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Purchase the Best HVAC System for the Home Shopping for your air conditioning (AC) system can be a confusing task. Many alternatives are available to choose from as well as factors to consider. Thus, you need to beware of contractors that offer more capacity than you actually need. Yes, more capacity may seem like a good idea as a system that is large can cool your home quickly. This is known as short cycling; however, it can cause premature wear and tear and inadequate humidification, reducing the lifespan of the product. Choosing the right equipment to purchase involves a number of factors such as: a. Your floor plan b. The age of your house c. The size of your house d. The thermal efficiency of your house e. The position of your house facing the sun f. The number of cooling hours required Perhaps one of the most expensive appliances you will purchase is an AC system; and, finding the right one largely depends on the contractor you choose. Having an AC system provides a number of advantages such as distributing cool air through the entire house. Although buying one includes large upfront costs, it can still help you save money by reducing your electric bills every month. More than 500 contractors were surveyed by a top leading magazine and provided the following tips in purchasing the best HVAC system for the home. a. Choose the air conditioning system with the right size. If your air conditioning system is small, it will not cool your house properly. If it is too big, it will not also humidify properly. So if you want to end up cooling your house with the right amount, purchase an AC system with the right size. b. Invest in a 13 to 14 SEER model. The 13 to 14 SEER model has a combined performance of product reliability and increased energy efficiency. This will ensure that your AC system will work for longer periods of time and help you save money by reducing your electric bills as well. c. Beware of replacing one part of a split system. An AC system usually has matched indoor and outdoor components. If you replace only one part, it may result to poor performance may even be prone to damage. If one part is damaged, replace the whole system. d. Look for a skilful contractor. 20% of the contractors surveyed said the main reason they receive service call is incorrect installation, improper installation, and improper application. To avoid this, make sure that you deal with an experienced contractor. Looking for the best HVAC contractor in Toronto? HVAC Furnace Toronto is one of the finest HVAC contractors in Toronto. They specialized in installing the HVAC equipment, water heater relocation,

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Purchase the Best HVAC System for the Home