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DOT LINE SURFACE DOTMAKESLINEMAKESSURFACE As points make lines that in turn make surface, a large number of projects that I have participated in form a solid foundation for me to become an excellent UX designer. This portfolio introduces me as a UX designer as reflected in these projects.

CONTENTS * ABOUT ME * HISTORY OVERVIEW * PERFORMANCE OF UX PROJECTS - Chapter 1 _ UX Design Study - Chapter 2 _ HANDS-ON Experience MOBILE(at Pantech) - Chapter 3 _ HANDS-ON Experience SMART TV(at Hand Studio)


HYANG EIM. SHIN. 1988.4.30 Phone 010.4106.7673 E-mail





2011 Pin Up Concept Design Awards ㅣ Win a Prize

2013.01.02 ~ 2013.12.31 Handstudio ㅣ UXD Team Junior Designer


2011 Lutronic Smart APP Awards ㅣ Excellent

2012.01.02 ~ 2012.12.31 Pantech ㅣ UX Team Engineer


2010.12.01~2012.12.28 Pantech l UX Track 1st 2011 Pantech l Overseas Study 2011 UX Camp Seoul l Volunteer&Speaker





1 STUDY FOR UX DESIGN UX MEMBER SHIP at PANTECH UX TRACK (2010.12 - 2011.12) Going beyond what I have learned in college on the industrial design (product designs), I experienced various methodologies and projects that would help me grow up to be a UX designer. Out of conducting these projects, I reaffirmed my interests and my future career in the UX design.

2 PROFESSIONAL WORK 1 MOBILE UX DESIGN at PANTECH (2012.01 - 2013.12) Thanks to my abilities and integrity at the Pantech UX Track, I began my career as a UX designer in UX Team of Pantech Inc. Working at the strategy division for the first year, I learned a lot of knowledge about various fields of IT, honed skills of data collection and analysis through working on usability evaluation, strategy analysis and training UX membership juniors. In particular, usability evaluations I have done during this period helped me understand users and meet their eyes before actually designing UX. For the next year, I have learned how to actualize ideas and realize actionable ideas through designing UIs for devices.

3 PROFESSIONAL WORK 2 SMART TV UX DESIGN at HAND STUDIO (2014.01 - 2014.12) A momentum to widen my perspectives and deepen my understanding of various devices through designing the UX for various types of devices such as smartphones and smart TVs.

2015 . . . . .

Chapter 1_

UX DESIGN STUDY DURATION : 2010.12 - 2011.12 A momentum to widen my perspectives and deepen my understanding of various devices through designing the UX for various types of devices such as smartphones and smart TVs. * UX Camp 2011 : As a UX public relation representative, I announced the excellent pre-assigned projects. * Beyond tablet(Research Project) : Proposed the future directions for tablet PCs on the basis of surveying and researching users * A proposal for the business-specific home-screen for Android devices: I experienced the process of mobile UI designs in the real business including research, user surveys, concept planning, task flow creations, and GUI proposals.



BEYOND TABLET PROPOSAL DURATION l 2011.01. ~ 2011.04 Even with the potential and increasing expansion of the tablet PC market, there still remain uncertainties about the tablet PC even with millions and millions of tablets currently in use. I established what the tablet is and proposed what it would look like in the future through various types of research.

STEP1 Rreresearch A The development and flow of products + B Situation Analysis A 10+ inch tablet PC with the usability different from that of smartphones

A. The development and flow of products

a grasp of the macroscopic trend of IT products by examining the changes that have taken place in IT products from periods to periods.

Project significance Experienced various methodologies for the first time and conducted in-depth research, dada collection and analysis, and ideation on the basis of analyzed and combined data. This experience, to a great extent, helped me understand the ecosystem of IT and technologies, which was beneficial for me to work and function in the IT sector..

STEP2 Desk Research

Future directions The research materials from A to D are put to use in proposing concepts in the future

C. Technology Research Survay the promising technology in current and future

comparison of the representative tablet PCs in the market and popular applications

STEP3 Proposal Goal

Type1.Near Feature a tablet with the usability different from that of the current tablet PC

1. User Research 2. OS Analysis 3. Ideation through combining lifestyle keywords with interview keywords 4. Draw a Concept 5. Diraction Suggestion

* Re-changes to wide screen * Many functions are being merged into a single one. * Devices are changing according to the evolution of the media. B. Situation analysis

D. Life Style Survey and analyze life styles to uncover major key -words. The discovered keywords are then redefined in accordance with the IT environment and are put to use in ideations.

