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HWAM A/S Made in Denmark since 1973 HWAM A/S was established in 1973, and since then, we have developed and manufactured our wood-burning stoves at our factory in Hørning, a town in the heart of Denmark. It has always been our philosophy to be innovative. What motivates us is the desire to find new and better heating solutions - for you as well as the environment. We are a manufacturer of architecturally designed wood-burning stoves and inserts of high quality whose characteristics are unique air regulation and environmentally sound combustion systems. We look to the future… 2020 will mark the beginning of an eventful future for HWAM A/S. We will be presenting more impressive products and other exciting measures to strengthen and develop our company and, not least, our product range. The close cooperation we entered with French SEGUIN in 2019 strengthens our position in the market and provides the basis for improved product development and distribution. In this first edition of our HWAM lifestyle paper, we present our new profile product, HWAM 5530, w ­ hose design can be tailored to your requirements. Read about our new insert HWAM I 40/55, which is now available with HWAM® SmartControl™, our award-winning electronic combustion control system. Enjoy reading. Get inspired... Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with new product launches and activities.

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HWAM 5530 Two, three or four? Whatever the number of modules, the result is always the same: a stylish wood-burning stove of a modern Danish design. HWAM 5530 is the name of our new modular wood-burning stove. Whether you choose one or several modules, the stove will always appear as one integrated stove. The design is streamlined and stringent. The thin angles tell the story of Danish design and attention to detail. The functions are unmistakable. Keep your firewood in the modules or take a break and enjoy the heat. Ad a stylish cushion on top of the side module to enjoy the heat and the crackling sounds close up. HWAM 5530 may be designed with high and/or low modules, with or without drawers. You decide! Design: Sørig & Jacobsen

Examples of set-ups

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Optional HWAM® SmartControl™ Storage Choose the modules that suit you best Right- or left-hinged door Glass or cast-iron door

H: 1685 W: 900 D: 450

H: 1685 W: 450 D: 450

H: 485 W: 900 D: 450

H: 485 W: 450 D: 450


HWAM 5530


HWAM I 40/55 with HWAM® SmartControl™

Customised frames When you buy a HWAM I 40/55 insert, you have the option of buying various types of customised frames. A frame without bent edges is both stylish and eye-catching.


Standard measures. This frame is integrated as standard if no customised frame is chosen.

Without bent edges

3 mm thick flat frame without bent edges. Made with customised ­measures with or without sides.

With bent edges

Frame with bent edges. Made with customised measures with or without sides.

Frame for an in-built depth of 350 mm

Standard measures. With this frame an in-built depth of 350 mm is achieved.

HWAM I 40/55

Our HWAM I 40/55 model, is the only insert on the market with automatic air control as standard. We are proud to announce that this elegant model is now available with HWAM® SmartControl™. If you are looking for an insert with a customised frame and electronic control, then HWAM I 40/55 with HWAM® SmartControl™ is the right choice.

Electronic air control as an option with HWAM® SmartControl™

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Optional HWAM® SmartControl™ Right- or left-hinged door Glass or cast-iron door

IT ALL STARTED WITH A SPRING... A small spring that made a huge difference

In the mid 80’s, a need arose for safety and environmental accreditation of wood-burning stoves. Spurred by this requirement, HWAM started developing a system for automatic air supply, which would make it easier for the end-user to achieve cleaner combustion. The result was HWAM® Autopilot™, which was patented in 1988. Optimal combustion - automatically Sad to say, only few stove owners derive maximum advantage of their wood-burning stove. As a matter of fact, optimal combustion is not so easy to achieve. You must have full control of the air supply, the temperature and the firewood. Furthermore, you must be aware of the different phases of the fire: the lighting phase, the combustion phase and the ember phase. “If the wood-burning stove isn’t operated correctly, it costs both money and time. And the cosy ­atmosphere associated with a wood-burning stove may go up in smoke,” says Vagn Hvam Pedersen, the architect ­behind HWAM® Autopilot™. Today, all HWAM wood-burning stoves and inserts come with autopilot as standard. This ensures optimum combustion without any manual operation. There are only three things you must do: add firewood, light the fire and set the air regulation to the desired level. Then the autopilot will adjust the air supply to achieve the longest possible burn time and optimal utilisation of the heat. Unobstructed view of the dancing flames The autopilot also has an aesthetic function. Visually speaking, the most beautiful combustion is achieved when all the gasses in the wood have been ignited. This only happens when the air is supplied at exactly the right time. A steady combustion also prevents the accumulation of soot on the glass pane of the wood-burning stove.

