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Houston Yacht Club

April 2012

Commodore’s Corner BY PAT GIBSON

2011-2012 Flag Officers Commodore: Pat Gibson, Vice Commodore: Bob Wright, Rear Commodore: Nancy Edmonson,

Line Officers Fleet Captain: James Liston, Secretary: Andrew McStay, Treasurer: Robert Williams, Measurer: John Cardenas,

Trustees Madonna Breen: Farley Fontenot: Paul Francis: Pfrancis@ Gordie Keenan: Lawrence Maher: Bill van Ravenswaay: Bob Wells: Jack Yoes:

Honorary Officers Fleet Historian: Sam Akkerman 713-526-0482 Fleet Surgeon: Dr. Jacki Kendrick-Mostert 713-465-4515 Fleet Chaplain: Linda Christians 713-875-7454

Other Contacts Ensigns: Carol Lee Hollister 281-867-5068 Entertainment: Madonna Breen 281-812-9971 Harbor Committee: Robert Williams 281-326-2153 Heritage & Standards: P/C Ginny Garrett 281-4716131 House & Grounds: Ed Matuszak 281-471-1988 Ladies Association: Linda McKee 713-665-6615 Membership: Andrew McStay 713-522-3201 Memorial Fund: Judy Lamkin: 281-471-2130 Mosquito Fleet: John Peter 281-471-8468 Race/Regatta: Bill van Ravenswaay 713-917-0992 Ragnots: Amy Beck, 281-480-0278; Maya Houston, 713-723-0868 WSA: Ann Bordelon 281-470-8253 Yachting Committee: Jack Yoes 281-480-1115

Staff General Manager: Ross Tuckwiller Ex. 106 Harbor & Facilities: David Hampp Ex. 107 Food & Beverage: Sandy Tuckwiller Ex. 104 Accounting: Barbara Belansky Ex. 141 Sailing Director: Scott Lindley Ex. 149 Member Services Administrator: Julie Dunlap Ex. 100 Marketing: Jennifer Glass Ex. 150

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2 WINDJAMMER April 2012


We meet again! Another great month at HYC. How did we fit it all in? Well, let’s get right into it. First the Barbecue Cook Off — what a hoot that was. Three very inspired teams smoked up the lawn including the Scruggs Brothers doing what they do best, Al Kinnard’s butt chicken secret recipe and the Boneyard Smokers (including me) maxing it out. Add in mixologist van Ravenswaay’s gas powered blender and the rest working it in overtime. The clowns from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo came down to officiate the tasting and well let’s just say….. John Peter and the Skeeters did another fabulous job with the party and P/C Ginny Garret blessed the pits in a manner that would be well accepted by our dear P/C Tynes Sparks.

the first day and Treasurer Robert Williams, Trustee Farley Fontenot and your Commodore spent the day tweaking the Vipers. The class was deep in talent and when the action got going on days two On March 10 the Ladies Association and three I can tell you that HYC was in held the Spring Fashion Show. What everyone’s head. Viper NA’s are here in could go wrong? Well to start with they 2013 and we have a bunch of good could ask me to be a model. OK I’ll events coming up in the fleet and I look give; 25 years ago I actually did some forward to reporting on that down the runway so this was really a fun way to road. shake off the cobwebs. We had a full house and a great group of “models” to Meanwhile our Lightning Spark Plugs, show off the spring line. When all was Ian and Lindy Edwards are down at the said and done we filled up the bar and Southern Circuit and we are waiting to then Jay “Elton” Grills spun up the piano hear about their adventures. and a sing-a-thon broke out… FUN, FUN, FUN! Where are the kids? Well I’ll tell you. They just got back from Lake Travis and On the regatta front we had a couple big this weekend they are mixing it up at things happen this last month. First, the Bay St. Louis for the OPTI Gulf Coast J22s came in for their midwinter regatta Champs which is a qualifier for team and brought over 30 boats from all over trials. Coach Scott Lindley and his team the country to the club to hash it out. have a pack of our kids there and I exThey had some crazy weather to deal pect a good report from him. with but in the end had a good series of races and enjoyed the HYC race manLooking forward we have the Elissa agement team’s handling of the condiRegatta coming up, the Spring Series, tions. It was a very competitive event HYC Offshore and a number of local with a lot of talent. In a nail biter our and regional events that many of us are local Terry Flynn finished a close secgoing to. And don’t forget at the end of ond being edged out of first place in a tie April we have the A-Cat Nationals and breaker. Congratulations to all of our in late May we have Laser US Champisailors in this tough event. Meanwhile a onships here at the club. If someone bunch of us went to New Orleans Yacht comes up and says “hey do you want Club for the Mardi Gras Race Week in the Viper 640 class. Like here, the weather there kept us off the water for COMMODORE continues on page 3

News COMMODORE from page 2 to…” just say yes! This is a big part of our fun.


