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Why Individuals Are Choosing Favoring Biodegradable Urns If you or your family member has chosen cremation as a funeral option, you may want to explore storing the remains within a biodegradable urn. Biodegradable urns are available for those ecofriendly individuals who would really like something that will in time break down with the elements whether you wish to spread your family members ashes on land or at sea. When it comes to these special memorial vessels, the following are some key features and facts. Typically crafted from natural plant materials for example wool fiber, paper, compacted peat or even coconut shells, this is a special urn that can break down in time. Some urns are even made of a special form of biodegradable porcelain. If your burial plan involves spreading remains at a favorite spot - a fishing spot, hiking trail, or camping spot, or anywhere outdoors - you can leave or bury the urn without worrying that it will hurt the environment. The fact is, these urns can actually benefit the ecosystem. One unique feature available only with these sorts of urns is the ability to grow new life. Just think about being able to use the ashes of a family member to grow new life such as a lovely tree or bush that you can look at many years into the future. This can often be a more long lasting memorial compared to a grave marker. Once the urn breaks down and the ashes combine with the earth, they actually serve to nurture the plant life. Ashes contain phosphorus, an essential nutrient for vegetation. Retailers of urns often advertise the advantages of these biodegradable urns. In contrast to traditional materials used for urns, this material will be able to break down naturally should you decide to scatter or spread the ashes outdoor and it more or less is able to provide a little something to the planet. Nonetheless, it is possible to keep these urns indoors for a long period of time without them breaking down - the biodegrading only occurs under particular conditions, such as when you place the urn in dirt or water. They are meant to last in the proper conditions yet still have the biodegradable factor which is excellent. More common urns or vases used to hold ashes can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on what you are searching for. Some urns are customizable, allowing you to imprint them with designs that are exceptional to you. Though these bio-urns were thought to be a novelty when they first appeared in the early 2000s, they have become popular, and many memorial companies offer these urns for sale. These urns are often significantly less costly than standard durable urns. Except for the fact that they're biodegradable when exposed to the elements, these urns do not require any special cremation procedures. During transfer, many urns contain a water soluble bag which holds the ashes securely. Some companies offer these urns for sale on the Internet, and feature overnight delivery. If you would like to go with a biodegradable urn, that will be listed in the product line and you should see several options. So whether your loved one was environment friendly, loved nature, or wanted to be buried without being a burden on the environment, a biodegradable urn is a good memorial option. You'll be able to transport these urns to any spot in nature, and don’t have to worry about mistakenly spreading ashes or wasting them on a breezy day. With the urn and dirt for nutrients, new life can grow and Memorial Gallery Inc.

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Why Individuals Are Choosing Favoring Biodegradable Urns thrive giving something back to the planet. Would it not be amazing to see a tree growing year after year knowing your loved one remains in memory. Eco friendly choices for cremation consist of biodegradable urns from Memorial Gallery. For more info on Memorial Gallery, visit their site at

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Why Individuals Are Choosing Favoring Biodegradable Urns  

Eco friendly choices for cremation consist of biodegradable urns from Memorial Gallery. For more info on Memorial Gallery, visit their site...

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