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GRAMMY AWARD WINNER and former BAD BOY artist Pamela Long on her new single and new life

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TONY AWARD NOMINEE Forrest McClendon speaks about his ART & CRAFT

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STYLIST TO THE STARS Davida Colona designs TEAs to the TEE

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ACTOR MICHAEL BEASLEY on Fame, Family & Films

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RADIO ONE’s BROTHER MARCUS from being homeless to being the Elements of Inspiration

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ARTICLES ON money, sports, love, friendship, faith, style, & food FEATURES IN THE MALEBOX

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THE SWEET SAVOR OF RAW, VEGAN & VEGETARIAN FLAVOR By Monique Villeneuve Recipes that are fun, easy, healthy and fulfilling.

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who helped to make this dream become a reality. It’s taken a couple of years, but the day has finally come. First and foremost I want to say that without God I am nothing and this would never have been possible. He first gave me the idea to do a magazine in 2002. I got the copyright, tax ID number and everything but it just never materialized. This project is proof positive that everything happens in God’s time. Thank you to my family for ALWAYS supporting me in EVERYTHING I do. They have believed in me, come to my rescue, my defense, and anything else that I need. I love you mom and dad (James & Thelma Williams) and my sister Marsha, brothers Jimmy & Jeffrey. I want to thank my children Colton, Lila & Courtney for understanding why their mom had to work so hard and so much. I also would like to thank my aunt Cissie who has never once not given encouragement whenever another “bright idea” became a part of the mix. Thank you to my aunt Lynne and my love and oldest living relative my dear aunt MARIE. Thank you to my friends who have always supported me and believed in my projects and never once asked when can they get their money back (Gary, Nicole, & CL). Thank you to my new friends and my old ones who have been listening ears, eagle eyes, and attentive hearts. Thank you to all of the willing contributors who have given the gift of content. Thank you especially to my staff: and those who have helped to make Hustle Mama Productions succeed: Beth Barlas, Dawn Williams, Dawn Burrous, Samantha Wortham, Dyanne Hayes, Helena Harcum, Rasheeda Byrd, Wanda Atkinson, Kyle Warner, Sina McClendon, Tonya Killikelly, Daniel Willis, YL Trent, Cecile Anthony, Julz Pulley, Terrenova Washington, Tierra Cooper, Turquoise Young, Terence Layne, AB Hunter and a very very special thanks to the established talent and industry names who have graciously allowed me to interview and profile them in this first issue. Thank you for taking a chance and for believing in this project. I LOVE you all and I’m GRATEFUL for each and every one of you!

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She’s priceless,

gaining the confidence of others; where those with whom she’s partnered lack no value. She has exceptional taste and strives to work hard because she is built to last and is of good stock. She’s up early, working late at night all in providing for her family. Her judgement calls are sound, as are her investments choices and fruits of her labor. She leverages her resources

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to execute her vision, helps those who need it and is fearless. As an innovative and global reaching entrepreneur, she speaks wisdom and gives sound advice. She is honored and cherished by many.


The love this man carries is impressive!

Photo Billy Bustamante.


Actor, educator, thespian, and professor... Forrest McClendon just wrapped up doing Romeo & Juliet at the North Carolina Shakespearean festival and it’s only the beginning. He his living the life of his dreams, is the epitome of ‘walking joy’ and there’s no stopping him as he is clearly focused and on the path to realizing everything that he thinks and desires to do with his life. Forrest grew up in a Norwalk, Connecticut public housing development and comes from a large family led by his very strong and capable mother. While she by far has been the biggest influence on his heart, he was afforded the opportunity to have a family of great ladies; all of whom had a hand in raising him to live in a complex world. His personal circle is strong but formidable, his heart is ready, and he is ready and waiting for all the even greater things to come. Single and without any children, this Lancaster, PA resident has performed on Broadway during the 2010 season for The Scottsboro Boys; a performance which earned him a Tony Nomination in 2011. His greatest joy is his work and he has a real passion for his NOW experience. He believes that God has done an excellent job with the direction of his life, and has no regrets past or present. He shares with us his zest for life, the love he has for his work, and what makes him master of both his art and his craft! By Stefany J.


How do you balance your art and the roles you’ve accepted against the stereotypes that people expect men of color to play? I am absolutely living the life of my dreams and I believe in living the life of my dreams. That means choosing the roles that are of interest to me. I am not here because I’ve been relegated to play Shakespeare, I’m here because I’ve chosen to. My next stop is Othello. That was really the blessing of doing The Scottsboro Boys and having the Lord give me greater visibility. I believe that when one gets what most people call a ‘big break’, it is something that you can wedge underneath a thing and use as leverage to achieve something else. For me, it is using that greater visibility to even more aggressively do the roles that I choose to do. It’s an honor to me that I am now invited in to do many things, some of which can be stereotypical. The power of freedom is really the power to choose. God provides to me everything I absolutely ever need and with that providence I feel that I have the power to choose and it’s the only power that I assert aggressively. The Scottsboro Boys was not the beginning, but more part of the ride in the life of my dreams. I didn’t suddenly gain visibility and decide to move back into the middle of Manhattan. I don’t live in Manhattan or Philadelphia. I live in Amish country. It allows me a sanctuary, in spite of the hectic pace of my working travels all over the country.

What is the one dream for your life you most look forward to having come true? I am going to travel the world and continue doing Shakespeare, on Broadway and in the West End. That is what I’m trying to do. I wish for that and I imagine that.

Would you say that along your life’s path you always knew that this is what you wanted to do? I had an AHA moment and was forced to change directions. I went to college as a computer science and electrical engineering major. It probably wasn’t a good idea because I wasn’t very good at math. I did an internship my sophomore year with a technology company and simultaneously performed in an Operetta, and that was the moment for me. Doing science and art at the same time allowed me to weigh the importance of those two things in my life and against one another. Just as the School of Engineering was throwing me out, the School of Fine Arts was throwing me a life line, and I went on to study singing. It was a major change in direction. Initially when developing my study of voice I struggled a lot with my technique. I began to study the art of voice.


I studied speech pathology and learned about all of the muscles used in sound production, and that literally became the foundation of my teaching. That’s why I’ve been pretty much a scientist and an artist all of my life, a scholar and an artist all of my life, and an actor and teacher all of my life. I’m usually doing both of those things at the same time all of the time in my life. As long as that’s happening I’m living the life I desire. From that shift in direction, that is the one thing that has always remained true: I have always been acting, I’ve always been teaching, and I’ve always been doing them at the same time. It’s what it’s always been and what I imagine it will always be.

Does spirituality play the leading role in your own life’s work? I’m firm in my belief and faith. The Lord is my great agent and my great prov ider. He is my guidance, my providence, and I refer to Him as my GPS my Guidance, Providence and Support.

What is the one thing you would like to impart to and share with others? DREAM! Who I am is my message. I really believe that I’m living the life of my dreams and so I believe in dreams. Beyond dreams is the realm of the unimagined, the realm of the unimaginable. God exceeds me so I love the idea that I can say I wish to do this or that. What continues to astonish me is the unimaginable way that God can make that manifest. I don’t know how things come together. I only know that I think I dream something extraordinary, but He comes along and makes my unimaginable thoughts only the beginning of the blessing that is actually imparted.

On living the life of his dreams...

The Scottsboro Boys...

God obviously had great things in mind for me. He said, not only will you work with legends in the theater and be certified as master in the craft, but you will tell one of the most important stories in our nation’s history and you will celebrate the legacy of all of the great African American artists who have ever lived. That is the realm of beyond imaginable. What I observe is that if He is working like that then I’m giving Him my GPS. I am trying to let Him have as much room as possible because He’s doing quite well. I can’t live the life of my dreams unless conflict can be okay. There’s no existence of peace without the substantiation of conflict..

I cannot take anything about the Scottsboro Boys lightly. What was extraordinary to me was to rip that chapter from our nation’s history and to tell the story at all. I literally shared the stage with 11 African American men all of whom had been to college: A landmark moment. I had one of the most enjoyable times of my life sharing the stage with such remarkable talent. It was clear then, as it has always been, that teaching and the arts is something that will forever collide in my lifetime. I find myself simultaneously doing both and gladly. There was a lot of controversy surrounding our portrayal of the work, which many did and should very well have found objectionable. At the same time when we don’t resurrect these art forms that are archaic and racist, we will forget that they are there. When you are called to do the Scottsboro boys and agree, you have already embarked upon and agreed to do something difficult. I live a conflicted life so it was right in line with who I am. With this type of work, you are saying to the world I’m going to tell you this story about these 9 boys and this really isn’t pretty. And when you then say I’m going to do this by resurrecting one of the most racist art forms ever known in American culture, you have created a real recipe for controversy and for picketing. In the end, for me, I knew it was the right thing to do because I am always looking for that thing that makes people want to holler. My message is education at the end of the day and theater is a great vehicle for doing that. There was no hesitation at all whatsoever when accepting the role. The Scottsboro Boys is a Kander and Ebb musical based on the trial and has the framework of a minstrel show with a cast that consisted of all African Americans except for one.

Photo Nick Gould

People always ask me why I do a lot of Shakespeare.... I know that I love language and so I appreciate the opportunity to really explore the far too many fantastic words that we no longer use...words that if we did use them, we might not need to use our fists quite so much. It feels like the invention of being human to me. I think for me, I particularly love Shakespeare because he writes nothing but human thought. When you really connect into those thoughts it makes you deeply investigate humanity. In order to do Shakespeare you have to be slightly off balance. You can’t be ahead of yourself. The thoughts and the feelings are coming too fast. It’s not just a facility with language, but also a facility with a great deal of emotion.

Photo courtesy of the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival 6


Joseph DeVane Ph: (302) 838-3803 16 Fox Hunt Drive | Bear, DE



Lolita Yvonne DeVane Ph: (302) 703-0493 240 S. Dupont Hwy., #200 New Castle, DE




Monique’s Home & Garden Creating a peaceful place for every part of your living space!


From styling and creating to the tee...

to creating her own line of teas, this divine Davida is truly

Davinitea 9


avinitea... My one on one

interview with Davida Colona I learned how one little girl’s dream became her reality and her own Davinitea. She was candid and everything she had to say came from the heart. By: Stefany J.

It took me 2 years to fully transition and to begin getting my own jobs as a stylist rather a key stylist. As a key stylist it was my job to come up with the concept and put my own spin and ideas on things. It was about my own vision, team and ideas, and looks for my artists.

There are definitely stylists who have their own blueprint and you can spot the look dead on. Some people do know your style. What makes YOU successful as a stylist?

I consider myself an artist and everything I do is my personal vision. ON STYLING IT BIG It’s what I see, what I like. I keep my clients in their comfort zone, but I’m TIME TO THE TEE... hired to give my opinion and my How did you make it styling for such vision. Once I get what they want, I names as Chris Brown, Nas, The move into my artistic interpretation of ON THE BEGINNING... big Braxtons, and Tamar? what I’ve been given. I like to do a sit down meeting before working with What is your earliest memory After leaving NY, I decided I wanted to them the first time. I do my research do movies so I relocated to LA. Always of wanting to style and get into the and try to get as much information follow your gut. Everything isn’t for business of doing your own thing? about them as possible so I can get a everybody. My clients came for the good vibe who this person is ahead of most part from word of mouth. People At a very young age, I was a time. would see my clients and wonder who child who embraced dressed this person for this photo entrepreneurialism. My mother tells ON ALL IN THE shoot, event or video. People would me that I would draw pictures of the FAMILY... see my name in the credits and then fashion ideas I had in my head and walk around the neighborhood selling reach out to me. I work with corporate What role has your family played in executives, celebrities and athletes. them for $1. I also remember selling your success? lemonade. I remember not being able Have you ever had a bad “style” day I am blessed to have a wonderful, tight to fit clothes the way I wanted because or time when you came up with a knit and supportive family responsible of my small frame, so I asked the look that just didn’t work for you? for shaping and grooming me. I’ve woman who lived across the street to Everyone has a bad style day every always been taught to be fearless. The make me things and she eventually once in awhile. My interpretation may entire family has stepped in to be taught me to sew. I started making supportive of me. things for myself and other people and not be exactly what the artist had in eventually attended Moore College of mind so there is room for error. Art & Design in Philadelphia for How did you or do you handle those Fashion Design. times? Tell me about your life as a stylist, If you believe you are right, you fight I’m sure it was fabulous. for yourself and the look that you After graduation, I decided to move to want. You can try to re-shop the look New York City. A few of my teachers at or work with what you have to pull it school let me know that being a stylist together as a team. was a career option, so I decided to What does it take to be a successful pursue it. Starting out, I was an stylist? Do you think people know a assistant. It was mostly a lot of pick stylist when they see certain people? ups and deliveries. Steaming clothing and not glamorous at all. Carrying The Glam Squad consists of hair, things, cleaning and arranging makeup and wardrobe. It’s very showrooms and that kind of thing. necessary that everyone is on the same page. When did you become a stylist?






















The beauty of a blooming tea “My teas target a specific purpose, and I needed them to be pretty” ~ Davida Colona ON FRIENDSHIPS... How are your friendships and personal relationships managed? What advice would you give someone coming into this lifestyle about friendship? The friends you have as children are not always the friends you have as adults. You have to surround yourself with people like you and those are the people you develop genuine friendships with. A true friend will go different paths in life but when we reconnect it’s like we don’t miss a beat. Those who take and take are friendships that do not work well for me. How do you handle haters? I don’t. I give them no energy. They don’t exist in my world.

How is the dating life in this industry?

two-forms... Loose teas and blooming teas.

It’s difficult dating because as many career driven women, we sacrifice a lot trying to reach our goals. I notice a lot of successful women don’t have children until later in life because they’ve pursued their careers. Sometimes they don’t marry until later either. This life is anything but structured so it’s hectic.

What makes your teas different from others?

ON TO THE TEAS... So tell us about this transition to business owner, and your new venture. How did you get here? I’m a tea drinker and I love tea. I drink it all day long. I’m a fan of tea bars especially here in LA. Depending on what mood I’m in, they would come up with a mixture to assist me. I’ve recently started a tea company called DAVINITEA, a line of hot teas. I have


My teas target a specific purpose. My mission in life is to make everything and everyone beautiful. The blooming teas are sold with a glass tea pot or container. Once you add the hot water to the tea ball it turns into a flower. All the herbs are tied into the flower and it unravels when it’s submerged in the water. It’s beautiful tea.

MORE THAN JUST A COLLECTION OF FLAVORS , THESE TEAS SET THE MOOD ... “The one thing I’m most proud of is taking the chance and being fearless enough to go after my

I also created the loose tea blend and have infusers shaped as music notes, stiletto shoes, and handbags. It makes it easy for travel. They are dishwasher safe and reusable.


VOCAL This tea is for anyone who projects their voice on a regular basis.

This tea is for energy and for those who need that extra boost.

HANGOVER This tea is for restoration and those who need to “produce” after a night of drinking.

HARMONY This tea is for those who need to calm down or be put into a mellow mood. It’s great for creating balance.

SHRINK This tea is helps to promote weight loss.




“I wouldn’t change anything. Everything, even the bad things have been a learning experience. I’ve grown from them and learned. They taught me how to be better.”

WORTH THE WAIT By: Cecile Anthony

I never dreamed falling in love would take this long or hurt this bad, but God puts people in your life for different reasons, it's up to you to see what that purpose is and for how long. I lost count on the amount of times, I thought "he was the one!"... Well before you stand a woman who is strong, independent, sexy, intelligent and still single. I can say the last time I fell in love it was the best experience I've had and that was when I fell in love with ME! I took time off to re-evaluate and self-evaluate. I took time to list the pros and cons in my life and saw where my mistakes were and I focused on those weak points and allowed those mistakes not to break me but to strengthen me. Once that was done, I realized that most of the issues weren't my own, but they became my own, because I allowed it. I then decided it was time to spend time with me. Every day I tell people keep God first and love yourself first! Once you do those two important factors, you soon realize things start falling in place. Know that unless your mind is right, nothing else in your life will be right! After years of falling in love with the wrong people and finally falling in love with the right person (me), that I came to the missing link in that factor. I was WORTH THE WAIT! I know now how to enjoy myself by myself and that I can do bad by myself. Why allow people to make you worst than when you stand alone? If you supply your own needs and all you ask is for them to help with the simple things and that task is too big for them, then know they are too small for you. You must find your right fit. You should want your equal; someone who will work with you and not against you; someone who has goals and dreams and is about taking a plant and helping to make it a tree, simply put someone who wants to grow with you. I want to know the person who stands before me, behind me and beside me can stand the rain! I want to know that I am WORTH THE WAIT!


Whether or not you find yourself at the top of the pyramid or in the middle of its mix, ROCK YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE. Get ID ready to VOTE 2012!

It’s 100% one of the most important things you’ll ever do in your lifetime!


