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Wai‌ wait a moment, Maehatasan!

Please tell us the story!

I have nothing to talk to you about!

Are you really reflecting on it?


Shut up!

Maehatasan, you sold 16 innocent children.


Do you yourself not think that the sentence was too light?

What are your thoughts on the suspended sentence?

That kid, that's the one that stood in the witness stand, right.

Yeah, that's right… She alone became Maehata's adopted child…

Good grief… what a bastard.

Hey, that…



Now then, guess I'll go home.

Maehata… Megu…

Was that story true!?

About him becoming your adopted father…

Maehata Megu-san, right, can we speak with you?

Please tell us what you know. Please tell us more about that testimony.

About Maehata Shinnosuke…

Can you stop!!

Takadasensei, it's alright…

I'll talk.

This child testified admirably on the witness stand.

Don't make her suffer any more!

I don't mind if you make it into an article.

I'll tell you everything.

Megu… -kun…

Um, then, Megu-san, please tell us beginning from your childhood.

Please let her do it… Takadasensei… Joekun…

This is our...

Megu's… fight.

Ah, wait, can I take your picture.

If it's for the sake of defeating Maehata, we'll do anything…

That's what the two of us decided on.

It was like this at that time too…

No matter how oppressed you are… No matter how absurd it is…

Good grief, whether it's Nomoto-kun or you siblings, you always surprise me.


You never turn away from your principles…

As long as there's a chance, even a small one, we'll never give up.

For the sake of those 'principles' …

That might be true.

The other three, right now… they're also fighting.


Hey hey, you should surrender quickly.

Kyaa aaaa …If…

I forcibly shake him off…

Damn, in this situation…

I can't crush him with my weight!

Your nose… He'll take it off!


Uwah hhh!

Don't make such a pitiful sound after just getting one or two limbs broken. And you still call yourself a pro fighter?

Damn brat…

I'll kill you!

That's right…

That's the spirit!

I no longer have any relationship to you guys!

You… You sure are persistent… Like I said, Maehata's already been arrested!

If you're going to do something, do it to Maehata!!

Don't let the guy with the big chin go.

Anchan said… No matter how tiring or painful it is…


Good grief, you’ve got to be joking...

If we let you go…

Bastards like you guys…

Laugh at us…!

Anchan would…

In brief, it's like this. We won't make the same mistake. If you underestimate the boys of Block 2 Room 6, this is what happens. Do you understand, you perverted old man! This is where you begin to witness hell.

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