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Hagerman Valley

November 2013


First Anniversary Issue

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Above: Children at the recent 80th anniversary of the National Fish Hatchery art booth, where they spread paint on plaster molds of fish, then pressed paper onto the paint to pick up the colored fish images. Below: Road work at recent ditch blowout on the State and Federal fish hatchery road. A worker is knocking down the edge of road that is undercut from the washout below. Photos by Terrell Williams

Ducks Unlimited Hagerman Valley Annual Fall Banquet & Fundraiser gs! n i raw


Saturday, November 9, 2013 Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Billingsley Creek State Park Just North of Hagerman on Hwy. 30

Ra ffle


Banquet by : Snake River Grill, Hagerman

Waterfowl Art

Group Tables

New Attendee Gun Drawing: Bring a friend who did not attend last year and both you and the friend will be placed into the New Attendee Gun Raffle. Join us for a fun-filled event with good friends as we help to raise funds for a great cause! Your ticket includes event attendance and a one-year membership to Ducks Unlimited. Come be a part of something special and make tomorrow a better place for ducks, geese, other wildlife, and people.

Call for more information: Ryan Miles 208-861-2799 or visit

INSIDE: November Calendar New Eagle Scout in Hagerman Harvest Dinner Craft Shows Showing Up by Chris O’Brien Getting Fresh in the Kitchen by Jane Deal Hagerman High School Sports Sequestration by Joe Chapman

Thanksgiving Basket program Fish & Game Riparian Projects for Volunteers Toys for Tots program Hagerman Public Library Canned Food Drive Native Plant Species Project Kirk Webb Benefit Gooding Public Library Book Fair

View of Lemmon Falls from Ritter Island in Thousand Springs State Park south of Hagerman, Idaho. Photo by Joe Chapman

November 2013 Hagerman Valley Press

Country Elegance

Volume 2, #11

Evelyn Simon, Editor/Publisher Copyright 2013 Locally owned and operated since 2012


Drive Through Window: Coffees and Dairy Products!

The best espresso in town at the best price.

This is the first anniversary issue of the Hagerman Valley Press and we’re still going strong. Together with my previous newspaper, the Hagerman Valley Fish-Wrap (December 1993 to September 2005), this makes a total of 13 years of publishing a monthly paper from my home office. This month I’m starting another newspaper - with a trial run to print in a week or so - called the North Side Journal. Two Jerome businessmen approached me and asked me if I would create a community paper for their town too. The goal is to make it a weekly, but we’re starting out slower than that. It’s a large project, and I’ve found a few people to help me with both newspapers; mostly computer work, phone calls, deliveries and ad sales. Many thanks to Kathy Zepeda, Jennifer Hamilton, and Amy Thompson, and my husband, Joe Bennett, for all the help and enthusiasm. The Hagerman Valley Press will continue to be published monthly, and hopefully will continue to improve, as I have some help now with the many time-consuming details. An important part of a small community newspaper is the willingness of readers to contribute information, photos, and news tips, and, of course, the advertisers. All are greatly appreciated.

Local wines and foods:

Cold Springs Winery, Snyder Winery, Cloverleaf Dairy, Ballard Cheese, Howling Winds Yak, Simon Boers Goat, Annie’s Lavender and so much more...

Featuring hand-made items by local artisans, antiques, and repurposed items!

Holiday Open House Friday, November 15th

***Wine Sampling & Appetizers featuring local products*** OPEN Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.

November Calendar

OPEN Saturday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Closed Sundays

3: Daylight savings time ends 5: Election Day 5; HARVEST DINNER @ Hagerman United Methodist Church, 5-7:30 pm 6: Hagerman City Council meeting 7 pm 7: Hagerman High Football game vs. Murtaugh, @ Holt Arena, Pocatello 8: Governor Butch Otter @ the Hagerman Senior Center 9 am - 3 pm 8/9: Gooding Book Fair @ Gooding War Memorial Hall 9: Ducks Unlimited Banquet in Hagerman 11: Veterans Day - thank a Veteran for their service 15: Holiday Open House @ Country Elegance in Hagerman 16: Kirk Webb Benefit @ CSI Expo Center in Twin Falls 17: 25th Anniversary of Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument 18: Hagerman City Hall meeting on the 4H ordinance 20: Hagerman City Council meeting 7 pm 22: Community Supper 5-7 pm at 8th Street Center for Peace in Buhl 23: Holiday Kickoff Bazaar @ Wendell Elementary School Cafeteria 28: Thanksgiving Day

Coffees proudly made with locally produced Cloverleaf milk!