Type2. Distant Future a proposal of a device with usability extended from the current concepts

1. Market Analysis 2. Ideation 3. Diraction suggests * 7inch : Smilar in smartphone usability * 10inch : Specilized usability for document, edit image, e-book etc. >> People generally favor 10-inch tablets and use them as a media-consumption device.


* Multimedia : Multimedia used for meeting various goals * A space : A space without physical constraints of the virtual space and the real space, the user-centered environment * Communication : Communication without the on-/offline distinction

TYPE1. Near Future Discovering concrete insights by interviewing tablet PC users * Kyeword : meeting personal needs/ Share/Diversity/Easy/Protection of private life/Physical conveince

1 User Interview Discovering concrete insights by interviewing tablet PC users

Actualization and visualization of the ideation on the basis of three directions below

“Manageable Tablet” 2 OS Analysis

Deriving insights through the analysis of Honeycomb OS for Android

3. Ideation through combining lifestyle keywords with interview keywords * life style key words : Multi-media contents/Space/Communication

- Easily accessible and easy to use for everyone - Making the best use of touches and a large display - Controlling and administrating the space

Direction 1ㅣ Easily accessible and easy to use for everyone 1-1 Home-screens specialized and optimized for representative categories It provides the user with the optimal environment, presenting users with contents specific for the category that users select on the home-screen. 1-2 A home-screen that automatically sets the device up when the user information is provided When the user inputs his or her information upon the initial boot-up, the device automatically sets up an optimized environment on the basis of the information provided.

1-3 A simple UI by which the user can check on the homescreen and folders at a single glance 1-5 A UI for grouping and indi -viduating widgets to increase the ease of use

1-4 A UI by which the user can preview and move to the homescreen from the lock screen fast and easy 3-6 A UI for easily assessing the user settings and contents through NFC

Direction 2ㅣ Making the best use of touches and a large display A UI for mini-sized windows and a home-screen making use of the large display of the tablet PC, this UI allows three applications to run independently on a single screen. Each window runs independently of the others and is efficiently managed, enabling effective multi-tasking.

Concept Idea 3 ㅣControlling and administrating the space 3-1 A predicted scenario of interlocking with other devices while engaging in a video call on a tablet, the user can transmit real-time videos of what is outside what is visible on the video call by interlocking with a smartphone. The contents from the two cameras are transmitted to the receiver simultaneously

TYPE 2. Distanct Future Direction1 ㅣ Tablet will be “Main Control Device” Tablet

Specific spaces (home, office, etc.) based on the easy-to-operate touches and mobility ex) It will bloom into a main device that governs the whole. The tablet will control the brightness of the lights as well as consumer electronic appliances such as TVs and Tablet refrigerators.

OS 1




1 Market Analysis Predict the possibility of extending Google Chrome OS and Cloud’s future move

* General research on the Google ecosystem based on Android and Chrome OS

*The possibility of extending Google Chrome OS * General flows and trends in the society *Extension of the usability of the tablet PC



Direction2 ㅣ Tablet will be “Empty Device” With the cloud services universalizing and Web OS solidifying, it will become possible for the user to install various kinds of OSes on the device in accordance with the usage and the environment, the device no longer being matched with a fixed OS. ex) One can freely use different OSes depending on the physical changes—schools, hospitals, or workplaces—or the OS will take different shapes depending on which device it is interlocked with.

Direction3 ㅣTablet will be “Multipurpose Device” The tablet PC will become freely interchangeable between an input device and an out-put device. It will evolve into a fluid device. Furthermore, through the easy synchronization with other devices, it will become an all-around device capable of performing many roles, using only the limited resources available. ex) One can watch movies—an output device—while using it as a keyboard or touchpad through interlocking with a computer—an input device.

Direction4 ㅣ Tablet will be “Display Centered Device”


1. The tablet PC will be extended to take various shapes as a display-focused device. (It will become crumplable or foldable to enable the efficient management of the large display.) 2. One can check on and manage personal information with the minimum input device. (The tablet PC can be used as a computer when the tablet is interlocked with the screens available in public places.)

