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Heartland Heartbeat The latest news from the Hutchinson-RC Arts and Humanities Council


Introduction to the Heartland Heartbeat, HRAH Council

Spread the Love Mystery Revealed: “This is the Heartland”, Chris Wietrick

Sculpture Art Walk: "A Walk of Art", Chris Wietrick

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Saturday, October 10th - RCFM

Talking Tombstones with Stage 9 Member’s Show at HAC Lauren Daigle at the Fairgrounds NAACP Talent Show at Chester Plaza National Night Out in Hutch SCMS Clinic at Stringer Fine Arts Center

UPCOMING EVENTS Playworks at the Clayworks RCFM Fall Festival

Salt City Music Showcase Clinic

Saturday, October 17th

Public Council Meetings Third Tuesdays - 4:00pm

Stringer Fine Arts Center Live-Streamed and Recorded

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Heartland Heartbeat The latest news from the Hutchinson-RC Arts and Humanities Council

The Heartland Heartbeat is a monthly newsletter from the Hutchinson-Reno County Arts and Humanities Council (HRAH) that shares news about arts and culture in our region. Efforts of hard working residents in Hutchinson have energized the HRAH Council and positioned it to receive support and resources from Hutchinson Recreation Commission. The Heartland Heartbeat is one of the ways the council seeks to unite the public around its arts and heritage and increase the accessibility of creative community experiences. For more information, or to submit news, send vnelson@hutchrec.com or visit the HRAH Facebook page.




In August, Hutchinson celebrated its 12th anniversary of Third Thursdays. At that time, the HRAH Council introduced the Heartland Arts and Culture Collective. The Heartland Collective aims to answer a call from Reno County residents for shared representation of all artists and cultural organizers in Hutchinson and Reno County. The collective allows supporters of arts and culture in the Heartland to participate in shared identity, action, and opportunity under the same umbrella. Get introduced to the Heartland Collective. Check out the HRAH Council’s Facebook page for a music video featuring Simple Abundance farmers Maggie and Adam Pounds, councilmember Lauren Taylor, local artists Lupoli, Jocelyn Woodson, Bisun Martinez, and more awesome Hutch residents. Huge thanks goes to the hard working production team consisting of Crude Media, Wim Productions, and Christopher Acker. HEARTLAND HEARTBEAT | OCTOBER


Heartland Heartbeat The latest news from the Hutchinson-RC Arts and Humanities Council

This Is “Heartland” By Christopher Wietrick Over the summer months, Hutchinson residents kept waking up to hearts, popping up all across the city. The project, called Spread The Love Hutch, became a popular topic of conversation because the artists were unknown to many. In September, after over 600 hearts had been painted, the project ended and we learned who was behind this amazing campaign. With the project ending, the artists revealed themselves, after months of painting during the night. Kylee Baldetti, a former art educator at HMS 8, Haven High, Hatch Studios, and the Hutchinson Art Center teamed up with neighbor Shaelee Mendenhall, a former teacher, member of the Sculpturewalk committee and current Youth Program Director for Rise Up Reno County to create these pieces around town. The two neighbors and artists have worked on many local projects and murals and, after some brainstorming, the two decided to work anonymously while doing something fun and positive in the community. They started by painting a mural on a building owned by Kylee’s father. Then, painted a few hearts on the property of family and friends. The idea took off from there, and created a demand from people in the area and businesses to get their own painted heart. The project began on June 22 and ended on September 25, resulting in almost 650 hearts around the city. Many of them are unique to the person or business that has requested one and they are hard to miss, when driving through town. They’ve created a splash of color and love throughout neighborhoods and downtown. The project is over and the two are focusing on other ideas, after a summer of long nights of painting. Shaelee is still offering painted hearts on commission and working on a mural for Anchor Inn. Kylee is now focusing on art lessons for K-12 students and collaborating for a project at the Richman Abroretum’s event venue. We thank them for their secretive, time consuming, positive work through the summer nights. Their work has brought a lot of new color and beauty to the area. And, it’s been amazing to watch this small idea turn into a big addition to the community. To see more of the pieces and find out more about this project, you can find more info on their Facebook page: Spread the Love Hutch.



Heartland Heartbeat The latest news from the Hutchinson-RC Arts and Humanities Council

A Walk Of Art By Christopher Wietrick While driving through downtown, you’ve probably noticed many new additions to the city’s public art. Starting in February, the SculptureWalk Downtown Hutchinson committee began to choose the pieces to be installed this year. By the end of July, nine sculptures had been placed around the community. At the same time, a new mural was painted and finished at the end of the month, thanks to a grant from the Hutchinson Community Foundation. Every year, the committee works to raise their own funds and select new art to be showcased in the city. Every sculpture is contracted to be on display for one year, with the option of them being purchased by local individuals or businesses. While they are always looking for local pieces, several have come from out of state each year. After the year’s sculptures have arrived and been installed, the committee chooses a judge to select the annual “Juror’s Award”, which includes a cash prize to the winner. This year’s judge, an independent person not on the committee, Alex Potter chose “Here Comes The Sunset”, by Ben Pierce, as this year’s winner. Here are the sculpture titles, artists, and where you can locate them: “Dancing Aspens” by Reven Swanson (Denver, CO) - 7th and Main “Fire Dancer” by Jodie Bliss (Monument, CO) - 1st and Main “Genesis I” by Nancy Bole (Wichita, KS) - 1st and Main “Here Comes The Sunset” by Ben Pierce (Cape Girardeau, MO) - Grasshopper Park “Illusory Control” by Jennifer Cannon (San Jose, CA) - Sherman and Main “Lineage” by Ben Pierce (Cape Girardeau, MO) Ave C and Main “Miller I” by Rollin Karg (Kechi, KS) - Ave A and Main “Rise Of The Maiden” by Sue Quinlan (Boulder, CO) - 2nd and Main “Mariachi” by HardCore Fab (Hutchinson, KS) - Ave B and Main Santa Fe District community mural by Deanne Bowersox - 3rd and Main For more information on the committee, questions about purchasing or submitting a sculpture for 2021, and pictures of all the past installments, find them on Facebook at Sculpturewalk Downtown Hutchinson. Walking and bicycle tours of the sculptures are available through the committee and you can find a link to a GPS guided tour, created with the help of the Reno County Museum, if you want to take the tour of downtown art on your own.