(208) 837-9055

Call in orders welcome 111 State Street, Hagerman

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North Canyon Medical Center Blood Draw Schedule

We are here to help you with all your real estate needs! In photo, from left:

North Canyon Medical Center lab staff come to the Hagerman Senior Center every other Monday to draw blood on community members that have a doctor’s order for lab testing. This allows folks to stay in Hagerman and not have to drive to Gooding for lab work. The lab staff also travel to Wendell for blood draws; see schedule below.

151 N. State St., Hagerman

North Canyon Medical Center Blood Draw Schedule

Mark Bolduc Judy Osborne Suzanne Jensen Cliff Jensen

97th Annual Election Day

HARVEST DINNER Roast turkey with all the trimmings!

Hagerman Senior Center: November 4, 2013 - 8:30 – 10:30am November 18, 2013 - 8:30 – 10:30am

ds Tuesday, November 5 5-7:30 pm oo G d le e k a United Methodist Church Ba S At the corner of 4th & Salmon Streets in Hagerman, Idaho Adults: $10 Children 6-11 $5 Under 6 Free

Wendell Senior Center: November 11, 2013 - 8:30 – 10:30am November 25, 2013 - 8:30 – 10:30am

Annual Craft Show at Hagerman Legion Hall Saturday, December 7

5-8 pm

9 am to 4 pm

Art - Crafts - Jewelry - Gifts - Scarves & more A happy family enjoying the Halloween Carnival in Hagerman, sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary. Photo by Peggy Erwin

Serving lunch: hamburgers, potato bar, beverages, cookies Hagerman Legion Hall is across from the High School. This event is sponsored by the American Legion Auxilliary. Vendors, please contact Peggy Erwin at 837-4433 Raffle fundraiser- prizes supplied by vendors. Must be present to win. Fundraising efforts go towards go to girls’ state and/or veterans.

New Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts of America Troop 107

Wendell Chamber of Commerce

Holiday Kickoff Bazaar

Hagerman youth Dan Lauritzen became an Eagle Scout in October. His project had him working hard to re-vamp the City of Hagerman’s safety / training firing range. Dan’s parents are Paul and Angie Lauritzen and his proud grandparents are Frank and Peggy Erwin.

Saturday, November 23, 2013 8 am to 4 pm Gifts - Crafts - Entertainment Door prizes Wendell Elementary School cafeteria 150 3rd Ave E and North Idaho St.


Breakfast by Wendell High School Honor Society Lunch by Wendell American Legion

Dan Lauritzen!


Vendors - Please call the Chamber at 316-7879.

Showing Up by Christina O’Brien ©2013 Shortcuts Mike and I are just back from a week-long road-trip-with-dogs to the Oregon coast. Habi and Bandit were great travelling companions, coastal wildlife and old friends were wonderful, and the fall foliage was magnificent. But the most memorable event happened in the middle of the Cascades on a lava field at McKenzie Pass southwest of the small town of Sisters. We stumbled upon the scenic drive on Hwy 242 over McKenzie Pass quite by accident. It’s a more direct route from Bend to Eugene than the standard routes via Corvallis or via Rte 97/Hwy 58, so we decided it would speed us on our way. However, as with many shortcuts, it took much longer. All routes west from Bend must cross the Cascades, and Hwy 242 takes a particularly narrow, windy, steep and very scenic route up and over the mountains. The pass itself is, much to our surprise, a sixty-five square mile series of lava flows. A half-mile interpretive trail illustrates lava gutters, pressure ridges, kipukas and other volcanic features. After strolling the trail, we climbed the stairs to the Dee Wright Observatory, an open basalt shelter built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1936. Through strategically placed portholes and ‘windows’, it directs your gaze to various mountains. This porthole looks toward Mount Jefferson, that one toward Belknap Crater, this one over here toward North Sister, etc. Considering the number of peaks visible from the pass, it’s an ingenious tool for figuring out which is which. We didn’t spend much time identifying peaks, though. To our astonishment, the observatory was aswarm with red crossbills. These small birds normally feed high in the tops of pines, and it’s unusual to catch a glimpse of the unique bills from which they take their name. Hook your forefingers Crossbills cling to rocky outcrop. Photo by Mike O’Brien

HOLIDAY SPECIAL Only $20 for your personalized announcement in the December issue! Examples: ~ Congratulations ~ Best Wishes ~ ~ Happy Birthday ~ Happy Anniversary ~ Good Job! ~ Merry Christmas ~

