Beck's. quet. I have to say that the bay area has a ryone, so please come out and join us. truly outstanding group of young sailors, Hope to see you soon. The Houston Yacht Club has a rich history and the HYC sailors - under the guidance of top-notch female sailors, and I missed of Katrina Williams - were repeatedly recan opportunity last month to tout one of ognized for their accomplishments. I am our very own who has made a huge contri- so proud to be Commodore of a Club that bution to women’s sailing at HYC. In has such a bright future being led by its June, at the Windward Bound banquet, upcoming young sailors. You should all Kay Snider was awarded the 2013 be commended on your skill and dedicaWomen’s Sailing Trophy. The award is tion, and I look forward to watching your bestowed upon the woman who most fos- advancement up the ranks as you continue ters the joy of sailing among women both to sail for the stars. on and off the water, and having had the honor of knowing Kay for many years and July 20 had new and old sailors alike out watching her sailing and racing career on on the water for a day of fun. The Ensign “Little Oil” and other boats, I can honestly Fleet 2 kicked things off with an afternoon say that this award was well-deserved. orientation sail for new and prospective Her grace, patience and willingness to take Ensign sailors, and that evening, WSA ON THE COVER beginners under her wing and show them held a moonlight sail onboard three beautiThe Great American Cardboard Boat Race the joys of sailing is legend. Congratulaful boats - Ganymede (hosted by Dave and was fun for participants as well as spectations, Kay, and thank you for being such Mary Haglund), Redhead (hosted by Jack tors. Please see photos on page 8. an inspiration to us all. and Cissy Yoes) and Kildalton (hosted by the Robert and MaryCatherine Nicholas). Cover Photo By Ed Matuszak While we were unable to be out on the Now it has been my personal experience that those of us men who race are usually ready to go home and relax after a long day on the water, but the HYC ladies just keep on going, and going and going (Energizer Flamingos?). After a long day of racing on Saturday, the pool and patio areas were packed with competitors and members for an HYC Luau – complete with a roasted piglet and steel drums, swimming and dancing.

August 2013 WINDJAMMER 3


BITTS AND TALES By Vice Commodore Nancy Edmonson Back to one of my favorite topics this month — cruising. My family and I just returned from a one-week cruise in the San Juan Islands, the beautiful archipelago located between Seattle and Vancouver Island. We saw six islands in six nights, and each one was different. We stayed at two municipal marinas in towns/ cities, two small docks at stand-alone resorts, and two nights on mooring balls at state parks, exploring the islands by dinghy, bike and foot. Highlights included orcas (see the picture), seals, sea lions, starfish, and birds as well as incredible weather and unbeatable scenery. And, unlike some of my other cruising columns, I am happy to report few “adventures” of the challenging kind (e.g., mechanical, meteorological, canine). But I guess this column isn’t really a travelogue; it should be about boating. So I figured I would talk about charter boating and lessons learned. This trip was our second experience at bareboat (i.e., no captain or crew) charter cruises. The first was in Maine Charles Griffey and V/C Nancy Edmonson two years ago. It is something I would encourage all of you to look into. It is a great way to see new areas and practice your boating skills in very different environments. It takes a little effort to find a reputable charter company, and perhaps a leap of faith, but we have been lucky both times. Most recently, we used a company that specializes only in Grand Banks boats, and we chose a fairly new model (compared to the ~40 year old boat we chartered before). Ok, on to a few things we learned. We all know that tides on Galveston Bay are nearly negligible, so most of us have little experience with large tidal variations. The San Juans have large tides and associated high currents going through passes. When we went to bed one night, there was a sailboat anchored about halfway between us and the shore, which was still hundreds of yards away. When we woke the next morning, the sailboat was sitting WAY up on dry land. Fortunately, it had some type of flat or shoal keel, because the boat was sitting mostly upright. We are glad that this lesson was learned by observing others’ mistakes (rather than our own), but we decided that a good rule of thumb is not to anchor landward of the mooring buoy closest to land. While you don’t always have mooring buoys as a guide, they are present in many, many anchorage areas in Washington and Maine.

to shore and drag it to the high tide line. Let me assure you—the swim to shore method that a few of us used recently when visiting the Francis’ house in Morgan’s Point doesn’t work in 50 degree water! Other learning experiences included clearing customs on a boat (we went to Canada for two days) and navigating in the fog with simultaneous lower helm radar and top-side spotters. Just plain interesting was watching Canadian warships maneuvering in the Strait of Juan de Fuca and horse-drawn farming equipment in Lopez Island.