FINANCIAL PUNKS Ever wonder why folks take forever to pay back your money? Do you accompany friends on shopping sprees, even as they owe you.? If your answer is “Yes” to either of the above, then read on to regain your dollars and sense! — Quisque Massa

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dogged in her search that as I <'%&'(%$+#/-/'+%&'()%*)/$+,%8')/+4.&% rubbed blisters into my feet to -6')/+4%01$%/+0$)/')%'*%1$)%+'-0)/.7%"-% keep up with her, I couldn’t help /*%0'%$>6"#"0$%-'5$%"+6/$+0%")0/*"60A


but think wistfully, “Gee, I sure wish she would find a way to pay me back with the same singleminded focus.” And later, I helped her carry some of her many bags back to the car, I was shocked with the recurring urges to push her into oncoming traffic.  I knew in my heart that it would not be the right thing to do. I knew that if I were to fall on her with my elbows (useful trivia: hardest bone in the body) and knees that that too would be wrong. When we got back to the car, I was in knots from forcibly keeping my hands to myself and I had a tension head ache from clenching my teeth. Yes, I knew that violence would not get me any closer to recompense. Likely, more would be taken from me, such as my freedom … to use the restroom … at my leisure … and in private. Besides, I never could pull off horizontal stripes or Tang orange.


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Define, Design and Deliver Your Most Beautiful Life! By The Diana Sisters of 3DBC !"#$%&'()$*+$,-$.#/012$3*450617489$ !$..'S%^$%")$%01$%i%</"+"%L/-0$)-%'*%i<% @$"(0&%f'+-(.0/+4%Wi<@f%]]fX;%%Y-% @$"(0&7%I/+,7%L'(.%W@ILX%M+0$)+"0/'+".% L2$"=$)-7%f'+-(.0"+0-%"+,%Y(01')-7%3$% 1"#$%)$"61$,%1(+,)$,-%'*%01'(-"+,-%'*% 2$'2.$%3').,3/,$%01)'(41%'()%-$5/+")-7% "22$")"+6$-7%2(8./-1$,%")0/6.$-7%"+,% -/4+"0()$%')4"+/6%*)"4)"+6$%"+,%8',&%./+$% j!(+0)$--7%8&%`2/21"+&;?%^$%0$..%&'(%01/-% +'0%0'%8'"-0%8(0%0'%-1'3%01"0%-/-0$)A-1/2% /-%2'3$)*(.S%Y-%8/'.'4/6".%-/-0$)-7%3$%")$% 6)$"0/+4%"%6'55(+/0&%'*%-/-0$)A-1/2% "6)'--%01$%3').,%0'%1$.2%"..%3'5$+%8)$"=% ,'3+%8"))/$)-%0'%L:k]%.$#$.%8$"(0&7% 6)$"0$%01$%6'+Q/,$+6$%0'%,$#$.'2%01$/)% (+/B($%4/*0-%"+,%./#$%01$/)%*"+0"-&%./#$-S% :()%5/--/'+%/+%i<%@$"(0&%f'+-(.0/+4%/-%0'% /52"607%$,(6"0$%"+,%$52'3$)%3'5$+% "6)'--%01$%4.'8$%0'%'3+%01$/)%8$"(0&;% @$"(0&%6'+Q/,$+6$%/-%*')%`d`\N%-/+4.$% 3'5"+%"0%Y[N%"4$;%^$%8$./$#$%01"0% 8$"(0&%/-%+'0%P(-0%*')5$,%8&%&'()% "$-01$0/6-%8(0%8&%1'+')/+4%31'%&'(%")$% *)'5%&'()%6')$R%"+%/++$)%"+,%'(0$)%0'0".% )$Q.$60/'+%'*%&'()-$.*;%^$%1$.2%3'5$+% 6)$"0$%"%iEG%,$4)$$7%0'0".%0)"+-*')5"0/'+% /+%01$%")$"-%'*%@$"(0&7%I/+,%"+,%L'(.%A% D1$%i%l$&%Y)$"-%'*%]/*$;% !"#$%&':)$*+$,-$.#/012$3*450617489$ D)($%*$5/+/+$%2'3$)%6'5$-%/+%01$%*')5% '*%#(.+$)"8/./0&%"+,%/0%1"-%"%0'0"..&% ,/**$)$+0%$**$60%01"+%5"-6(./+$%2'3$);%% d(.+$)"8/./0&%"..'3-%(-%"-%3'5$+%0'% 6'55(+/6"0$%31'%3$%")$7%31"0%3$%+$$,7%

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T H E S P O D1$%0/5$%8$03$$+%31$+%&'(%")$%8')+%"+,%31$+%&'(%.$"#$%01/-% $")01R%N'()%<YL!;%^$%,$6/,$,%0'%8(/.,%"%8(-/+$--%0'4$01$)%01"0% )$2)$-$+0-%*"5/.&A-1/2%"+,%-/-0$)A-1/2%8$6"(-$%01"0%/-%"% )$Q.$60/'+%'*%01$%.'#$%3$%1"#$%*')%'+$%"+'01$);% ^$%1",%$"61%8$$+%#$)&%"58/0/'(-%)(++/+4%/+%,/**$)$+0% ,/)$60/'+-;%]"()"%3"-%8(/.,/+4%"%6")$$)%/+%01$%@$"(0&%M+,(-0)&% ,$#$.'2/+4%6'-5$0/6-%"+,%*)"4)"+6$-%4.'8"..&%31/.$%<$8)"%3"-% ,$#$.'2/+4%1$)%_.'8".%!/41$)%`,(6"0/'+%6")$$)%1$.2/+4% -0(,$+0-%8)$"=,'3+%6)'--%6(.0()".%8"))/$)-7%"+,%L'Q/"7%3"-% -2$+,/+4%1$)%0/5$%3')=/+4%3/01%4)'(2-%01"0%1$".$,%3'5$+?-% )$."0/'+-1/2-%3/01%01$%'22'-/0$%-$>;%%Y8'(0%03'%&$")-%"4'7%/+%01$% *"..%'*%aGCG7%3$%6"5$%0'4$01$)%8$6"(-$%3$%./0$)"..&%5/--$,%'+$% "+'01$)S%^$%,$6/,$,%0'%0"=$%'()%#$)&%,/**$)$+0%8"6=4)'(+,-% "+,%-1"2$%'()%6'52"+&%0'%)$Q.$60%$"61%'*%'()%-0)$+401-%/+%'),$)% 0'%6'+0)/8(0$%0'%3'5$+?-%0'0".%8$"(0&%6'+Q/,$+6$S%^$%1"#$% ,$6/,$,%01"0%/0%/-%N:k%31'%6)$"0$-%&'()%5'-0%8$"(0/*(.%2"01S ^1"0%")$%&'(%6)$"0/+4%/+%&'()%<YL!9%^$%6)$"0$,%'()%@$"(0&7% I/+,7%L'(.%-&-0$5%8$6"(-$%3$%3"+0%0'%0"=$%'()%2$)-'+".% $>2$)/$+6$-%"+,%0()+%01$5%")'(+,%0'%8''-0%3'5$+%0'%"%5')$% 1'./-0/6%#/$3%'*%8$"(0&%"+,%1$.2%01$5%0'%5"=$%01$/)%'3+% 61'/6$-%*')%31"0%8$"(0&%)$2)$-$+0-%,$-2/0$%31"0%"%6(.0()$%')% -'6/$0&%0$..-%01$5%/-%8$"(0/*(.;%^$%")$%0"22/+4%/+0'%3'5$+?-% "$-01$0/6-%"+,%$5'0/'+-7%H1"#/+4%/0%"..%3/01%+'%)$4)$0-J%"+,% 1")+$--/+4%3'5$+?-%*$5/+/+$%$+$)4&%0'%,$Q/+$%01$5-$.#$-% 01)'(41%01$/)%'3+%2$)-'+".%)$Q.$60/'+;%D1$%2'3$)%'*%"%3'5"+%/-% /+%1$)%*$5/+/+/0&%"+,%3$%1$.2%3'5$+%$>2.')$%01$/)%*$5/+/+$% 2'3$);%^$%")$%1$)$%0'%$+6'()"4$%01$%6'55(+/0&%'*%3'5$+%31'% 3')=%3/01%(-%01"0%8$"(0&%6'5$-%/+%"..%-1"2$-7%-/m$-7%$01+/6/0/$-% "+,%5'-0%/52')0"+0.&7%8$"(0&%6'5$-%*)'5%3/01/+S%M+%./*$7%3$% 1"#$%"+%'22')0(+/0&%*')%"%3/+%A3/+%)$."0/'+-1/2%/+%$#$)&% 5'5$+0;%%<$Q/+$7%<$-/4+7%"+,%<$./#$)%&'(%5'-0%8$"(0/*(.%./*$7% ,$#$.'2/+4%01$%5'-0%/52')0"+0%)$."0/'+-1/2%&'(%3/..%$#$)%1"#$% W01$%'+$%3/01%&'()-$.*X%"+,%6)$"0$%"5"m/+4%)$."0/'+-1/2-%3/01% 01$%2$'2.$%5'-0%/52')0"+0%0'%&'(;%D1$%0/5$%/-%+'3%"+,%/0%-0")0-% 3/01%N:k; About The Diana Sisters of 3DBC: ,-.3<$BB3%/-%"%6'52"+&%*'(+,$,%8&%01)$$%-/-0$)-%/+%[Nf;%D1$% 6'52"+&%1"-%8$$+%-1"2$,%*)'5%"%iEG%,$4)$$7%1'./-0/6%"22)'"61% 0'%8$"(0&;%i<@f%'**$)-%-$)#/6$-%01$-$%")$"-F%:+$A'+A:+$% f'"61/+4%"-%3$..%"-%^')=-1'2-%"+,%L$5/+")-%(-/+4%01$/)%


K E N W O R D @$"(0&7%I/+,7%L'(.%W@ILX%`,(6"0/'+%L&-0$5;%%D1$/)%L'(.%]$#$.% @$"(0&%T)',(60%</#/-/'+7%`2/21"+&%@$"(0&7%1$.2-%0'%$#'=$%01$% 4',,$--%3/01/+%333;$2/21"+&8;6'5;%M*%&'(%3'(.,%./=$%5')$% -(22')0%')%*()01$)%/+*')5"0/'+%'+%1'3%&'(%6"+%)$6$/#$%i<@f% L$)#/6$-7%2.$"-$%6'+0"60F%/+*'ni,8$"(0&6'+-(.0/+4;6'5%')%#/-/0F% 333;i,8$"(0&6'+-(.0/+4;6'5;

B/0?/$-7/4/7%'()%8$"(0&%/+,(-0)&%$>2$)07%8)/+4-%0'%01$%i% </"+"o-%@$"(0&%f'+-(.0/+47%1$)%",$20%=+'3.$,4$%0'%01$% "$-01$0/6%8$"(0&%6'52'+$+0%0'%0$"61%3'5$+%01$%0/2-%0''.-%"+,% 0)/6=-%0'%8)/+4/+4%'(0%01$/)%8$-0%*$"0()$-%"+,%$+1"+6/+4%01$/)% (+/B($%8$"(0&;%]"()"%1"-%'#$)%CE%&$")-%$>2$)/$+6$%/+%01$% @$"(0&%M+,(-0)&%,$#$.'2/+4%2)',(60-%"+,%3')=/+4%3/01%5"P')% 6'-5$0/6%1'(-$-%-(61%"-%I"&8$../+$7%\$#.'+%"+,%`-0$$%]"(,$)7% 4.'8"..&;%L1$%1"-%"%I"-0$)?-%<$4)$$%/+%I")=$0/+4%"+,% I"+"4$5$+0%6'+6$+0)"0/+4%/+%f'-5$0/6-7%D'/.$0)/$-%"+,% K)"4)"+6$-%*)'5%D1$%K"-1/'+%M+-0/0(0$%'*%D$61+'.'4&%WKMDX%/+% [Nf; -#J?/$-7/4/<%"%6$)0/Q/$,%L=/+%Y+".&-/-%L2$6/"./-0%"+,%6)$"0/#$% 5"=$(2%")0/-07%5"/+%*'6(-%/+%D1$%i%</"+"o-%@$"(0&%f'+-(.0/+4%/-% 0'%8)/+4%3'5$+%0'4$01$)%'*%"..%6(.0()$-%"+,%8"6=4)'(+,7% 0$"61/+4%01$5%1'3%0'%(+6'#$)%01$/)%/++$)%"+,%'(0$)%8$"(0&;%L1$% /-%6$+0$)$,%'+%6'55(+/6"0/+4%01$%i<%@$"(0&%*(+,"5$+0".% 0$"61/+4-%0'%3'5$+%3/01%01$%3/..%"+,%,$-/)$-%0'%.''=%"+,%*$$.% 01$/)%8$-0;%<$8)"%-2$+0%0/5$%3/01%0'2%+"0/'+".%$,(6"0/'+%2'./6&% 5"=$)-%/+%6'(+0)/$-%-(61%"-%L'(01%Y*)/6"%"+,%M-)"$.%0'%,$#$.'2%"% ,$$2$)%-$+-$%'*%(+,$)-0"+,/+4%,/**$)$+6$-%/+%3'5$+?-%6(.0()".% +')5-;%<$8)"%1"-%"%I"-0$)?-%/+%_.'8".%!/41$)%`,(6"0/'+%*)'5% [$3%N')=%k+/#$)-/0&%/+%[Nf%"+,%1"-%CG%&$")-%$>2$)/$+6$%/+%01$% !/41$)%`,(6"0/'+%Q/$.,; @*;7/$-7/4/K5$+*L05%/+%01$%i%</"+"o-%@$"(0&%f'+-(.0/+47%/-%0'% 5'0/#"0$%"+,%/52)'#$%3'5$+o-%"8/./0&%0'%0"=$%6")$%'*% 01$5-$.#$-7%/52)'#$%3'5$+o-%)$."0/'+-1/2-%3/01%01$5-$.#$-7%"-% 3$..%"-%0'%6)$"0$%2")0+$)-1/2%8$03$$+%5$+%"+,%3'5$+;%L'Q/"?-% 5"/+%)'.$%/-%0'%$B(/2%3'5$+%3/01%01$%"8/./0&%0'%6)$"0$%2$"6$% "+,%-$)$+/0&%3/01/+%01$/)%)$."0/'+-1/2%0'%-$.*%"+,%0'%01$% )$."0/'+-1/2-%01$&%61''-$%0'%1"#$%/+%01$/)%./#$-;%L'Q/"%1"-%Ca% &$")-%$>2$)/$+6$%/+%)$."0/'+".%,$#$.'25$+0%3/01%"%I"-0$)?-%/+% f'(+-$./+4%T-&61'.'4&$*)'5%K'),1"5%k+/#$)-/0&%/+%[Nf;


Actor Michael Beasley

Focused on his craft; the workings of this artist are truly maqnifique!

This former professional basketball player not only made the heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s


“There’s no such thing as a small role in any movie. I come to acting with a different energy that I learned from athletics. I want to see the inner workings of how things go down so I can master the moves and that’s exactly what I do.” Although you have certainly seen him in some of Hollywood’s block-busters, Michael Beasley is an actor who has made being the best at whatever he sets his mind to do his leading role. His first big break came as the MADEA double in Tyler Perry’s first movie, Diary of a Mad Black Woman. He candidly speaks of the irony of seeing Tyler just three days before landing the job, having dinner at Atlanta’s Justin’s Restaurant and not knowing him personally, to working side-by-side with him, literally, before the week’s end. That was 7 years ago, and in the past 5 years as an actor and since that time, he has done over 30 movies and 8 TV shows. Prior to acting, Michael played professional basketball overseas. The birth of his son changed everything and he realized a new set of priorities, and adopted a different set of sacrifices for himself and his family. He decided that what was needed to be the ball player he needed to be was too much to give, and opted to pursue being a family man instead. It just was no longer at the level of importance that it used to be, nor needed to be if he was going to play at the level expected. He wanted to see his son grow up. The 5am wake-ups to play, the part-time job he had to make ends meet and the workouts afterwards were just more than he was willing to give after awhile. Besides, the sport had


taken its toll on him physically (as far as performing above the rim was concerned), and he was getting up there in age. He returned to the states with the desire and need to reinvent himself, which is exactly what he did. He always wanted to be an actor, had performed in plays in high school, and decided to take that plunge to pursue his dreams. Following in his movie star father John Beasley’s (currently the co-star opposite Cedric the Entertainer in TV Land’s feature The Soul Man) footsteps as getting bitten by the bug to be an actor was just being the beginning of them, and the very tip of the iceberg. According to Michael anything is possible. He believes all you have to do is set your mind to it. When you think about anything that you’ve done in life or when creating anything you have, he says there has to be a belief in your work and you say to yourself, I’m going to make this work.

“I don’t look at the statistics on anything. I believe I can do it anywhere, because God is everywhere.”