Heartland Heartbeat The latest news from the Hutchinson-RC Arts and Humanities Council

Recent Events Talking Tombstones - Happy 13 Years. Hutchinson’s beloved fall walk among the tombstones and where you can hear stories of our dearly departed neighbors took place October 11th and 12th this year. Member’s Show - Open now at the HAC, until now November 15th. The HAC “wants to illustrate how important and vital” local and regional artists are to the Hutchinson Art Center and the community. The annual members show features local artists, including John Eberly, Jacelyn Chambers, and more. Visiting the Art Center is a great way to experience the creative community and still avoid crowds. Lauren Daigle Drive-In Show at the Fairgrounds Hutchinson was host to a drive-in concert at the fairgrounds on Friday, September 25th. Local technicians and stagehands were called in by the Wichita union, IATSE (International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees), to set up this stage-on-a-semi and residents viewed the concert from their vehicles. Drive-in shows after the fair could possibly become an annual event in Hutchinson. NAACP Talent Show The Hutchinson Human Relations Commission, Hutch & Harmony, and the NAACP came out to put on another fun community show on Saturday, October 10th. Local youth performed poetry and songs in a talent show at Chester Plaza. The show was MC’d by a young actor, Osho, who’s recently moved to Hutchinson from San Diego and is excited about supporting local arts and cultural events. National Night Out The Hutch Rec initiative, Healthy Neighborhood Pathways, supported Hutchinson neighborhoods in their planning of the annual neighborhood event, “National Night Out.” The events were a success. Activities included live music, pumpkin decorating contests, hayrack rides, and more.



Heartland Heartbeat The latest news from the Hutchinson-RC Arts and Humanities Council

Recent Events (continued) Salt City Music Showcase - CANCELLED Thursday October 15th, 5:30PM to 11:00PM The annual Third Thursday special-event Salt City Music Showcase takes place this Thursday. To allow for social distancing, we’ve scheduled music at three outdoor stages in downtown Hutch. Normal Third Thursday activities, food vendors, and artists will be around for residents to enjoy. The Reno County Museum is holding their Booseum event the same night, activities 5:30 to 8:30. Live music begins at 5:30PM around town and goes until 10:30PM, closing with 10-piece salsa band Tumbao, a favorite at Barleycorn’s in Wichita who regularly packs the house. One up and coming musician at the festival will be honored with the SCMS Recognition Award. Learn more at www.saltcitymusicshowcase.com

Salt City Showcase Music Clinic - "Music within Kansas Arts" October 17th, 1:00PM to 4:00PM The first SCMS Clinic, “Music within KS Arts” will take place at the Stringer Fine Arts Center Recital Hall, 1pm to 4pm as a series of presentations to empower Kansas musicians and provide important information regarding the representation and advocacy of arts in economy and society.



Heartland Heartbeat The latest news from the Hutchinson-RC Arts and Humanities Council

Upcoming Events Spook Walk - CANCELLED Oct 16 & 17 from 5:30PM to 8:00PM at DNC Fairytale creatures of all kinds are welcome at the Dillon Nature Center. “Little locals” will come dressed in Halloween best and take a spooky stroll through the nature center. Participants walk along the trails and enjoy performances from Family Community Theatre.

Playworks at the Clayworks - Hutchinson Symphony Event October 25th, 3:00PM Playworks at the Clayworks: Bells, Bows and Chins Up for Hutchinson is a multimedia event featuring four ensembles comprised of members of the Hutchinson Symphony Orchestra. These ensembles include Hutchinson Symphony Brass Quintet, Hutchinson Symphony Wind Quintet, Hutchinson Symphony String Ensemble and Hutchinson Symphony’s Quatrocelli. The afternoon will be broadcast live and feature two different performing spaces at The Clayworks by Disability Supports of the Great Plains in downtown Hutchinson.

Reno County Farmers Market Fall Festival October 31st, 7:30AM to 12:30PM Celebrate the end of another great market season with the second annual RCFM Fall Festival. Pumpkin decorating, live music, fall crafts, baked goods, and more.

November Third Thursday - Spread the Light Hutch November 19th, 5:30PM to 8:30PM Spread the light for the upcoming holiday season! Keep your eyes out for news from Hutch Rec about November's monthly downtown event featuring art, music, and community.