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Legends Facts Emotions Risks Opportunitys

In the traditional training model, there are some problems:

Fraudulent advertising

Uneven teaching force

Lack communication platform


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Art Education

Feel upset, difficult, inconvenient to find an ideal training institution

Negelect art appreciation

Chaos in the competitive order of the market, eg:arbitrary charges Impair customers’ benefit

Unev e teac n quality hers of ed ucat Worr ion& y

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The new product:

New selecting method

Communication platform

Art appreciation

Create a new method to help art lovers select art studios according to their needs and provide an online community where art learners can load their works, communicate with each other and receive teachers’ guide and advice. Plus, offer knowledge about art appreciation.

Main function 2: [POSTS ] Communicating and share Users can upload their works. Moreover, they are allowed to receive suggestions from other students even professionals through direct communication.

έLacking the step of choosing the tag.

έThe icon of new post has ambiguity. It may be considered as an icon of sending messages.

έThe reply icon is unnecessary.

έThe place of the arrangement icon might not so appropriate.

έThe interface of texting questions is hard to find.

έThe position of favorite icon is not appropriate. έThere are some repeated icons.

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