HWAM® Autopilot™ is standard equipment in all HWAM wood-burning stoves & inserts

* Compared to a HWAM wood-burning stove without HWAM® AutopilotTM

HWAM® Autopilot™ - Standard equipment on all HWAM stoves - Save 40% on your firewood - Good combustion - Long burning time - Automatic regulation of air - Easy to set and operate

Use your smartphone or tablet to control your HWAM wood-burningstove We lead hectic lives. Our jobs, duties, family life and hobbies eat into our waking hours, and we can hardly find time to take a break and enjoy the moment. These are facts that we cannot change. However, there is one thing we can do. If you choose a HWAM wood-burning stove with HWAM® SmartControl™, you can use your smartphone or tablet to control your wood-burning stove. This gives you more time to focus on the more important things in life. Research into the chemistry of the fire Already in 2008, we foresaw an increasing demand for more intelligent wood-burning stoves - stoves which would not only make it easy to save on firewood and protect the environment, but which would also offer easy operation for optimal comfort. Optimal control of the wood-burning stove is not easy to achieve. What if we could develop a technology which would help the end-users achieve this? Not only would it make life much easier for them. They would also be able to save on firewood, and the environment would also benefit from such a technology. This line of thought resulted in a close cooperation with Technical University of Denmark, DTU. Over the following years, and with tens of million Danish Kroner in funding, DTU l­ooked into what happens, chemically speaking, in the core of the fire and at which temperature firewood burns optimally. Based on thousands of tests, the researchers at DTU concluded that when the temperature is 7500 C as a minimum, and when the right amount of air is supplied, the firewood is burnt off almost 100%. Such efficient burning means that there is hardly any emission of harmful particles, which - in turn - has a positive impact on the environment.

Electronic control for maximum comfort With our SmartControl™ app ”IHS Smart Control” you can control the temperature from your sofa. Comfort and ease of operation assured! You may also use the SmartControl™ app to plan the combustion. A message will be sent when it is time to add more firewood. This way you can keep the same temperature in the room. More time - less work Use HWAM® SmartControl™ to operate your HWAM wood-burning stove. This is as easy as it gets! Everyone can do this! Light the fire as usual. Set the desired temperature in the app. Lean back and enjoy! The wood-burning stove will do the rest. When it is time to add more firewood, you will receive a text message on your smartphone or tablet. Today, there are more than 10,000 HWAM wood-burning stoves with HWAM® SmartControl™ in Europe. Scan the QR code and see how easy it is to operate the wood-burning stove via HWAM ® SmartControlTM.

HWAM® SmartControl™ allows you to focus on the important things in life

HWAM® SmartControl™ SAVE UP TO









* Compared to a HWAM wood-burning stove without HWAM® SmartControlTM


HWAM 3110c £ 1.755,00 HWAM 3110m £ 1.955,00

HWAM 3110c

Applies until 30.04.20

In February, March and April we run a campaign on the HWAM 3110 model. This model is available in black and grey with a classic cast-iron door or a modern glass door. Learn more about the 3110 model on our website www.hwam.com.

HWAM 3110c £ 1.755,00 HWAM 3110m £ 1.955,00 Black


with HWAM®Autopilot™ as a standard

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