Along the Gulf Coast, we have noticed how very many marinas are located under or adjacent to highway bridges (I am not really sure why). Sometimes that can make for a less than peaceful setting. We learned that the “marina by the bridge” equivalent in the San Juans is the “marina by the sea plane dock”. The first few Needless to say, we have many more stories and pictures that all sea planes are exciting and picturesque—the rest are just noisy. of us would like to share with you. So if you are interested, please ask. Here’s hoping to raise the HYC burgee in many other Of course, weather and water temperature are so different bedistant seas! tween the Gulf Coast and the northern corners of the country. No need to worry about air conditioning but you’d better know how the water heater works and how far you have to wade the dinghy 4 WINDJAMMER August 2013


Nine Membership Applications Submitted For August BY ANDREW MC STAY Membership Committee

Daniel and Laura Dalgleish, Junior Membership (18-24), Recruiting Sponsor: Membership Committee

Many of you were fortunate enough to attend the All Things Marine presentation Friday, July 12 at HYC. As I was sitting in the ballroom enthralled by the presentation by P/C By Baldridge on his America’s Cup sailing days and his insightful description of the action we can expect at this year’s Cup, (don’t bet against the Kiwi’s), I knew exactly what I was going to write about for this month’s Windjammer. I was going to remind all of you that sitting in that ballroom you could not help but understand what makes HYC such a unique and beloved home for all its members. If you had come to the club that night, the first thing you would have noticed is a swimming pool full of Ragnots and Ragnot parents enjoying themselves and clearly demonstrating why sailing is a lifetime vocation for the entire family. The Ragnots were friends because they were learning to sail together and all the families were sharing with each other a pastime that brings families together to share the fun of boating and the water. Walking up the stairs of our historic clubhouse you would head to the sounds of our Friday Night Happy Hour, maybe pausing to look at the House Flag plaques and maybe

The following applications have been submitted for August:

New HYC Members Daniel and Laura Dalgleish

even noticed a few new ones up on the walls. After fetching a drink from Mel and visiting with friends you would head to the great buffet prepared by Chef Joseph. Finally you would end up in the ballroom where a world class sailor would hold you spellbound with his insider information on the America’s Cup past and present, information that comes from his first hand experience. How many other yacht clubs anywhere can boast they have a world famous sailor as an active and valued member? So, if you ever wonder what it is about HYC that makes it so special, just remember nights like July 12. It was what this club and the sport we love is all about. Bravo to Steve Morehouse of the Membership Committee who has taken the All Things Marine series in hand and worked so tirelessly to make each event great. It is all part of the Membership Committee’s effort to add more bank for the buck to your HYC membership. Let us know if you would like us to send information to any prospective member.

P/C By Baldridge provides insider information on the America’s Cup past and present, during the All Things Marine presentation held recently at HYC. Photo by Ed Matuszak

Tyler and Leah Magliolo, Junior 18-24 Membership, Recruiting Sponsor: Membership Committee Randy Clee, Non-Resident Membership, Recruiting Sponsor: Membership Committee Chris Born, Senior Membership (Former HYC Member), Recruiting Sponsor: Vince Morvillo Robert and Tara Mayton, Junior 25-29 Membership, Recruiting Sponsor: Membership Committee Ross and Allyson Mansfield, Junior 2529 Membership, Recruiting Sponsor: Justin Mitchell Gary and Annette Manuel, Senior Membership, Recruiting Sponsor: R/C Robert Williams Lauren Evans, Junior 18-24 Membership, Recruiting Sponsor: Riddhi Chheda Danial and Theresa Landwehr, Senior Membership, Recruiting Sponsor: Marie Wise P/C Lowell and Joanne Holmes, Retired Past Commodore, Recruiting Sponsor: Florence Helm

