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NTC 242 Intro to WAN Technologies

Individual Assignment - OSI Model & WAN Protocal Individual Assignment - VLAN Implementation Individual Assignment - Short Answers Learning Team Assignment: Project - Network Design for Acme Manufacturing Learning Team Support grade Discussion Questions

NTC 242 Week 2 Individual Assignment - OSI Model & WAN Protocal Download Here: Write a 2-3 page paper describing the OSI model and how it relates to a network. Your response should include answers to the following: o On which layers of the OSI model do WAN protocols operate? o What are some of these protocols? o On which OSI layers do switches and routers operate? o If routers reside at more than one layer, what is the difference between the OSI layers?

NTC 242 Week 3 Individual Assignment - VLAN Implementation Download Here: Consider the following scenario: Your Company moves into a new building. Marketing is on the first floor, engineering is on the second floor, operations are on the third floor, and the call center is on the fourth floor. The LAN is organized neatly, with each floor having its own switch. Some of the groups on the floor are connected through hubs and the network is planned for orderly growth. The company grows faster and much differently than was planned, however, and the call center must be expanded. Some of the engineering department employees on the second floor and operations employees on the fourth floor move offsite and the call center expands. Space is compressed and users move to other parts of the building, but their communities of interest do not change. The same users still need to communicate with the same services.

• Write a 2-3 page plan explaining how a VLAN could be implemented so that bandwidth is not consumed. Your plan must ensure that the network is not flooded with packets, and that members of the same VLAN can be located in different buildings or cities. Include the following: o The benefit of creating a VLAN. o A plan to segment the network into different broadcast domains to avoid bandwidth consumption. o A plan to improve security. o The type of VLAN membership and the value of that choice over other options. o The type of switch to be used, layer 2 or layer 3, and why you would choose it over the other. o The types of trunking configured on the switch. o The purpose and benefit of using the VLAN trunk protocol (VTP). o A definition of the VTP mode used to configure the switches. o Backup plan.

NTC 242 Week 4 Individual Assignment - Short Answers Download Here: • Provide short answers to each of the following questions: o Identify the functions of a CSU/DSU. How are they used in a corporate environment? o ISDNs are sometimes used in locations that do not support DSL or cable modem connections. Your choices may be analog modems or an ISDN connection in those remote locations. Describe three benefits ISDNs have over regular dial-up modem connections. o Compare and contrast packet and circuit switching. Which is more commonly used? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? o Describe the three main types of firewalls. Explain how each type protects the network. Determine which firewall is the most efficient and why.

NTC 242 Week 5 Team Assignment Network Design for Acme Manufacturing Download Here: Learning Team Project Overview: No team submission until end of class in Week 5. In the Learning Team project due in Week Five, your Team will play the role of a team of network consultants hired to design a new network for a company called Acme Manufacturing. Acme expects a network design document that includes recommendations. The organization is growing and expanding their operations with the acquisition of a plant in China as well as several other offices throughout the United States. • Make simplifying assumptions as necessary to keep this project manageable and within your team members’ skills. In short, there is no need to take on a monumental task for this team project. The following are the requirements for the new wide area network. Determine who is to do what. If a team member fails to provide their portion of the project, the other team members need not take on the assignment. Just be sure to indicate to me on the title page who is to get credit for the final project, if any parts are missing, and due to whom. The team will not be penalized for the shortcomings of a team member. Remember that in Week 5, each team member

is to provide me a summary of each member’s team support through the five weeks from 0 to 10 points. No one can coast through this team project and get full credit. o The network should be designed using all new equipment. o The design document must recommend the types of lines that should be used for each location (i.e. Ethernet, fiber, satellite, and so forth). o There are multiple departments that must be grouped logically to address security. Locations:  Headquarters—Atlanta, Georgia: Houses corporate operations, marketing, administrative staff, and accounting.  Engineering—Atlanta, Georgia (across the street from the headquarters building office): Houses sales and engineering.  Distribution offices—Chicago, Phoenix, and New York: Each distribution office has a small sales staff as well as administrative staff.  Plant facility—China o Weekly meetings are held in the corporate conference room at headquarters, with people attending from multiple locations, including China, New York, Chicago, and Phoenix. • Draft a logical network drawing for Acme to depict the recommended WAN. Include the recommendations for the type of leased lines the company should choose at each location. • Draft recommendations on the type of telecommunications systems that would work best for Acme: PBX or VoIP. • Draft the IP address scheme, including the range of IP addresses, broadcast addresses, and subnets. • Draft a VLAN to appropriately address Acme’s concerns that departments that are not grouped together are logically connected. • Draft recommendations on network equipment that should be placed at each location. Also consider equipment based on the teleconferencing needs. • Draft a recommendation on how to secure the network. Make appropriate recommendations for wireless at Acme.

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Ntc 242 complete class week 1 5 includes all dqs, individual and team assignments  
Ntc 242 complete class week 1 5 includes all dqs, individual and team assignments