Michael is originally from Omaha, Nebraska and growing up he watched his actor father John Beasley drive back and forth to Minnesota and Chicago through blizzards, without any money, and sometimes needing to sleep in the

“Sometimes it’s better to be a bigger fish in a smaller pond. I’m loving what’s going on down here in Hollywood South and wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

car, just to audition for roles. He did what he had to do to make it. He’s heard of and known people to buy into the sentiments that there were not a lot of roles out here for black actors. He is forthright in sharing with me that he started saying to himself and putting out into the universe, “ok there may not be a lot of roles out here for black actors, but there are a lot of roles out here for me.” As a result he laughs as he recollects that he started booking all types of roles, including those calling for other nationalities. He doesn’t limit himself and he doesn’t believe in putting himself in a box. According to him, the only time he stops working is when he stops focusing on what he does.

“I go to get the job, not to audition.” “Don’t try to do what you should do, instead figure out what excites you and make that the ONLY thing you do. Focus on that one thing every day and you’ll be happy in everything that you do.” “I always wanted to be an actor. I wanted to see how

“Always treat people the way you want to be treated. Keep honing your skills and improving them. If you keep showing up and getting better, eventually you’re going to rise to the top”. I learned that from my father, John Beasley

successful I would be at it.”

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



When I asked him how he has realized so much success in such a short period of time in this very competitive

industry, Michael said, “I said to myself, what do I want to be in this industry? I defined what I wanted to be and I remained focus on just that one target.” His advice to others is that you have to decide. You have to set a goal, focus on a target, and start planning how you’re going to achieve and reach them. He believes that when you focus on one thing all the other things begin to follow suit. He goes on to share that once he decided and defined what he wanted to be, he began studying those who were already there, what they were doing, what they were reading, and would immediately try to do what they were doing, but better than them. He watched the choices his Academy Award wining co-stars would make. Michael also confides that he is a people watcher in life and that his observance of others and their decision-making is something he brings with him to his acting career. He takes what he learns and puts them into his characters feeling like he’s always learning and simultaneously always changing as a result.


As if his acting career discography wasn’t impressive enough, along with his features in film and television,

Michael is in the process of writing a book, has embarked upon the launching of his clothing line with a teddy bear logo called “EXTREMELY WELL” which donates the proceeds from your purchase to the charity of your choice when you’ve made one, and to a default charity when one has not been decided; and has projects in development of his own, under the film company he started ISIS RA FILMS. Michael candidly says that he doesn’t want to do television just to do it, or be able to say that he’s done it. He wants to make GREAT FILMS. He started his film company because he didn’t want anyone to be able to dictate his course in life or his career. ! As for his life: He is the proud father of 21-year-old musician step son who is in Germany and has already scored a top 5 produced hit, a 15-year old son in his sophomore year of playing varsity basketball and now in the top 50 in the country, and a daddy’s little girl who is 12 years old. This husband of 17 years to actress Deena Beasley (One Tree Hill and The Bad Lieutenant with Nicolas Cage) candidly shares the key to their very successful marriage first through sports and now through entertainment... “For me, the one key thing to the success of our relationship is that I stopped looking

at all of my wife’s faults; because when you focus on someone’s faults and focus on what you don’t like you get more of what you don’t want. Once I did that (as much as humanly possible), stopped concentrating on anything negative, everything changed.” Michael Beasley is in a featured work every month through the end of the year. Check him out at


“You are only as limited as you think or allow yourself to be.”

Brother Marcus bringing

HOW IT ALL BEGAN Q. How did you get to here? A. It started a few years back. I was homeless and had lost everything; but always knew God. I made some poor choices and those choices put me in the situation I found myself in. Once I surrendered and asked God to just give me a word to be inspired and encouraged myself, God began giving me these very inspirational and very strength-provoking messages. Q. Wow, that’s amazing. God just gave you these “elements of inspiration”? A. Absolutely, and I took the messages and started putting them into my cell phone and began sending them out to people. Q. When did everything change? A. One day I had an encounter with another radio personality Derek “Pooch Man” Frith, who happened to get wind of one of my messages and the rest is history. He was the first person to give me an opportunity and who named me Brother Marcus.



THE PATH & THE JOURNEY Q. How did you go from homeless to being a popular radio personality? How did you keep yourself encouraged to the point where you had something to hold on to that would get you there? A. As I was on this journey, it was God allowing the right people at the right places at the right times to connect with me at the right moments. Once I figured out where I was going, the gentleman I spoke of earlier, Derek, gave me an opportunity to do 20 seconds of inspiration on his show. Q. It sounds to me as if you were in the right place at the right time. A. I believe that there are times when people see the true authenticity of your character and your spirit...especially when they can see the direction in which you are going. You know people will begin to stand behind you and support you when they see your commitment and investment in the things you believe in and see your heart. Q. At that time, did you find yourself bitter by the turn of events taking place in your life? A. No. Sometimes everything you have has to be stripped away so you can start fresh and keep it fresh and know who is in control. I wouldn’t be where I am now, if I hadn’t gone through. Q. Did the popularity of your messages and success start changing you and who you were as a person? A. I had no idea that so many people knew of me. I was just doing what I was doing; dropping my messages. I didn’t know how big this thing was getting. A lot of people were just helping and supporting, sponsoring and the next thing I knew there were people around me helping me to get back on my feet. I hadn’t realized my world was changing until other radio stations started reaching out to me and asking if I could do the same for their stations. That’s when I began to realize the popularity of it all.

HANDLING ADVERSITY & THE DESTINY Q. How in the world did you handle all of your adversity? A. The only way to handle it is to handle it. Because of Solomon’s unfaithfulness he was told by God that everything would be torn away from him and given to his subordinates. All of what he had would be given to others. That is what I went through. Because I knew God and had a relationship with Him, and my own disobedience, God stripped everything from me. The house, the cars, and the family. Back then, I wanted things for my self. God showed me I am nothing without Him. I was alone and I was hurt. You find out who your true friends are when everything is stripped away. When you’re no longer able to spend money on people like you used to, or no longer the cool guy or whatever the case may be, you lose your status in society. You not only find out who your friends are, but you also find out who YOU are and your true value. Q. What would you say is the strongest lesson you came away with when finding out about you? A. What I did come away with was me being by myself and not having anything. It was the most connected I felt to God. I didn’t have to worry about material things or bills. Those weren’t my concerns. My concern was, “Lord, it’s just me and you”. The best thing to ever happen to me was to go through the struggle and to be in the valley. At that point, the only direction left to go was up. I tell people to praise God no matter what situation you’re in. Don’t worry about people or feeling embarrassed, because that’s when the change comes. Q. Did you always know this would be your destiny? A. I always knew that I would be doing something in front of people. I used to think I would be a Pastor years ago. As a child I had a speech impediment. I had a lisp and a problem with stuttering. That is why I am proof positive that when God has a destiny for you, you can do what you want to do, but God will keep stripping you, dropping you, purging you until you say God I’m ready. To this day I practice in the mirror to make sure I am enunciating words properly.



“For me there aren’t any

Q. What advice would you give the younger generation? A. Pick and choose wisely... your friends, your battles. Make sure you keep God as the focus no matter what. You have to have that discernment so you know who’s with you and not. Make sure you don’t get sidetracked and concerned with little arguments. Be prepared to win the war, not every battle.

obstacles or boxes for me

Q. What would you say to the women? A. For the women of today, don’t go looking for anything when it comes to being connected. Wen it comes to being with someone, it’s not up to you to be looking and searching. They are picking whatever is coming their way and it’s not all good. Just wait and I know it’s a hard thing sometimes. But women should wait. A good man will accept the woman and continue to move forward whomever God leads, and no matter what past she comes with. The one thing I want women to remember is that a good man is going to do things to protect you and not harm you.

Q. What would you say to the young ladies? A. Know who you are. Know whom you belong to. Know how much authority “I don’t personally believe that you have over everything around you. there’s anything by chance. God has You are to be a helpmeet not a slave. The a divine order. God already had assistant, who is most often times the one something in mind when it came to who keeps it all together and is more me. Once I decided I wanted nothing important than the one in charge. You more than for God to use me, despite are the one with the strength to make any state or set of circumstances I sure things are rolling as they should. found myself in, my entire life and Women have more power and authority world changed.” than they thinks. One reason is because this world cannot run smoothly without the power and strength of a woman.

to be put into.”

Q. What would you say to the men. A. To the men: we have a responsibility to uphold the family structure. In starting all over, we still have to do our part for what we’ve done in the past.We are to be accountable in that new place for what we’ve had, what we have, and for where we’re going. Let’s do our best to be responsible and stop blame shifting. We can’t blame anyone but ourselves.


The BrotherMarcus Mobile is now available on Android Phones (Google Play)

s Scentsomatic

The Smell of Success













Pamela Long

...standing for hope and delivering it to those in need !

Nullam arcu leo, facilisis ut!


a LONG time coming: PAMELA’s journey to her here and now... ”By Herself” By Stefany J.

The time I spent getting to know this Edison, New Jersey native Pam Long was a complete joy. She is warm, kind, and has a heart of love that you can tell instantly, is worth its weight in gold. Her vibration is nothing less than warming and I feel like my life has been blessed in hearing, knowing, and being a part of the recollection of her story. I am amazed at her strength, admire her candor, and have nothing but respect for the displayed commitment she has to her faith, her family, her gifts, her purpose, and her calling. I can tell that it is her time, and believe me it is a long time coming in more ways than one. She’s paid her dues, some hefty prices, and sacrificed much. She’s been through the fire, seen and experienced more than most people our age have at such a young age, and got her musical start on a roller coaster ride that would prove to be not anything less. It is my hope that you will get to know this beautiful soul as I have, and I guarantee that once you get a glimpse of who she has become today, any preconceived assumptions will forever be a part of your faintest memory and cast into the sea of forgetfulness to be remembered no more.


Q. Do you remember how you first got into the love of music?

A. I’m the youngest and me, my brother and sister would have to get up early on Saturday mornings and clean up. My mom would have the 8-track playing with Stephanie Mills on repeat and we would sing into A. I had a wonderful childhood. I the mop and broom stick was raised by momma and that handles. My brother used to be is my baby for real. I’m a a rapper and me and my sister momma’s girl through and would be his background through. I’m the youngest of 3 singers. So I’ve been singing (by my mother) and we are since I can remember. extremely close. We still play cards and cut up in a game of Q. When did you get your Spades. Our relationship has always been family first. We first big break to sing? were raised in the church and A. Funny enough I got my first big spent our summers in break in church when I was 9 Goldsboro, North Carolina with years old. That was when I was my Gram. It’s been 3 years asked to sing my first solo. I since she passed away. She was had my head down and was so our rock and definitely taught scared. The choir was off to my my mother how to raise us. She left and as I opened my mouth beat that tail and didn’t play. to sing I heard a voice from the We were not allowed to show audience say, “Sang Pam” and I off or run off in public, and we looked up and sang my heart better be where we said we out. Once I started seeing and were going to be or else. feeling the reaction of the congregation, I was hooked. From that day on I couldn’t wait to have my rotation chance Q. Was your mother strict? to sing solo. A. She was a good mother. She whooped that tail if she had to. “I want people to know that I But she’s definitely my rock. am a woman of God first and Growing up I remember her working so hard for us and foremost. I’ve come to a place sacrificing so that we would be okay. I remember her missing in my life with or without meals just so that we could eat. fame, with or without my We would ask her, “Momma are you going to eat now?” and name being in lights, I am she would say, “No I’ll eat somebody. I am special, and I later”. She made sure that we were first in everything. Words am important. It may have cannot describe what she means to me. I speak to her taken me years, but that’s everyday and I tell her that I what I’ve come to know.” love her everyday. I hug and kiss all over her so much you would think I was still a little girl.

Q. How was your childhood and your life growing up? Do you have fond memories?


TOTAL OPPOSITES Q. How did you go from church soloist to mainstream music? A. When I was 15 a friend of the family Alex Kennedy (who was 18 years old at the time) took me to a studio he would frequent in Plainfield to hang out and do music. He had to ask my mother’s permission to go and she said yes. It was my first time in a studio and I ended up recording a song. That was the beginning of me spending all my free time at the studio.

Q. How did you get into the music industry? A. I met Kima and Keisha from going back and forth to the studio in passing. One day Norman Bradley the guy who was managing them and another rap artist told me they were looking for a 3rd member for the group and asked me did I want to be a part. I was the usual ‘feeling myself teenager’ so I said no. He let it go and came back a couple of weeks later and asked again and then I said yes. That’s how our group, Total Opposite was formed.

Q. How did your mom feel about your new found career? A. She was great. She was happy for me and excited about my opportunity because she knew what it meant to me. My mother and family have always been supportive of me and my dreams. The only advice she had for me was to keep God first. She stayed on top of Puff those 2 years he spent grooming us. She would ask him, “Where are you taking my baby?” and stuff like that. I was getting into industry parties because I was with him but he kept a close eye on us. When I came home from doing industry stuff I still had to clean my room and do my chores.

A TOTAL TWIST OF FATE: A meeting with Puff Daddy Q. How did you get signed? A. As fate would have it we started spending time in New York as a result of people Kima and Keisha knew. We were introduced to a woman named Kathy Dukes who made us ‘industry ready’. She would drive us around New York City and without any notice pull over, wherever she saw a crowd, kick us out of the car and say, “Sing”. That’s how I got a lot of confidence and how she removed the fear of performing in front of strangers away from us. About a year into our relationship with her she told us she was going to take us to see Puff Daddy. We knew who he was and had heard of him. She never told us, but her son is Puff’s Godson. So we went to the studio to sing for him. We went up to the Hit Factory and Puff came down on the elevator. We walked onto the elevator with Kathy and as soon as the doors of the elevator closed we were all up in Puff’s face singing this song we made up called We Are Total. He never said a word. The doors of the elevator opened, he walked off and into one of the rooms. We just started performing. He sat there and when we were done said, “thank you for coming out. I appreciate your time.”. So we left the studio thinking he didn’t like us. Puff called Kathy at 5 o’clock the next morning and told her, “don’t take those girls anywhere else, I want to sign them to my label”. That’s how we got signed. It was awesome!

A TOTAL PAUSE & COMPLETE STOP Q. How and why the shift? A. We were at the top of our career and started bickering internally with each other and then with the label. Then people were in our ears telling each of us separately, “you know you are the best in the group you should go solo”. Allowing those voices to get in your ear because you yourself have veered away from your foundation was not a good thing. From there it was like God stepped in and pushed pause on everything.

!"#$%&'()#*')+#),-#),*'.&#),%)#"#&%$/#0,-#&)%.-#$%&# ),%)#*12+3)%')#)+#1-/#"#,%4#3-&2-5)#6+3#),-#&)%.-# %'4#*)#$%&#&+1-),*'.#),%)#"#7+8-4/#9+#*6#"#4*4#4+# %':),*'.#"#$%&'()#&;22+&-4#)+#<-#4+*'.=#"#'-8-3# 4*4#*)#+;)#*'#),-#+2-'/>#


A TOTAL EXPERIENCE Q. Were you aware of the typecast and the stigma of others as it pertained to you? Did you know people referred to you sometimes as the one who looked like a boy? How did you handle that? A. People don’t get a fair shot. I didn’t mind what they were saying. Growing up I was a Tom Boy. I hated to put on dresses because I loved to climb trees with my brother. I was always very athletic. I played and loved the sport of basketball. I enjoyed playing with my brother and sister. When you have an athletic build, sometimes people are quick to put a label on it as opposed to saying, ‘ok, she’s a girl who likes to play ball or run track or whatever”. Sometimes labeling can be hard for a kid, but for me I embraced it all. It didn’t mean that much to me. It was something that I wanted. I wanted to be described as “she’s the hard one”. Mostly because I knew that when people think you are hard they also assume you can fight and they are less likely to approach you in the wrong way...not knowing that in my heart on the inside is like a teddy bear and I’m the type who hates confrontation.

“Sometimes itʼs the thing you chase in life that can end up taking your life.”

Q. The assumption was that you were gay. Was that difficult for you? A. Whether it’s true or not you still have to live with public perceptions and assumptions of you. There was a point when people were saying all these things about me and the group, like we couldn’t sing, etc.. There were a lot of rumors flying around. At the time when I was hearing these things you have to remember I was young and I also had a boyfriend so I was hurt. As I kid I wondered why would they say something like that about me. My mom always taught me that people are going to talk about you regardless and you can’t change what people say. You can just live and if it’s true it’s true, and if it’s not true then you don’t have to allow it to bother you and hold you back. Those who knew me knew what the situation was, but those who didn’t know me it left this lingering thought of what was going on with me. Despite the things being said, we were still growing as a group and the fame to the group was coming and coming on strong. So the things they said personally about me, it became whatever to me.



I understand that you are about community service and are active with your church.


Yes, I attend Agape Worship Center in Rahway, NJ with Pastor Lawrence Powell. I love to do outreach, being out in the community and working with young people, organizations with causes to fight Cancer and AIDS.