2013 Nominating Committee Members Announced

The 2013 Nominating Committee has been appointed by the Commodore and approved by the Board of Trustees and is composed of P/C Pat Gibson, chair; and members P/C Tony Nunes, John Cardenas, The following applications were approved at Marie Wise, Andrew McStay and Madonna Breen. The committee will hold the July Board of Trustees Meeting: an open meeting to which all members are invited to in order to make suggestions for Peter Mark, Senior Membership, Recandidates for all elected positions that cruiting Sponsor: P/C Cheryl Thomas will be on the ballot for next year's Board Crayke and Amy Windsor, NonResident Membership, Recruiting Spon- of Trustees. The date of the open meeting will be announced in the HYC weekly sor: P/C Tony Nunes email. August 2013 WINDJAMMER 5

Race and Regatta

2013 LEUKEMIA CUP REGATTA REPORT By P/C Cheryl Thomas The 2013 Leukemia Cup Regatta raised $121,222. This included fundraising by all the sailors and virtual sailors and the golf tournament. All funds go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Texas Gulf Coast Chapter. Thanks to Race & Regatta Chair June Shaw and PRO’s P/C James Liston, Jack Yoes, Terry Cantrell and all the Race Committee members. A fabulous Regatta Committee put together all the land logistics. Also, thanks to the HYC staff and the LLS staff. Class fundraising trophies were awarded to: A-Cat 1st Place to Eric Ellis (Silegem); Ensign 1 st to P/C Dean Snider (Little Oil); J/105 1st to JB Bednar (Stinger) and 2nd to Bill Lakemacher (Radiance); J/109 1st to John Mather (French Connection); J/22 1st to Anne Lee (Helm’s a Lee); J/70 1st to Chris Lewis (GB); PHRF Spinnaker 1st to Ken Womack (Revolution); Pursuit Spinnaker 1st to Harris Knecht (Cyrano), 2nd to Gerhard Wittich (Figaro), 3rd to John Mastroianni (Andiamo) and 4th to Ken Humphries (Outrageous); Pursuit Non-Spin 1st to Walter Caldwell (Shaken Not Stirred) and 2nd Travis Thomas (Friday’s Luck); Viper 1st to P/C Pat Gibson (Seco tu Pelo); and Virtual Sailors 1st to Stephanie Wright, 2nd to Brenda Cheney, 3rd to P/C Cheryl Thomas and 4th to Cherie LeCompte.

P/C Cheryl Thomas, Stephanie Wright and Brenda Cheney

Congratulations to Stephanie Wright who won the Leukemia Cup and the Claudia Sparks Cannon Charity Trophy. Brenda Cheney came in second and won Chris’ Cup. P/C Cheryl Thomas came in third. All three qualified to attend the Fantasy Sail with Gary Jobson in Captiva, Florida in December. Thanks to Steve Morehouse for obtaining and selling nautical books from his nephew at Paradise Cay Publications. All proceeds went to LLS. Once again Kirby Marine provided the Observer as the spectator boat on Saturday and Sunday. Eighty patients and their families were treated to a day on the water with the clowns from the Speakers Bureau of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Local sponsors were HYC, Kirby Marine, Vitol, Deloitte, Sullivan’s Steakhouse, Kroger, Kayne Anderson Energy Funds, Obie O’Brien, Tynes Sparks Building Corporation, Black Iguana, Great American Cookies, Cabo, All Points of Sailing, George Lingenfelder, New Prospect Company, David Thomas Construction, PRC Environmental, Inc., The Capital Grille, Truluck’s, Comfort Inn & Suites, and Superior Dive Services. National sponsors were Gosling’s Rum, Ken Gardiner Model Maker, Jobson Sailing, Inc., The Moorings, North Sails, Offshore Sailing School, Sailing World, Scott Kennedy Fine Maritime Art and West Marine.

