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Evaluation Question 4 Trying to find the right audience for a magazine can be complicated. Firstly if I were to put my magazine in a certain music group it would have to be a clash between Rock and RnB. My magazine is a combination of all music types but fits mainly in the Rock and RnB collaboration; you can tell this by looking at my cover page which has Stu Pearce (Rock artist) and Mujtaba Pasha (RnB Artist). The types of people that I would try to pinpoint as an audience, apart from most music fans, would probably be males a females around the teens age and like to think of themselves as individuals but are really mainstreamers. They would wear products like OBEY, chino’s and probably may wear a OBEY or Hundreds hat. As you can see from this guy here he is wearing an OBEY top, a flat peak cap, some high tops, some glasses and some jeans. This would be the average type of guy that my magazine would try to appeal to. As said before this type of person would be classed as an individualist (everyone is) but because a lot of people have this type of style I would now class them as mainstreamers. Psychographics would be that they believe that they are individual but follow the crowd like a pack of sheep. Also there views are also related to the strongest view that is popular with the crowds. They would most likely have a positive outlook to life and a popular motto would be that they ‘only live once’ this meaning that they would do crazy stuff because they would never be able to do it again because they only live once. They would also have a negative attitude towards the government but only because everyone else has a negative attitude. They would also get drunk on the weekends and their ambitions are to get ‘laid’. The kind of brands they would be associated with is: • • • • • • •

OBEY – Popular mainstream brand Hundreds flap peak hats- Popular Hat worn Chino’s – Worn by most guys Xbox or Playstation 3 - A popular past time for guys Any Alcohol Take-A-ways Nike High tops

Evaluation Question 4