Q. A.

“BY MYSELF” Q. What would you say has been your greatest life lesson?

A. My greatest life lesson is simple: everything is not always what it seems. It’s a facade that the industry paints, and you think to yourself once I get in everything is going to be great. If you come into this thing you have What would you now say is your purpose? to come in with a foundation knowing that it’s a monster, or else you will get Pamela Long stands for HOPE. That’s the motto I stand on. It’s no longer for myself. If I can give somebody hope; swallowed up. I don’t chase fame don’t look at me. If at the end of the day I can do anymore. I’m chasing my destiny, something to point somebody to Jesus Christ it is what I because when you chase fame you’ll live for and strive for. What I hope to do is bring back the do anything to get it. If you allow it to come with the territory with the hope of God to a dying world. What I’ve learned along this journey is that at the end of the day everything I mindset of taking it or leaving it either have gone through was not just for me. way, it usually just comes along as a part of the ride.

Q. How did you come up with this new project?

There was so much going on.God pushed PAUSE and one day in November of

A. Today when you look around, I’m literally by myself. As far as music is concerned I was used to having two counterparts to my left and right, Keisha and Kima. I’m no longer in Total, I’m by myself. In the hook I say, “ came and rescued me when I was by myself.” There was a point in my life when I was part of the group Total where I felt like I lost everything. I lost the grip of myself. No, I wasn’t snorting cocaine or smoking crack or anything like that, but for me I equated it the same, because I lost my foundation. I lost me and the essence of who I was... That girl who was bubbly, her momma’s baby growing up in the church knowing right from wrong but who wasn’t standing on it. God came and rescued me.

particular day. I knew that I needed something, but I didn’t know what at the time.

Q. How did you switch directions? A. My mentor Nicole Simpson and her husband Jesse Simpson. The both of them came into my life at the right time and he was like a father figure to me. It was the two of them, and especially him that made me realize that I never wanted to have fame again, and only what God has and wants for me.

1999 I remember clearly, all I could do was cry. I was going through so much this I literally cried for an entire day. I stared in the mirror trying to figure out what was going on with me. I remember telling my brother, “I’m about to give my life to the Lord”. God was dealing with me so strongly. I don’t remember even saying the words out of my mouth. My heart spoke for me. All I knew was that I wanted Him. I couldn’t grasp a hold of what had become of me but I knew I needed someone to come and rescue me. My life changed in that moment and I never looked back. I couldn’t call on this one or that one, but I called on the name of the Lord and He came and rescued me. He came and snatched me out. Some of the words, “....Breaking from heartache, a life so mentally frustrating. So tired of waiting.”. That deals with so many things. I was tired of being in the back. After being in Total you know people pushed me to the side and said ok she’s dried up and washed up. She ain’t got it no more. She’ll never be able to do it. One thing is for sure, had it not been for a Puffy or Kima and Keisha on that stage with me, there never would have been a TOTAL. God let me know though, at the end of the day He is the only one who made me. Nothing external makes me. Only God. He is the one who gave power for our careers to come about. He was the one who allowed it to be what it was. God had not only rescued me and put me back in a place physically but mentally as well. He had to put me back together mentally because I was in a place where I lost all of that.. What was being created was me as Pam this time. He was giving everything back to me.

“I had given myself over to creation instead of my Creator”

CIGARETTES/TOBACCO By: Lila Jones I’ve always had a problem with being a statistic If 25% of my peers are included And 45% of my peers are excluded And the remaining 29% of my peers are completely ignored by society Then reality is There’s 1% left So that 1% must be me, ‘cause see I’m the one that’s not included or excluded My thoughts Walk the trend line My emotions Are never seen by the human eye My soul has leadership qualities but I follow Society in a away Peer pressure does exist Characteristics of a human Ugly Can’t begin to describe the affect it has on people Tobacco Is it’s first name I came to realize that if I broke a cigarette in half, each piece of tobacco is a thought or idea I could’ve had to better Not worse but better myself Instead let me smoke this down until there’s nothing nothing nothing zip zero nothing left But why When I, can be the heart of society My pulse Plays a perfect Lil’ Wayne beat, the sky is the limit, and there are a millie ways that you you you and you can make a difference Tobacco, acts like you best friend It’s there whenever you need it right? What happens when cancer takes over your body or your heart just doesn’t beat the same Your boyfriend That was once there has disappeared and you’re left to face the issue alone, by yourself What else, will it take A body, God’s temple Laid across the grand unresponsive I don’t want it to get there 90% of 1 an estimated 157,2000 lung cancer deaths were caused by cigarettes in 2003 In 2004, scientists concluded that smoking causes oral cavities and many more tragedies By 2005 there 2006 more reasons that teenagers shouldn’t smoke And by 2009 statistics proved that more than 48% of today’s youth smoke what we call a cigarette but in reality their future So today In 2011 Let us youth strive for nothing but the best Show our elders, that we know we can’t be perfect but We can get to a point where perfect wants to be us Be a positive statistic!

over my spirit! It was a dead song playing and my groove was too good. I turned on the music and we began to talk, and I discovered that she truly was miserable, feeling the weight of life, feeling down and beaten up on, feeling like a sad song playing on dark day. It showed in everything she said and did.

Spoken Words By Sina McClendon

You know that feeling you get when you are feeling so good… you get up…put some music on…getting dressed…in the mirror…dancing with yourself…and emphasizing it… you are totally into you…loving up on yourself spirit riding high…just because! Dancing with your spirit is an awesome way to know when you can dance with others…many people can’t…they are so bound up…so torn they don’t know how to look at and love themselves, which means they are incapable of loving up on their sisters and brothers. We choose the music in our life song, which we want to dance to; upbeat, slow drag, two-step, jig, hop. At times we even choose a jazzy flow to soothe our spirit and dance in our soul. Often, the beat of our song is directly in line with the movement of our spirit. Our spirit is the root of who we ARE, and, like a tree, can bear dead, distressed fruit when not nurtured and cared for properly. Also, like a tree, we must shed the things of our spirit that can kill it; people, places, things, that seek to choke and destroy it. The internal groove we have is unique to each of us. What song makes you feel like you are on top of the world when storms are raging inside? There will be heavy days when your emotions might be turned up a few notches yet you still feel a pep in your step and a glide in your stride. There is still a song that can pull you right back to where you need to be. There are days when your song may be slower, softer, and quieter. Those could be times when your spirit is saying “slow down” and listen! Our days can be filled with mixed music messages, ranging from the Gospel classics to the Contemporary; from Jazz/Blues to R & B/Dance; from Old Soul to Neo-Soul and so on. Our internal theme song of keeps us moving even when heavy laden spirits attempt to invade our dance floor. True story! I picked up my sister-friend one day after she called to say she needed a ride if I wasn’t busy. I said “no problem” and proceeded to get dressed. There was music playing, Jill Scott “Golden” and I was feeling that groove, dancing and totally emphasizing. As I was about to leave, she called me back and said “if you really don’t feel like coming its fine I’ll go some other time”. I replied that I was on my way and that all was well. She sounded heavy spirited, and I could feel it even through the phone, which made me a little hesitant, I was feeling too good to be weighted down by anyone else’s “woe is me” but…Sure enough, when she got in the car, I hugged her and the energy pulsating through her immediately tried to take

Determined to not have my music jacked, I immediately began to play some music. Sometimes, words have no meaning to people who are not listening and can’t hear you, but the silence of my voice made way for a song to enter her spirit. Her hand began to tap her knee and slowly I could see and feel her ease into her beauty, into her beautiful self, and feel it…and EMPHASIZE IT. Her conversation changed, her words became soft, not jagged and sharp anymore. Her music came alive. In that moment, she needed to hear my groove, so she could release her own burdens. Allow our music to get lost in the storms of our lives causes a lazy slow two step in our spirit. How do we expect others to want to dance with us when we can’t even dance within ourselves? What is it that can bring us back from a broken “track” to a fresh “beat”?

I say dance…and emphasize it…find the rhythm in your spirit and free

Easy like the breeze… Colorful as trees…leaves Blowing softly to the rhythm Of my thoughts… My sound…my song…dancing In my spirit…I…long For the moments of silence I allow so I can just dance… And my spirit can feel…free


The man who only two years ago, found his endless niche in the birth of TIMELESS TRAXX By: Stefany J.

This Ohio native may have gotten his start in public access television, but he is definitely crossing the finish line in more than just one main event on a national level. While he has always wanted to work in radio and has come full circle from being local talent to national, his SIRIUS connection by far, is the best radio exposure one could ever hope for in their career, and now with TV ONE’s UNSUNG project there’s no stopping him. He’s survived colon cancer, a 300 mile commute every other weekend for 7 years, and the harsh, realistic, and honest feedback he could have every received in his career about himself to get to this point. What he leaves us in this interview will certainly be timeless!

and now Mr. Tyrone Dubose is nothing short of SIRIUS about it! “I want to believe that each and every human being has the chance to make their dreams come true. It is my hope that everyone goes for the gold. I hope that my success helps others to realize theirs. I never gave up and I don’t want anyone else to give up either.”


THE FANTASTIC VOYAGE: Tyrone was so dedicated to radio, he made a trip driving almost 150 miles each way every other weekend to host a show. He did this for 7 years while working a full-time job... What I discovered was that there are 1,440 minutes in a day and I need to take a few minutes out of each day to pursue my dream. I needed to allot some time for my dream. I allotted time to everything else. I needed to find out if my dream was worth any of that and that’s what I did. That was my logic. Something needed to matter enough to me that I would do more than just go to work. DO YOU BELIEVE DESTINY CHASES US?

I’m a big believer that if we want it bad enough, we’ll do what it takes. Many times, all of us believe at some time or another that there’s a destiny for us. Destiny is based on what you pursue. There’s no such thing as something that’s owed or given to you. Each and every thing that has happened to you well, in my opinion, has been based on the time in which you’ve taken to make that happen. That’s a big deal. While there were many times I felt like there were things I wanted; and I’ve tried many things...the one thing that I’ve always believed is that there always has to be something different about you than everybody else. Not better, because better means there’s an expectation. To be different means there’s something different about what you do than everybody else. HOW DID YOU GROW UP? WHO HAS MADE YOU WHO YOU ARE TODAY?

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and I never had a lot of things, but I always had something I held on to that would make me bigger in life. I thought at first it would be baseball, but in retrospect radio was always a part.

I’ve never been afraid to try something. Our relationships in life and people are like a tree. We are the roots and the people are the branches, connecting to others. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO OTHERS?

You need to want this more than anyone else. It has to matter enough that you will do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. That’s what makes all of us different who are successful or who want to be a success. We made the sacrifice or took whatever chance we needed to make it happen. It needs to be a big enough deal that you will do anything (legal of course) to make it work. Your dream has to matter more to you than it does to everyone else. Years ago I heard Tyrese say that in our social circles there are 5 people who are the reason for our success or our failures. You have to interchange those people around you who believe in you. Do what you need to do for you through your self-doubts and no matter what anyone thinks or says. No one’s ideas about business or destiny just comes on and off. You have to make it happen with what you do. What has always motivated me is my thinking about what would have happened if I didn’t try.


I never looked at it as a trip or work, I looked at it as experience that I needed to have to develop my speaking voice and my personality. I needed it to learn how to make things work. It was so important to me. It was all I had.


To me, the term critic belongs to those who are found to have done something well enough to be the standard or authority about what you do. People who don’t like you today are not going to like you tomorrow either. I always ask myself, what value am I going to give to those people in life who are simply not going to like the things I’ve done and what I’ve become? I need to just be the best that I can and treat others well no matter what. I have learned in this business that people look at their first reaction when they meet you. Your first impression is lasting. I just need my first encounter with others to be MY BEST. WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO THAT YOU HAVE YET TO DO?

I always tell people, I have become affirmed in my belief that this radio show that I’ve put together of the top R&B songs in America according to BILLBOARD magazine is going to be one of the biggest radio shows there is. Everything that I’ve done thus far is based on the premise that it is going to work and I am going to make it. It’s what I think about all the time, when I am in the studio, when I’m working on my dreams. I don’t give myself the opportunity to think anything else other than the success of this.. WHAT HAS YOUR SUCCESS COST YOU?

When I was younger, I never really did anything well. As a father I had to learn and I was never really a great dad to my children. I don’t know if it was success that caused it when I look back in retrospect. I wish that was something I could have done a lot better. I’ve never sacrificed nor stepped on people to get where I’ve gotten. I wish I could have been a better dad to my children.


Months ago I had surgery for colon cancer. I remember saying, “Lord, if you just let me out of THIS situation, I’m going to put my foot on the gas and accelerate and live like I’m dying.”. For example, now I’m developing a show for SIRIUS XM, and I’ll also be in front of the camera as a show contributor for UNSUNG. I feel like I’m not done and there’s still more I’m going to do. WHAT IS THE ONE THING IN YOUR LIFE THAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU, THAT YOU CONSIDER TO BE A MOMENT OF TRUTH FOR YOU?

One of the most pivotal moments in my life is that late one night, while in the hospital someone came in and I asked her did I live (through the procedure)? She told me that God was giving me another chance and that I needed to take full advantage of that and we’re going to pray. She came on the right side of me and we started praying. Someone was about to walk in the door and she told them not to come in right now because we’re praying. I remember this clearly. I was looking for that same woman the entire 9 days I remained in the hospital and I never saw her again. I even went back several times to tell her thank you and never saw her again. Maybe she was an angel. You know when we have our life changing moments, we tend to make a lot of decisions. One of the ones I made was to not focus on who left but focus on who stayed. I became a little kinder to others. There’s a sense of urgency now for me to succeed. It means much more now than it ever did.


People are not looking to see what you do right, they’re looking to see what you’ve done wrong. That’s human nature. ~ Decide for yourself how much time you are going to spend of value, on those who simply don’t like you and whose opinion about you is never going to change. ~ The one thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older and more into this business, is that I do not want to place myself on trial for all the things in the past that I didn’t do right. You just have to repair and move on.

One of the things that changed my direction in this was someone who was well respected here in Los Angeles who asked me what do you do Tyrone? I responded to him with a laundry list of all the things that I did and I was involved in. And he said, “but what do you do?” It stopped me in my tracks because I didn’t have the right answer. He looked me right in my face and he said you don’t know what you want. When you know what you want, you’ll get it. Then he walked away. That was a hard pill to swallow because it was the truth and he was absolutely correct! After that encounter I had a lot to think about. I really didn’t have a definition of what I was doing. I finally had to narrow it down. Now when I’m asked what do I do, I know how to respond because I know what I do. I do radio show named TIMELESS TRAXX. It’s based on the top R&B Songs in America over the last 6 decades according to the BILLBOARD magazine R&B Singles Chart. What makes my show unique is I tell the date the song enters the chart. I went back to that same man some time later, and I told him thank you. I sent him a press kit and told him thank you so much, you changed the direction of what I was doing. For me, you have to be receptive to change and feedback. For example, I look back and remember my first press kit being horrible. The show’s quality was great. One day, someone was nice enough to tell me the truth and say to me that they loved my show but that it and my website did not match my press kit. So I went to work. If I’ve learned nothing else, I’ve learned that there’s always something to learn.

If you don’t believe in your partner’s dream with them, then what do they need you for?


I try to keep my personal and public life separate, but you have to make the person you are with a part of what you do. People who you care about and your partner should never be out of the loop. Everybody that’s been in our lives has one thing in common and that is we’ve picked them. Once you know a person you are not a victim but a participant in how they treat you. If it doesn’t fit, then move on. Especially when it comes to business your dream has to mean as much to them and theirs as much to you. You have to want them to succeed. If you are not willing to believe in that dream, then why are you around? They don’t need you and you don’t need them. It’s not unreasonable either way. Relationships should be equal no matter what it is. Whatever you want to do should be supported. They should be based on equal footing. You cannot be bigger than your mate. You can’t dominate, you have to be equal. Know when to be a 10. You know you can be a 10 when you HAVE to be, but you don’t always NEED to be one. Some days you have to learn to be a 2. Learn when to bring it down. The roles change every day.

UNSUNG Executive Producer Michael Ajakwe being interviewed on the red carpet with Tyrone Dubose at the world premiere of the “Sly and the Family Stone” event.