On the project front, well we have lots of them. You don’t want to hear about the big pump so I won’t bore you but it is getting fixed. These are things that Harbor and House & Grounds fret about and will be huge now that we are getting rain again. The WiFi project is full steam ahead. Our cable company will soon be pulling new wires around the club and upgrading our connectivity. We have spec’d out the “crane-beachcomber” bridge and once the weather is clear we will build it. P/C By Baldridge has been quietly buffing up the fleet of coach boats for our kids. And last but not least the new enclosures for the Beachcomber are almost done. Thanks to DJ Eddie M, Commodorable Beth, Farley and Quantum Sails for their work on this. And thanks to all the groups that contributed to the fund. Ross, Dave and all of the staff are doing a lot of great things. Next time you see them let them know how much we appreciate their work! The Skeeters as usual are all over it with a pile of events and cruises coming up here and yon. Too much fun to keep up with. If you don’t have a skeeter type boat, just ask Mosquitodore John Peter and maybe more importantly Becky and they will be happy to set you up. OK, next is Opening Day the weekend of April 14 and 15. We will bless new boats and have a good time and your flag and board will put their uniforms on for you. So come on down for this big event.

Special to the Windjammer

Our Club’s most ceremonial event occurs in April – Opening Day and the whole weekend of activities associated with it. The opening activities mark the beginning of the traditional summer sailing season and are timed to commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto (April 21, 1836) which was fought only miles from what are now the Club’s grounds and which secured Texas’s independence. As the state’s oldest yacht club, HYC has long commemorated San Jacinto Day with regattas, boat parades, and other activities on or near the weekend, and this year is no exception. Our opening weekend activities this year occur from Friday through Sunday, April 13-15. Opening Day commemorates our Club’s heritage and is one activity that makes our Club unique yet at the same time links it to the greater worldwide yachting fraternity. This is the time we perform many traditional, yacht club-type ceremonies, and is a great time to wear blazers, fly flags, fire cannons, and hold on-board Be sure to dress ship for Opening Day parties. Kids who participate in the cereWeekend. monies will long remember standing at attention, firing the cannons, and raising the flags. This is a great opportunity to you want to participate in Color Guard, bring friends to the Club and introduce please contact Ragnot Mom Amy Beck. them to some of our traditions. All are encouraged to participate. Friday-early Saturday morning: Boat Christening procedure and dock party Here’s the plan for the weekend. First off, If your boat is new to the HYC Fleet and for Ragnots, this is the time of year that you want to have her formally welcomed we fire the cannons and raise the flags. If

See you at the club!

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The Ragnots are gearing up for summer fun.

Join us for the WorldFest Consular Regatta April 22 at HYC. See details on page 7.

Read about their adventures on pages 14-15. Cover Photo by Yandell Rogers

FEATURED INSIDE The Mosquito Fleet is cooking up a lot of fun times at HYC. Please see Mosquito Fleet Barbecue Cook Off photos on page 11.

April 2012 WINDJAMMER 3

News CEREMONY continued from page 3

The Opening Day Ceremony begins at 2 p.m. on the lawn A reception immediately follows the ceremony outside by the Porthole, weather permitting.