Crossbill at feeder, photo from the Internet together, and you’ll see the shape of a crossbill’s beak. This peculiar design allows it to slip its beak in between two pine cone scales and pry them apart, then slip out the enclosed seed with a dextrous tongue. If you stand under a tree being gleaned by crossbills (and you are paying attention), you can hear the sounds of cones being shredded, and see a flurry of dislodged cone scales drifting down from above. These crossbills were not in the top of a pine. The morning was frosty, and they were alternating basking on the south-facing sun-warmed basalt and poking around inside on the rocks framing the window openings, clinging like parrots to the rough walls or poking into corners and crevices. They were aware of us, but paid us no mind, often coming within two or three feet of us as we stood there mouths agape. Their crossed bills were clear as day to us at that distance, but darned if we could see what they were investigating. A few were red, as their name would suggest (brick-red on rump, head and breast, with dark wings and tail); many were olive-grey on top with yellow rumps and yellow-tinged breasts, while others were streaky grey with perhaps a tinge of color. Most of my bird books classify the red ones as males, the yellow ones as females, and the streaky ones as the kids, but our National Geographic guide says “Plumage highly variable”. According to it, most males are red, but some are yellow; most females are yellowisholive, but may show red; then there are juveniles and immatures with varying amounts of streakiness and color. I haven’t a clue what age or sex any particular bird in this group was, but assume the flock was some mixture of all of the above. We must have watched them for ten minutes or more, and when we tore ourselves away, we took with us more questions than answers. And when we left, they left too, twenty or more sweeping out of the windows with a chorus of jif-jif-jif flight calls, aiming for the pines along the edge of the lava flows. Sometimes a shortcut pays off – though not always in time saved. We are so glad we showed up just at crossbill observatory time. (208) 837-6523

200 North Eighth, Buhl, Idaho 83316 208-543-5417 email:

Chris is practicing Showing Up from her micro-farm in Boise, and is enjoying showing up in her old Hagerman stomping grounds more often these days.

“Those who wish to sing, always find a song.” - Swedish Proverb

Friday, November 22 Community Supper 5-7 pm Music by: Charlie K Pay as you wish

HAGERMAN UNITED METHODIST CHURCH New Worship Schedule Sunday morning worship is at 8:45 AM, followed by refreshments. An adult Bible Class begins at 10:30 AM. For those who prefer a later time, we will now have an additional worship service each Wednesday at 11:00 AM. This will be followed by another Bible Class at 12:00 noon, for those who are interested. Everyone is welcome at either, or both services! For additional information, call 539-1515.

Wendell Barber Shop

Walk-in Service


Gail Kestle, Barber 208-407-2010

your business information here. . . .only $20. Call (208) 837-6523 Hagerman Valley Press HELP WANTED: We need experienced part-time help on our small farm in Hagerman, 4 - 6 hours a week. Projects include fencing, vaccinating / hoof trimming meat goats, pasture maintenance, minor repairs, corral cleaning, henhouse cleaning. 837-6523.

Tuesday through Saturday


Across from Maverick’s in Wendell 120 W. Main

Getting Fresh in the Kitchen by Jane Deal © 2013 Check out Jane’s blog at and her Facebook page: Plain Jane Cooking

Bray Construction

New Construction, Renovate, Repair

Jason Bray Licensed Contractor (208) 421-4019 Free estimates

Remembering Holiday Dinners As the holiday season approaches, I am feeling a little melancholy about the next couple of months. The foreboding feeling of stress and too much to do isn’t worming it’s way under my skin as it usually does. I don’t feel as angry when I start to see Christmas decorations for sale in the stores in the beginning of September. Chicken may possibly replace turkey this year at Thanksgiving after a recent discussion with my parents regarding our planned menu. The need to carry on the traditions, holding my spatula up to the sky to show my perseverance and menu integrity just isn’t there. Maybe it’s because times are changing, mostly I’d say it’s because I’m getting older and the number at my table is starting to dwindle. Holiday dinners were always a very important occasion in my family. We gathered around the table at my grandparent’s house several times a year to celebrate the seasons and created so many family memories. Some of these memories were good, and some were bad, but they are all a part of our history together. My grandmother always took it upon herself to be the ultimate hostess. She would set the table with her fine china, silverware and a centerpiece to represent the holiday. She cooked everything from scratch and as you entered her house you could smell the wonderful feast soon to be shared. I tried to watch her while she was cooking and learn how to make her gravy and her mashed potatoes but I think she had a magical touch. (Except for the oyster dressing, that is a tradition I have chosen not to carry forward.) Grandma let me stir the gravy while she was adding her various seasonings. I can come up with slightly similar flavors now but they are never quite the same, never completely hers. Our family changed and grew over the years as we evolved. It was the 1970’s and divorce was the sociological outcome of the changes taking place in many of our lives. The breakdown of the nuclear family had begun in several of the branches on our “tree”. After a while, my great-grandmother (reluctant to put away the wedding photos she treasured) would simply place postage stamps over the faces of exfamily members and keep the photos on her shelf. As our family constellation shifted and changed, the diners seated at our table shifted as well, affecting the family dynamics. The guests did not always return for the next set of holidays but Grandma Rose had quite an extensive stamp collection by the time she passed away at the ripe old age of ninety-eight. Several years ago, a decision was made to open up the restaurant I co-owned on Thanksgiving Day. There seemed to be a lot of regular customers in the area who were far away from their families and needed a place to celebrate the holidays. I was able to step into my grandmother’s shoes for those guests and provide a “home” for them to enjoy a family meal. I inherited grandma’s china and set my tables just like she did. It was an honor to do for others what my grandma had done for our family. Perhaps I need to reframe my thoughts. Reminiscing about past holidays and traditions is a lasting gift our families and friends have given us. Regardless of age or circumstance, we need to carry these ideals into the present and create meaningful experiences and tasty,