MACKEY “My grandmother was my rock, she held everything together. If it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t be doing this today.” Ever since the age of 5, MACKEY always wanted to entertain. Be it Imitating Michael Jackson or just telling jokes to make fiends & family laugh, he wanted people to enjoy him performing. He grew up in a single mother home but his father was always in his life. His hardships, heartbreaks, and challenges were more about the negativity he was exposed to outside of his home and in the community. His grandmother listened to others rave about his talents and insisted he take acting classes and vocal lessons and she also foot the bill. It removed him from an environment he need not be a part of, and he was able to travel and be exposed to a whole other world. At 22 years old, singer/songwriter born and raised in North Side of Philadelphia, Pa grew up singing and dancing through junior high school and local talent shows expressing himself. Through persistence and posting his material in online music competitions, he caught the attention of veteran music producer, K Mack (whose credits include working with P.Diddy, Beyonce, Missy Elliott, Keisha Cole) and others. K Mack immediately recognized Mackey's undeniable talent and started working with them immediately. That relationship and Mackey's music gained him the opportunity to sign a publishing deal with Grammy Award winning label and top music executive, Vincent Herbert, and his label StreamLine/UMG- the production company for Lady Gaga, Mindless Behavior and others. He’s signed to Platoon as an Indie. Mackey is excited about the release of his first EP called "Sober Thoughts", with the first single/video titled, "Shake Something" ft. The Kid Daytona. What makes his flow different is the stories he is telling through his music... “I feel like we’re lost, that there’s no guidance, because the generation before us didn’t figure it out. I feel like a lot of kids grew up in single parent households and dealt with abandonment.” Mackey’s natural charm and charisma, mixed with his love for life and fun, will definitely make him an artist that you will enjoy for years to come.

“I want for one day when I leave this earth, to be remembered as someone who did great things. I want to make an impact upon the world beyond riches and fame.” 40

Brandi Hunter, former JIVE Publicity Coordinator and former head of communications of College Humor is a PR professional with more than 10 years of experience. This Boston born and Atlanta raised single Hustle Mama launched Media Hunter PR in 2010 with the intent to be a vessel for the right brand and artist...taking chances on different people, places and things. I sat down with her to discuss everything PR and boy did I learn a thing or two. Q. What is your #1 challenge being in this business from a CEO’s perspective? A. There are two that I face. One is finding people who are truly about their business. People say they can do things they cannot do. The other challenge has been being a woman in this business. Music is still very male dominated, so you do get tried for your professionalism and the way that you look. Q. How have you met those challenges? A. Patience and Purpose. I know what I am in this business for, I know what I am in this business to do. If you don’t have patience you are not going to make it, and if you don’t have purpose, you’re going to get lost in the business. Q. What do you think is the greatest mistake artists make? A. Lack of information and accountability. If you don’t know what a publicist does, then don’t hire one. You’ll only get frustrated thinking they’re supposed to be doing one thing when that’s not even within the scope of their responsibilities. They are not your babysitter or manager. They are not your brand strategy coordinator. I feel the artist should always have a basic knowledge of what’s going on with their business and their team.

Brandi T. Hunter, CEO & Anthony “AB” Benson, COO The two power hunters behind Media Hunter PR and a force to be reckoned with.

Q. How challenging is dating for you as a CEO and in this industry? How do you deal with it? A. It’s difficult because running your own business can be intimidating to some. I don’t really deal with it because I don’t date within the industry. I date outside of it. If I don’t remove myself from the life I’ll never get away from it. I don’t like mixing business with pleasure. It kills the dating process. I generally don’t tell people what I do until I learn what they do first. Q. What inspired you to be a publicist? A. I was in the music industry growing up. When I was younger I was an artist who had a production deal and was in a group. Atlanta was very popping and the place to be for music at that time. Once I started seeing a lot of things that I liked and did not like, and once my life as artist had ended, I knew what I wanted to be and do for others. It gave me a strong sense of integrity. I am an openbook and I don’t hide anything from my artists. Essentially coming from the artist perspective inspired me to be a publicist who would represent them well. 41

405 9th Street Cornwall, Ont 613.937.0235 Tel Layaway & financing available

Moniqueâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Home & Garden 42


I always found things to help me focus on getting through, over or past things. My first was gymnastics, there I found DETERMINATION. I was determined to CONQUER my FEAR and dig deep for STRENGTH. !The balance beam didn't like me, every time I got on, I fell off. Trust me there were many times I fell down and stood up. I studied it from every angle, I warmed up to it & it warmed up to me. Soon you wouldn't believe the things we conquered together. Next was dancing. It helped me get a grip on my SHYNESS. I was meek & timid, but inside my soul sang "Mama I want to dance!" Every day while kids were outside playing, I was practicing, I didn't need to do the physical work, because my mind held it all. One day while in HS, teacher gave us a free day, I told my girlfriend letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s go in the hallway. While she watched and unbeknownst to me, my teacher watched, I did the whole Pleasure Principal video, from start to end, including going over the chair. Lets just say that day my teacher started utilizing my hidden talents. I use dance to calm and create. It calmed my spirit and created a space of my own, the stage belonged to me. !Finally, was writing, painting a picture on canvas by putting pen to paper. This final process allowed me to CLEANSE my soul. Not always having someone to talk to, I expressed myself through story. I released all that ailed me and pained me by drawing a picture and by using my words to allow others to visualize & wear my shoes and/or the shoes of others. In the end, I wanted everyone to know IM JUST LIKE YOU! I found things I was good at to heal me spiritually and physically. By tuning into my weakness, I used my talents to make a negative in my life into a positive. THE HEALING starts with you and should start within. ! Find something you like to do and use it to help with THE HEALING. !Start THE HEALING today, you will love the change in you!


Books from self-published to mainstream say it all Modern Thought Publishing Company in 1889, and the Unity School of Christianity in 1914.

EDITOR’s CHOICE This issue’s editor’s choice is

Unity leaned heavily on their printed pieces. They sold them at cost for "love offerings." They started a magazine called Modern Thought, and Unity Magazine was launched in 1889. By 1906 Unity had its own publishing plant. Their preaching, printing and broadcasting were combined with their Unity Inn's vegetarian meals. It was also from here that Silent Unity was broadcast on their radio station, and the magazines Wee Wisdom for kiddies and Daily Word for adults were published.

THE TWELVE POWERS OF MAN By: Charles Fillmore The Unity movement was founded by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore in the late 1880s. They were down and almost out when they conceived the idea that became Unity. Charles Fillmore was born August 22, 1854 on an Indian reservation near St. Cloud, Minnesota. His father was a Chippewa trader there. Myrtle Fillmore was born in Pagetown, Ohio on October 6, 1845. They met in Texas. He was a railroad freight clerk. She was a school teacher, in fragile health, suffering from recurring tuberculosis. They married, had three sons, and they roamed the west seeking a cure for Myrtle's illness.

In 1929 Unity moved to what eventually became over 1300 rolling acres at Lee's Summit, Missouri. They named it Unity Village in the 1950s, and the name remains today. It became their world headquarters, with a landmark Unity Tower. A fountain, crossed by the Bridge of Faith, runs lengthwise of the manicured grounds. Eighty-six year old Myrtle Fillmore died October 6, 1931. Charles Fillmore remained active at Unity until his death at age 93 on July 5, 1948.

In 1884 the Fillmores came to Kansas City. They invested what little money they had in real estate. And they lost it. Together they launched the

The Works of Charles Fillmore The following books by Charles Fillmore are available to purchase in eBook form for immediate download. They may then be read on your computer and printed out. The Donecarearcu risus diam ametReader sit. eBooks in Adobe Acrobat Congue tortor cursus risus (.pdf) format. vestibulum commodo nisl, luctus augue ametPowers quis aenean The Twelve of Man maecenas sit, donec velit iusto,of Christian Healing: The Science morbi felis elit et nibh. Being Vestibulum volutpat lacus Atom-Smashing Powerdui of Mind consectetuer, mauris at Mysteries of Genesis suspendisse, eu wisi rhoncus eget Prosperity nibh velit, posuere sem in a Dynamics foreget Living sit. Sociosqu netus Mysteries of John semper aenean suspendisse dictum, arcu Talks on Truth enim conubia leo nulla ac. The Revealing Word Montes et metus adipiscing placerat consectetuer nunc. (http:/?

Independent Author Spotlight BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH OF REV. DR. DAVID R.L. STEVENS, DD Dr. Stevens demonstrates a rare talent for presenting scholarship in a humorous wrapping. He speaks from a solid scriptural base with the belief that it supplies the only reliable foundation for marriage. After graduating from Anderson University, Anderson, IN, he became a teacher for the Philadelphia school system, eventually receiving a Doctorate in Divinity from Jameson Christian College. Dr. Stevens is the Pastor/Founder of the Christ Center Church of God in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. & Mrs. David Stevens have given thousands of hours of valuable marital and family counseling over the years of their pastorate at Christ Center Church of God. The Stevens’ have designed a unique style of workshop ministry that is informative, hard hitting, and affective, yet sensitive and protective of the personal lives of attendees. Add to that, genuine hearts of love. On the subject of marriage, he has authored four books: “Marriage the Corridors, Castles, and Conflicts”, “Marriage: The Rules of the Game”,”Marriage: Catching A Second Wind”, and “Love, Marriage and The Baby Carriage”. He is currently working on a fifth book about rekindling marriage relationships. !

44 The creative mastermind behind the blog is the creative director behind some of the artists youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve grown to love. By Stefany J.

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p% [/6=/% I/+"P% 3"-% "% &$")%"1$",%'*%5$; ! " / 1$ E 0 5 1$ " / > #$ J # # 4$ # S L 7 1 7 4 8 <$ 7 1 ) 5$ 5 0 L "$ /$ L*EG#1717>#$ 5L"**6$ 1*$ 8#1$ 741*O$ M%)$5$58$)%4)'3/+4%(2%-$$/+4% K"5$%"+,%01$%=/,-%P(52/+4%'+% 01$% 0"8.$-;% M% 01'(410% M% 3'(.,% 4'% 0'% 01$% "(,/0/'+% "+,% ,"+6$7% 8(0% /+-0$",% -"+4% \;% l$..&?-% M% @$./$#$% M% f"+%K.&% "+,%4'0% /+;% M% ,/,+?0% "22.&% 0'% "+&% '01$)% -61''.%-'%/0% 3"-%"..%')%+'01/+4% *')%5$; H?#$2*0$+?*E$T#A$:*?MR M?5% "% @)'+>% +"0/#$%"+,%)"/-$,% 8&% "%-/+4.$% 5'01$);I&% 5'01$)% +$#$)% .$0% "+&01/+4% -0'2% 1$);%

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THE LINE By The Devil’s Advocate

I recently had a discussion on one of my FB pages about sports and steroids; specifically baseball. The question was: should steroid users be admitted to the Baseball Hall of Fame? What started out as a civil and factual discussion quickly degenerated into name calling.

physical edge over your competition. This isn’t about drinking protein shakes.

During the discussion several very true points were made about baseball and what called The Steroid Period: the period of time when baseball itself was overrun by players taking steroids. Potential Hall of Famers like Rafael Palmeiro, Alex How do you define cheating and thus Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, Andy Petitte, a cheater? There are several definitions Manny Ramirez and Roger Clemens were given by the dictionary. According to HOF material before their involvement Webster’s to cheat is to deprive of with Performance Enhancing Drugs something valuable by the use of deceit and (PEDS). Doesn’t that count? Yes, but isn’t fraud; to influence by deceit, trickery, or the Hall of Fame about The Entirety of a artifice; to elude or thwart by cunning and career? Where do we draw the line? Is the outwitting. It’s the second definition that line only for Pete Rose? A man who played has the most to do with baseball and sport the game with such heart and grit that his as a whole. “To INFLUENCE by deceit, nickname is Charlie Hustle? The man IS trickery or artifice”…let that definition the 1963 Rookie of the Year, the career marinate for a moment. leader in hits, the 1975 World Series MVP. Yet Pete Rose isn’t in the Hall of Fame, and A cheater is someone who knowingly will probably never get there. As a manager, and willingly takes actions that influences he bet on and against his own team; and for an outcome in their favor outside of that sin he was banned from the Hall of normal boundaries and regulations. From Fame in 1991. You might add that for years peeking at the paper across from you on the he lied about his involvement with SAT exam, to injecting a substance that’s gambling, and doing it against his own only purpose is to give you a marked team. He eventually recanted his stories, shrugged his shoulders and said ok, I did it.


So what? But I was so great when I played, you really should reconsider letting me in. Should we? It’s true that MLB didn’t have a drug policy that incorporated steroid use during the Steroid Period. Why punish players retroactively? What about the spitball players, wife-beaters, alcoholics, corked and pine-tarred bats, racists, coke heads and amphetamine takers who are in the Hall of Fame? In fact, Major League Baseball turned a dedicated blind eye to what was taking place right in front of them. They had to. After the cancellation of the end of the 1994 season and World Series, baseball had lost its face. The abject greed on the part of the players and club owners evolved into the loss of that championship season that made even casual fans outraged. Let’s not talk about the rabid ones like me. It was a beautiful season flushed down the toilet by millionaires and billionaires arguing over how to split their humungous pie. As a fan of sport, as a lover of competition, as someone who doesn’t make millions for my very real work; it was a slap in the face. In disgust, I walked away. I had no choice; it was taken from me.

love with Nadia Comaneci, Bruce Jenner, and Sugar Ray Leonard. How’d you like to wake up one morning and hear that Ella Fitzgerald or Frank Sinatra lip synched? That Jimi Hendrix was fronting on his guitar playing? Or that Oh, I turned it back on, but not if Michelangelo didn’t really paint the the price came out of my pocket. I Sistine Chapel? How do we believe in adamantly REFUSED to pay for the what we’re seeing anymore? Is anyone pleasure of going to a game. I’ll watch it REALLY excellent and exceptional at for free, on TV in the comfort of my what they do? Do we still celebrate them home; listen to my radio or wait for the even if we find out that for large stretches solace of the back page the next morning. of their career, they cheated? How do You weren’t going to get ME to pay for you praise the idol with clay feet? The ANYTHING after THAT strike; and I essence of the argument against the know that many fans felt just like I did. steroid users is not their statistics, but We were absolutely heartbroken by the HOW they got those gaudy statistics? If loss of that season. It was almost like the best are seen using, and it is accepted when you were a child and found out that so will the rest. Why not? If a player as Santa Clause isn’t real: it was magic great as Bonds/A-Rod/Ramirez/ needs destroyed. it, I’ve got no chance if I don’t follow suit; So MLB turned a blind eye to Mark and that was the pervasive thinking. McGwire and Sammy Sosa during their historical home run race in 1998. We And why do we care? Why is the ALL did. No one was screaming for their question even relevant? Sports are heads because we love baseball; and they entertainment, no? Let’s just leave it at gave us a reason to believe again. Sport is that. But no, sports are more than Art and Art is Life and Life imitates Art; entertainment. They are a part of our think about it. A highly-skilled/talented moral fiber. Why do we urge our children individual doing something that no one to participate in sports? As the late Jim else can, and you’re there to see, feel and Mackay, the color commentator for Wide appreciate what has never been done World of Sports, used to say Saturday before and what may never happen afternoons at the beginning of each again. You are transformed and inspired show: “The Thrill of Victory! And the by the experience. The 1976 Montreal Agony of Defeat!” It is absolutely Olympics was the beginning of my love thrilling to win, and the agony of losing is and fascination by all things sport. I fell in just as great. We use sports as an analogy



to life. It is a teaching tool for hard work, responsibility, community, discipline. How many times have you heard in your office, “oh, he’s not a team-player” “He’s a sore loser”? He/she is probably that and more because they didn’t learn the lessons that sports can give. Sports and life are not about winning at all costs; and that is the lesson that performance enhancing drugs and the people that use them are giving. Sue me for stating the obvious: whether we like it or not, and this means YOU Charles Barkley, sports figures are role models; and not just to the children. So what’s the solution, if you care enough to answer the question? Transparency: let the sun shine in on the truth; be open about what went on and determine that anyone going forward participating in these activities will pay the ultimate price of being banned from baseball. No Hall of Fame for you! Are we archaic enough to still believe in the nobility of sport? Yes, because it is a reflection of life, the world and the way we live it. I don’t want and I certainly don’t want my daughter to believe that she can cheat and get ahead. MLB has made changes and instituted drug testing for steroids and human growth hormone (the drugs used to mask steroid use). Nothing is as good, as right or as perfect as we want it to be; but there’s no excuse for not putting your best efforts forward. There’s no excuse for cheating.

This former Penn State football player and retired NFL offensive lineman loves sports, loves kids, and has an opinion about the sport he loves ... football.

