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FIRST TOPIC. TEENAGE STUDENTS HAVING A JOB Many teenage students like to have a job, but others find it negative or even not helpful to have jobs. In my opinion, having a job is indeed better for any teenage students, even it is a simple job. First of all, not many students are from rich families. Their parents may have to struggle with money (for food, for rental, for school fee, etc.) every day. Therefore, finding a job is a way for teenagers to help their parents. I also think that teenagers should be sharing the burden with their parents, including the financial burden, whenever they can. Secondly, having a job can bring good experience. Every job, regardless how simple it is, will help teenagers to learn how to work in a team, expand their network and understand how to deal with people. Jobs can help teenage students to gain various skills as well, such as communication, handy work skills, etc. Thirdly, teenage students may tend to value the money more when they earn it with their hands. Nowadays teenagers from rich families do not appear to appreciate the money. People who do not have life skills and do not know to value the money can become unsuccessful in their life. So having a job will help teenage students to be more grateful for money and spend money more wisely. In conclusion, having a job is better for any teenage student. Although my parents do not want me to make money, I think I will try to get a job during the summer, when I do not have to go to school.

Many teenage students like to have a job