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How to Spice Up Your Sex Life with Oral Sex more advanced tips at

Most men crave for some good, hot oral sex every single day of the year. Unfortunately most of them are not getting it, part of it is their fault - part of it is yours. 80-90% of women out there are not that good when it comes to giving oral - there's no one out there to teach them what really works. I'll give you five simple, yet effective tips to improve your skills. Spicing it up #1 Smile. There's nothing more effective than a nice smile while giving your boyfriend or husband oral. It's important that you can convey how much you're enjoying giving him head. When you enjoy it, he'll enjoy it a lot more himself - there's no better way to convey your attitude than with a nice, maybe even naughty smile. Spicing it up #2 Apply more pressure to his shaft while stroking it. Most women are too soft. I'm not saying you should rip it in half, just try to be slightly more aggressive while giving him oral than regularly and you'll see some instant results. Spicing it up #3 Play games from time to time. It's interesting to motivate your man with some good oral sex, actually - it's a perfect motivation tool. I know it since many women get me to the edge with it, especially if I know they give amazing oral. Since they know it's my weakness. A good game to play is betting, whenever you bet about something or ask him for a favour - mention the blow job. You don't even have to mention it, just give him "the" look and he'll know what's in store for him. Spicing it up #4 Change the location from time to time. It might get boring if the only place he gets head is in your bedroom. The car, the cinema, in public or even in front of other people (if you dare) might be exciting for both of you. There are many blowjob locations. Mix it up and spice it up from time to time. Spicing it up #5 Talk dirty to him. If you don't know how to talk dirty, experiment with simple things until you get confident enough - and relaxed, to tell him more complicated things. It's all about capturing his senses. Remember,

suck with passion, Your blow job instructor, Jack

Jack has been teaching women how to master the art of giving amazing head to their man. You can learn more from him in his step by step guide - Jacks Blowjob Lessons - just don't get angry if men start falling in love with you and being ready to "kill" just to stay with you :) Learn more at

How to Spice Up Your Sex Life with Oral Sex