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Wood / Coal Burning Boilers Modern heating through ancient means Written for E-ComfortUSA –

Wood and coal burning boilers are boilers that have the ability to burn either wood or coal. Most people wouldn’t think a wood and coal burning boiler would be an efficient source for heating their home, but with the recent strides in technology this form of heating is gaining popularity as a viable solution for central heating. These boilers are especially popular with those who do not have access to natural gas or electricity, or for those who have chosen to remain absolutely self reliant with their heating sources. When considering the required fuel, these units are the most versatile boilers available. The wood doesn’t need to be split, and some boilers can even use sawdust, wood pellets, and/or corncobs. And because they burn natural elements in a contained environment, they are one of the most environmentally friendly boilers on the market. In the past there were many precautions you would have to take when using a wood and coal burning boiler. There was the chance that the boiler could overheat and catch the surrounding elements on fire, or at the very worst cause physical harm to those who were operating it. But today, technology has made them just as safe as their electric and gas cousins. Recent innovations in these types of boiler systems enable users to operate them as far as 500 feet from any given location. This also allows for heating of several buildings at one time; perfect for farm owners or residents of large estates. These units are especially adept at heating the water in a home. For owners of swimming pools, spas, or Wood / Coal Burning Boilers - Modern heating through ancient means


for those who have large families that like to take long hot showers, these types of boilers can offer the perfect solution. Wood and Coal burning boilers can be used as a central heating source in your home as well. Water is heated in the main unit then pumped through thermal pipes to the residence. It is then converted into heat that enters a forced-air furnace and spreads heat throughout the home. The hot air can also be pushed through radiant baseboards or radiant flooring systems. This set up will also allow you to control the levels of heat with a thermostat. Most homes and businesses employ a combination of different machines that produce central heating and hot water. This set up usually requires separate units such as a heater, water tank, and individual thermostats to control each one. These types of complexities are eliminated with a wood and coal burning boiler. All the heating needs are taken care of with one efficient unit. Lastly, wood and coal burning boilers guarantee substantial savings on heating bills. Some say that you can spend as little as one twelfth what you would typically spend on your homes heating; allowing you to spend in a year what you would regularly spend in a month. This price difference is substantial, especially at a time when counting every penny is a necessity. If wood or cool is an available fuel source for you, then a wood and coal burning boiler may offer the perfect solution to all your heating needs. Feel free to contact E-ComfortUSA with any questions that you might have or call us directly at 866.554.4328.

Wood / Coal Burning Boilers - Modern heating through ancient means


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