Contribution * RESEARCH


* UX


Project significance An excellent opportunity to understand not only the UX including investigations, surveys, ideations, wire frame and GUI proposals but also differences among IT devices (phones and tablets)

DURATION l 2011.05. ~ 2011.08 Environmental changes in the use of smart devices and the expansion of the smart culture lead the businesses to adopt and use smart devices in their business. In accordance with this trend, I propose a business-specific home-screen to increase the business efficiency of workers over 20 years old.

STEP1 Trend & Pre Research

STEP2 Research

* Research of Smart Culture and Smart Work * Investigate Google’s future moves and predict the future * Survey the changes in office applications in business >>Survey the changes in office applications in business

40% 50%

STEP3 Concept



Idea1. Specialized for time & Schedule

+ Survey IT device to use in business field

Grasp user needs through surveys

Optimize the application for cooperation by strengthening the accessibility to office applications

Idea2. A proposal for the business-specific home-screen for Android devices

Specialized for cloud systems

Mainly use SNSs and e-mails and want a service specialized for business emails and scheduling Easily manage schedules using the received information without additional inputs

STEP5 Device-specific actualization

Time Board/line (A grouping function for the address book and files)

PHONE Overcome the disadvantages of the smaller display by separating the business mode from the general mode USIM (O)/ Call&Message(O) > Specialization for cooperation based on the contacts Passive usability due to the smaller display OS : Android Ginger Bread

ALL (A unified inbox)

Cooperation (A grouping function for the address book and files)

A unified inbox that enables users to check on various kinds of files such as e-mails, RSS and messages at a single glance. The files are arranged according to the time they are saved, allowing the users to recognize the information fast.

It allows shortcuts to the entries of the address book, enabling fast and easy accesses and group communication by combining various groups and files

TABLET Specialized for Multitasking and Strengthen the accessibility to Biz Station

Scrap Book Past

USIM(X) / Call&Message(X) > Specialization for cooperation based on the e-mail address Aggressive usability thanks to the display larger than that of smartphone OS : Android Honeycomb

TO DO LIST Current


It allows shortcuts to the entries of the address book, enabling fast and easy accesses and group communication by combining various groups and files

STEP4 Actualization of the ideation about functions common to both tablets & phones

PHONE A UI that ensures the effective usage of the device by separating the business mode from the general mode, meeting both personal and work needs for the device, given the smartphone’s characteristics of having a smaller display


BUSINESS Lock SCREEN Page1. Time&Schedule management BUSINESS MODE Page2 Cooperation & Contacts

Pushing Notice Gate of busness mode

A unified inbox that scraps all the infor(e-mail,RSS.message)


Space that scraps the infor -mation in POST (a unified inbox) * Save to past : Scrap * Save to Future : To do list

Grouped item for cooperation

TIME LINE(BOARD) Move to selected date * Past :scrap * Future : To do list

NORMAL MODE In the general mode, the home screen is used the way that of a garden-variety smartphone is used. The home screen enters the business-specific mode when the business mode entering area on the upper part of the home screen is touched.

BUSNESS MODE P1 The main screen of the business mode by default is consisted of a post that lists all the received information and a board that collects received information


BUSNESS MODE P2 A business-specialized home-screen that enables easy and fast accesses by grouping individually compartmentalized addresses and files

TABLET Reflecting the larger display and frequent usage of the tablet outside home, I proposed a UI specialized for multi-tasking and strengthened the accessibility to Biz stations.

Main Keyword - A UI Design that has aggressive usability thanks to the display larger - Improvement of Honycomb UI - Strengthening the accessibility to BIZ STATION and Specialized for multitasking

Time management & Scheduling 1. BIZ Station Cooperation & Contacts * Time management and scheduling: easy access to the file manager with the display larger than that of smartphones, considering that the tablet PC would be more suitable for file utilization thanks to its larger display * Cooperation and sharing files: a UI convenient for users to compose emails and attach files, making the most out of the larger display


2. History&Favorite Allow users to have easy accesses to information they are interested in by providing bookmarking in the history function




Strengthen the accessibility by moving the application drawer from the upper part of the home-screen in Honeycomb to the lower area Place a home button that enables freer multi-tasking, strengthening the accessibility

3. Muti-Tasking system bar Utilize the wasted space in the existing Honeycomb UI and turns it into a system bar for multi-tasking

Chapter 2_


DURATION l 2012.01.~2013.12 I have experienced user evaluations, strategy analysis, membership management, UX designs for smartphones for two years in Pantech Inc. Unlike my peers who just started UI designs upon joining the company, I had SMART TV UX DESIGN the privilege of experiencing strategy analysis and user evaluations for a at HANDSTUDIO(2013~NOW) year, which helped me look at the UX design from an objective and wider perspective. This experience helped me understand how important it is to objectively evaluate users and your own proposal, and accordingly revise it to enhance the usability when designing UI.





MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT(2012.01 ~ 2012.02) UX STRATEGE(2012.01 ~ 2012.03) USABILITY TEST(2012.01~2012.05) MOBILE UX DESIGN(2013.03~2012.12)





Responsible for managing and reporting on the projects that entail planning and managing the Pantech’s UX Track 2 consisting of 12 members, managing and administering the budget, contacting advisory professors, sub-mentoring projects, doing domestic as well as foreign promotions through Blog, Facebook and Twitter. I developed the ability to manage an organization and lead projects into their completion, from these various projects on the UX together with students.

Unearthed UX concept keywords, draw a general framework for Pantech UX taking it into consideration where this company is going in the future, and proposed them to the owner. While conducting these projects, I produced a video introducing main functions and concepts of the Pantech UX, surveyed business partners in North America, and explained the major functions of the Pantech UX on the website.





I wrote more than 20 reports of usability evaluation for 15 months. The reports arising out of the usability assessments I undertook were highly valued as they were used in not only detecting defects of the newly planned applications and improving these applications but also deriving new ideas. As a matter of fact, the usability assessments led to many improved functions and were highly appraised. From this experience, I have learned how to do research on user usage patterns and acquired an ability to evaluate the usability in advance by examining various usage patterns.

I experienced the process of planning the mobile UI such as conducting research on various products relevant the settings UI designs, unearthing UX concepts, writing UI plans and GUI guide books, generating new ideas, consulting other divisions regarding the range of function development and target models. The major functions I planned include the safe return function, the capture function, placed at the lower bar, that enables the user to take whole or partial screen captures, the new pen-related UI for models with pens




MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENTS DURATION l 2012.01. ~ 2013.02 Responsible for managing and reporting on the projects that entail planning and managing the Pantech’s UX Track 2 consisting of 12 members, managing and administering the budget, contacting advisory professors, sub-mentoring projects, doing promotions through Blog, Facebook and Twitter. I developed the ability to manage an organization and lead projects into their completion, from these various projects on the UX together with students.



Managing and planing

Sub-mentoring projects

Administering the budget

Contacting advisory professors

Insight session1 Jan


Refresh Mar


Insight session 2 May


User Research Project

UX Innovation Project

- Multi-tasking

- Entertainment

- Simple UI - Common UI


Insight session 3 Jul



- Simple UI - Affordance UI Industrial-educational cooperation project - Purchase factors research of SKY Smart phone

overseas study - IFA Germany

- Taught basic survey methodologies

New ideas for actual devices

- Excellent members only

- Strengthened core competencies on the basis

UI Documents

of petite projects

GUI Proposal Out of competitions among teams

PROJECT RESULTS 45 items were improved or reflected in the products

INSIGHT SESSION 1 > Research Project 2012.01.04~2012.03.30 Develop the basic ability to do desk research and expand the scope of thinking through analyzing UX trends. A significant industry-university cooperation UIP project

INSIGHT SESSION 2 User Experience Inovation Project 2012.05.22~2012.08.30 Propose ideas on the bases of the methodologies learned from research projects and their results New and improved ideas, full TF and GI on the topics that can be applied to the business

INSIGHT SESSION 3 Oberseas Study 2012.08.30~2012.10.01 (08.30~09.04) Offer the chance to go to German IFA for excellent member only

Team1. Simple UI for smart phone biginner

Team2. Proposal of Multi-Tasking concept

Team3. Propose a consistent universal mobile UI

- Simple UI Market/Competitors Analyze - Proposal of Simple UI - GUI Proposal

- Comparing each OS, Competitor & FLUX(Vega) UI analyze. - Proposal of New Multi tasking Idea (Key flow&GUI dummy)

- Analyze Report (Comparing each OS, Competitor & FLUX(Vega) UI analysis. - Liquidation Report (proposal of FLUX UI’s Future direction)

Team1. Verify and supplement the Pantech’s Simple UI and propose a new Simple UI concept

Team2. Grasp the current situation of Flux UI’s UI Affordance and propose a universal UI Affor -dance rule

- Research and analyze Simple UI - Proposal : Screen definition, TF, GUI Proposal

- Analyze Report(Problem of FLUX UI analyze) - Proposal(Flux UI improvement&UI Check-list)

Team3.Entertainment App concept proposal through combine music/camera App

- Analyze Report of camera/Music App UI - New proposal : Full task flow / GUI guide - Video of user scenario - Service Blueprint


UX STRATAGE DURATION l 2012.02. ~ 2013.03 Unearthed UX concept keywords, draw a general framework for Pantech UX taking it into consideration where this company is going in the future, and proposed them to the owner. While conducting these projects, I produced a video introducing main functions and concepts of the Pantech UX, surveyed business partners in North America, and explained the major functions of the Pantech UX on the website.


