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Because ...

It’s a robot, a robot!

A huge robot, no less!!

Not being able to investigate what those guys are planning makes me really uneasy!

...You’ve been mumbling to yourself for a while, so what did you find?

What on earth is happening to the world?!

...conveniently, we still haven’t been able to find a ‘manifested character’ huh...

How suspicious

Besides the short story, if he wanted to upload a new illustration, wouldn’t he choose a time when more people are online?

...When I saw this post, I had a thought.

This, this was suddenly uploaded in the middle of the night


It’s a new concept art It was posted for ‘selesia’ by the original that was author along trending with a short recently story, and it created a huge buzz

No, you don’t have to analyse it that For a much... famous author, everyone will see it

So what part of that is suspicious... It’s already created a huge buzz now

He made it so elaborate, you know?! It’s drawn for a specific purpose?!

Because of the rampage of the author’s burning love…?!


This means, when the author finished his work he wanted to show this selesia to others as soon as possible,

In other words, the reason why selesia manifested is,

It’s obvious that he posted it by reflex!

This may be a hint for meeting a ‘manifested character’.

If I just continue my fan activities as usual, I wonder if shosama will manifest…?


I’m going, susumu! Hey wait!

This… this isn’t a date, right…?! Sheesh, doing as she pleases...

This is my opinion.

…hey, miharu.

How long do you intend to stare at the tiny screen of your smartphone.

Going out to town like this, it’s a normal weekend after all.

When we’re not investigating, we still have our daily lives here.

If I look at it calmly, it’s just something like mass hysteria...

When I think about it, there’s no way an anime character can manifest...

’ ’

Were you so reluctant to believe it, that you started to confuse reality and desires...

Shut up…!

Don’t you think something is weird? … susumu.

You have no proof?!

Aren’t you the one avoiding reality?!

Listen, that’s a robot of justice, it won’t do such a thing.

Shh! Huh??


Then can you see reality?!

If that robot begins an invasion on earth what are we going to do?!

Not that!

Indeed, this arm is designed to be wobbly so you can’t actually use it‌!

Look, come here for a bit!

Over at that end...

And behind that pillar...




...look closely.

Yeah, exactly.

What…? Those guys are outright suspicious… are they Why are special they police?!



Damn! Thinking about it makes me annoyed again…!

She used some complicated ability, that lying girl…!

Some, sometimes you should play a game to refresh your spirit!

Heh, you’re surprisingly good at it!

Well, There were also games like this.

His imagination created a rather amazing world...

In ‘that’ world,


He saw my moves and still challenged me, how interesting...

Let’s try turn this around.

This is a match with the person at the console opposite us, right?


A battle with a trespasser!


Uwahh perfect loss...

Mirokuji big bro, calm down! There there...

We don’t know who it is, shall we take a quick look…?


My intuition wasn’t wrong after all…!

‘ Wasn’t it just by luck.

Could it be… as expected of mirokuji big bro...

Don’t you remember ?!


Someone you know, mirokuji big bro?

The way we parted… I’ve been searching for you ever since, you know?

No no don’t misunderstand, nothing happened okay?!


I really wanted to meet you, mirokuji!


So you do know her!

Did I say I’m an avid fan?

She was This the one guy! from that time, the one chasing sho!

No no this is just my childhood friend!

… Denying it so quickly just makes it more suspicious instead.

In the first place why do you keep saying ‘shosama’, you already have a proper boyfriend.

What’s that...

A lover’s spat…?!

Hey! Let’s go!

I stood out a bit too much. ...ah— shit...

For now, I’ll feign ignorance


No... You’ve accepted our current situation way too fast

Don’t you know how romantic this is?

Whaaat, are you scared!

this isn’t the gundam in odaiba...

...the fact that that’s strangely convincing pisses me off.


Let me ask you know instead, in a situa... tion where you’ve met a ‘manifested character’, you wouldn’t be surprised by anything that happened after that, right? Normally.

Flying through the sky in a huge robot’s hand, isn’t that something guys love!


Kanoya, your gigas whatever is seriously cool.

Seriously, be careful, okay?

It’ll be a bother if you think of gigas machina as a taxi!

Sometimes I have to spread my wings like this.

Even the ‘created’ need privacy!

Sorry to big sis kikuI didn’t chihara say anybut, thing like that?,


Explaining is a nuisance so just go with it...




It seems that the existence of the created, who ignore the laws of this world, places a load on the world.


Flying in the sky, using magic,


If the created continue to manifest and exceed the capacity of this world, it seems that the world will be destroyed.

The phenomenon by which a created appears from a work, we call it ‘manifestation’...

Isn’t it just as I thought!?

It’s not like we wanted to manifest...


No way…!

Everyone will die…?!

It really is a bother!

In that case, you guys, go back to your original worlds!

That’s so sudden...


She’s the perpetrator with the power to make the created manifest, and she’s seeking to destroy this world...

We were ‘honoured’ to be chosen from among so many characters by this princess.

If you have a problem take it up with her.

This kid originally didn’t have any doubts that we ‘created’ existed anyway.

That’s true but...

Wait, is it If she finds okay to tell them so out she’ll much? definitely be angry...

I don’t care.

I knew I saw her somewhere…!


Wait a minute …!?

She’s a character originating from niwavideo!

Altair! I saw her in the park that night…!

Eh… there isn’t much information, but this girl doesn’t have such a power...


Though I think she had good sense in picking out ‘exclusive underground’—

Do you want to get hit…?

You had to choose this guy

Like I KNOW.

It can’t be helped… in that case,


...that means

I have to go tell altair about shosama’s greatness…!

It’s the collapse of the world, what do you mean by ‘just’.

If sho-sama manifests, I’ll just close my eyes.

If you die you won’t be able to marry shosama.

Huh?? Like he said, it’s this person’s fault that the world is in a big pinch and in danger of a ‘big collapse’, weren’t you listening…?

That, that would be a problem...

Stop it.

Plus— Don’t think about dumb things like trying to find her.

Altair is very elusive… we don’t know where she is.


Killed ‘kirameki mamika’.

Altair is serious.

You guys aren’t related to this, don’t get dragged in.

This isn’t just some world’s ‘story’...

The destruction of the world of humans and creators by the created...

It’s a dumb idea...

Bu, but i...

Don’t you realize?

For someone who doesn’t know about it, it’s better to think of it as just a ‘story’

Between you and the created.

Can you draw the distinction?


It, it’s not like I said I’m telling that. you not to do anything dangerous!

What’s with that? Don’t tell me to give up on sho-sama?!

’ ’ I get it...

I get it.

That’s it.

In anticipation of your obsession with finding the created...

It’s quite possible that shosama will manifest, right?

Since mirokuji manifested,

The possibility exists.

In preparation for the final battle with altair, I’m making more friends.


In return, if I see sho, I’ll tell you.

I’ll stop sticking my neck into dangerous things.

But I’ll continue looking for sho-sama.


I thought you were a bad guy, but you’re pretty interesting.

I don’t get it— these people…!

For a villain to save the world...

...why did they become so friendly.

How selfish...

Ah? You...

The creator. You, even though you’re supposed to be a bad guy, you’re actually a nice person.



Exchanging contacts with someone you don’t really know, is that okay...


Of course, you won’t get a second chance!

I’ll be making battle preparations to hit altair head-on.

Huh, what’s that?

I look forward to your contacting me with information soon.

...even so, when we bid farewell to mirokuji...

It felt like he was putting on airs somehow,

Miharu ?

Ah... Hey.

Ah…! Hey miharu?!


That’s ...


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