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Week 4 DQ 2 In your state, is requiring drug testing for cause or at random legal? Yes it is legal as long as certain steps are followed. "The legal views for drug testing in Ohio define some jobs as mandatory for drug testing such as state construction contract workers, and also permits employers to choose jobs for which they would like to have drug tests carried out" (Test Country, 2012, para. 1). All tests must follow state law, and any employer who participates in the program must maintain mandatory reports and statistics of the employees. Below is a list of items essential for lawful drug screenings and random tests: 1.

Legal view: (as stated above)


Policy: A written policy is essential for both direct employees and state contracted

employees. 3.

Timing of tests: All applicants must be informed of drug screenings before an

employment contract is signed. Random testing is legal and plausible cause testing is legal after observing behavior. 4.

Procedure of testing: Testing is mandated by state law. "If a certain test cannot be

carried out, alternatives are spelt out. Attention is paid to necessary procedures to maintain integrity of the tests and safety of employees. DOT procedures are required to be conducted" (Test Country, para. 4). References Test Country. (2012). 10 Things to Know About Workplace Drug Testing State Laws and Regulations in Ohio. Retrieved from Week 5 DQ 1

Psy 425 entire course discussion questions  
Psy 425 entire course discussion questions