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How to Satisfy Men Some women may need more ideas on how to satisfy their boyfriend/husband/lover or whatever – I know some of you have issues on this, since I’ve been with a lot of women and most of them have absolutely no clue on how to really satisfy men in bed. They think that it’s enough if they just look good – well, it’s not. You actually need to be more seductive and naughty – and you can do that by freeing yourself from what society thinks you should act like. Get in tune with your true nature as a female – so be feminine, that is what a real man wants, someone who he can protect and care for – not some woman that will boss him around and act like a dude. That’s definitely not attractive – so just get rid of all your “manly” behavious – especially in the bedroom. That of course doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aggressive in bed and have rough sex – it’s just means that in real life you need to get in tune with your femininity – this way you’ll attract a lot more guys because you’ll be 10 times more seductive. Once you get in the bedroom – figure out what turns him on, here’s a very simple thing that works like a charm – Emotions. Emotions jump from person to person – if you’re smiling and happy it’s easy to get him smiling and happy too – so if you’re hot and horny, he’ll get turned on a lot faster than if you’re all bored and having sex with him as a chore. Of course you can do that – but he’ll end up with some other woman that’s ready to truly satisfy his needs as a man. The more you want him sometimes, the more he’ll want you, so turn him on with words, talk dirty, be hot, tell him what you want HIM to do to you, empower the animal inside him, let him take you over. I’ll tell you a little secret – something that will get you way ahead of your competition – most girls are very very bad when it comes to giving guys head – they are clueless, so if you just invest a little of your time and effort into learning how to give great head – you’ll be far ahead of any other girl he might sleep with, even if she starts giving him head – guess what he’ll think about? Yes, he’ll imagine your face down there and he’ll be unable to get you out of his head. Believe it or not – that is the power of giving great head. That’s probably the best way you can satisfy him in bed. I’ll give you 2 simple tips for giving better blow jobs. First of all – change your attitude, stop thinking that you are giving him something and that he should be happy to get “any”, you need to view it as a satisfaction YOU are getting out of it. Once you adopt this attitude your bj’s will already be at least double as good as they were – if they were any good at all that is, which I doubt. Second – don’t be afraid to put more pressure on him while giving him head, most girls are too soft, just be a bit more aggressive and you’ll see great results.

Good luck and suck with passion, Jack

Jack has been teaching women how to master the art of giving amazing head to their man. You can learn more from him in his step by step guide - Jacks Blowjob Lessons - just don't get angry if men start falling in love with you and being ready to "kill" just to stay with you :) Learn more at

How to Satisfy Men