savory dishes regardless of the changes around us. Does anybody know which market has the best price on chicken?

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared with what lies within us.“ ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Marvin 536-5777 Josh 308-9999

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Just call us to transfer your prescriptions; it is easy and hassle free, and we’ll take care of the rest. Online prescription refills: Compounding services too Located inside Simerly’s @ 280 So. Idaho, Wendell


in Defense Pepper Spray - Stun guns 208-320-7189

Melissa Gaver Independent Damsel Pro College of Southern Idaho NORTH SIDE CENTER 202 14th Avenue East Gooding, ID 83330 (208) 934-8678 COMMUNITY EDUCATION COURSES STARTING IN NOVEMBER: Care for Your Aging Pet 6-7:30 p.m., Wed., Nov. 6 North Side Center, Gooding $20 Android Smart Phones 10-Noon, Sat., Nov. 16 Western Cellular, 124 E. Yakima St., Suite F, Jerome $10 November Announcements: --On-line registration for Spring 2014 semester classes begins Monday, November 4, 2013. --CSI will be closed Monday, November 11th in honor of Veterans Day. --There will be no classes held November 27th; however, our office will be open. --CSI will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday November 28th and 29th.

Hagerman Valley Press (208) 837-6523

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Hagerman High School Sports

Crist & Sons Contractors

Hagerman High’s Football team beat Butte High School 46-0, and they are going to a quarter finals game, their 2nd round of state tournaments, on Nov. 7, 7:30 pm, against Murtaugh High School, at Holt Arena in Pocatello. Hagerman High’s Girls Volleyball team won the district title championship Oct. 24, and then earned 3rd place in the state championships. Congratulations! Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov.

Fire & Water Restoration Remodeling - Painting - Roofing Custom Homes

November 1 & 2 – Volleyball – STATE – Lewiston 5th – JH GB v Gooding - 3:30pm 12th – JV/V GB Jamboree – 6:00pm 13th – JH GB v Gooding – 3:30pm 18th – JH GB v Shoshone – 3:30pm 20th – JH GB @ Glenns Ferry – 3:30pm 20th – JV/V GB @ Wendell – 6:00pm 21st – JV/V GB @ Castleford – 6:00pm 25th – JH GB @ Hansen – 4:00pm 26th – JV/V GB @ Glenns Ferry – 6:00pm

(208) 324-3301 Fax (208) 324-9636 Free Estimates Terry Jerome (208)539-9716

Kenny Hagerman (208)539-9713

Hagerman High School Football Team -

Todd Hagerman (208) 539-9711

Sequestration By Joe Chapman

The Pirates

Copyright 2013 The federal government and my brain have something in common: they both shut down during difficult times. For example, last weekend my mother-in-law and father-in law were visiting from Sandpoint for a beautiful fall weekend visit. The sunny skies and beautiful trees meant one thing…. we needed to take a boat trip up the Snake River to see beautiful Blue Heart Springs, an underwater wonder that is only accessible by boat and almost in our back yard. Because our boat, or “money pit” as I like to call it, had been making some strange engine noises on the previous trip, I decided to bypass the usual launch site across the old Owsley bridge, and launch a few miles upstream at Thousand Springs (I didn’t want my mother-in-law to have to paddle the extra miles if the engine died—or maybe I did, but that’s not what I told her. We arrived at the dock, unloaded the gear and lifejackets, and I sent Tyler to pay the launch fee. I backed down the ramp, launched the boat, pulled the truck up about 50 yards, then leaving the truck running, jumped out to assure the money pit would even start. Surprisingly, it started right up, and I helped my mother-in-law into the boat. After we all got seated, we took off, admiring the fall beauty of the river. The river gets pretty shallow in spots, so I was glad I brought my depth finder along so I could stay in the channel. We only hit bottom once, and I was able to lift the motor high enough to still cruise through the shallow spots. Soon we were at Blue Heart Springs, admiring the crystal clear water and mini-volcanoes arising from the bottom. The area is surrounded by volcanic rock, and it felt like 80 degrees as we basked in the sunshine. A trout cruised by, and small minnows seemed close enough to reach out and touch, but really were about ten feet below us. Tyler dropped the anchor and watched it disappear through the sand. Many years ago, a friend dove through the sand and he has a photo of the swim fin on his foot above the floating sand while he was submerged below it. He said there’s a floating layer of sand that upwelling water competes with gravity to keep the sand in place.