during the weekend festivities, please complete the form which is posted online at in the THIS JUST IN Section and also available in the HYC Office. Please return the form to the HYC Office before April 8. Then, at the bePlease be a part of the ongoing tradition by coming to the chrisginning of the Opening Day weekend, please move your boat to tenings and parties, and attending the Opening Day ceremonies the Guest Pier (Pier 10) sometime on Friday, April 13, or by Sat- and reception Sunday afternoon. urday morning before 11a.m. All in-the-water boats that want to be formally welcomed should moor alongside the Guest Pier, port side to (i.e., heading bow-out-to-sea, if possible). It looks sharp and shipshape if we have a line of boats all headed in the same direction. The Fleet Captain will be on the Guest Pier Saturday BY DAVID MCMILLIN morning from 8 to 9 a.m. with a few hands to help you moor, if Special to the Windjammer needed. Once alongside, please dress ship with signal flags. (Please see the article in this issue on dressing ship and an insert Do you have a boat in the HYC harbor? If so, you will want is also posted online at regarding to “dress ship” for our Opening Day. And if your boat is this topic.) On Saturday afternoon and evening, the custom is for being christened, that’s also an appropriate time to do so. the new boats moored alongside to entertain fellow members who want to see your new boat. It's a large dock party, if you're so The custom of dressing ships for festive occasions dates back inclined. to the early days of sailing ships. When warships returned from battle, their captains would dress ship to signal their If your boat is a dinghy or trailerable boat and new to the Fleet, victories. The more flags, the bigger the victory. Eventually, there is a designated portion of the front lawn where you can navies developed sets of regulations about when and how to move your boat and where she will be welcomed. If you can't dress ship for ceremonial occasions. Since our Opening Day move your boat to the Guest Pier or Front Lawn (or don't want to and boat christenings qualify as a ceremonial occasions, it is move it) yet still want to be welcomed and christened, please let proper for us to dress ship to celebrate. the Office know, and the Christening Party will come to you.

Dress Ship For Opening Day

Schedule of Events: Friday night, April 13: Happy Hour Saturday, April 14 from 4 to 6 p.m.: Christening Ceremony for boats new to the Fleet and Dock Party Please join us for the Christening Party which includes the Flag Officers and Fleet Chaplain who will make the rounds from 4 to 6 p.m. and formally welcome new boats to the Fleet. Be sure that you and your family are on board your boat between those hours in order to receive the Christening Party. You will receive a bottle of champagne and an HYC burgee, and the Fleet Chaplain will bless your boat should you desire. You will also receive a plaque during the formal ceremony on Sunday afternoon, as well. For boats in the harbor that were not being welcomed to the Fleet on Saturday, please dress ship with signal flags as well. The harbor looks festive when all members with boats dress ship. Saturday, April 14: Hamburger Cook-Out at the Beachcomber starts at 6 p.m. Sunday, April 15: Please join us for a Sunday Brunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Please call the HYC Office at 281.471.1255 for reservations.

4 WINDJAMMER April 2012

The naval regulations for dressing ship eventually evolved to include a recommended sequence of signal flags. The sequence is based on a harmonious color scheme and has no meaning in terms of letters or numerals represented by the flags. The recommended sequence is: AB2, UJ1, KE3, GH6, IV5, FL4, DM7, PO 3 rd Repeater, RN 1st Repeater, ST Zero, CX9, WQ8, ZY 2nd Repeater Flags are flown beginning with “A” at the forward waterline, over the stem and the top of the mast, to the stern and finally to the waterline aft. Properly the ends are weighted with a champagne bottle at the bow and a shackle at the aft end. Important: If you don’t have a set of signal flags, sets of decorative pennants are available at very modest cost. Power boats too! This is not just for sailboats. So dust off your flags, get your champagne bottle and let’s make HYC’s Opening Day a colorful, memorable occasion. Please see the diagram on page 5 for the proper way to fly the American Flag.


Yachting Committee and Skeeters Cruise to Oak Island BY JACK AND CISSY YOES Yachting Committee

The long tradition of cruising to Double Bayou at Easter continues this year. There is no more anchoring in the bayou or tying to a tree at the edge of the bayou. Instead, there are nice slips with water and power and a pavilion for parties. There is a small store and restaurant. Rooms may be rented at the hotel associated with the store, but at the time of this writing the rooms are all rented for the weekend. Last year 11 boats, sail and power, made the weekend trip and a larger group is expected this year. Boats will begin sailing over Friday, April 6, and most will stay through Sunday, April 8.

The 2011 Easter Parade.

again judge the Parade. Folks come from all over Chambers County to let their kids hunt and parade. Kayak trips and dinghy rides up the bayou are fun for day time activities. These are also nature excursions and alligators are abundant.

