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Ch. 14 A wavering Heart

Autumn has arrived! Autumn means appetite and reading

Autumn means the cultural festival!

Ah, that’s not it

You have a guest


I found an adorable little maid in the corridor, I'm going to kidnap you and take you home!

Ah, Yuu, your clothing…

It’s perfectly alright

I'm… a maid


Yuu, your class is doing a maid cafe, right? It really suits you

Ah, back to the main thing

This is‌

This is the screenplay for the play written by the student council Could you also pass a copy of the screenplay to Kaoruko onee-sama

This year I took the liberty of being the screenwriter of this play

I heard happy voices The title of the play is 'Vampire Carmilla'

Having the two onee-samas play the lead roles has become a huge topic among the first years!

I see that the script's finished, no wonder


A script,


Feeling uneasy?

…Giving me such an important part

So I don't think you have to worry about that


The students voted to have the 'elders play the lead roles'

…Is that really okay

Like the lead role

If I'm with Kaoruko…

Why is it that I can

become so capable…

The screenplay, huh


Chihaya, the role of the vampire Carmilla will suit you for sure YOU'LL DEFINITELY LOOK GORGEOUS

You'll be the cutest of all

Kaoruko, your role as the female lead Laura

It'll definitely suit you too

No… No way



That role


Suits Chihaya even more…

This is a little strange…

AH—! Ah—! Isn't that part great!? Don't you think it's such a moving scene!?

Because, this kind of thing

What's wrong? I’ve never heard of it troubling to anyone...

Then they'll just look like they're playing games in elementary school, no way ABSOLUTELY NOT

… …

Being so shaken by actors kissing in this day and age, Kaoruko onee-sama is too cute

—So, today

Everyone, try on your costumes

…Chihaya Chihaya, are you okay?

If you need to alter your costume, please report to the costuming group over there

This is Carmilla's costume, please go try it on

Ah, sorry, I spaced out

The daily rehearsPlease als must be tiring don't force yourself


Kaoruko has also been spacing out often recently

That's right


That isn't the reason

If the responsibilities are too heavy, I'll make a new rehearsal schedule‌

It's alright

Sorry to make you worry

It's because of

Other feelings

‌Guess I'll go change

But we're all girls

It's alright

Changing in the classroom makes me a bit nervous

It's a little embarrassing



If you don't feel too well, go to the nurse's office

Ah, alright, sorry…

When I stay in that environment for some time

somehow Ah, Chihaya oneesama

I start to forget

Among them, I am a

That I am a male heretic


I would never be accepted by them

But the current me is‌

What's wrong?


I don't


The useless, stubborn me In front of that person

Mysteriously becomes honest

If that person weren't around

Somehow, I can be myself The 'current me' might not be here

Even if I'm just standing beside her

No, there's no way the 'current me' would be here But now

I feel a little scared

In my heart What on earth

Something seems to light up

Is this‌

‌Sorry, I said some weird things

I'm going back to the dorm for today

Is a special person

To Chihaya onee-sama, that person

When she's not by your side, you'll feel uneasy

For the sake of that person, you can do anything

She is an important person Who will make you change yourself

That is how important she is

Fumi also understands

The feelings towards

Finding such a person is a wonderful occurrence

An important, special person

Chihaya, if you're with Kaoruko, everything will go well, right?

… …

Yeah, that’s right


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Hyaka’s random rambling corner Finally got another chapter out! I can’t believe how close we are to finishing this series :o Chihaya, it’s way past time you realized your feelings!

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru - Futari no Elder 14  

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru - Futari no Elder Ch. 14 scanlation

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru - Futari no Elder 14  

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru - Futari no Elder Ch. 14 scanlation