6 WINDJAMMER August 2013

On-the-water racing action during the 2013 Leukemia Cup Regatta. Racing photos by Dmitriy Yegorov

Race and Regatta

On-the-water racing action during the 2013 Leukemia Cup Regatta. Racing photos by Dmitriy Yegorov

JOIN US FOR THE HOOD REGATTA By Linda McKee All one design sailors, mark your calendars for the HOOD Regatta. The Houston Open One Design Regatta is Sept. 20-22 at the Houston Yacht Club. Our title sponsors for the 2013 event are Mount Gay Rum, J Boats Southwest and Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC. This event saw 102 entries in 2011, 87 in 2012 and this year promises to be bigger and better with the addition of the J70 Class and Day Sailor Class. Classes anticipated to sail are J22, J24, J70, J80, J105, J109, A Cat, Ensign, V15, Lightning, Viper, Catalina 22, C420 and Day Sailor. For the J22, J24, J70, J80 and Viper classes this will be a circuit regatta and it will be Part A of the C420 Gulf Coast Championship. The racing will take place on three race courses on upper Galveston Bay. The Skipper's meeting will be held Friday night, with racing on Saturday and Sunday. Awards will be given out on Sunday afternoon. Each boat registered will receive a backpack and two dinner tickets for Saturday. This will be the largest regatta on Galveston Bay this year, so please don't miss it. Check the HYC website, or for the Notice of Race and registration information. For more information, contact regatta chair, Linda McKee at August 2013 WINDJAMMER 7

Fourth of July

Alex Wise wins the Cardboard Boat Race. Cardboard Boat Race photos by Dmitriy Yegorov.

Cardboard Boat Race photo by Ed Matuszak

Cardboard Boat Race photo by Ed Matuszak 8 WINDJAMMER August 2013


(Left) Marsha and P/C Ed Bluestein on ADJOURN in Double Bayou for an Ensign Cruise July 11-12, 1981. (Right) ADJOURN 2002 Ensign Regional Champion.

ENSIGN MEMORIES: An Ensign Fairy Tale By P/C Ed Bluestein This fairy tale began in 1968 when the Bluesteins bought Ensign 1103, ADJOURN. No family has ever had more thrills, more fun and made more friends with a boat that we have. We have owned it 45 years, the Fleet 2 record for longevity with the same Ensign. Our children were pre-teens when we went for an all-day cruise to Anahauc. The skipper underestimated travel time. Still looking for Five Mile Pass when darkness set in, the mosquitoes forced us to stuff Leslie and Boyd into sail bags. A large sailboat at last led us through Five Mile in the wee hours. As we sailed across the ship channel, the startling spotlight of an inbound tow lit us up. Happily, we cleared the channel safely.

cruise had a rude middle-of-the-night awakening when an errant tow noisily grounded on the island near us. The racing competition in Ensigns has always been tough. It took us years to win our first race. I still have a faint forehead scar from my ceremonial pool dunking. Marsha proved to be a splendid helmsman, winning the first women’s Spiller Trophy with family crewing. Leslie and Boyd developed into topflight racing crew. ADJOURN never won the Ensign Nationals, but came close with 2d, 4th and 5th places in the three Nationals. Perhaps our best racing venture was the 2002 Ensign Region IV Championship on Galveston Bay. Boyd, Mike Little and Buddy Brown crewed. All I did was shut up and steer. Hear Mike’s description: “The short version is that we won the regatta; the longer version is that we won every race; the whole story is that we rounded first at every mark of every race.”

Ensigns are not known as overnight cruising boats. But back in the 1970s someone converted the big cockpit into a sleeping area. Hallelujah for Ensign Fleet 2’s 50th Anniversary. May the EnAir mattresses and mosquito netting completed the fix. A bunch signs continue to be HYC’s largest grownup one-design fleet for of us copied the layout. Our overnight cruises had some special another 50 years. moments. A Double Bayou trip produced an angry shotgun-toting rancher letting us know we were not welcome. A Redfish Island The Summer Series has begun with 4 non spinnaker and 3 spinnaker boats contestBy Carol-Lee Hollister ing. The spinnaker fleet sailed with the #1 Genoa as a tune up for Dick Baxter and Congratulations to Ginny Garrett. She was crew as they head to Nationals to be held awarded the Ellen Kelly Volunteer of the in Barneqat Bay beginning Aug. 17. Good Year Award by The Houston Symphony Luck Bax! The Chapmans were back League. What an honor! along with Chuck Buckner, Tom Revak and Lythia Powell. The Sniders, Baxter and John Cutler were the Spinnaker Fleet.