Analyze the reference

Introducing main functions and concepts of the Pantech UX, surveyed business partners in North America, and explained the major functions of the Pantech UX and future plan

Analyze the reference phones from other companies and use the results of the analysis in the trend analysis and UX strategies for the company.

- VZW 2014 Proposal - AT & T Design Summit

- Analyze RakuRaku phone of Fujitsu - HTC J Butterfly UI Analysis - Analyze Tablet APP _ Flipboard UI Analysis

Project significance Built the ability to conduct research and the foundation for analysis and had a better understanding of the foreign partners (Japan and North America). Producing the suggested videos taught me how to cooperate with other divisions through gathering and mediation

Production of the video

- Production of the video suggested in the first half of 2014 - Target: North American partners including AT&T and Verizon as well as Japanese partners such as KDDI Produce a proposal video on the Pantech UX that stresses the advantages and systematicity of the Pantech PLUX UX and played it to business partners abroad. Used as presentation material on model suggestion meetings and as an introduction of UX on UX suggesting meetings with business partners


USABILITY TEST DURATION l 2012.01. ~ 2013.05 Regularly conduct usability assessments on newly developed or already existing functions to verify the improved user satisfaction and how much the initial design intentions of the UX are reflected in the products. Major tasks include the preparation stage such reviewing plans, choosing functions that need verification, and recruiting users, the test procedure, acting as an observer and a moderator, and the clean up stage of writing up usability reports after the test.

Project significance 프로젝트의 의의 Through evaluation, I have learned to understand 탐구, 조사,usability 아이데이션, Wire frame, GUI Proposal등 실무 UI기획 과 users and become able to look at theUX업무에 technology the IT 유사한 프로세스로 프로젝트를 진행하며 대한from 이해도와 users’ perspective on 차이를 the basis of this understanding and to 디바이스(폰, 타블렛)별 이해할 수 있는 좋은 기회였음 propose objective ideas Learn how to digitize the quantitative data and analyze it from various perspectives to discover implications and develop them into new ideas

Project List


- Sketch pad Stage2_UT Test - Text action Stage2_UT Test - Camera Stage2_UT Test - My home Stage1 test - Home screen Stage2_UT Test - Sketch pad Stage2_UT Test - Simple General Stage2_UT Test - To do Stage2_UT Test - Text action 2nd Stage2_UT Test - Align UI Stage2_UT Test - E-mail Stage2_UT Test - Browser Stage2_UT Test - Camera 2nd Stage2_UT Test - Scret mode, Apps, 지문인식 Stage2_UT Test


Verify the usability on the basis of the plans of the to-be-released products and examine if the plan clearly explains the functions.

Paper Prototyping

Heuristic Review

Verify the usability of the newly planned functions and the functions that need the verification on paper and actual mobile devices.

Process of stage 2 Preparation




Profile (questionnaire)


Wrqp-up Interview

Analyze (Error List)

Wirting up Report

UT Test Subject



Subject Profile


After Interview Analysis Report

Persona Recorded Video

Observer Report





● Scenario

● Usability Test

● Analyze

● Make a Report

Review the devices and their plans for new functions and the functions needing usability evaluation, choose items that call for verification and write up verification scenarios. This task usually involves three major tasks and I obtain data by conducting pre-interviews after the completion of the task.

Construct a simple questionnaire to assess how well users have mastered their mobile phones and profiles of the testees before the usability evaluation. A moderator administers the test while the user behaviors are documented in detail by observers and recording.

On the basis of observer sheets and the recorded video, any factors that hinder usability are documented on the error list and then digitized. Any minor errors the users subconsciously made are recorded in detail so that they are used as base materials for the final report.

On the basis of the analyzed error list, usability hindering elements and their usability are graded into H, M, or L. Additional significant user feedbacks and additional ideas or suggestions based on user behaviors are also recorded for future reference.