Helping Hearts & Hands - Hagerman Hagerman High School & Helping Hearts & Hands are joining together to provided Thanksgiving Baskets to Hagerman families in need. Please contact Kim White at (208) 539-0355 if you would like to make a donation.

Idaho Fish & Game Volunteer Riparian Projects

Volunteers are sought for these riparian projects in the Magic Valley: •Wednesday, Nov 6: Willow Pole Cutting at Stanton Crossing (southwest of Bellevue, ID)) – For this “half-day” morning project we will cut willow and cottonwood poles to be planted at the Little Wood river. Generally it takes us about two hours using hand tools to cut enough poles, which will be planted the next day. Volunteers need to dress for working outside (boots/ gloves, etc) in the conditions of the day, and bring food/water. You’re welcome to bring a pair of loppers or pruners, or we can provide you with tools. •Thursday, Nov 7: Planting at Little Wood River (northeast of Richfield, ID) – This will be a “full-day” project (but a short day). We will have a lot of young students on this day, so having some adult volunteers willing to assist them would be great. However if that’s not your cup of tea, you can work separately at your own pace. The work will consist of trimming and inserting cut willow and cottonwood poles in the river bank, and also planting 1-gallon golden currant with hand tools. Volunteers need to dress for working outside in the conditions of the day, and bring a full water bottle. Hand tools will be provided. Also, a sack lunch and soft drink will be provided for planting volunteers on this day. •Saturday, Nov 9: Planting at Niagara Springs Wildlife Management Area (near Jerome, ID) – This “half-day” project will consist of planting 1-gallon golden currant (and maybe willow poles) adjacent to a pond and irrigation ditch at the WMA. Volunteers need to dress for working outside (boots/ gloves, etc) in the conditions of the day, and bring food/water. We could also use extra shovels on this day, so please bring one if you have one. TO SIGN UP, OR IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS: Please RSVP by October 28 and I’ll get you on the list and fill you in on the details. Ed Papenberg IDFG Sr. Wildlife Technician, Magic Valley Region 208-324-4359 316-4250 (cell)

We stayed there about an hour, then decided to head back. The boat motor ran like a top, and every hundred yards we put behind us I reminded my mother-in-law that was just that much less rowing she would have to do. We couldn’t help but get detoured into the clear stream at Ritter Island so we could look at the falls. After numerous photos and another hour, we were back on our way downstream toward the dock. A chilling thought struck me like a lightning bolt. “Did I move my truck out of the way of the dock?” I remembered pulling it out, but in my haste to check out the motor, I couldn’t remember if I’d parked it up by the highway like I was supposed to. I asked my crewmembers if anyone remembered me parking my truck. Blank stares answered my question, but I was used to that. As we rounded the corner of the building, I could see my truck on the side of the building, but couldn’t remember parking it there. “Zack, did you move my truck after I pulled it up?” I asked, already knowing the answer. About that time, the manager of the facility came out the door and said, “I saw the truck, but didn’t know who’s it was or if I should shut it off since the battery might be bad. I moved it out of the way for you though…..I wasn’t sure when you’d be back”. I thanked him, and apologized for my senility, then went up to the still-running truck. The windows were down, my wallet, camera and I-phone were on the front seat, and nothing had been disturbed except my sanity. We got the money pit loaded and I thanked the manager once again. Where else but Hagerman could you leave all of your valuables on the front seat of your truck with the windows down and not worry about losing them? All in all, it had been a great trip, although it would have been nice to get some photos of my mother-in-law rowing the boat (hopefully she didn’t get any of me getting into the still-running truck). But like sequestration and our federal budget woes, I’m sure I’ll have another opportunity for some blackmail photos……now if I can just remember where I put that camera!