Contact John Peter or Cissy Yoes for more There is a BYOB Happy Hour planned at information. HYC has all the slips set the pavilion for Friday night and a bring aside for the weekend. Boats need to conyour own meat cookout planned for Satur- tact Renee Hammond at the Oak Island day night. Saturday there will be an Store (409.252.3474) to reserve their slip. Easter Egg Hunt and Parade. HYC will

Fly Your American Flag Right

Join Us For Nautical Night If you enjoy balmy, tropical breezes, sunset celebrations and dancing under the stars, then Nautical Night is for you. Please join us on Saturday evening, April 28 at HYC for our 2nd annual event. Our first Nautical Night was so wellattended and so thoroughly enjoyed that we wanted to host it again. The theme will be to wear all the white that you would like. We will serve a buffet dinner in the Porthole plus provide live, danceable music for all to enjoy. Get your whites ready and circle April 28 on your calendar. Call the Club Office at 281.471.1255 to make your reservations. Submitted by Madonna Breen

Ensign Ensights The year began with the Fleet 2 Annual Meeting held recently at HYC. John Cutler led the discussion about upcoming events, and the calendar was finalized. The HYC MidWinter Regatta was held Feb. 11-12. The weekend started out cold, with heavy wind and rain but cleared up in the afternoon and they got in three races. Sunday stayed cold but they did get one race in. The current National Champion, Jonathon Baker, was here from Austin and won with four bullets. Dick Baxter was right behind him in second place. The Annual Spring Party was held at Jim O’Loughlin’s home in Clear Lake March 10. There was a good crowd of about 30 people in attendance. Cliff Scherer and his team had the barbecue going full blast and a great time and great food was had by all. The first of the Spring Series began March 24, and the Elissa Regatta is scheduled March 31 through April 1. April also has the WorldFest Consular’s Regatta April 22, and the second of the Spring Series is April 28. We are looking forward to another great sailing season for the Ensign Fleet. Submitted by Carol-Lee Hollister

April 2012 WINDJAMMER 5


Three Membership Applications Approved in March BY ANDREW MC STAY Membership Committee

By the time you read this the In the Water Boat Show at South Shore Harbor will be over. Jennifer Glass our marketing director put in many hours preparing our booth and materials and spending several days at the show meeting and greeting potential new members. She was aided in this by numerous member volunteers who helped her staff our booth and most importantly spread the good word about the benefits of joining HYC. Thanks to Jennifer and all our generous volunteers. I am happy to say all of our hard work recruiting new members and retaining existing members is paying off. February, usually a slow month for membership, was terrific with three additional senior memberships and one non-resident membership with only one resignation in the nonresident class. At the time of this deadline we already have three applications for approval at the April Board of Trustees meeting and hope for several more post boat show.

Michael Brown and Marcy Anderson

April 30 so it is a wonderful opportunity to join. Until next month, smooth sailing and be safe. The following applications were approved for membership at the March Board of Trustees Meeting: Marcy Anderson and Michael Brown, Senior Membership, Recruiting Sponsor: Don Chisholm. Anthony and Kim Chaumont, NonResident Membership, Recruiting Sponsor: Doug Byerly. William and Catherine Smith, Senior Membership, Recruiting Sponsor: Membership Committee.

This success is directly attributable to many of you helping us to sell HYC. Many of you have taken to heart the Membership Committee’s request that you tell your friends about HYC. Some of you have gone to extraordinary lengths in this regard. P/C Cheryl Thomas talks up HYC when she is in line at the grocery store or the post office. P/C By Baldridge seems to The following applications have been subrecruit a member a month for us. Commo- mitted for April: dore Pat Gibson is even willing to sell his J -22 to close the deal! Thanks to all of Steven and Erin Fetherston, Senior them and all of you, let’s keep it up. Membership, Recruiting Sponsor: Dmitriy Yegorov and Joan van RavenComing in April is Opening Weekend swaay which is a perfect time to invite friends to Scott Grandt, Junior 25-29 MemberHYC. The Club looks great, the boats are ship, Recruiting Sponsor: Commodore decorated, and there is a lot of activity and Pat Gibson great food and drink. If you invite friends Alissa Brasch and Andrew Burns, and you think they have an interest in Junior 25-29 Membership, Recruiting membership, be sure to let Jennifer know Sponsor: Membership Committee and she will see to it they get an information packet. In addition we will have a Boat Show special on membership until

6 WINDJAMMER April 2012

William and Catherine Smith

An exciting Membership Recruiting Program is coming up. We need your help to make this program a success. Please stay tuned for more details.


