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Kanoko and wounds

I’ll give you my wounds

It’d be good if he had the same wounds as me

Then I... Can I hurt yuki-nii more like this?

I want to hurt Yukinii

hey I?

I really hate him

Kanokochan’s hand is warm

Yesterday— … it was really hot when you hit me

The heat isn’t the same as that time

Warm when you want to connect with someone, hot when you want to hurt someone

Even though it’s the same touch

Strange, even though it’s the same hand

The feeling of falling in love with someone must be the same

I understood because I got hit by kanokochan that time and I underfelt pain stood because yukitakun’s hands are warm

I also remembered that kouchan’s hands are cold

From now on, no matter how much it hurts, I have to be brave and get hurt

That’s why, coming into contact with others is… to live is...

To get hurt, I think.

But no matter how warm it is, anything above excitement is actually ‘pain’...

Like times when it’s tough, you’ll still get hurt

That’s why the me who has been running away from pain up till now, won’t do

For the sake of meeting a gentle pain

This wind is a gentle pain

It feels really good

Now matter how warm it is, it’s painful, if so


Since when have you been here? For the sake of meeting a gentle pain

Sorry, since quite a while ago


I have to get hurt without running away



I was actually just running away

Because I wanted you to stay in this city forever

I, too

Because I didn’t want you to leave

Because I liked yuki-nii

Yeah‌ sorry


...sorry Even so, I want to leave this city

Thank you, okay—?


Don’t smile


Somehow, even though I thought I had nothing Even though I thought I was empty, the tears flowed on and on

The wind embracing the empty me… the ‘gentle pain’ tabi talked about

Quickly dried the tears on me

—so you happily made up

Shut up

That’s youth!

Nishimurasan’s such an old man

Since it’s her first time She said she wanted to do her best and stay at school for one day

Yeah, it seems kanoko can go to the shopping mall via toto’s path

We’re meeting at the public baths at the shopping mall in the evening

Public baths? what about tabi-kun?

Ah, she stayed behind at school

It’s a pity but I can’t go

Ehh why?

She said she’d show me something nice after the bath

We haven’t gotten in a big bath for ages

Nishimurasan should come too

Look, I didn’t get a tegata from the toto doll

Ahh I see!

I wanted to see that tegata

The fact that nishimurasan’s memories remain mean that you got a tegata from somewhere like me, right?


Ah what if you strip off now...

Noooo oo!?

Because ...

Whyyy, I wanted to see nishimurasan’s bare body!!

Ahh— sheesh— if only toto were here

Just joking

I would get a tegata quickly where did he go...

Oh, it’ll be soon be time, right? Yukitakun

Looks like the wind has picked up



...No, I wasn’t asking about yukitakun

It’s fine, we’re on really good terms so She said she wouldn’t do anything!

But is it okay

To meet with kanoko -chan?

I was asking about kanokochan?



The bath!!

Mine are really clear on my arm It happened when we shook hands properly

Woah it’s real! There’s a tegata on my back!!

Ehh the where is yukitakun’s?

Tegata are freely copied to the places that sekimori touch Like a stamp

When we shook hands, it appeared on my arm instead of my palm

You won’t be able to tell

Whether that tegata is genuine or a duplicate copy Whether that person is a real sekimori or not

yeah Won’t be able to tell?

A sekimori’s own genuine tegata is Tabi… do you like yuki-nii?

Something that appears on your palm

Even though he’s a normal person with nothing when he’s with me

Even though he seems to be suffering the same as me

I felt that my wounds became alright too

Yuki-nii smiles a lot

So I tried to put my wounds on yuki-nii… even so, yuki-nii continued to smile

It’s laughable for a person who has nothing to smile To look so unaffected

I thought that I could also become like yuki-nii and laugh...

I smell sweet, ripe peaches

Oh right, it’s peach season It sure is summer—

We’re out, yukinii—


How is this ‘something nice’?

Oh, it’s almost time

The ‘something nice’ is that

My thoughts exactly

I borrowed them

You!? Those clothes ...

I lent them to her

Shooting stars

The shooting stars will come again at the same time

It’s okay, you can still make a wish tomorrow

Crap, I forgot to wish!

Those shooting stars granted my wish...


Because the It’s shooting no stars you see use right now are like a video replay of the shooting stars that day

The real thing is much, much more dazzling

They don’t have any power to grant wishes

The shape of a human emerged from that light

It was so bright that even when I closed my eyes, the radiance didn’t disappear at all

Ah, it’s fine to keep your eyes closed

I’ll grant your wish

The next time you open your eyes

You will see the world you desire

Before you open your eyes, make a wish

Passing by each day, without any power, without any meaning

In the end, I didn’t wish for anything

Those shooting stars and I‌ are quite similar

Hey! Kanokochan In the past, kou-chan said If my wish could be granted now, what would I wish for?

Stars can’t see the pretty light shining from their own bodies

They don’t know that they themselves are stars, instead they think that other stars are pretty

Though the light of the stars is pretty

The one who sees that beauty is the one who gazes upon them

Kanokochan is probably like that right now

I’m sure of it!

Didn’t you say you liked me!?

Don’t look so lovestruck like that

Okay okay, I’m going home

...I see, I might actually fall in love with kou -chan



Still hurts a little even now

The smell of peaches brings back many lost feelings

Like gentle pain, the sweet smell...

Like the fires welcoming souls back to the world at the obon festival every year

The smell of peaches announcing the arrival of summer to this city

At that time, how much will I have advanced towards you?

Just like how I remember the past summer of last year

Next year, I wonder if I’ll remember my feelings right now

Somehow, this soap

I’ve decided! From now onwards, I’ll yuki-nii

I don’t really like its scent

I’ll be sure to take more baths with this soap

If this city returns to normal This soap will decrease in size, right?

I’ve been fooling you great up to now

Let’s polish ‘me’

I have more acting talent than yuki-ni

Idiot! The path of a stage actor is deep and long

You still have a long way to fool us, you know?

Oh yeah, I’m going to the theatre later

Well, nishimura-san seemed to be a little touched

Being hurt over and over and polished over and over… in the end I’ll shine like a star

Yuki-nii,, could it be...


Oh right!

Even though In the nishimuraend I san isn’t a never got sekimori, he to see retains his nishimura memories -san’s like me

To me, that means he’s like kanokochan and actually has a tegata, right?

bare body!

Somehow I can’t imagine it for that person Nishimurasan’s always spaced out


Yuki-nii’s imagination is rather weak

Because nishimurasan is a little similar to kou -chan

...I think I sort of get it Any girl who likes yuki-nii must have really strange tastes...

His kindness

Oh and

His way of speaking

The way he smiles a little…?

‘no incidents today’

Good evening, nishimurasan

Tsukiko‌ -chan!?

Please don’t call me ‘-chan’

yeah Did you buy a peach?

A present for nishimurasan

I’m not a little girl anymore I smell peaches—

Makes old injuries twinge with pain

The sweet scent of peaches...

Tabi to Michizure 10  

Tabi to Michizure Ch. 10 scanlation

Tabi to Michizure 10  

Tabi to Michizure Ch. 10 scanlation