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| Penn State Class of â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 Retired #69 Seattle Seahawks


I first met Floyd sometime in 2000 when I was enjoying a much needed “girls night out” with a few friends. It was a funny first time meeting that we can look back on and laugh about, but believe me it was not amusing to me at the time. In fact, it was Floyd’s older brother who introduced himself to me initially and then after moments of exchanging a few words came back and told me, “my brother told me not to talk to you.” Of course my head started twisting, the eyes started rolling, and my usual independent, aggressive, and quite confrontational stereotypical

completely relate. He was not then nor is now a flashy type of person. In fact, it’s the funniest thing because as large as his frame is, he actually tries his best to just blend in with the crowd. I’m a tall girl myself, yet he towers over me and anytime we’re out in public, people always have this look like they know he’s someone important. His demeanor is serious and his heart big as is everything in his life. He is such a professional in everything he does. For as long as I can remember he has always professionally taken playing football as his job. He was serious about it then and is

self marched right up to the 6’8” frame and got all up in his face. By the time I finished

now to this day. He’s ver y passionate about football and I’m sure he never thought that he

reading him what I thought to be the riot act, he in a very calming voice responded to me, “How do you know I didn’t want your number for myself ?”. Of

would play in the NFL here in the U.S. Floyd’s mother came here from Jamaica and had to work extremely hard to bring the entire family over. Everyone sacrificed.

course I immediately shut up and that was the beginning and the end at the same time. Floyd and I became very good friends over the next 13 years. Never

Things were not easy for him when he came to the states and although he was a natural in football, basketball and track in High School, PENN STATE gained him

mind that he initially lied to me and told me he worked in sales for a communications company, or that every summer around the same time he would disappear... or that things just never seemed to add up, there were always gaps in his story, his timelines, and his whereabouts. It’s funny because even after

as a tackle for the Lions under Paterno’s regime. When the news about what happened at Penn State hit the press, I had to get his take on things. Immediately I reached

out to see how he felt about the whole thing. He replied in his usual calming voice; “You know what

Stef, I feel so sorry for the players who are being punished for something they had no knowledge of and absolutely nothing to do with. That is what is most disheartening to me”. I felt his pain and knew instantly that this

skillfully hiding that he was an NFL player, he remained the same person I met and had grown to know over those couple of years. There was nothing “typical” or should I say “stereotypical” about him. He was quiet, reserved, private, humble, and very

would be one part of his journey in the sport that he would never come to deal with or ever forget. By: Stefany J.

un-assuming. In fact I read somewhere that he was sometimes referred to as a “gentle giant”, and I can 50


A MATTER OF TRUST By Tonya L. Killikelly

L2&/#&'#/)'-./-')*8>22'#-/)'4$-.'(&,'/"%' -./-')*8>22'"&0&+'2&/0&6 !-'#&&(#'-./-'4.&"&0&+'!'-+)'-*'*0&+3*(&' -.&';&/+, 7.&'M$5.-(/+&'N&#8++&3-#K'!-'N&/11&/+#K !'%*">-'4/"-'-*'5*'-.+*85.'$-K'M*-'&0&+' /5/$"K' !'O8#-'4/"-'-.&'7+8-.'*;'/'D/$-.;82'D+$&"%K P.*4'(&'-./-')*8>+&'+&/26 Q&21'(&'-*'8"%&+#-/"%'-./-'7$(&'4*">-' #-&/2'4./-'4&'#./+&'-*%/)6 R*8'#&&B'!->#'+&/22)'/22'='?/@&+'*;'7+8#-6

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

FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY By Tonya L. Killikelly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

!->#'"*4'*+'"&0&+';*+'8# ="%'4&'9*-.'G"*4'$-6 R*8'/#G&%'(&';*+'()'G$##'#*'#4&&-2) T?*+&"/U')*8'3/22'(&'/5/$"'/"%' /5/$", R*8+'#*W'-*"58&'/"%'#4&&-'2$1#' %&0*8+'()'#G$"6 !'52*+)'$"'-.&'2*0&2)'#&"#/C*"'*;' ./0$"5')*8+'./"%#'/22'*0&+'(&, F*">-'#-*1K'M&0&+'X8$-K Q/+%&+K'D/#-&+K'FH'?VKKK A&'-/#-&'&/3.'*-.&+,'/"%'3/">-'#&&(' -*'5&-'&"*85., ?/)9&'!>0&'5*"&'*0&+9*/+%6 !'-+)'-*'2&/0&,'98-')*8'.*2%'(&'32*#&' /"%'#/) T7.&'#8"'./#">-')&-'3*(&6'Y&-'(&'2*0&' )*8'*"3&'(*+&6U ?*+&"/66!'/( :*+$X8&"66'R*8'/+& A&'(/G&'4$#.&#';*+'-.$"5#'-./-'3/"' "&0&+'9&, L/+C"5'$"'#83.'#4&&-'#*++*4 A&'G$##'&"%2&##2)6 P*'!>22'-/G&'()'92$## D*+'H"&'M$5.-'H"2) :&3/8#&,'D*+&0&+,'!'G"*4 R*8>22'+&(&(9&+'(&6


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

()"'C1//19$%&'$*'-'/$*<'1C'*;&&"*01%*'C1,'*1>"1%"' <)-<'$*'"F#",$"%?$%&'*1>"'1C'<)"'<)$%&*' <)-<'H'->'$%'<)"$,',"/-01%*)$#5' 81#"C;//3='<)"3'9$//')"/#'31;'2"&$%' <1'>"%A'31;,'2,1B"%',"/-01%*)$#L

M"<'2-?B'$%'<1;?)'9$<)'1%"'-%1<)",='-%A'A-<"'"-?)'1<)",'-&-$%5 N1>#/">"%<'1%"'-%1<)",'1E"% N1>>;%$?-<"',"&;/-,/3 41'/$I/"O*$>#/"'<)$%&*'C1,'31;,'>-<" P""B'?1;%*"/$%&











HAPPINESS A story by YL Trent

HM%6"+?0%8$%"+&% (+1"22/$)7J%h(+$%-/41$,;%M%1",+?0% 8$$+%-()$%1'3%0'%)$-2'+,7%-'%M% -3"00$,%"3"&%"%Q.&%"+,%2/6=$,%(2% 5&%6"+%'*%6'."%*')%"%-/2;%%M0%3"-%"% 1'0%-(55$)%L"0(),"&%"*0$)+''+% "+,%+$/01$)%'*%(-%1",%"+&01/+4%0'% ,';%%Y%3$$=%8$*')$7%h(+$?-%,/#')6$% 1",%8$6'5$%Q/+".7%"+,%".01'(41% -1$%+'%.'+4$)%.'#$,%\"&5'+,s 1$%3"-%"%61$"0%"+,%"%./")s%M%=+$3% 01$%Q/+"./0&%'*%,/#')6$%"+,%"..%01$% &$")-%-1$?,%3"-0$,%'+%1/5%3$)$% 1/00/+4%1$)%1$"#/.&;% HN'(%$#$)%1$")%*)'5% T"+6&-?9J%h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























Relationship Check Up Check in with a Check Up to see if you

should CHECK OUT! Here are some kick 2. Do you tend to be around questions that overly critical of your are a good start to partner? measuring the wellness of your relationship and improving the communication between you and your partner.

4. Do you love yourself unconditionally? Accept yourself for who you are and who you are


1. What are the personal weaknesses you bring to relationships? Strengths? 3. Do you accept your becoming? Does your What does your partner partner's traits, qualities, partner love and accept bring? attitudes, and opinions? herself?*


5. How would you define love? Friendship? Infatuation? How would your partner define it? 6. Do you freely share your feelings, fears, frustrations, dreams, hopes, plans with your partner? 7. Do you tend to see yourself as a victim? Your partner? Does your partner view herself/himself as a victim or do you view him/her as a victim?

8. Is it easy or difficult for you to forgive your partner? 9. Do you like to spend more time alone than with your partner? If so, why? 10. Do you communicate with integrity? Does your partner? 11. Is the fun or passion missing in your relationship? Why? 12. Do you and your partner spend enough quality time together? 13. Do you have a safe relationship that allows you to be honest with your fears and feelings without criticism or judgment? 14. Are you considerate and thoughtful of your partner? Are they considerate and thoughtful towards you? 15. Do you know the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs and desires of your partner? Does your partner know yours? 16. Do you consider yourself flexible and willing to compromise? How about your partner? 17. Do both of you show admiration for each other? 18. How would you describe the level of trust in your relationship: high, low, non-existent, getting better, getting worse? 19. Do you and your partner play together? 20. How do you and your partner handle disagreement and conflict? 21. Are money, careers, children, and/or in-laws issues in your relationship? Why? How? 22. What would you like your partner to change if she would or could? What would she like you to change? 23. Do you have common goals that you are both working toward? 24. Do you and your partner work on your relationship as hard as you do your career or raising children? 25. Is the romance still alive in your relationship? 26. Have you 'settled' in any way in your relationship? 27. Are there hidden agendas with you or your partner? 28. Are you still "in love" with your partner? Do you think they are still in love with you? 29. Do you like your partner? Do you think they like you? 30. If you could improve your partner in any ways what would they be? Article Source: 56

CHECK OUT WHATâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S IN

THE MALEBOX MEN DO HAVE A LOT TO SAY Just be prepared and ready ... can you really handle our truth?

LIFEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s LESSONS

How many times have we desired/ selected a mate or companion By Terence A. Lane, Harlem, New York because they had all the bells and whistles....The Sleekest model = The Yesterday, I got my hands on this BMW Coupe as a loaner. I got off from Prestigious career, the GREAT salary or business, the nice home, work, ran home and grabbed my 16 captivating looks and style and a year old son. I told him the deal and worldly air, but under the we went down to the garage to pull 'Hood" (character and personality) out the car. When he saw it, his face there was something left to be lit up like a Christmas Tree, and we desired-- that while they definitely excitedly jumped in and headed for LOOKED GREAT, that the ride 95 North!!! ultimately wasn't good or enjoyable because their performance was By the time we passed Co-op City, we lackluster where it truly counts--were both disappointed, and looking where the rubber hits the road.... at each other with an "Oh Well..." expression. Though this car LOOKS Needless to say, I can't wait until GREAT, and has all the BELLS AND they complete the repairs on mine; WHISTLES (ACCESSORIES), its she may be 5 years old; she's not the performance on the road was DISMAL newest or sleekest model out, but compared to my '07; it just didn't she's been solid, dependable and got have the "KICK" and "FIRE" that mine a fire in her belly that would put this has, and it was at that point that I new one to shame. realized the lesson..... 57

REPEAT AFTER ME-- I may not be the newest, or the sleekest, or have all the bells and whistles.....but under my hood, I have something that is INCOMPARABLE!!

Terence A. Lane is a New York City Transit employee and Entrepreneur. He is the developer of COLORTALK iPhone electronic card phone app available for download at the APP STORE or directly from the website here.

“LOVE PERSPECTIVES” From the Male Voice (part 1 of 3)

I was in the 10th grade and my girl friend was in the 9th. We would talk on the phone every night, and right before we would hang up the phone she would say, “Good night, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. I love you!” There would be a short pause and then I would say, “A’ight, see you tomorrow… hang-up…(you hangup)… you hang-up first… (no you) ok, same time.” Then we would finally hang up and this went on for weeks. One night she got up the nerve to ask me, “B., why don’t you ever say ‘I love you’ when we hang up at night?” My response was one that I will never forget … “cause I don’t”. It wasn’t meant to be malicious or insensitive, but it was the truth, from a 15 year old boy’s perspective. Little did I know at the time that that’s what young girls wanted to hear. After many conversations and debates with classmates (her girls/my boys) I realized that I had to fake it til it happened, so to secure my relationship. From then on every time I hung up the phone, if her closer was “I love you” mine was, “me too”. ! What did I really know about Love? Beyonce says, “It’s the beat my heart skips when I'm with you, But I still don't understand, Just how the love you’re doing no one else can. I'm Looking so crazy in love's, Got me looking, got me looking so crazy in love.” (Crazy In Love) There is a passage of scripture that says, “For God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only Son...” (St. John 3:16)

The principle is that God loved so much that He gave His very best, regardless if He would see an immediate reciprocal return or not. This says that having a heart to GIVE unconditionally is the key to a successful relationship of any kind. (part 2 of 3 next issue)

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Terence A. Layne Last night while on our way home, I glanced in the back seat and saw my little man gazing out of the window. My mind took a 'snapshot' of that moment while I wondered what he was thinking of. I'm grateful for the time I am able spend with my youngest child; my baby....And along with the pictures I took of our summer together, my mind takes 'snapshots' of moments together: like when he's sitting on the couch watching TV and I'm looking at one of the human beings on this planet who I love more than I love myself, and my heart in that moment swells with a powerful love and desire to see to his eternal well being and happiness.... 58

And after he goes back to his mother in two weeks, ALL I have are the memories and the snapshots. But when I'm sitting at my computer and look over to my couch in those two weeks, the spot where he's sitting at this very moment will be empty, and I just don't know how to get better with the depression that befalls me every year as a result of his leaving to go back to Texas. I'm starting to feel the depression nipping at me due to his impending departure and I'm trying not to let it grow and interfere with the time we have left together, but it's HARD!!!!! And when he got up this morning and came and gave me my morning hug, as he went into the bathroom to brush his teeth, I couldn't hold back the tears that came behind knowing that soon I won't be able to get that morning hug. I'm resentful with a society that thinks that men don't really matter except for money, and that we don't love AND NEED our children in our lives as much as women do. All I'll have are my snapshots and the dim hope that somehow, some way, this situation will improve for both he and I....When I think about the sense of loss he feels when he's back in TX-- not having his dad to play ball with, walk and talk with, roughhouse with; not having the one man in the world who is committed to his well being, happiness and protection because that man is 2000 miles away; it's a devastating feeling to hit my heart. At this point, I'm just asking any and everyone in my life, to pray for my son and me, to ask whatever God you serve and worship to carry he and I, to care for and comfort us, to protect him and see to his well being until he and I reunite. After he leaves, if you don't see me check in, drop by and say hello, and remind me that there's hope and that the beat goes on.....

Daddyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Daughters By Brian Woods Being a father is no easy task, but being a father with teenage girls will have you pulling your hair out. I was raised by women, so I learned to listen to women early in my life, which served me well in relationships, and in my bond with my daughters. As they were growing up, I often wondered when would be the right time to have THE TALK, the one thing that father's dread, but must be told. I came to the conclusion that it would be best for me to give them the WHOLE game, and not just the part of it. My girls had to know what they would be up against, going into the world as young black women, so I started with the basics. When they were young, I told their mother, my wife at the time, that I would treat my girls like a father should. I bought my two oldest, who are now 17 and 15, their first diamond when they hit the age of 12. I took them to buy their first bras, as well as their first box of pads when their period first started, I remember that day well lol. I took them to their! 8th grade proms, as well as told, and showed them how a young man was suppose to treat them on a date. I knew that as their father,! I had to be very involved in their life.

indirectly through others. I took it to heart that I had to be clear and very honest with my girls, to prevent them from becoming a statistic. I started by explaining to them what they need to look for, and listen for, when dealing with boys. The one thing that's for sure, is that the game doesn't change, the players do, but the intent remains the same, to conquer. I explained to them what some boys will say to get their attention, how they will give them all kinds of compliments like how pretty they are. I had to give them the game, without them being in the game. One day my oldest came home, and asked me what a blow job was, because the girls at school were talking about it, and laughed at her because she didn't know what they were talking about. I explained to her what it was, and how young ladies shouldn't be doing it. I took her to the computer and pulled up a site that showed venereal diseases of the genitals and mouth, which had some very graphic images.

I could see the pictures were having an effect on her, but she had to know the bad side to sex, since her friends would only tell her the good parts. I had to be honest when it comes to how real life is, and how sex plays a! part in it. The last thing I wanted was for my girls to be teen mothers, or to catch a disease. A lot of girls go through life NOT knowing, NOT having a male in their life who's willing to show them what love is, and who cares enough to make sure she's fully aware of what lay ahead when When our oldest started middle school, I dealing with the opposite sex. felt the time was right to have THE TALK. I realized early that kids these days are exposed to more sexually based Fast forward some years,! and my oldest is a senior in high school now, and her things than we were coming up. And I knew that even though we were strict on sister a sophomore. the types music our kids listened to, the They both have seen the things I warned types of programs they watched on t.v. them about play out through their we had no control over what other kids listened to and saw at home, and that our friends. They've seen the games boys play, they've seen two of their friends kids could be exposed to certain things 59

have babies, and how hard! their lives are now. They've seen how young girls eager for love and acceptance, give up the most precious part of their bodies all for a boy. Thank God we haven't had any pregnancy scares, we haven't had to deal with the broken heart, or the drama that comes with young love. I have told my girls that boys will be there, so don't be in a rush to fall in love. This time in your life should be devoted to setting yourself up for later in life, so your education is very important. Once they turn 18 they will be allowed to date, have boyfriends and so on. As a father, I can only hope that the things I've taught them about love and life, will stick with them as they grow into womanhood. That's the only thing a parent, who's been involved with every aspect of their kids upbringing can ask for. No matter how bad we may want to, we can't live their life for them, no more than our parents could live our lives for us. So we just hope and pray that our love and wisdom that we've given them sticks and stays.