WorldFest Consular Regatta Sailed April 22 at HYC BY P/C CHERYL THOMAS Special to the Windjammer

The 26th Annual WorldFest Consular Regatta will be sailed Sunday, April 22 at the Houston Yacht Club. This regatta has always been a great way to celebrate the

wrap up of the 10-day WorldFest, one of the oldest film festivals in the United States. Hunter and Kathy Todd are really excited about the 55 premiere Indie films and 107 new award winning shorts featured at WorldFest this year. Sailors are invited to sign up to race and power boats are needed to entertain spectators. Your crew may include an actress, a director or a foreign Consul. Trophies will be awarded for Ensigns, Spinnaker and Cruising classes. There is no registration fee and everyone is invited back to the club for a Barbecue, a Mariachi band and, of course, the graceful Texas Longhorns that you can have your photo taken with. All skippers who sign up will receive two courtesy VIP Gold-level passes (worth $800) to attend film festival events at AMC Studio 30 Dunvale Theaters in Houston. The WorldFest runs from April 13 through April 22.

Schedule for Sunday, April 22 11:30 a.m.: Skippers Meeting and pick up crew at when the buses roll in 1-3 p.m.: Races 4-6 p.m.: Barbecue, Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks, Mariachi band, Texas Longhorns Contact the HYC office at 281-471-1255 or Cheryl Thomas at to register. For more information about WorldFest, visit

April Dining Room Specials

Dining Room Hours

April 4: Red Beans and Sausage April 11: Seafood Au Gratin April 18: Chicken Linguine April 25: Shepherd’s Pie

The HYC Dining Room Hours of Operation are as follows: Wednesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch Wednesday and Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. for dinner Friday from 6 to 10 p.m. for dinner and Friday night buffet Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

April 5: Louisiana Barbecue Shrimp April 12: Braised Salmon April 19: Cajun Buffet April 26: Stuffed Flounder with Crab

Please call the HYC Office at 281.471.1255 for reservations.

Please call the HYC Office at 281.471.1255 for reservations.

Leukemia Cup Regatta Schedule of Events BY P/C CHERYL THOMAS Special to the Windjammer

Thanks to Gary Jobson, Leukemia Cup Regatta National Chairman and US Sailing President, for the outstanding program at the Leukemia Cup Kickoff. As usual, Gary’s videos were beautifully done and his boating stories a treat. Hope you began your fundraising at the Kickoff with Gary. If not, get started now so you can be eligible for prizes and the Fantasy Sail in New Orleans in December 2012. Upcoming Leukemia Cup Events: Monday, May 14: Commissioner Matt Sebesta Golf Tournament at Country Place in Pearland TBD: Blues on the Bay at Cabo Tuesday, June 5: Sip & Sail at Sullivan’s Steak House in Houston June 22-24: Leukemia Cup Regatta For more information contact Cheryl Thomas at or the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at

April 2012 WINDJAMMER 7

Ladies Association Spring Style Show

Spring Style Show models left to right: Joan van Ravenswaay, Martha Gillett, Louis Rigby and Commodore Pat Gibson.

Deborah Lundin, Stephanie Wright, Gary Banks, Rear Commodore Nancy Edmonson, Barbara Matuszak and Paul Francis.

Don’t Miss Out On The Fun - Join the Ladies Association Today Did you know that the Ladies Association hosts a program for all members on the second Wednesday of each month? These program luncheons are guest speakers, style shows, bay cruises, out of town trips and many other interesting topics and presentations.

