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How to Give him The Best Head You can easily learn how to give your man the best head – all you need to do is practice a bit, and try connecting with him on a deeper level. You have to let go – stop thinking while giving him head and try enjoying being there and giving him pleasure – even better, get pleasure out of giving him pleasure – this way he’ll enjoy it a lot more. Once you can convey to him that you’re actually enjoying it and that you’re not just doing it out of a chore – you’ll be well on your way to becoming great at giving him head. He’ll love you and appreciate you more than you can possibly imagine – and no, he won’t disrespect you (I can’t figure out why so many women think they’ll be disrespected if they give their man head). So – the question is, how do you convey it to him that you truly enjoy giving him head? Well, smiling is probably number one. But be genuine – if you were acting one way the day before and now you suddenly start acting really naughty – he may feel strange and think you’re just acting, which may be attractive to some guys, but try to make this shift – or change in your attitude subtle, day by day, make it better every day and make subtle changes. You’ll see amazing results over time. So first start by smiling and making him feel comfortable. Never forget the power of smiling – it’s all about conveying a good attitude – everything else comes second. Yes, I know you think you need “the magic secret technique” – no, you don’t. Techniques may help, but are worthless if you don’t have and convey the right attitude. Guys are visual – VISUAL – we want to see the good, of course feeling good is also important, but if it looks good – AND feels good – then that’s the jackpot. Another way to convey that you’re enjoying it is moaning, but do it naturally, make sounds, “sucking” sounds are a magic to a man’s ear – even if they may sound “disgusting” for some of you, or strange or whatever – they’re not, to every guy it is “hot” to hear noises while getting head. Moaning, talking dirty and controling his mind is what you need to get – you need to arouse his senses. Make him feel good in every possible way. You can also just tell him how much you’re enjoying it – play with words, if you know how to put together the right things to say – it can truly be a magical experience for him that he’ll never forget. Any other girl that will give him head after that? He’ll be thinking about YOU, imagining your face instead of the face he is seeing, he won’t be able to get you out of his head even if he wanted to. That is that power of great head – and you can get it by mastering the art.

As I’ve said, words can be magical, just figure out the right ones and turn on your sense when giving him head – suck with passion and love, you need to put emotion into it and you’ll see the results sooner or later. You can’t learn how to give head in a day – but be patient, practice, and it will be more than worth it. Good luck, Jack

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How to Give him The Best Head