Hagerman Christmas Program KMVT-Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Christmas “Elves” Needed! The deadline for accepting applications for the KMVT/Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program and the Hagerman Community’s Christmas Star Program is December 6th. These programs are available to assist families who meet certain income qualifications and who have children from infancy to high school age to have a nice Christmas. Applications can be picked up and returned to either the Hagerman Elementary School or the High School Offices as well as as Chappels, Snake River Grill or Helping Hands and Hearts. For your application to be considered, you must include a copy of your current Idaho Power bill, proof of one month’s income and copies of social security cards for each member of the family. Approval is then done through South Central Community Action. “Wish Trees” (Trees decorated with children’s “wish” stars) will be up at the Snake River Grill and Chappel’s Market approximately November 21. While you are dining out or shopping please consider taking a star from one of these trees and fill the wish of a local youngster. Please leave your unwrapped gift (with “wish” star attached) under a Wish Tree or in the Toys for Tots containers located at Chappels or Snake River Grill. All applications and stars are completely confidential. Although we are asking that gifts be left unwrapped, we would really appreciate donations of holiday gift wrap, ribbons, tape, etc. These donations can be taken to Hagerman Elementary. If you have questions, please call Robin at 324-5733 or Peggy at 837-6003.

Goat Meat: Roasts, Burger, Shanks

Custom half or whole goat, or ‘on the hoof ’. Lean and delicious.

(208) 837-6523 or 539-2261

Children who attended the recent 80th anniversary of the National Fish Hatchery in Hagerman, were at the art booth, where they spread paint on plaster molds of fish, then pressed paper onto the paint to pick up the colored fish images. Photo by Terrell Williams

Happy Thanksgiving! 5

Hagerman Public Library


Charlotte Rosen, Director We are very pleased to announce a large number of new books have been added to the Hagerman Public Library shelves and a great deal more are waiting to be added. We were able to get the matching grant funds needed for The Libri Foundation and they are sending us 63, latest addition, children and young adult books. I am also pleased to say we have several very talented and highly motived volunteers who have been helping to get all the new books ready to be checked out. I have been privileged to attend a couple of workshops in Nampa and Boise with the Idaho Library Association and have come home with a number of great ideas I will be incorporating in our library. Also meet a large number of Idaho authors and brought home some of their books, including a number of westerns. Some of the books are listed below. We also received 12 new books from Australia. The first step in building a new library for Hagerman has been placed into motion and I will keep everyone informed as we progress.

Carpet Cleaning

324.7352 734.7352

From The Phoenix Files by Chris Morphew: Book 1 – “Arrival”, Luke is having a rough year. When his parents split up, his mum drags him to Phoenix, a brand-new town in the middle of nowhere. But Phoenix is no ordinary town. Book 2 – “Contact”, Peter’s life in the town of Phoenix had seemed pretty normal. Or it was until he found out the world was ending. Book 3 – “Mutation”, Jordan feels like she’s going insane. Not only is she having frightening visions of things that haven’t happened yet, but she’s being tracked by an enemy who can paralyze her at the touch of a button. Book 4 - “Underground”, Luke thought he knew who his enemies were; The Shackleton Co-operative. Calvin, the chief of security, and the whole town of Phoenix. Book 5 - “Fallout”, the time of pretending is over. The town center is now a concentration camp, and the last free people in Phoenix have been forced into hiding. Book 6 - “Doomsday”, with less than a day to go until the end of the world, there’s nowhere left to hide. In a few short hours, the world’s population will be wiped out, and Phoenix alone will rise from the ashes!

(208) 837-4822 17940 US Highway 30, Hagerman, ID 83332

A House of Night Novel – “Tempted”, by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast, Dark secrets and unspoken suspicions come between Zoey and Stevie Ray, putting their friendship – and the House of Night – at risk... We also have: Kelley Armstrong’s Four Book Series: “The Summoning”, She sees dead people – and they see her. “The Awakening”, You don’t have to be alive to be awakened. “The Reckoning”, In the end there’s always a reckoning. “The Gathering”, An ordinary town... full of deadly secrets. And for our Western fans, a complete series by a Pocatello-based author Kirby Jonas: “Yaqui Gold”, He had more enemies than any man had a right to. Too many enemies, and too few friends, and the friends were nowhere to be found. “Death of an Eagle”, Mauled by a giant grizzly and left to die, sixteen-year old Jose’ Olano’s chances for life were remote. Then, like a guardian angel, came “Gray Eagle” McAllister. “Reaper’s of the Wind”, Legends West Book Two – The legend was a lie; no man can live forever... But as gun smoke curled below Coffin Mountain, and wood smoke enshrouded its crest, Jake and Jason West had begun to wonder. “Lady Winchester”, When Kate Winchester’s husband, Ira, ends up near death on the floor of the Idaho ranch house, its plain his would-be killers aren’t through! “The Devil’s Blood”, Big Tappan Kittery had learned to kill in the War. Killing became a nightmare, but the end of the war not like waking up, because the nightmare didn’t end. “The Dancing Star”, White man or Apache? Mort Dansing was lost between two worlds – a white man raised by Apaches. After Dansing’s village was destroyed and his wife murdered, he returned to white society, hoping to punish the traitor who led the killers to his camp. “Legend of the Tumbleweed”, When robbing a bank in the wrong town made Tom McLean a notorious man, the only way to survive was to run. “The Secret of Two Hawks”, Companions of death. With a mysterious beaded leather bag as his only clue, young Austin Everett took upon himself the monumental task of tracking down the murderer of his abusive father. “Disciples of the Wind” Legends West Book One – Brother against brother. A war of races. Jake, the ne-err do well. Jason, the idealist. New books from Twin Falls local author Jane Bennett Munro: “Murder Under the Microscope”, Dr. Antoinette Day – a young, successful pathologist known to her friends and colleagues as Toni – has no idea what awaits her when Dr. Sally Shore arrives at Perrine Memorial Hospital in Twin Falls, Idaho, to fill in for a colleague recovering from a heart attack. “Too Much Blood”, It is the middle of the night when pathologist Toni Day receives a call from the coroner informing her that the notoriously sleazy local attorney, Jay Braithwaite Burke, has just been found dead in his Mercedes in the middle of a snowy interstate. “Grievous Bodily Harm”, When Marcus Manning is hired to ease the transition of Perrine Memorial Hospital from a privately-owned facility to part of a behemoth system that covers much of the Pacific Northwest, instead of doing his job, he begins to wreak havoc by lying, blackmailing, and threatening physicians and employees on his way to CEO of the entire hospital system.

