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MEETI NG WITH CASA Home Office Monday October 18th 2010 Feestructure and voting structure and the proposals for voting structure • •

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member driven so the membership takes it in the direction they wish examples of taxes : one member one vote is simple and makes senseand thrusts the membership into what they think to do which is not think about their individual school but PSEin general we have the fee structure which is if we don’t reach two thirds consensuswe go into a FTEcalculator based off of fees Why? becausesome school pay 40 000 and some schools that pay 30 000 dollars we pay this much more than this smaller schools we should have or more than say form a businessperspective thats where that would make sense but we have to walk the fine of line of are we a businessor are we student driven if we are to keep the voting and fee structure the way it is the two are interrelated we cant talk about the fee funding model and not the fte voting structure casawill loose the smaller schools if the bigger school get more votes becauseof how much money they pay thats simply a reality its not about the individual institutions but improving PSEin all of canada Associate member the idea of being part of the discussions pushing the agenda forward means you can take credit ftfor the scessof pse in Canada costs of joing the organization travel to three conferences or 4 if you consider regional transit hotels for that more than 1500 for travels the average cost per student is 2.50 per student CFSis 16$ per student proposal getting ris of FTEcalculation per student bracket model there is no change in the budget or what students wold be paying CASA CASAambassador program council had a volunteer in and ex official sit s on the board this individual responsible of the campaigns we used to do

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during lobby con there would be campaigns on the hill the ambassadors would get input form Canada branding is important student engagement is important its important to implement and compile in a document the effort to make it clear the effort to put into how does CASAtry to engage its member school to start these grass routes organizations they are dong members calls form home office the e bulletin which is a document that will be put out three times a year again thats answer is different fro every school calgary justifies paying for the membership fees for knowing that federal lobbying is taking place on a day to day basis what do the member schools want to see on their campus is something that CASA wants to investigate they are doing a tour of the schools and meeting them they are available to consult if campus wants to make events about CASAthey will be there to help CASApolicies OUSAhas to be updated but CASAtends not to How are policies chosen they call for proposals they have debates and discussions on those issues they ask for what areas need drastic improvement and what policies are secondary on their major ones for the call for policy statements you will known november that june 2011 they will ask for policies schools will receive a pamphlet and talk and discussabout it without identifying which policy was written by which school updating policy papers has to happen more often there is a struggle ti maintain embers engagement and then complaints about .policy and research the canada student survey they produced three sererat document there were issueson the report documents that were produced that we can refer to and use for research in terms of policies our website is not overly functions there were issuesin terms f last yea as o how he organization was managed there was a contract that says they cant change the website for a few years

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but there are things that will not change for some time organization fo the policies needs to happen as well discussion paper on open access again, there is a challenge in that there is a draft form appear but the policy committee and membership has to approve it members always want a change to discus and debate things its not idea for home office staff and membership CAAcan put out amore structures policy approach and issue based things out there the other thing to note is that OUSAas a provicial organization has accesto their members within thtee hours of dricign they have accessto school more regularly to do provicial research is one provinces to do a national research paper you are talking about 10 provinces , produce it in both official languagesand incredibly well researched a critics from every province or different MP’s view points three research dynamic is very different looking at national research project and potentially the association of university colleges and canada becausethe social transfer needs to be investigated that will cost money and time the minute that they do anything on a campus they have to go through an ethics board that takes six months these are unique challenges to the national level major thing in change is education and training for the membership becauseits improves debate and the way they talk to students so for the lobby conference there is a whole day about how to talk about this also putting out the past lobby documents video blogs that have reach issue in the lobby document video of one of staff talking about the issue a links and policy there that way debates are well informed experiential education CASAhas mandate to focus on post secondary education at the federal level perhaps we need to be focusing on just education period issuesthat has come before CASAis bottled water but CASAmembers do not want to deal with it getting to talk about other issueshas to do with the members members are part of something big you are part of something exciting encourage campus to campus communication with student governments CASAis there to provide information

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organizational culture that they are trying to foster trying to do more in brader student issues

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multiple entry visas students when they go home back to china they may not be able to come back

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FEDERALelection what would be what McMaster loses by not being a part of CASA in terms of an election strategies they are targeting getting students to the polls we are seeing 40 %student effort in the poles as a goal just on campusesthemselves they want to get youth young canada aware of the importance of giong out and voting FYCquestion short term goals? internal fatigue needs to be fixed they are tired about talking about voting structure etc encourage the membership to be driven members this is not about us or the directors or event he individual members schools: the short terms goals is hard to articulate with a federal lobby ing organization like CASA this activity is about the future about future generations of students its about a constant effort and a constant pressure

October 18th: Special Meeting With CASA Home Office  
October 18th: Special Meeting With CASA Home Office  

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