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ffective imeshare property exposure Premier

Timeshare Solutions

e-ffective timeshare property exposure

effective timeshare property exposure Premier

Timeshare Solutions


imeshares have been the fastest growing sector of the Travel and Leisure

industry. The shared family memories that are provided by vacation and

timeshare ownership are second to none. The flexibility afforded to owners through an exchange network, makes buying, renting or selling a timeshare the ideal option for many discerning individuals.

At Premier Timeshare Solutions, we provide you with professional service

whether you are going to buy, sell or rent your vacation / timeshare ownership. We currently have an active advertising program, which provides a

medium to bring timeshare resales and timeshare rental customers to our website on a daily basis.

Our timeshare marketing is used to attract buyers, sellers and renters who are seriously looking for a timeshare. Our primary goal is to focus on

location, quality, style and price to meet the varied needs of our clientele. Let us take care of your individual timeshare needs. You will be glad you did!

-The Premier Timeshare Solutions Team



Timeshare Solutions


e are dedicated to providing the internet

When you become a member of

community with the best resources

the Premier Timeshare Solutions

available when verifying the validity and security of our website. When

family, you can count on our

commitment to conduct business

on our website, prospective clients can be sure that the site has taken

the appropriate steps to protect their private information and the comfort in knowing that personal data is held in the utmost confidentiality.

with honesty and integrity.

exposure Premier

Timeshare Solutions


or buyers, sellers and renters, the un-

We offer numerous strengths and ad-

fortunate truth is that timeshare “scams”

vantages, including our ability to design

are everywhere.

unique services that meet the needs of our very knowledgeable clientele.

At Premier Timeshare Solutions, we simply ensure our sellers maximum exposure to the global sales marketplace

We are able to adapt our advertising to the requirements of the traditional as well as the modern by specifically listening to

and provide our buyers and renters with

what our clients tell us. In short, we cre-

both dedicated customer service and

ate structures that are personal, effective

great timeshare deals.

and affordable.

• e-ffective timeshare property exposure•


here are many timeshare resale websites

Timeshare re-sales are booming

on the internet today, but why pay huge

internationally! Our expert staff at

commissions? Why pay a service and find

Premier Timeshare Solutions

yourself doing all of the work?

can help you reach qualified buyers,

system Dealing with stressful requirements and time consuming issues should be left to

the professionals. At Premier Timeshare

Solutions, getting it right from the start is

the most important thing for someone who is looking at vacation rental and ownership.

Prospective clients buy timeshare re-sales not only for the luxury and amenities provided at their home resort, but more so for the flexibility and convenience of exchange

networks, that is why we work in partnership

with you to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our far-reaching marketing campaign and

global internet presence allows you to gain maximum exposure for your timeshare.


sellers and renters in the global marketplace.

potential Premier

Timeshare Solutions

ften, we find that new customers are eager to learn more about

the different timeshare options that are available to them in an effort to make a more informed decision.

At Premier Timeshare Solutions, we believe in working with

prospective clients on a more personalized basis. Doing so enables us to guide clients through the process of timeshare sales, re-sales and rentals, which ensures that timeshare/vacation ownership is what they had envisioned. Our service is workable and easily

differentiated from other products in the marketplace. At Premier Timeshare Solutions, we can create the appropriate structure for your shared leisure project, as well as provide additional key services which we trust you will find of interest.

You are one step closer to getting that long deserved vacation using Premier Timeshare Solutions as your timeshare information specialist. We are here to be of service to you, so if you would like more information after reading our brochure, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

• e-ffective timeshare property exposure• e-ffective timeshare property exposure®

effective timeshare property exposure Premier

Timeshare Solutions

4400 North Corporate Pkwy Palm Beach, FL 33410 Toll-Free: (877) 470-4779 T: (561) 623-5462 F: (561) 478-4779

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