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LISTEN UP! Issue 6

Hello, welcome to the latest edition of the Listen Up! Newsletter for and by members. My Name is Brian Stewart and I am the Editor of Listen Up! I hope you enjoy it. This edition is about the different ways our members keep fit

and active.

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Hello my name’s Lewis.

I used to go to Mulberry Street College to do arts, leisure time and sports. I also used to go to Bankfield High School to do ICT, Maths, Art, PSHE, Drama, English and Cookery. I am going to be coming into the Mencap Liverpool office to volunteer. I’m going to be answering the phones, shredding paper and using computers on a Thursday.

is h t e d i s n I issue... September 2012 Autumn Edition

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Brian’s fitness regime My name is Brian Stewart and I have a keen interest in keeping fit and a healthy lifestyle. The main ways I have of keeping fit are going to the gym, walking, running and cycling. I go to the Lifestyles gym in Wavertree 3-4 times a week. Here I do a mixture of cardio and resistance exercises, to improve my overall fitness. I also enjoy running and walking, and I travel to lots of different places. I have visited places such as Chester Zoo, Chester and Southport. I have also walked along the Sefton Coastal Path which runs from Crosby to Southport. In March I took part in the Liverpool half marathon, achieving a time of 1 hour 45 minutes and in July I took part in the Liverpool to Chester bike ride, which was about 50 miles. I did this to raise money for Mencap Liverpool. I also enjoyed watching the Olympic and Paralympic games on television recently. I enjoyed watching the athletes winning gold medals in a variety of sports. This made me feel inspired and realise how important fitness can be to a person’s overall wellbeing.

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I attend the Wheels For All at Greenbank Sports Centre on a Tuesday. It starts at four o’clock. My auntie Janet sometimes takes me in the car and Charlotte gets o n her bike! sometimes I go myself. I get a bus from there sometimes. There I see my friends Sophie, Kelly, Daniel, Kevin and Andrew. They have all different types of bikes. People are nice there and friendly. Children go there too. My name is Jamie Meyrick and I play for one of the disability squads for LFC In The Community. On the 27th till 31st of June we went to Switzerland to play preseason summer football training sessions. We were the only disability squad for the first 3 days. On Saturday my squad transferred to Zurich for the massive star! Jamie ll a b t o o f n tournament. Our ow Out of all the different disability squads that turned up, we were the only team from Liverpool and we came second in the table. We all brought home gifts and presents to keep and treasure. We took 8 players plus 4 coaches. Hi, I am Jeffrey Harrop. If you go on to the website you can read about my history project and watch the presentation I made about it. It’s really good!

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Member Day

Wednesday 8th August 2012. By Emma

This member’s day was about working together and being more active. First we sat around and threw the ball to each other to warm up. Next, Laura gave us numbers to split us into groups and we wrote down what sports we have already done and what sport we would like to do in the future. I would like to do zumba! We all had a go at zumba in the office, it was funny. We walked to the Cathedral. I thought it was nice, inside it was colourful and massive. We walked around and collected edral h t a C n a c leaflets and went to see the i l The Ang altar. I had some little rests so I didn’t get tired. On my way home, I asked the taxi driver to let me out at the end of my road so I could walk. I like to make an effort to be more active. I really enjoyed my day.


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Listen Up! Mencap Liverpool. Sept 2012  

The latest newsletter from Mencap Liverpool Members!

Listen Up! Mencap Liverpool. Sept 2012  

The latest newsletter from Mencap Liverpool Members!