Who could I be if I only didn't wait when you told me what to do Then all of your promises I'd still receive as I'm learning I'm learning, yes, we're learning

Who could I be if I only gave to you as you have given to me My life is being written on a slate Who could I be if I only gave to those lives board in heaven, as I act it out!on earth. Reminds me of a line!from one you want to set free of my favorite movies. "What we do in Then all of the world you gave your life for life echoes in eternity."1 As I ponder this would be yearning truth, another one comes to mind. "Your heart is free. Have the courage to For the Son, God's only one, whose life I follow it."2 need to live Your impart, captured my heart, and I just Design. Destiny. Determination. How I got here and how I will end my life. Actually, God will end my life. When he is ready. One more quote, for now. "Without a sense of urgency, desire loses it value."* Desire!is the steam that keeps the!engine running, that keeps! determination alive.!If we truly believe that we are created with purpose, then we MUST live to give.!Here are the words to!my life's song, that God put on my heart, many years ago. want to give Who could I be if I really loved you and gave you all of myself Who could I be if I really followed the One who holds the wealth And He poured out a blessing to one who is so undeserving, like me

Who could I be, if I only Who could I be, if I only Who could I be, if I only ... This is!the question we need to ask, everyday. And so is this one. What do we value? Is it God's design and!his destiny, that we desire? If so, then let us live on purpose. Live his purpose. Who could I be if I really understood the Do it with determination and the heart of your own son desire that is worthy of the reward he Who could I be if I really suffered your has for us. Here and in heaven. pain and came undone And lived out that blessing to One who is so ! Have I always done so? No. Do I deserving The Son, God's only one, whose life need to now, every day!? Especially for others. For my wife, my children I need to live Your impart, captured my heart, and I just and for those whose paths I cross. Why? Because I'm here for a reason. want to give For a season.!I don't want to stand in front of my father in heaven ,with my Who could I be if I only sacrificed all of my hands pulling on my empty!pockets, ways unto you with no explanation or excuses on


why I didn't. All I!want is to kneel and hear him say, "Well done..." ! I've read that there are only two things in life. Relationships and resources.!One is only good without the other. For what purpose is it to have anything, without!whom to give it to? Since we were created for his good pleasure, shouldn't we re-create that!for others? Shouldn't we take on the responsibility to further his love? When others fail to see, to act, or to live his example, shouldn't we still be a shining light of hope? Of love? Of courage to follow him? ! May it never be said of us that!we took our freedom to the grave of should haves.!May we!endure!and engage in acts of service and sacrifice because of the price that has been paid for!that freedom. It is our privilege. 1 Gladiator | 2 Braveheart | * Jim Rohn

P.S. What I've found, and realize everyday, is!that an important key to maintaining!good, strong relationships is forgiveness: And being kind over being right. God doesn't ask us to prove our case, but he does impress us with the importance of showing and growing love. Especially with my wife. I find that many times my first reaction to a situation we're in, is to impress her with my expertise, but God wants me to impress her with his love. Stepping aside to let God shine, always feels better on both ends. God whispers in!one ear!that he's pleased & she whispers in the other that she is too! Together, their embrace is what it's all

Fall Into!Fresh Face By Erika Antoinette

Is your face ready for the seasonal changes? Are you properly preparing to wrap up during the brisk wind or winter hawk? Let us help you prepare to present your best clean face at work, school, or for that special upcoming social event. Our skin is our largest organ and must be protected at all times. Your face is always exposed, so we must take extra care of it. Before applying anything to your face, ensure that your hands are clean. This prevents transfer of unwanted debris to come into contact with your face. 1. Cleanse - To properly cleanse your face, start of with dampening your washcloth in warm water, squeeze out the excess and hold the washcloth to your face. This will allow the steam from the washcloth to clean dirt from your pores. This will also open your pores up. Be careful not to make the water too hot, you do not want to scorch your skin! Apply soap to your face and then rinse with cold splashes of water. This will aid in closing your pores and add resistance to impurities entering your skin. As a weekly treat fill a warm basin with warm water and hold your face over the basin for 3 - 5 minutes. This is a great regimen to relax your face! 2. Tone - You must find a toner that compliments your skin texture and won't dry it out. Many toners or astringents may contain alcohol. Make sure that you read the ingredients to ensure compatibility with your skin. A great alternative is tea tree oil. Toners will remove surface oil & debris. It is helpful for acne prone skin and gets rid of impurities that lead to blemishes and breakouts. Apply the toner all over your face and neck. Make sure to pay special attention to your "T- Zone" as this area is known for build up of oils and causes breakouts. 3. Moisturize- Our skins acts a protective layer to help trap moisture and stop evaporation. Moisturizing your skin assists in protection from the sun, wind, cold and environmental pollutants and helps nourish your skin. Choose a moisturizer that will compliment your skin type (dry, oily, or combination). Apply a few drops to your fingertips and massage into your face. Don't forget to moisturize your neck and behind your ears. Use your third finger, to apply moisturizer underneath your eyes. Your skin tissue in this area is fragile and thin. Apply lightly with the finger as it gives the least pressure to that area. Check routinely during the day for excess oil and use blotting papers to remove the "shiny" look. 4. Exfoliation - It is suggested to exfoliate your skin once to twice weekly. Exfoliation will assist in removing dead skin cells by sloughing them off with a brush or sponge. This will aid in removing the oils that cause dead surface skin cells. Apply the exfoliating scrub to the brush or sponge and rub onto your skin in a circular motion. Rinse well with cold water. Remember to : Pat your skin dry with a towel. Never rub the towel hard on your face. | Use a moisturizer with at least an SPF 15 to help protect your skin. | Always wash off makeup at the end of the day. An alternative is to use make-up remover wipes first, then proceed with cleansing your face.

Peace & Blessings, The DIVA!

Erika Antoinette is a make-up artist and allied healthcare professional with over 15 years experience. She is the owner of the Stiletto Network specializing in the overall beauty and health awareness of teen females and women. Want to ask a question regarding beauty or health? Send your question to



VIVANT ART COLLECTION.. She travels the world, buys art, and brings it back to Philadelphia. I met Florcy, five years ago and I remember her Gallery opening. I couldn’t wait to re-connect with her to do this interview.

“I was doing all these crazy things just trying to find myself.” The CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE has this gallery owner expanding its borders as she expands hers curating art exhibits, audiences, & programs..

“I started with Haitian Art. I wanted to tell the story of the people, the land, the culture and the history. Within 3 months it quickly evolved to be more than Haitian Art. I have art from Africa, The Caribbean, Cuba, Bahamas, Mexican Art, Middle Eastern Art. I wanted to be diverse. I wanted to show that there was quality art that told our story and encompassed pieces that look like you and I. It goes much further back than life in America.”

MORE THAN A COLLECTION...Within the last 2 years she has expanded the business into a consulting firm. Working with museums and assisting them with building their diversity development, Florcy has assisted with bringing newer and different audiences by way of curating exhibits as well as programs. “I’ve worked with the Delaware Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology. She’s on the Board of the African American Museum and works with the Jewish Museum as well and the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts.”




I’m Haitian and in the Haitian culture you can either be a doctor or a lawyer, so I was born to be either a doctor or a lawyer. I remember at a very young age, between 8 and becoming a teenager, my mom started instilling that I always said I wanted to be a doctor. It was this really big thing. I went to High School thinking I was going to be a doctor so I took a lot of science classes, but I was at a Theater Arts High School so was majoring in the arts as well. I quickly realized after studying Psychology and Biology in college, that science was not what I wanted to do. I didn’t know I wanted to be the arts. It just so happens that I accepted a job doing a drug and alcohol rehab and housing services program. I ended up quitting because for me it was extremely unfulfilling. I knew that I was a giver, but I didn’t believe that was the way I was intended to give back. I just wanted something where I saw positive results. I started learning different things and pursued getting my real estate license. I was doing fashion buying. I explored returning to modeling again. I was doing all these crazy things just trying to find myself. I moved to Philadelphia and accompanied my sister (who is a doctor) on a trip to Panama. I bought these two Haitian paintings from a Haitian woman selling art. I have to credit her with an obvious unintentional seed that was planted. Within a year I came across the idea and decided to open an art gallery so that I can tell more people about Haiti and educate people about Haiti and hopefully it would create a sense of affinity for the country. So that’s what I did.

I never would have thought that I would be such an influential pillar in arts and culture. I never thought that I would touch so many people through the arts. Or that I would be the “go to” person for cultural art for minority and diversity. I never thought I would get here with it. This to me is richer than any amount of money I could have made.


thought it might have been. The most important thing even on top of all of that is that it’s not always about the money. I thought I would have made much more money by now, and I haven’t. But I am richer beyond my means in a sense in terms of other things. It’s a rich, delightful and rewarding career. I am blessed.


As a business owner, the one thing I would say is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You have to believe and really tap into the resources that are around you. You have everything and everyone around you that you need to make your business successful. The first thing I did was get a publicist and I was putting ads in the Philadelphia newspapers. That wasn’t needed at the time. I think that There are many roads to the top of we as women are perfectionists and we feel the mountain. Don’t ever feel stuck like you like things need to be a certain way. The have to stay on that same road or path that best thing to do is to have someone around you’ve initially chosen to take. You may get you who is cost conscious who will give you to a fork in the road or discover that the boundaries on what you do and don’t need. path you’ve chosen is really not the one you want to take. It’s okay to change; it’s okay AS IT RELATES TO YOUR to double back. I just know that for me, I PERSONAL JOURNEY, DO was always searching, searching, searching. YOU BELIEVE YOUR CIRCLE I had considered myself a Jack of All Trades and that I could do it all. My mom GOT SMALLER OR LARGER? DID YOU LOSE FRIENDS continued to tell me, “Florcy, just pick one”. The confusion for me was that I felt I ALONG THE WAY AND was so good at everything. But once I HOW DID YOU HANDLE settled into what it was, that perfect fit, I THAT? knew that this was going to be the rest of That’a a powerful question. I have lost my career. Although I know I will not only and I have gained. Ultimately I’ve gained. I be an Art Gallery owner, I knew this was have to look at it as quality over quantity. the world and direction I wanted to be in. Even though you may look at my So it’s okay to start all over and to change. FACEBOOK page and there’s 5,000 It’s okay to keep searching. Sometimes that “place” doesn’t come with what you 64

VIVANT ART COLLECTION.. people there and 10,000 people who get my newsletters. What does friendship mean is what I’ve had to learn. I’ve gained and I’ve lost and it has been painful. People I thought would have understood did not. I remember a guy friend of mine who is an executive and he told me, he wish he would have watered friendships a little more and nurtured them a little bit more. He said it was my responsibility as a growing business owner, no matter how busy I was it was my responsibility to maintain those friendships. He believed that it was my fault if I lost it and wasn’t able to maintain the friendship. I look back now and there are some that I wish I would have had and taken the time to nurture. I felt like I was so busy and so I couldn’t make the event or I was so tired. I realize that while it definitely takes two, I needed to be there more than I was for some of my friends. I was on a path and I wanted to be on this path. When I look back, I feel as if I should have done more. Nonetheless, I love what I do and I am

very happy. I believe that I have ultimately gained more than I lost.

WHO HAS BEEN THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSON IN YOUR LIFE? My mom Paulette AKA mommy. My mom is my rockstar. She is my everything. She came to the United States when she was pregnant with me. I am a Haitian American. She didn’t have anything when she came. She took care of me and my sisters. She gave us opportunities and she sacrificed. She came here with very little and now she has 5 children who are very successful. 4 of them are in the medical field and myself who is in the arts. Like I stated earlier, growing up our only choices were to be a doctor or a lawyer. She instilled in me certain qualities that I look to today. Including, being honest with yourself, education is key, give it 100%. My tenacity to work is from her. She worked hard. She was a single mom in New York City raising 5 kids and she did it.

IF THERE WAS ONE THING YOU COULD CHANGE, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I don’t want to say I have regrets,

I told my mother just the other day; “You know mom, we’re survivors. I’m strong because of you. You know, we just don’t give up and I thank you for giving me those qualities.” because I don’t. I feel like if I changed anything, then perhaps I wouldn’t be where I am. I am so happy where I am. I definitely feel that I wish I would have made better decisions in some cases, but I am comfortable where I am and look forward to all that’s to come!

VIVANT’S FIFTH ANNIVERSARY presented by CHERRY HILL CLASSIC JAGUAR | SAVE THE DATES | NOVEMBER 12th - 17th, 2012 Vivant Art Collection cordially invites you to celebrate Vivant’s Fifth Anniversary on Nov13th – 17th, 2012 on gallery row in Old City. Vivant will present 5-signature programs that celebrate their success and accomplishments over the last five years with a series of events from “Vivant Salutes Women in Politics,” to a Champagne Art Auction -- all to take place at Vivant. Vivant is proud to announce CHERRY HILL CLASSIC JAGUAR as our premier sponsor! Join us as we honor and celebrate our success of presenting quality art while surviving recession and becoming a cultural hub. Vivant has grown rapidly as one of the most diverse and leading cultural arts organizations in the region with an impressive array fine art from Africa, Latin American, Caribbean, and the Middle East. Since Vivant’s inception, the gallery's mission is to utilize artwork to educate and empower, as well as galvanizing and forging strategic partnerships between the arts, political and business scenes.


A S P IRIT O F F A ITH AS HE HAS PROMISED, SO SHALL IT BE! Heb 6:16 When people make promises, they guarantee them by appeal to some authority above them so that if there is any question that they'll make good on the promise, the authority will back them up. 17 When God wanted to guarantee his promises, he gave his word, a rock-solid guarantee [supported by an oath]-18 God can't break his word. And because his word cannot change, the promise is likewise unchangeable. We who have run for our very lives to God have every reason to grab the promised hope with both hands and never let go. 19 It's an unbreakable spiritual lifeline, reaching past all appearances right to the very presence of God – MESSAGE BIBLE When a certain promise from the Scriptures is manifested to us as a Rhema Word or when a prophet of God gives us a word and it is received by faith, combustible things happen within our faith channels. One spark ignites within our spirit a belief and a hope [by our choice] that that which has been promised shall be. The expectation that hope genders reaches out to the various attributes of God (I AM THAT I AM, Trustworthiness, Faithfulness, Sovereignty, Power, Immutability Integrity), and drops anchor. Without wavering or flinging aside our confidence in His Word [for the promises of God are yes and yes- II Cor. 1:20)], we hold fast [by faith] to that which God has spoken or promised or have declared via a Rhema Word until it is manifested. GLORY TO GOD!!

Again is there anything too hard for God? We can come boldly to the throne of God and request of Him the “hard thing” as Elisha did regarding Elijah’s mantle. God loves it when we see Him as that exceptional God. His power and His glory is unfailing. Because these words of encouragement are from the Holy Spirit to your spirit, I praise God, in advance, for the strength, hope, and healing that you will receive from Him. Stand on His promises with stubborn faith and irrational confidence. Stand with a certainty in the Holy Spirit for your venture in faith won’t make sense to anyone else but you. BE BLESSED! “Apostle Dr. Annyebelle Neal”

GOLDEN NUGGETS TO CONSIDER AS WE EMBARK UPON OUR FAITH JOURNEY. One day as I looked at an octopus and its tentacles, God likened the different connecting paths to the realm of faith to the tentacles of the octopus that comprises our faith channels. God pointed out that under each of its eight tentacles, the octopus has two rows of suckers that enables it to seize its objects and with its strong suction power holds it fast as it brings it to its mouth for consumption. As with the diagram, faith requires us to believe. One cannot release the required degree of faith to command, to decree, to be healed, to be delivered, to trust God’s Word, etc. if we have any reservations about God in these areas. Apostle Dr. Annyebelle Neal Annyebelle Neal Ministries


A S P IRIT O F F A ITH Hope – that thing or person in which expectations are center; looking forwards to something with desire and reasonable confidence; it may happen; it can be had Hope against hope – to continue to hope although the outlook does not warrant it. Hope reaches beyond what we see and takes hold to the promise (Word of God) for what we want. Many look at faith and associate it mostly with speaking the Word of God without fear, doubt or unbelief. However, more can be added to that. Faith is also something that you live. It is displayed by having an uncompromising righteous relationship with God. It is the source of one’s inner confidence and peace toward God’s sovereign orchestrated rule and His impeccable integrity to fulfill and to perform that which He has promised. Total trust is its outcome. As He has promised, so shall it be.

not believe that God would hear and answer our prayers, there could be no encouragement to call out to Him or to seek His face. When we walk in faith and speak faith-fillled words, God is then persuaded to move on our behalf and bring forth the needed manifestations when He has discerned true faith emitting from our spirit. Example: Woman with the issue of blood released total faith as she pursued Christ with a confident expectation that if she could but touch the hem of His garment, she would be made whole. As she journeyed towards Him, not caring of just how undignified she may have appeared while crawling through the crowd, neither did she consider the weakness of her body or her probable frail emaciated appearance. You can read the rest of the story found in . Luke 12:43-48. Keep in mind that doubt and unbelief was not allowed. Doubt tosses us between fear and faith like a pendulant swing or of a bipolar FAITH EMPOWERS US TO mindset. It also fosters thoughts of an GET RESULTS impending disappointment from God. May I encourage you that El Emunah [our Heb 11:6 But without faith it is faithful God] will not disappoint a trusting impossible to please him: for he that soul. In fact, maintaining continued, cometh to God must believe that he is, and unwavering faith throughout your ordeal that he is a rewarder of them that often ushers in another promise, namely diligently seek him. KJV Eph. 3:20. Heb 11:6 It's impossible to please God has not demanded of us to God apart from faith. And why? Because understand all things. However, He has anyone who wants to approach God must commanded us to believe. In the picture believe both that he exists and that he cares “One Night With The King,” there was a enough to respond to those who seek him. scene whereby Queen Esther was MESSAGE preparing herself to go before the king, Without “confidence” in God - in His unannounced. When her eunuch sought fidelity, His truth, His wisdom, His to prevent this action (for the preservation promises, prayers will not be answered. He of her life), she made this statement to him. cannot be pleased with anyone who has no “David did not win his battle because he confidence in Him; who doubts the truth of fought so well, he won them because HE His declarations and promises. If we could BELIEVED WELL! When we believe well, 67

(to repeat), when we believe well, we believe . . . anyhow . . . nevertheless . . . in spite of… regardless! Queen Esther released faith to a faithful God Who is well able! She trusted the purpose of God for setting her as queen and that her twin purpose there was to bring deliverance to her people.



with God, nothing (no thing) is impossible! As you read these words, set your heart and mind to BELIEVE WELL! There is another incident where we find the disciples praying in Acts 12:13-16. No doubt the disciples prayed for Peter’s release. We know the story as to how the angels opened the prison doors and set Peter free. We find Peter knocking at the door of the place where the disciples had gathered to pray to a miracle for Peter among other requests. As Peter knocked and called out Rhoda ran to the door. She recognized his voice, and in her joy, she failed to open the door but ran back and told the disciples who were yet praying that Peter was at the door. What was their response? “You have seen a ghost.” “It’s an angel.” As Peter persistently knocked, they finally opened the door and seeing that it was Peter, the Word of God stated that they were amazed. While praying, did they really believe God to answer miraculously? Did they expect God to really do it? WHEN YOU PRAY, DO YOU REALLY EXPECT GOD TO ANSWER OR DO YOU JUST HOPE THAT HE WILL? When we pray, we must believe that God is able and that He will answer the heart’s cry of the diligent seeker!