We had a sail followed by a cook out July 20 with John Cutler at the grill with his famous Brats. A great time was had by all. Welcome to the Ensign Fleet Paul and Susan Ehrhardt, new owners of 517. Also 717 is back on Galveston Bay. John Panos is the new owner and has her on Clear Lake.

August 2013 WINDJAMMER 9

Ladies Association LADIES ASSOCIATION NEWS By Martha Gillett I would like this article to reflect the past and the future. This is my last article as President of the Ladies Association. When Steve and I joined HYC 25 years ago we were told you want to go to the Ladies Association Cocktail Party because it is one of the best parties of the year. Our fellow members told us to be sure and pay your Ladies Association dues because that gets you to the cocktail party. Some of our fondest memories are the cocktail parties Jim and Jo Tyson we have attended through the years. It is so nice to see the ladies in their glitzy cocktail dresses. This event is also not as formal as the Commodore’s Ball and the men are always glad they can wear a suit rather than their tux. Please mark your calendar and plan on attending the party this year on Saturday, Sept. 7. Let these photos remind you of the past memories as we move forward to another year. We are so truly blessed to have our HYC family.

Hon. P/C Henry and Betty Arnold

If you have not yet paid your Ladies Association dues for 2012-2013 (new HYC members), or you inadvertently marked them off on your bill, it is still not too late (Pictured above) John and Becky Peter. (Pictured on the right) Carroll and Deborah to join for this year. The dues are only $45, and this entitles you and one guest to Lundin attend the Cocktail Party. All you would need to do is call the Club Office at 281471-1255 and they can check your dues for you. As you can see from the photos, the Ladies Association Cocktail Party is truly one of the highlights of the Club’s social calendar. So please don’t miss it. I have truly enjoyed working with everyone this year and look forward to serving as Past President in the upcoming year. Everyone has worked so hard as a team to pull all our events together. We have received so many nice compliments regarding the newly implemented Sunshine Committee. Laura Donley has sent cards, pictures and reached out to members who are no longer able to attend club functions. If you have information on members, please let us know so we can reach out to them. Let’s hit the water and try to stay cool with this heated summer. The Ladies Association played Bingo recently. Some of the participants include P/C Cheryl Thomas, Ann Apel, Jo Tyson, Martha Gillett, Anna Matthews, Judy Lamkin, Janis Wiley and Laura Donley. 10 WINDJAMMER August 2013


Women's Sailing Trophy Awarded to Kay Snider BY TERRY EUKEL WSA

WSA proudly presented the Women's Sailing Trophy to Kay Snider at the closing banquet for the Windward Bound Women's Sailing Camp in June. The trophy is awarded annually to the woman who most promotes the joy of sailing among other women and furthers participation in the sport of sailing.

Kay Snider (center) provides on-the-water coaching during the Women's Weekend Regatta held recently at HYC.

Kay has been involved in virtually all aspects of HYC, including Trustee/Treasurer of the HYC Board and active in both onand off-the-water activities. In addition to being part of the backbone of the ever enduring Ensign Fleet, Kay and her husband Dean have won the Ensign Nationals four times. Kay and Little Oil have been active participants in Windward Bound for l0 years. She is known at Windward Bound for her professionalism and calm demeanor in what might be described as sometimes unusual circumstances.

2 Waterfront Lots for Sale on Shoreacres Circle at Pier 110 Shoreacres Circle and 3430 Miramar. Five Blocks from HYC. 23,000 square feet each (.53 acres). For Sale By Owner. Contact Ed and Cindy Siebert at 832.347.1040. $287,500 each.