8 WINDJAMMER April 2012

The fourth Wednesday of the month is Games Day, which always finds a group of bridge players and sometimes card, domino or bingo players. All HYC Ladies are invited to join the Ladies Association. For more information or to join the Ladies Association, contact Linda McKee at


Ladies Association News The Ladies Association Spring style show was a big success and what a fun evening it was! Thanks to everyone who attended and enjoyed the show and awesome buffet. The models were terrific, the guys "hammed" it up as we knew they would and the ladies were beautiful! The models were Rear Commodore Nancy Edmonson, Martha Gillett, Deborah Lundin, Barbara Matuszak, Joan van Ravenswaay, Stephanie Wright, Gary Banks, Paul Francis, Commodore Pat Gibson and Louis Rigby, Thanks a million to event chair, Danna Jennings, for all her work to make this event so successful. Ladies! Mark your calendars for April 11. We are having lunch then a bit of "nostalgia" and play BINGO! HYC history reveals that 25 to 30 years ago bingo was a very big event at Ladies Association lunches and Saturday nights. After rummaging around upstairs, the old bingo cards were found. These are antiques, cardboard cards with plastic slide windows and some with Houston Yacht Club printed on them. This will be a fun activity, to begin after lunch. Multiple bingo games will be played with prizes for the winners. So join us and feel free to bring a friend for a fun afternoon. Submitted by Linda McKee

HYC Member Richard Bricker has been selected by the Galveston Art League as their featured Artist for the month of April. Please join us for a reception which is being held for Richard and the display on April 15 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Galveston Art League Gallery. The gallery is located at 2117A Postoffice Street in Galveston. Refreshments including wine and snacks will be served. His subjects are primarily birds around the bay and the Elissa in the Gulf. The median is photography on canvas. We hope to see you April 15!

April 2012 WINDJAMMER 9


WSA Looks Forward to an Active Summer BY ANN BORDELON WSA President

March was a busy month for WSA members, with planning under way for the Big Boat Clinic on March 24, a CPR class on March 25, and Windward Bound Sailing Camp for Women coming up May 9-12. The Big Boat Clinic and CPR Class were still pending when this article was submitted, so I’ll have to tell you about those next month. In the meantime, we have photos from the In-Town Party, held at Ellen Prelle’s house in Houston in mid-February. Thanks to Ellen, WSA’s Program Chairman Cindy McMordie and a bevy of helpful volunteers, that event was a real success, with 35 people in attendance, plenty of good food and lots of camaraderie. Windward Bound, our women’s sailing camp, is one of our premier events. For nearly 30 years, our experienced instructors have been helping other women improve their sailing skills and all without yelling! The official deadline for sign-up was in March, but I’ve heard a rumor that the camp directors might find room for one or two more campers of they sign up right now! Applications are available online at or in the HYC office. Just leave your application and check in the WSA mailbox in the office or send it to HYC at P.O. Box 1276, La Porte, TX 77571. Don’t forget to address it to Windward Bound.

Mary Vance and Andrea Case enjoy the WSA In-Town Party.

Summer Days We are looking forward to an active summer, with plenty of onthe-water activities. On May 26, we’ve scheduled a Funfish Dinghy & Kayak Day with WSA members and their families. We’ll rig the HYC Sunfish for those who don’t have their own sailing dinghies and invite members with kayaks to join us at Wussy Bay beach (just Mary Haglund, Ellen Prelle, June Shaw and Daphne Pickering north of HYC) for visiting, sailing and wading in the water. On June 9, we’ll do a Keel Boat Sail, with options to be a guest on a leisure sail or crew on a boat in HYC Spring Series Race 3. June 30-July 1 will be the Women’s Sailing Weekend, a special regatta for women. This event is invitational, with the women of area yacht and sailing clubs invited to compete against HYC female sailors. We promise lots of fun, including an informal party on Saturday evening. July 4, we’ll do another Funfish Dinghy & Kayak Day as part of the Independence Day festivities. August 25, we’ll hold our annual Sail to High Tea, which is held annually at a WSA member’s home on Galveston Bay. With the HYC Ladies Association members as our guests, we arrive by car and by water, garbed in traditional sailing gear, gloves and hats. So mark your calendars and plan to join us for fun on and near the water. Martha Gillett and Martha Hirsch 10 WINDJAMMER April 2012


The Boneyard Smokers cooking team, standing behind the "Venus Of Hohle Fels" in the foreground include Reed Baldridge, Commodore Pat Gibson, Nicole Lipscomb, Bob Green, Larry Murphy, Terry Short, John Cardenas and P/C By Baldridge. The BBQ Cooking Team took first place in ribs, chicken, brisket and sauce.

P/C Ginny Garrett performs the Blessing of the Pits Ceremony during the Mosquito Fleet Barbecue Cook Off held recently at HYC.

