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How to Give a Great Blow Job: the best positions for the job more advanced tips at Have you ever wondered about what would be the ideal position for a blow job? Well, actually, depending on where you are when you give you man oral and how pliable and flexible your body is, you can try some regular or some out of this world kamasutra positions. Let's try the regular stuff, The kneel: This is the most common position as far as blow jobs go and can be seen at least once in every porn flick; as a matter of fact, I often wonder how those porn startlets can stand straight after spending so much time on their knees anyway that's for another day. In this position the man stands up and the woman gets down on her knees which puts her head at just the right spot for the blowjob. This is also one of the most popular positions and by far the best because it gives you an amazing view of your mans penis and it gives him a great view of your back, plus he can also see your hair, face, breast and ass not to mention look down into your eyes. Ensure that you have a pillow or a carpet below your knees because if you are in pain you may not be able to focus on giving your man pleasure so the setting has to be just right. The sleep: In this position, the man lies on us back while the woman goes down on him, this position is great if you are staring out with bj's because you have all the control here and the position can stop your man from ramming his shaft in your mouth ; the only problem here is that the guy can see very little besides the ceiling The sitting: This is a very good position, comfortable for both partners and creates a psychological edge because the man gets a feel of dominance from the position, this one is very common in porn flick with a BDSM storyline, make your man sit in a comfortable couch or char and you can kneel in between his legs and go down on him. The best part about this position is that the man can completely relax all his muscles which will make him cum faster and he can get a great view of your legs, back and ass. This is also a good position to massage his balls. The sleeper again: This is a slight deviation from the regular sleeper in this position instead of you sitting while he is lying down; you also lie on your stomach while you give him head. Prop a pillow behind your guy's back then just lie down in between his legs and get down to business. You can have your mouth right where you want in this position and he can get a great view The 69: This one is right out of the porn flicks and great for mutual pleasuring just make sure that you are on top and the man is down; these are just a few positions there are so many more that an entire book could probably be dedicated to the topic.

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How to Give a Great Blow Job - the best positions for the job