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The Gardener’s Plot by Evelyn Simon

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Gardening is just about done for the year. It’s snowing as I write this; a brief flurry of big fat flakes that melt as soon as they land. A few edibles are up for grabs in the vegetable garden, mainly kale, chard and beets. The kale is deep green and we harvest a few super-nutritious leaves daily to add to our meals. A few Yukon Gold potatoes, discovered by uprooting dead tomato plants, were a welcome find, too. Once the area is cleared of dead plants, I’ll cover the soil with compost and leaves, to give those beneficial soil microbes and earthworms a little protection.

Canned Food Drive


Eric Thomas, DDS Monday & Wednesday Steve Dixon, DDS Thursday se habla espanol

620 Frogs Landing, Hagerman


The Hagerman High School canned food drive begins on Monday, Nov. 18th and concludes on Friday, December 13th and will be a class contest. Students will be collecting non-perishable food items to help out local food banks. These foods go right back into our own community. If you don’t have a student in our school and would like to donate, please contact Mrs. Jayo at the high school at 837-4572, or you may drop off your items at the school’s office. Thank you! Magic Valley Republican Women November the 20th at the Clear Lakes Country Club (outside of Buhl) 11:30 am Luncheon...Cost $12.00 Invited Speaker Michaelene Rowe- Executive Director of the Snake River Farmers Association. discussing Immigration and the H2-A worker Program We welcome Men and Women interested in the future Rural America.

Hagerman Valley




Dinner starting @ 5:oo pm ~ Auction starting @ 6:00 pm

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Tri Tip & Pork Dinner – Dutch Oven Potatoes and Cobbler (Dinner Donations accepted at the door) Silent & Live Auction (Donations can be made to the “Kirk Webb Benefit Fund”) For More Information Contact Stephanie Wells (208) 358-2004

LIBERTY GUN SAFE RAFFLE TICKETS $25.00 or 5 for $100.00

Tickets can be purchased at any Farmers National Bank, Vickers Western Store or by contacting Stephanie Wells

(208) 837-6523

Holds up to 25 Guns $1300 Value Donated by: Box Canyon Dairy – Jerimy Craig Drawing will be held on Saturday, November 16, 2013 after dinner and auction @ CSI Expo Center. Do not have to be present to win. We can deliver safe to anywhere in the Magic Valley. If outside Magic Valley, winner will be responsible to pick it up.

Native Plant Species Project in Hagerman

Donations can be made to the “Kirk Webb Benefit Fund”

by Jennifer Hamilton

All proceeds go to Kirk Webb For More Information Contact Stephanie Wells (208) 358-2004

The Hagerman High School range land class, biology classes, and other students participated in a field ecology study exercise on Friday, October 24, 2013 at the Hagerman Wildlife Management Area. The exercise was put together by the National Park Service, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the University of Idaho Extension Services Department, and the Hagerman School District. Students study water quality, ecological range plant diversity, and participated in seed collection of native shrubs for future use in restoration projects in the area. The trip was sponsored and organized by the Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument and the Hagerman IDEA Inc., thru the HAVENS Project (Hagerman Area Vision for the Education of Native Species). In the future, the HAVENS Project plans to grow native plant species in the Hagerman High School greenhouse, and then transplant those seedlings to assist in rehabilitating the Fossil Beds ecosystem. The HAVENS project also plans to create multiple tools to allow for the education and promotion of native plants and other fire-wise vegetation for the Hagerman area. The HAVENS Project is working collaboratively with a number of local agencies and local organizations, but is always looking for ways to expand the program and recruit new participants and volunteers. For more information, please contact Jennifer Hamilton; or (208) 933-4116.