Project significance 프로젝트의 의의 After 조사, having been trained how to perceive things from objec탐구, 아이데이션, Wirein frame, GUI Proposal등 실무 UI기획 과 tive and analytic 프로젝트를 perspectives through usability 유사한 프로세스로 진행하며 UX업무에 대한evaluation 이해도와 ITand strategy analysis, I proceed to do actual designs appropriate 디바이스(폰, 타블렛)별 차이를 이해할 수 있는UI 좋은 기회였음 for Android and its devices. This experience taught me how to propose solid and actionable ideas on the basis of understanding the technology and to actualize the idea in cooperation with other divisions.

DURATION l 2013.03. ~ 2013.12. I experienced the process of planning the mobile UI such as conducting research on various products relevant the settings UI designs, unearthing UX concepts, writing UI plans and GUI guide books, generating new ideas, consulting other divisions regarding the range of function development and target models. The major functions I planned include the safe return function, the capture function, placed at the lower bar, that enables the user to take whole or partial screen captures, the new pen-related UI for models with pens

Generating new idea

Target models & schedule consultation

UI plans and GUI guide

Usability verificatio

Lanching -Anlyze refrence -Generating new idea

- UI wireframe v 0.9 - Consulting other divisions

-UI Wirefarme & TF -GUI Proposal& Guidline

-UFT(user frienly test) -UT(Usability test) -S/W Review

Project List

Project List

1. UI Design & Proposal 2. arget models and schedule consultation 3. Makes GUI concept and guide 5. Analysis of the reference devices from other companies 6. Meeting client’s requirement 7. Meeting the project deadline 8. User Friendly Test

■ Smart Phone - VEGA Secret Note - VEGA LTE-A - VEGA IRON - VEGA NO.6 / R3 / RACER2 / S5 VEGA Gift Pack (S/W Update) - PANTECH PERCEPTION - PANTECH DISCOVER





VEGA LTE-A Search for settings

Sound settings

Safety Return Mode

Plan the search function for settings: it allows the user to get to the hard-to find setting functions fast and easy by making the relevant functions directly accessible to the user by choosing the relevant function during the search on the search icon placed at the top of the setting tab.

Reorganize the setting items for touch sounds and keyboard touch sounds that were hard to get to in the previous UI, so that users can easily find these items. The sound effects for them are increased from one to three, giving the diversity.

Plan a safe return function that helps users get home safely - Arrival time alert: it determines if the user arrives at the destination at the pre-determined time and transmits the user’s location. - Real-time location alert: transmits location information at a determined interval - Emergency lock screen: a lock screen that provides fast accesses to functions needed in emergency situations including real-time video, emergency calls and S.O.S alerts

Project Name : VEGA LTE-A Duration : 2012.7.~2013.08. Device Feature - Widen Screen LTE-A - Way to lock using fingerprint verification - IR sensor Motion recognition - Design Home - Safety return mode



[Safety return mode]





V-Pen Settings


● 시나리오 작성 신규 기능 혹은 사용성 검증이 필요한 기능을 대상으로 단말 및 기획서를 검토하여 검증이 필요한 항목을 대상으로 검증 시나리오 작성 - 보통 3개의 task로 구성되며 task뒤 Pre interview 실시

New functions that accommodate the new V-pen hardware *Various options for pen-detachment - Mini V Note, Text Actions: automatically launch pre-set applications upon the pen-detachment - V Pen Cover: V pen cover is an editable panel that runs when the user detaches the pen. It contains four applications the user previously set up and selecting it can launch one of the four applications. * Other related plans - Automatic change into the pen-touch mode - Automatically enter the editing mode upon capturing after the pen-detachment - Pen detachment/insertion sounds

With the addition of a pen to the mobile, three modes of different degrees of touch sensibility are provided.