August 2013 WINDJAMMER 11


Maureen Goddard Recalls the Fun of Camp and WSA BY ANN BORDELON Special to the Windjammer

This year, HYC’s Women’s Sailing Association and Windward Bound Women’s Sailing Camp celebrate their 30th anniversary. The following is the seventh in a series of interviews with WSA members about the history of this group. In addition to these articles, WSA is celebrating with special events throughout the year. In 1986, Maureen and Geoffrey Goddard initiated the Elissa Regatta to provide support for Texas’s tall ship Elissa. The vessel is docked in Galveston and maintained by the Galveston Historical Foundation. Maureen is justifiably proud of her role in creating and developing this regatta, which is Maureen Goddard still sponsored annually by HYC. committed to becoming women of the Hailing from Australia, it was natural that sea.” Maureen would be involved in sailing, but prior to 1983, she was mostly a passenger Maureen says she didn’t know many peoaboard her family’s boat. “Then we joined ple at HYC when she attended that first the Houston Yacht Club and I heard about camp. “But we got to know each other Windward Bound Camp,” she recalls. She very quickly. It was like a slumber party went to Ginny Cade (now P/C Ginny every night, which I’d never been to a Garrett) and Florence Helm, who were slumber party. It was all new.” administrators for the first WB camp, and timidly asked, “Mrs. Cade, Mrs. Helm, I The campers bonded and from that camawant to know if I can come to camp?” raderie came the idea of a Women’s Sailing Association. Maureen attended the She says she, Ginny and Florence laughed organizational meeting at Anne Sheffield’s about this incident years later. “It was an home in the fall of 1983. She remembers odd way to introduce yourself, but I was in Patty Ward, the late Van Callahan, Roawe of these women. Florence would sit chelle Cooper (who started Women at the down somewhere and 14 or 15 people Helm at Watergate which developed into a would come along to talk to her. She and very successful business) and Ellyn Roof Ginny were friends with so many people. I being at the meeting. wondered what was going on. And then I went to camp, and I found out exactly what The meeting was held shortly after Hurriwas going on. She and Ginny had a way cane Alicia destroyed the HYC harbor. At with them, they really did. They attracted the same time, the Houston area suffered all this fun, made funny remarks to people, an economic downturn, and harbor occusaid anything that they wanted to.” pancy decreased. However, Maureen says camaraderie at the Club was at an all-time So, Maureen attended the first camp conhigh, with frequent parties on the dock and ducted by the women of HYC. She rein the clubhouse. “We sailed a lot of Frimembers that it was crowded, every bed day nights, not just WSA members, but taken, some campers two to a bed and it everyone. The women were, of course, was party, party, party. “I was a camper very involved in doing things for the club, ready to become a sailor, and so were all and we also came up with the idea of fun these other wonderful women. We were all sails, sailing just for fun.” 12 WINDJAMMER August 2013

Maureen says she learned even more about sailing at the second WB camp in 1984. For years after that, she sailed a Sunfish whenever she had an opportunity. “You know why we had Sunfish. It was because our children were sailing them for Ragnots. There wouldn’t have been a married woman at that time that had her own boat. Rochelle Cooper was single so she had her own boat, but the rest of us sailed our children’s boats. We sailed Ensigns at camp, but J22s were unknown. They came later.” In the next few years, Maureen remembers that many members spent almost every weekend at the Club, staying on boats or in the guest rooms. WSA activities were part of that weekend experience “What we had was a group of people we saw all the time, and if we started something here, we went to the group and the group supported the others. We got together very much on the weekends.” In the meantime Windward Bound Camp was growing stronger every year and that bolstered membership in WSA. “Every WWB camper who was a member of the club knew they would probably join WSA,” Maureen says. Maureen’s interests reached beyond camp and WSA. She was interested in racing administration and organized Friday night races as well as teaming up with her husband to create the Elissa Regatta. For years she chaired that regatta. “But if I was doing anything, the WSA ladies were the ones I called upon to help. The Club still leans on WSA for volunteers,” she says. Her favorite camp and WSA memories include Sunfish races and picnics on the beach north of HYC. “Everything was fun, even getting people up in the morning at camp, ringing the bells and doing all that. It was all coming out to sail but not being too serious. That’s typical of HYC. “There are so many good memories, I can’t just pull one out. We wanted to have a lot of fun, and were very serious about doing it,” she concludes.


