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A new kind of site Website opportunities If you’ve participated in online advertising opportunities in the past, you know they provide excellent exposure leading up to the show. Now experience that same level of visibility year-round with Hanley Wood Exhibitions event sites!

VALUABLE EXPOSURE – ALL YEAR LONG. We’ve re-designed the way our websites look, perform and function, all with you in mind. More than just a show website, our event sites are a comprehensive gateway to their respective industries. With current news, events, archived resources like webinars and articles – our industry-centric sites are available no matter the day, month or year! Now you can leverage the longevity of our show sites with an online investment that brings visibility, and exposure year round. Below is a sampling of opportunities currently available:

web Banners Our re-designed websites are the central hub for information for the industry year round! Advertising online equals incredible visibility. Whether it’s a web banner on the attendee home page or a banner ad on the search engine, we have options for every budget.

Online Videos Capture attendees’ attention with a company video. Introduce a new product, feature a demo, or simply show a brief commercial. Videos are either featured on the website or as an introduction on the online floor plan.

Web Floor Plan Logo Feature your company’s logo in your booth on the online floor plan, and attract attendees to your booth. A great value and an easy way to differentiate your company from your competition on this heavily used tool.

Custom Lead Generation We’ll bring the customers to you with this innovative solution featuring an ‘optin’ question on the online registration system for the show. Also, collect contact information with a banner and information sign-up option on the attendee home page.

Contact us today and learn more about this innovative solution to generate valuable leads and grow your business. Stacey Price: 972.536.6418 |

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