Setting Bookmark

Enhance the accessibility by enabling the users to customize the frequently used items on the second control tab of Notification

- Normal Touch Mode : Specialized normal use - Glove Touch Mode : Specialized glove use - Pen Touch Mode : Specialized pen use * Allow an easy and fast change into the touch mode from the notification area of the upper part of the display

Project Name : VEGA SECRET NOTE Duration : 2013.2.~2013.10. Device Feature - Scret Home for fingerprint verification - Design Home - V Pen - USB Host - 2.5GHz quad-core 3GB RAM


[Touch Mode]

Contribution * UX



PATENT APPLICATION DURATION l 2011.07. ~ 2011.08 Date : 2012.08.17 Applicant : Pantech Co,. Ltd Inventer : Hyang Eim Shin, Ye Seul Park, Tong Jung Title : Ways of providing user interfaces capable of multitasking, mobile terminals, a media capable of decoding computers

This invention is a UI that enables multi-tasking by dividing the screen into two when the user wants to launch more than one application at the same time


When an application is running, a 2-point drag from the upper part of the screen or the left edge generates a multi-tasking bar. A 2-point drag from the upper part of the screen creates a multitasking bar in the middle of these two points. A 2-point drag from the left edge generates the task bar at the ending point. This invention allows the user to intuitively divide the screen and use them. It also allows the fast and convenient use and management of multi-tasking via the multi-tasking bar. This also provides the ease of use in the multi-tasking environment by allowing the user to control the divided areas through dragging.

STEP1 Start multitasking

STEP2 Method of using multitasking tab 1 Selecting the window to use activates it into the ready-to-be-used status

3 Strengthen the accessibility to frequented applications by providing the favorite function at the bottom of the screen

2 When an application to be used is either tapped or drag-dropped, the application runs on the activated window.

Chapter 3_


DURATION : 2013.01 - 2013.12 Proposals on smart TV services and application UX designs for smart TVs and STB (Set top box). The major projects include UX designs for Slideshare of Humax, the Talking Tom (Outfit 7) UX design for Samsung smart TVs, improving Samsung STB PVR UX. This series of tasks help me understand the devices other than mobile phones. The Samsung STB PVR UX improvement project in particular is a chance for me to directly get involved in improving the UX of Samsung native applications and to delve deeply into the structure of smart TVs.



* UX

SLIDE SHARE DURATION l 2014.03 ~ 2014.06 An application UX design that enables users to enjoy, with ease, the SlideShare service on a bigger display, an iconic service of presentation sharing platform that boasts of 60 million visits a month, more than 13 hundred million page views


Project significance This was the first TV UX design project I conducted. This was very significant for me because I learned a lot about the characteristics and functional differences of the new device, and also because I designed the UI by focusing on TVs’ characteristics of being operated by manipulating remote controls.

Features of Slideshare 1. Enjoy a rich trove of PPTs and PDFs uploaded to the online SlideShare 2. Intuitive navigation among slides using an RCU button 3. Easy content search through keywords and categorization

[Viewing Slide] * Full Screen/Favorite button * Page navigation with RCU(right/left)

[Category] * Offered diversity category menu considering feature of TV that is hard to input text with RCU

4. Favorite function to save and re-read documents users like

Adventage & Features of UX 1. Provide a guide for users not familiar with the functions of SlideShare 2. Minimize the steps to the destination slide - Provide the search function by keywords - Provide an easy search using the filter (category) system - Strengthen the accessibility to the interested slides by providing the bookmarking capacity 3. Minimize keystrokes - Search and check on all the information using the 4-directional key and the return key - Avoid using colored keys 4. Reflect the characteristics of TVs and SlideShares - Contents appropriate for TVs (PPT, PDF / Presentation contents). - Highlight the sharing platform on the screen consisting of Highlighted Contents and Trending, allowing the users to examine the slides other users are interested in.

[Main Screen] * Showing Top6 Presentations of the day at the main screen * Easy accessibility to top menu such as category/search/Favorite



* UX

SAMSUNG STB PVR UI DESIGN DURATION l 2014.04. ~ 2014.09 Design the new UI for PVR (Personal Video Recorder) of Samsung STB (Set Top Box). The main goal is to unify the UI across Samsung smart TVs and STBs and develop a new standard STB PVR UI, taking into account the differences in technologies and usability between STBs and smart TVs. Work Proccess




- Study the documents for the smart TV and STB UI - STB specifications and requirements


UI Design


Project significance This is an important project because not only is it a UX design for native applications loaded by default on the released products, but also it involves a wider range of possibilities realizing the functions and the UX design calls for various suggestions on the basis of detailed understanding of the device’s characteristics and technologies involved. This is an important project from which I get a better understanding of TVs and learned about various exceptions.