WSA and Windward Bound: Fabulous, Flirty and Thirty BY TERRY EUKEL WSA

The competition was hot for the Women's Sailing Weekend July 13-14. Thirteen boats raced in the Catherine Spiller Regatta (woman at the helm) on Saturday. Most of these skippers raced again in the Women's Regatta (all women) for the Fair- On-the-water racing action during the Women’s Sailing Weekend at HYC. Photos by Dmitriy Yegorov fax Moody Trophy. Both races brought out new skippers - Lythia Powell won for the Ensign Fleet on Saturday and Megan Larson won for the Ensign Fleet on Sunday. The perpetual trophies for the Catherine Spiller and the Fairfax Moody regattas were won by a team of skippers - Terry Eukel, Patty Hoffman, Diana Sutton on Leading Edge. The WSA Moonlight Anniversary Sail, July 20, brought gentle winds and a very pleasant sail for all. Thanks to Patty Ward for making it happen. I hope we don't have to wait another 30 years to have another Moonlight Sail. Fabulous, Flirty and Thirty was the theme for the WSA/Windward Bound 30th Anniversary very special style show and luncheon. WSA fashions through the years were modeled with special attention on Sail to High Tea fashions and camper gear then and now. This style show and auction were the WSA scholarship fundraiser this year. It's time for WSA's Annual Sail to High Tea. Ladies, pull out your gloves and hats. This year Kate Baker has kindly opened up her home for this event, so plan to sail over by sea or land on Saturday, Aug. 10 from 2 to 4 p.m. The cost is $15 per person. Please RSVP by Tuesday, Aug. 6 to Terri Benson at We know that there are a number of ladies who have favorite dishes, scones and treats that they like to bring - so please contact Terri if you have something you would like to contribute to round out our menu. Megan Larson is organizing the sail to Kate's house and back, so please contact

her if you plan to sail at Save the date of Sept. 14 for the WSA Big Boat Seminar. Lou Rosenfeld is planning this event and will have more details very soon.

August 2013 WINDJAMMER 13


Some of the HYC Texas Youth Race Week Team members include Christine Kendrick, Jillian Ticatch, Coach Matthew Martin, Camilla Zapater, Sailing Director Katrina Williams, Abi Beck, Vanessa Keeling, Charlotte Rose and Paul Houston.

RAGNOT REPORT By Marie Wise The Ragnot Classic, a Texas Sailing Association youth circuit event, will be at HYC Aug. 17-18. Everyone is welcome to join us. Contact Marie (Front row) Celia Houston, Charlotte Rose and Paul Houston; (Top row) Ian Beck, Rachel Walston, Gracie Bulgerin and Abigail Wise at to volunteer or just to learn more about Beck TSA youth sailing. At the Ragnot Classic on Saturday, Aug. 17, we are adding a Mighty Mini line for all those new mini sailors who aren't quite ready for green fleet. The Mighty Minis will sail on Saturday morning at 9 a.m., no entry fee, two kids per boat, super fun marks, and "mark, set, go" style start sequence. Participation awards for everyone and the whole event will wrap up just as the big kids are getting rigged and ready. Please RSVP by Aug. 10 to Andrea Case at or to find a boat buddy for the event.

have sailing for our new minis as well. All Ragnots and their families – both new this summer or long-timers – are invited to join us for the banquet to celebrate accomplishments and look ahead to next year.

