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Designed with contractors and home owners in mind this simple yet effective hand tool is perfect for accurate straight cuts on all James Hardie® cement boards up to 12mm thick. It’s thick, sturdy handle, and a long-lasting blade with tungsten carbide tips produces a V-cut so that upward pressure on the board allows you to easily snap it along the cut


Specially designed to reduce dust levels, the diamond tipped teeth increase blade life and ensure a clean cut every time. Using continuous disk or wood blades causes excessive levels of dust, very fast blade wear, and is not recommended. HardieBlade® circular saw blade is available in 160mm, 190mm, 254mm and 305mm diameters, to fit most mains electric and battery powered circular saws.

A range of purpose-made fixings for James Hardie® siding products and backerboards. James Hardie® screws for HardieBacker® cement board Self countersinking, they cut a shaped hole in the fibre cement board, so that as the screw is tightened, the head finishes flush with the surface of the board. For wood frames : 5.0 x 32 mm, diameter head 10 mm. P2. For metal frames : 4.8 x 30 mm, diameter head 10 mm. P2. Stainless steel A2 austenitic screws for HardiePanel® siding With coloured heads matched to the ColorPlus® Technology range. No pre-drilling is required. For wood frames : 4.8 x 38 mm, diameter head 12 mm. Torx 20.