Jim’s Tree & Landscape Service

Tree Topping & Removal Shrub Trimming Landscaping Stump Removal ces! i r P Pruning Low

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Bloxham Certified Family Home Residential Assisted Living for Adults 18 & over

Teaching every day life skills & providing personalized care to meet individual needs Currently accepting one new client in our Hagerman home Private Bedrooms - 4 client maximum Physically and/or mentally challenged Medication management - Transportation

(208) 837-6548 or 308-7523

State Certified Medicaid or Private Pay


Hagerman Rangeland and Biology Class Students -photos by Jennifer Hamilton



Patching-Mending-Hemming Replacing Broken Zippers

Call Kathy in Hagerman: 837-6267 Open daily.

Certified ASAA Appraiser

Farm Equipment -Livestock - Equine Appraisals

Real Estate Auctions

Joe Bennett

Demaray Funeral Service

37 Years Professional Experience

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At three locations

Gooding Chapel ~ Wendell Chapel ~ Shoshone Chapel

Serving all faiths with personalized, caring service


Complete Funeral Service * Cremation Service Pre-arrangements * Grave Markers

Older Gooding home for sale on Michigan Street in nice neighborhood. Three plus bedrooms, office and laundry room. One bathroom. Gas heat, city utilities. Very well insulated, elec. stove, refer, storage shed, big trees, parking. $55,000 Clover Creek Realty (208) 944-0400

TRUSTED IN THE COMMUNITY Main Office 737 Main Street Gooding, Idaho 83330


Poetry Corner Free Cat - small female calico. She moved in with us in October. Very sweet and friendly, likes everyone and our dog. 837-6523 GREAT GIFT IDEA! Secrets of the Magic Valley & Hagerman’s Horse Only $10 (plus sales tax) at Call Automotive 837-4466 Proceeds help fund community projects through Hagerman IDEA,

Hagerman Valley Press Locally owned & operated since 2012. 1200 copies distributedmonthly to locations along the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway; from Bliss to Buhl, to spots in Wendell, Gooding, and Shoshone, and to subscribers in several states.

Hagerman Valley Chamber of Commerce NEW beautiful Hagerman area map: Get your copy at 1000 Springs Realty, City Hall, Hagerman Valley Inn or Country Elegance in Hagerman (208) 837-9131 GOODING COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY Gooding Basque Center will close for the winter to work on special projects and exhibits for Spring of 2014. If you would like to help on winter projects, call 934-5318. GOODING PUBLIC LIBRARY The Gooding Public Library is partnering with local business sponsors: Edward Jones, Magic Valley Bank, and Farmers Insurance to raise money for needed library materials. Please support your local library by bringing new or gently used books to Edward Jones, Magic Valley Bank, or Farmer’s Insurance office locations on Main Street in Gooding. Cash donations may also be given at the Gooding Public Library. On November 8th and the 9th, a book fair will be held at the Gooding War Memorial Hall on 203 3rd Ave West. All are invited and encouraged to attend and buy books for the holidays. Magic Valley Bank will generously match up to $4,000 for any funds raised. Cindy Bigler, Director of the Gooding Public Library, stated, “This is a rare opportunity for the library to expand in a meaningful direction. This will allow us to better assist struggling readers, second language learners, and even children who need a comforting story to help them sleep at night.” For further information please contact the Gooding Public Library or a sponsor. 934-4089

Simon Boers Chevon LLC

Goat loin chops, roasts, and sausage Custom half or whole goat, or ‘on the hoof ’. Learn what foodies and restaurants are raving about. Breeding Stock for sale: Quality bucks, does & kids Shop at our farm, at 1000 Springs Culinary Center or online: Idaho Preferred - Animal Welfare Approved - Idaho’s Bounty

(208) 837-6523 or 539-2261

Horse Boarding

Pastures - Corrals - Turn Out - Senior Care Acres of pasture. Grass/alfalfa hay Experienced & Caring References Available (208) 837-6523 Hagerman, Idaho Reserve a spot for winter pasture today.

Within the flow of tide layers of water chase the moon on a following sea where the broken reel toward oblivion, medals of holiness contrive to adorn war and diesel motors churn away from the silence, her singular current bearing it all with the grace of the timeless, asking of who will let in her mystery to avoid the refuge of answers and hold space for the sacred that alone may change you. ~Don Hynes~ Submitted by Leslee Reed

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Hagerman Valley


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