Wrap Up

- Proposal new UI Proposal for STB

- Translation of Documents

- Make a document for Wire Frame and Flow

- Make a document for string - Function consultation

- Predict conflict case and exceptional cases


Main Functions - Record - Schedule Viewing & Recording - Automatically Time-shift - Information Banner (synopsis/related contents..etc) - My program list (saved or scheduled contents managing)






Auto Time-Shift Design a UI that reflects STB’s characteristics of automatically turning on time-shifts when it is turned on, the function that helps viewers watch programs broadcasted prior to the present

Contextual pannel

Design an information UI that helps viewers recognize the automatic time-shifting on a newly introduced banner

Features of STB

Information Banner Design a UI that allows easy accesses to relevant various information (persons, related contents, series contents, and so on) without interrupting viewers

Design a UI that minimizes the conflicts among gateways that can happen under the recording, watching and time-shifting situations by prioritizing, taking it into consideration that STB has multiple gateways as opposed to smart TVs.

Tunner Conflict




Project significance It is a great opportunity to have a clearer understanding of characteristics and functions of mobile phones and TVs by being involved in the project from the first stage of planning new ideas about developing a Talking Tom application for TVs to the UX design stage. However, I feel sorry that the project was kept in hold due to the conflicts between Samsung and Outfit 7 and never went to the development stage.

DURATION l 2014.04. ~ 2014.07 Suggest Talking Tom Friends for TV appropriate for the large TV display

Project Purpose 1. Develop Talking Tom Friends contents appropriate for smart TVs 2. Extend the interest elements of Talking Tom Service 3.Develop killer applications specialized for TV

4. Maintain the identity of Talking Tom service 5. Use as the promotion channel for Samsung and Outfit 7 6. Promote various functions of smart TVs (Motion & Voice recognition etc.)

Features Tom’s House Space where the identify of Tom responding to the user’s behaviors is shown while maintaining the mobile experiences Cinema Promotion channel that makes use of VOD contents of Talking Tom Friends

Talking Tom Friends Town

Concert Hall An a capella band that adds an interest element, making use of the voice modulation, the defining identity of Talking Tom

Theme Park Entertaining mini games making use of the pointings of the magic mouse

Work Process 1. Application제작 의뢰

2. Proposal

4. UX Design

Schedule&Function consultation

Although I developed a Talking Tom application, a killer application for mobiles, for TVs through a different company, the developed application turned out to be inconvenient to use and unattractive due to the lack of consideration about the different usages of mobiles and TVs. I commissioned the development of a killer application that freely makes use of Talking Tom contents.


Analyze why the existing Talking Tom application for TVs has failed and find the factors that would maximize the profits of the two-company project. On the basis of this analysis, I propose a function that extends the characteristics of Samsung TVs and Outfit 7 service and expands into other characters

After reviewing suggestions, I choose the functions that are appropriate for the directions the two companies are taking and design the concrete UX.



SK STB KIDS PORTAL DURATION l 2014.07. ~ 2014.12. Design a UI of SK Broard Band STB Kids Portal APP

Project Purpose 1. Allow parents and their infants to easily manage and consume contents for infants by centralizing scattered contents and providing them\ 2. Provide promotion channels for many providers of contents for infants 3. Manage infants’ watching patterns and teach them desirable watching habits 4. Strengthen the accessibility to the information by categorizing various kids of contents

Project significance Thanks to the wider scope of the development of the applications to be loaded up to the SK STB and the clients who insist on the high quality application designs, there have been many suggested UI designs. Although it was a very demanding project, it was a great opportunity for me to examine the UI design from various perspectives. As it was an application making use of infant contents, it was also a chance to think deeply about various personas ranging from kids to parents.

Features Advertisement OAP / Event

Category Menu

Character Menu

Setting for parents

Recent watched VOD

Depending on either what contents of the content providers are played or specific events, forward viewers to the appropriate portal pages for kids

An UI that allows users to easily access contents by categorizing them and add additional menus fluidly

Easy access to popular series contents by providing menus for each animation characters on the main screen as well as by tagging new contents

Provide various menu settings for parents such as the kid mode, kid-lock settings, bookmarks, purchase history, restriction settings for children (the number of contents and the duration)

Easily access the most recent VOD contents, enabling the easy consumption of contents

Kids World(comics for infants),Sing and Play(songs and dance routines),Learn and Play (education)






[UI 기획서]


THANK YOU Each project is significant for me as it forms the foundation for the DNA as a UX designer. I hope to be able to study at your institution, wondering how what I will experience there affects me as a UX designer.

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Hyangeim Shin

Hyangeim's UX Portfolio  

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