Three Hicks, a Chick, and a Smoking Pitt Team members include Wes Howeth, Anthony Scruggs and Liz Keenan (Michael Scruggs not pictured).

"Asleep At the Grill" BBQ Team members include Martha Gillett, Ed Matuszak, Dana Jennings, Barbara Matuszak, Al Kinnard, Cambria Kinnard and Steve Gillett (not pictured). They won "Best Miscellaneous Meat" category and Best Costume theme. April 2012 WINDJAMMER 11

View from the Aft Deck

View from the Aft Deck By Rear Commodore Nancy Edmonson

Let’s go treasure hunting on Galveston Bay this month! While the truly adventurous can dig for Spanish gold and pirate booty at various locations around the Bay (really!), our treasure hunt will lie completely within the familiar grounds of the Houston Yacht Club. We all enjoy HYC for different reasons — harbor, Ragnot program, racing, parties, etc.— which often means we frequent only certain places at the Club and see only certain friends and groups. Let’s use this opportunity to reach out and discover new treasures, something one can always do. Here’s the plan. I will list 10 treasures for you and your family to unearth this month. You win 10 doubloons for each discovery (activity completed), for a maximum score of 100. You Type A, efficient sorts will figure out that some of these activities may be able to be combined. 1. Harbor – Walk every pier in the harbor from beginning to end (you can skip the finger piers) and admire the boats, the scenery, and the tranquility. Stroll down Piers Two, Eight, Nine (there are two sections),Ten, Eleven, and Twelve (two sections). 2. Clubhouse – Visit a room you have never been in. For example, I’ll bet many of you without kids don’t know what the Inlet is and many more have never been in one of the hotel rooms (ask Julie for help with that one!). 3. Boats – Find the tallest boat and the one with the longest name and provide a name or description. Remember, they could be in the water or not. 4. Shell Beach – Ok, so technically we are outside the Club grounds, but visit Shell Beach and find an interesting shell or piece of driftwood. 5. Staff – Introduce yourself to a staff member you do not know. Our dedicated staff is truly our most underappreciated treasure. 6. Friends – Visitors to the Club often present the Club with their home club burgees, which are hung on a rotating basis in the bar. Find one with 12 WINDJAMMER April 2012

Rear Commodore Nancy Edmonson and her family enjoy treasure hunting on Galveston Bay. Pictured above are Nancy and her son Ross Griffey.

(Above) Vivian Griffey searches high and low for treasure. (Right) Charles Griffey and R/C Nancy Edmonson.

an animal on it. 7. Pool – How many pools today are the size of ours AND have a diving board and slide. Kids, you can beat your parents on this one – the challenge involves jumping off the board or sliding down the slide. 8. History – Take some time to look at the fascinating picture in the Ballroom and elsewhere and find the oldest photograph (or print of a photograph) hanging somewhere in the Clubhouse. 9. Bay – Watch the sun rise over the Bay from either a boat or a pier—an

experience well worth the effort. 10. Members – Introduce yourself to a member you don’t know and spend a few minutes getting to know he or she. We know that the treasures that really last are our friends, and there is always room to expand your circle. If you would, tell me or send me your scores, stories, and experiences from the hunt ( Sounds like it might make a good future column. Signing off for now from the aft — hope to see you around the Club soon.


A Go Texas Happy Hour was held at HYC recently. Pictured above include Best Dressed Cowboy Dwight Hollister with Best Dressed Cowgirl P/C Ginny Garrett.

Folks get into the Go Texan spirit of things while participating in line dancing during the Go Texan Happy Hour at HYC.

a full day was lost for no wind and most of a day lost from 25+ knot winds, above the The J/22 Class Association brought 35 class maximum. HYC hosted two J/22 Cirboats to HYC for their annual Midwinter Regatta. About half of the boats were from cuit stops last year and they will be back Texas and the other half from the Northeast again this November for the Heritage Cup, the final circuit stop of the year. We are and Midwest. The competition was very hot. Our Galveston Bay conditions offered proud to maintain a close relationship with this strong one design class. changing conditions over the three-day event. Six races were sailed, even though

J/22 Midwinters Sailed at HYC

April 2012 WINDJAMMER 13


Scenes from the 2012 Roadrunner Regatta held recently in Austin.