Ragnot News The Summer Sailing program has been in full swing throughout June and July. With Mini Ragnots, Learn to Sail sessions in both Optis and 420s, and racing for our Optis, Lasers, and 420s we are watching the next generation of Ragnots grow into accomplished young sailors and In September, HYC will host the C420 Gulf States Championship as part introducing so many new sailors to the sport. of the HOOD Regatta Sept. 21-22. Ragnots traveled to the Fort Worth Boat Club for their Jr. Ol' Man of the Mark your calendars for Sept. 28 Ragnot Championship for the Kirk Sea regatta and USODA Great Plains Championship. In 420s, Ian Beck Arnold Trophy followed that evening by the end of summer banand Rachel Walston came in 5th, Charley Rose and Celia Houston finquet. The Ragnot Championship is open to all HYC sailors, and we will ished 6th and Abigail Beck and Gracie Bulgerin finished 7th. Paul Houston finished 1st in Optimist White fleet and 5th overall qualifying for Team Trials Spring 2014. Ian and Abi Beck competed in the C420 US Nationals at Lake Geneva Yacht Club, WI. The team placed 2nd in the Junior fleet and 7th overall. Yumi Yoshiyasu finished 7th at the 2013 Opti National Girls Championship at Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, Michigan. At home, the Ragnots were proud to participate in the HYC Leukemia Cup. Vanessa Keeling, Alex Wise and Coach Matthew Martin sailed with Larry Wise to place 3rd in the J22 fleet. Texas Youth Race Week wrapped up a full week of sailing at HYC on July 20-21 in grand style. Representing HYC in Optis were Connor Reed, Stephen Helm, Paul Houston, Alex Wise, Jake Bulgerin, and Yumi Yoshiyasu. Yumi finished 6th overall and was the top girl, and Paul finished 16th overall. Daniel Kendrick and Christine Kendrick competed in the Laser Radial class, and Jillian Ticatch competed in the Laser 4.7 finishing 2nd overall and top girl. Ian Beck with crew Rachel Walston, Abigail Beck with crew Gracie Bulgerin, Charlotte Rose with crew Matthew Martin, and Vanessa Keeling with crew Camilla Zapater competed in the C420 class. Ian and Rachel finished 3rd overall and Jillian finished 3rd overall in the Laser 4.7 class.

14 WINDJAMMER August 2013

Dining Room Specials Wednesday Night Specials Aug. 7: Chicken Tetrazzini Aug. 14: Baby Back Ribs Aug. 21: Fried Snapper Almondine Aug. 28: Beef Brochette

Thursday Night Specials Aug. 1: Shrimp Scampi Dominick Aug. 8: Crab Au Gratin Aug. 15: Steak Marchand de Vin Aug. 22: Country Dinner Buffet Aug. 29: Snapper Belle Meuniere

Dining Room Hours of Operation Wednesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch Wednesday and Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. for dinner Friday from 6 to 10 p.m. for dinner and Friday night buffet Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

SAIL TO HIGH TEA It's time for WSA’s Annual Sail to High Tea. Ladies, pull out your gloves and hats. This year Kate Baker has kindly opened up her home for this event, so plan to sail over by sea or travel by land on Saturday, Aug. 10 from 2 to 4 p.m. The cost is $15 per person. Please RSVP by Tuesday, Aug. 6 to Terri Benson at We know that there are a number of ladies who have favorite dishes – scones and treats that they like to bring – so please contact Terri if you have something you would like to contribute to round out our menu. We also need volunteers to help decorate, set up and clean up. If you are available to volunteer, please contact Terri. Megan Larson will be helping to organize the sail to Kate's house and back, so please contact her if you plan to sail to Kate's house at

JOIN US FOR A BIG BOAT SAIL A WSA Big Boat Sail “Sailing In and Out” is Saturday, Sept. 14 at HYC. The cost is $15 which includes lunch. The schedule for the day is as follows: 9 a.m. to Noon: Didactic in Ballroom Noon to 1 p.m.: Lunch at the Beachcomber 1 to 5 p.m.: Water time. Hands on sailing versus casual racing – everyone wins!

August 2013 WINDJAMMER 15

HOUSTON YACHT CLUB 3620 Miramar Drive Shoreacres, Texas 77571


LADIES ASSOCIATION COCKTAIL PARTY SATURDAY, SEPT. 7 at HYC The fun begins at 7 p.m. with fabulous food and beverage. Please make sure you have paid your Ladies Association dues of $45 as this entitles you and one guest to attend the Cocktail Party. Additional tickets cost $45 per person. If you are a new HYC member, or are not sure you have paid this year’s dues, please call the Club office at 281.471.1255 for details. Reservations are a must. Call the HYC Office at 281.471.1255 for reservations. The event is semi formal.

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