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Lab Report Abstract: Samples were gathered from wrestling mats on a tournament weekend and cultured in the lab. Result shows that wrestling mats contains bacteria before a tournament starts. Cleaning mats does remove bacteria but does not keep the mats clean. The source may be from shoes.

Method • 3 samples were gathered using cotton swabs from a wrestling mat on a tournament weekend: – Before tournament started (Friday, night not cleaned) – After mats were cleaned (Friday night, cleaned) – After wrestling matches took place (Saturday, not cleaned)

Method • Each samples were transferred onto an agar plate, which provides nutrition for organisms

Method • The plate was incubated over a period of four days

Results •

1) Bacteria (pink & white colonies) were present on mat before tournament started



Cleaning the mat removed the bacteria (no colonies)



Different (yellow 1colonies) bacteria was 2 3 presence after wrestling matches

Discussion • This concludes several things: – Mats are not clean before a tournament starts – Cleaning the mats with disinfectants does remove bacteria but does not keep mats free of bacteria because new bacteria can be found after wrestling take places • The source of the new bacteria may be from referee’s or wrestlers’ shoes • This suggests a need to clean both mats and shoes

Questions • Were samples from the same mat or different mats for each of the conditions?

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