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There are many magazine publishers in the UK one of the biggest is Bauer (H.) publishing. Originally a German company but then took over Emaps (the second largest publishing company in the UK) in February 2008 for ÂŁ1.14 billion. In the takeover of Emaps they quickly axed two of their magazines First and New Women. However it continued Emaps strategy of launching radio stations based on magazines. It brought back Q Radio and launched Closer radio on Freeview. The company also revealed it was researching the possibility of a radio station for men, based on brands such as FHM and Empire. It then became the third largest publishing company in the UK overtaking IPC with more than 80 titles and about 25% of the consumer market. Bauer intended on focusing on reader rather than focusing on advertising. For example in1987 the magazine Bella was published which contained a mix of real-life articles and ‘service’ features. There is such a big difference between a large company like Bauer and a more niche smaller company like 4130 publishing, Action sports media and Permanent. These three smaller companies merged together to create a large one Factory Media. These companies all specialise in extreme sports publishers. This successful merger brought 12 UK titles, 13 international editions and 13 websites. Not as financially success as Bauer but because it is more based to a certain sporty vibe. In March 2007, Factory Media launched an extreme sports portal, with sections based around the magazines contents. This was then followed by a TV channel in 2008 and an extreme sports section on Yahoo Eurosport. Comparing these two companies there is quite a substantial difference but they have many similarities. These companies both are quite successful however one is niche whereas the other is quite main stream. Factory Media had more time to rise to the ranks but because of the takeover in 2008 for Bauer companies like Factory Media are put down even more. A niche market can be quite challenging as they first would need to find out if the idea would appeal to a large enough niche audience.

Magazine Publishers  

A short comparisson between niche and mainstream magazine publishers.

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