Ragnots Participate in Roadrunner Regatta BY SCOTT LINDLEY HYC Sailing Director

The 2012 Roadrunner Regatta was held recently in Austin. Team HYC had a great time as usual. Many of our team members camped and enjoyed the great weather. It was amazing to see Lake Travis so low. From where we were launching, there would have been 30 feet of water over our heads from the previous year.

Results are as follows: Opti RWB Fleets (53 Boats) 3rd Place Overall Ryan Vittemberga, 2nd in Blue Fleet 4th Place Overall Dane Byerly, 2nd in Red Fleet 5th Place Overall Celeste Lughtimjier, 3rd in Red Fleet 6th Place Overall Alexandria Mares, 3rd in Blue Fleet 8th Place Overall Yumi Yoshiyasu, 1st in White Fleet 9th Place Overall Dutch Byerly, 2nd in White Fleet 10th Place Overall Kyle Dochoda 11th place Overall Alex Abate 12th Place Overall Robbie Nicholls 19th Place Overall Christophe Chaumont 22nd Place Overall Paul Houston 23rd Place Overall Abigail Beck 25th Place Overall Max Vittemberga 29th Place Overall Filipe Zapater 32nd Place Overall Gracie Bulgerin 34th Place Overall David Livingstone 38th Place Overall Camilia Zapater 43rd Overall Kiera O'Reardon

Austin Yacht Club did a great job making a makeshift ramp so we could launch our coach boats – low lake water levels, no problem. The conditions were fabulous on the first day of the regatta with 12 to18 knots of breeze and sunny. The wind was very shifty and unpredictable which made for very challenging conditions for the competitors. One of the coolest things I have ever witnessed was before the very first race, Dane Byerly's sail ripped and Coach Forrest got Dane on shore and rigged with a new sail and back to the starting line just as the first gun went off. Dane instead of racing the race decided to help a fellow HYC sailor who had flipped during the start – basically giving up his race and regatta to help someone. This was a great show of seamanship and sportsmanship. Way to go Dane! 420 Fleet (5 Boats) 1st Overall Yuki Yoshiyasu and Stewart Drahiem The second day we were in postponement until 11 a.m. because 5th Overall Ian Beck and Broken Hand : ) of no wind, but the wind finally came up to about 8 to 12 knots. The HYC crew brought home plenty of hardware. Once Laser 4.7 Fleet (7 Boats) again, the parents were amazing with all the help. Forrest Short 6th Place Overall Christine Kendrick and Christian Locke did a great job of coaching. We really have a Laser Radial Fleet (7 Boats) great team all the way around. I am very proud of all our sailors. 3rd Place Overall William Romeo 5th Place Overall Daniel Kendrick

14 WINDJAMMER April 2012


Meet Your Ragnots By Scott Lindley HYC Sailing Director This month’s "Meet Your Ragnots" is focused on Alexandra Mares and Paul Houston. Both are HYC Opti Sailors and are very enthusiastic about the HYC program.

Alexandra Mares Alexandra started her sailing career at Austin Yacht Club through Green Fleet. She became one of my sailors two years ago when she decided she wanted to pursue the sport of sailing at a higher level. Her parents Adolf and Yolanda Mares started to drive her to Houston from Austin every weekend to train. She has worked very hard and has become one of our top sailors. She just recently got back from Palmos, Spain where she competed in the KABB Regatta. She also finished 3rd Overall in Blue Fleet at the TSA Roadrunner Regatta. She has stepped up to a whole new level. The Mares recently joined HYC because they love the program. Alexandra on her minimal off-time loves to paint. She is 12 years old and attends St. Mary's Catholic School. Her favorite color is green and her favorite food is Subway flat bread sandwiches with ham, bacon and extra cheese.

Paul Houston Paul has been a long time Ragnot and has learned his sailing skills at the Houston Yacht Club. Paul has really come on strong and had a strong finish of 6th place in White Fleet at the Roadrunner Regatta in Austin. Paul is one of HYC's up and coming rock stars. Paul's parents are Maya and George Houston. Maya is our Ragnot Parent Head and has really been working hard to make our summer program very special. Paul is 10 years old and in third grade at St Thomas Episcopal School in Houston. His Favorite food is vanilla ice cream and his favorite color is green.

HYC Ragnots at the Roadrunner Regatta

Alexandra Mares

Paul Houston April 2012 WINDJAMMER 15

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