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I'M NO LONGER AN UNDERLING‌ Ah, it’s yumichan

Right then...

Good... Every time someone salutes me, I have to remind myself that it's not me they're saluting to, it's the rank insignia.

Men! Good morning!


Supervising and guiding cleaning has become my job

If you work too

You'll rob them of their work, you know?

Watching over them and making them improve is tough, isn't it?

Your role is guidance and supervision!

IN HINDSIGHT, BEING AN UNDERLING WAS MORE FUN! For the sake of carrying out your superior's orders You have to make your marines obedient

so Understand? The pain of the NCO

from the bottom of their hearts

You can't let them look down on you

'Seize' the marines who are rowdy— Though they won't follow you just because you're kind

No matter what scene of carnage it is, you have to be the first to face it without fear

If you're too strict, they won't follow you either

— ’

I... I wonder if I can do that


A new world awaits!

The NCO club on the hill overlooking the Okinawa sea

Who had the same duties There was a and the same special sense troubles‌ of solidarity

To be continued in tankobon vol. 3, released July 2014!

Here, there was a gathering of people--

Now, will Yumi bid us farewell?

Marine Corps Yumi 83  

Marine Corps Yumi Ch. 83 scanlation

Marine Corps Yumi 83  

Marine Corps Yumi Ch. 83 scanlation