Monique’s meatless taco dish with vegan marinara and home-made taco paste


aco Ingredients:

1 lb. black beans (dry) 4 cups water 1 yellow onion, chopped 1 red pepper, chopped 1 carrot, chopped fine 6 cloves garlic, crushed 2 tablespoons regular chili powder 1 1/2 teaspoons salt 1 teaspoon ancho chile powder 1 teaspoon chipotle chile powder 1/4 cup tomato paste

Soak Black Beans Overnight by putting in a large pot and covering with water by a few inches. Drain and rinse well before using. Method of Preparation: In a large soup pot, combine soaked beans with 4 cups water and simmer for

60 minutes. Then add everything else. (easy, right?) Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer 60-90 minutes more. Serve with avocado and cilantro. Marinara: Egg Plant, Carrots, Onions, Leek (Like Onions), Celery, Vinegar Olive Oil, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Cilantro, Flat Leaf Parsley Taco Paste: Walnuts, unsalted sunflower seeds, cashews, flat leaf parsley, lemon ginger, a piece of a sweet apple to sweeten, taco flavor like chili spice, sale and pepper. ~ Make in food processor ~

t h e s w ee t s avo r o f v e g an fla v o r

S m o o t h ie 4x Mangos

“A lemon meringue pie with no fat served lusciously in a cup without crust, and tasting every bit the same.”

6x Bananas (previou sly peeled, quartered and fro zen)

Method of Prepara


Peel the mangos an d add to the blender. Blend the mangos and then add the bananas, ble nding until very thick and creamy.

Monique Villeneuve Raw & Vegan Chef


Eatible Delights Catering Hot Penne Pasta Salad w/ sun dried Tomato crème sauce Prep Time 20 minutes - cook Time 20 minutes Ingredients 8 ounces of Penne Pasta One small red onion ( Julianne) One small red, pepper One small yellow pepper One small green pepper One small bunch of fresh broccoli 5 small button mushrooms ( diced) 5 sun dried tomatoes ( Julianne) One handful of baby spinach leaves

8 ounces of heavy crème 8 ounces of half and half ! pound of butter ! cup of fresh minced garlic ! cup of dry parsley ! cup of fresh parsley ! cup of Montreal steak seasoning Tablespoon of salt On large stainless steel pot One mixing bowl

In large sauce pan, bring water to a boil, add salt. Drop in Penne Pasta, while stirring for about 4-5 minutes. Pasta should be cooked Al Dente Take pasta out of pot and rinse. Let stand in mixing boil. Julianne, red onion, and all 3 color peppers, and cut up broccoli, into medium size pieces. On a very low flame, melt butter, and add heavy cream, with half and half. When Mixture is completely melted , add in fresh garlic, Montreal steak seasoning, and dry parsley. Next add in peppers, onions, sun dried tomato and broccoli into butter and crème sauce. Let cook on a very low flame for approximately 5 minutes, and then remove. Add in mushrooms, and fresh parsley, and then stir once more until everything is evenly mixed. Lastly add in pasta and mix all ingredients together on low flame for about 5 minutes. Makes 10 servings. <"#/,%L/55-A%T)'2)/$0')V%Y)0/-0%%`"0/8.$%<$./410-%f"0$)/+4 M+%CUUE%*')5$,%`"0/8.$%<$./410-%f"0$)/+47%"+,%,/,%1/-%Q/)-0%.")4$%P'87%8&% 8$/+4%-$.$60$,%0'%2")0/6/2"0$%/+%01$%CUUE%Y..%L0")%4"5$;%^1/.$%6'5/+4% (2%01)'(41%01$% )"+=-7% M% 3')=$,%*')%D1$% :./#$%_"),$+7%"+,%\$-0"()"+0% Y--'6/"0$-% 31/.$%6'+0/+(/+4%0'%8(/.,%"+,%`"0/8.$%<$./410-% f"0$)/+4;% !$% 4)",("0$,%*')% :Mf%/+%Y(4(-0% '*% aGGG7% 31$)$% 01$&% )$6$/#$,%01$/)% Q/)-0% /+-0)(60/'+".%0)"/+/+4; M+%aGGa%<"#/,%3$+0% 0'%3')=%*')%]"%D$))"-$%)$-0"()"+07%"+,%4'0%*')5".% 0)"/+/+4% (+,$)% f1$*% <"#/,% _)$$);% % D1/-% 3"-% ".-'% 01$% &$")% 01"0% 1$% -$6()$,%01$%8"6=-0"4$% 6"0$)/+4%*')% D1$%\'8/+%!'',%<$..%`"-0;% % <"#/,% L/55-7% /-% +'3% "% 61$*% 8&% 0)",$;% M+% aGGi% 01$&% *')5$,% <"#/,?-% T."6$% \$-0"()"+07%"+,%=$20%01"0%'2$+%(+0/.%aGGE7%(+0/.%5'#/+4%0'% 01$/)%\/,4$% Y#$+($% ]'6"0/'+7% 31/61% /-% +'3% 01$% 6'55/--")&% *')% `"0/8.$% <$./410-% f"0$)/+4;%%aGGt%8)'(410% `"0/8.$%01$%'2$)"0/'+%'*%%"%6'+6$--/'+%-0"+,%"0% 01$%f/0/m$+-%8"+=%8"..%2")=;%D',"&%01$&%")$%"0%aiib%\/,4$%Y#$+($7%"+,% ")$% 5'#/+4% 0'3"),% aGG% $#$+0-7% /+6.(,/+4% ,)'2-% '**-7% "+,% 8'>% .(+61% 6"0$)/+4;)"6$;% <"#/,% L/55-% 6())$+0.&% 3)/0$-% *')% k)8"+% L(8()8"+% 5"4"m/+$7% "-% 3$..% "-% Y)$0$7% 8'01%.'6".% 5"4"m/+$-% /+%01$% T1/.",$.21/"% I")=$0;%D',"&% `"0/8.$%<$./410-%f"0$)/+47% 1"-%"% H@)"+,J7%01"0% /-% =+'3+% 01)'(41'(0% T1/.",$.21/"7% "+,% 01$% $+0/)$% <$."3")$% d"..$&% ")$"% /+6.(,/+4%L'(01%h$)-$&7%<$."3")$7%"+,%[$3%N')=%f/0&; 69



It is no secret that the rising costs of education today are comparable (as far as I’m concerned) to the real estate issues we faced some years ago. As a single Hustle Mama of three children (twins and one right behind), I cannot tell you of the fear I had when it came down to their education and them having “access” to the same quality University experience I myself had more than 20 years ago. The twins are in their sophomore year of college and I cringe every time I think of Courtney’s arrival in FALL 2013. Nonetheless, we have been blessed. I spent a good 6 months applying daily for various scholarships and grants for the twins and it was tedious. It was labor intensive, stressful, and a lot to monitor and keep up with. I once heard through the grapevine that there are a lot of scholarship awards that are returned due to insufficient petitions or application submissions for those funds. That was all I needed to hear. My son who had good grades did extremely well in college aid and my daughter who performed well in sports received a generous package to play basketball (despite the odds of the number of US students to receive full-ride athletic scholarships). We are blessed. I wanted to share this comprehensive list of millions of dollars in scholarships and grants as well as information for links to more comprehensive databases of even more opportunities so that people have the “access” they need to at least compete and be in it to win it. It’s not easy but I have made it easier. Originally I linked all of the embed codes directly to the named scholarships, however, the file became too large to use through our platform and I was forced to remove them. However, if you google each name the link will come up. If you subscribe to my BLOG ( then I will be happy to send it you through email as a PDF attachment. The links are live. All you have to do is click on the link and you will be directly connected to the site, application, and/or information you need to submit. Now is the time to start applying and there are plenty with deadlines in October. These scholarships are a comprehensive list of opportunities for high school students (all grades), college students, adult students, women, minorities, various fields, schools and need-based. I tried to leave no stone unturned as we all have a different set of circumstances which describe our personal situations. As always, I hope it proves to be a blessing and by all means SHARE! Good Luck! Stefany J.




10,000 Degrees Scholarships | AARP Foundation Women始s Scholarship Program | Academic Competitiveness Grant | ACT-SO EUR Olympics of the Mind A Scholarships | Actuarial Diversity Scholarship | Actuarial Scholarships for Students | AFA Teens for Alzheimer始s Awareness College Scholarship | AFSA Scholarship Program | Aid & Resources for Re-Entry Students | Akash Kuruvilla Memorial Scholarship Fund | American Copy Editors Society Scholarship | American Political Science Association Grants, Scholarships & Other Opportunities | American Political Science Association Grants for Minorities | Anna M. Vincent Scholarship Trust | Any College Scholarship | AORN Foundation Scholarships List | AT&T Foundation Scholarship | Automotive Hall of Fame Scholarship | AWG Minority Scholarship for Women | AXA Achievements Scholarships | Ayn Rand Essay Scholarships | Beacon Partners Healthcare IT Scholarships | Bell Labs Fellowships for Under Represented Minorities | Best Buy Scholarship Program | Blacks at Microsoft Scholarship | Boeing Scholarships | Brand Essay Competition | Burger King Scholarship Program | CIA Undergraduate Scholarship Program | Coca-Cola Two Year College Scholarships |College Board Scholarships | College Insider Radio Scholarship | CollegeNet Scholarship Database | College Prowler-List of Hundreds of Scholarships | Common Knowledge Scholarships | Courageous Persuaders Shoot for a Scholarship |


Datatel Scholars Foundation Scholarship | Davidson Fellows Scholarship | Davidson Institute for Talent Development | Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund | Dell Scholars Program | Development Fund for Black Students in Science & Technology | Discover Shcholarship | Discovery Scholarship | Diversity Abroad Scholarships | Easley National Scholarship Program | Ed Bradley/Ken Kashiwahara Scholarships | Ed Finance Group Scholarship Links | Edison Scholars Program | Educated Scholarship | Emma Byrd Scholarship Program | Empower Scholarship Award | ESA Foundation Scholarships | Federal Scholarships & Aid Gateways from Black Excel | Federation of American Consumers & Travelers Second Chance Scholarship | First Common Educational Foundation Scholarship | Foreclosure Scholarship Program | Fullbright Scholar Program | Future Engineers Scholarship Program | Gates Millennium Scholarship | GE and LuLac Scholarship Funds | Go On Girl Book Club Scholarship | Gold Standard Scholarship Program | Google Anita Borg Scholarship | Graduate Fellowships for Minorities Nationwide | Guaranteed Scholarships Divided By Schools Database | HBCU Scholarships | HBCU-Central Minority Scholarship Program List of Hundreds of Scholarship Categories | HBCU Packard Sit Abroad Scholarships | HBCU Study Abroad Scholarship | Hallie O. Brown Scholarship | Hands Across the Mideast Support Alliance | Hershey Company | Holocaust Remembrance Scholarships | Inroads Internships | INTEL Science Talent Search | International Students Scholarships & Aid | Internship Resources | Jacob K. Javits Fellowship Program | Jacki Tuckfield Memorial Graduate Business Scholarship | Jackie Robinson Scholarship Program | Javits - Frasier Teacher Scholarship Fund | Jeannette Rankin Women始s Scholarship Fund | Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship | John McKee Scholarship |


KFC Colonel Scholars Program | KODAK Scholarships | Lincoln Forum Scholarship Essay Contest | Maryland Artists Scholarships | Microsoft Scholarship Program | McKesson Pharmacy Scholarship | Minority Scholar Dissertation Assistance | Multiple List of MInority Scholarships | National Achievement Scholarship | National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering Scholarships | National Association of Black Journalists Scholarships | National Association of Negro Business & Professional Women始s Club National Scholarship | National Black Police Association Scholarships | National College Scholarship Award Jack & Jill of America Foundation | National Institute of Grants for Women | National Institute of Health Undergraduate Scholarship | National Society of High School Scholars Robert P. Sheppard Leadership Award | National SMART Grant | Off To College Scholarship Sweepstakes | PA/DE CITE Traditional Scholarship | (You have to GOOGLE to get the PDF) PaperCheck Charles Shafae Scholarship Fund | Performance Based Scholarships | PMI Educational Foundation Scholarships | Political Science Grants, Fellowships, Scholarships, Funding | Presidential Freedom Scholarships | Professional Athletes Foundation Student Scholarship | (GOOGLE FOR PDF) Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship/Fellowship Program | Ronald McDonald House Charities | Ronald Reagan College Leaders Scholarship | Ron Brown Scholar Program | RSA Scholarships | Ryan Howard Family Foundation Scholarship St. Louis/Philadelphia | Sachs Foundation Scholarship | Saul T. Wilson Scholarships | Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year Scholarship Award | Scholarships & Fellowships | Scholarships & Fellowship Opportunities | Scholarships for Study in Paralegal Studies |


ScienceNet Scholarship Listing | Siemens Westinghouse Competition | Sports Scholarships & Internships | Student Inventors Scholarships | Student Video Scholarships | Suntrust Scholarship Sweepstakes | Tri-Delta Scholarship | Thurgood Marshall College Fund | Ties Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford | Tylenol Scholarship | UNCF Scholarships | Union Sponsored Scholarships | US Bank Internet Scholarship | USA Funds Scholarship | USDA/1890 National Scholars Program | Vanguard Minority Scholarship Program | White House Initiatives HBCU Scholarships | William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students | William B. Ruggles Right To Work Journalism Scholarship | Writerʼs Digest Annual Short Story Competition | Xerox Scholarships for Students |

GOOD WILL & GOOD MEASURE INITIATIVES FOR CHILDREN "Gospo & The Gospel Kids" Needs Your Help To Finish Their CD through KICKSTARTER Gospo & The Gospel Kids (GGK) are a group of regular, innerHELP YOUR CHILD WITH MEDICAL HAIR LOSS GAIN THE SELF-ESTEEM THEY DESERVE! Krown of Glory, LLC offers cranial prosthesis/wigs specifically textured for African-American/Latina children who are suffering with the challenges of medical hair loss. It’s difficult enough being a child, but when your child is going through challenging times, it is our duty as parents to offer comfort, moral support and love. KrownKids is our line of medical wigs that will give your child back the confidence they so deserve to have. We also offer cranial prosthesis/wigs, and premium high quality hair weave extensions for women. | (424) 24-KROWN |

city neighborhood kids (ages 6-12) from Los Angeles, CA that come from all kinds of tough family situations. One thing they all have in common is that they love God and want to do their best to please Him. They may never get "discovered" by the mainstream music industry, but they have something to say...and God is listening. The working title of GGK's 3rd CD is "Father God, You're The Best Dad" because so many children (and adults) all over the country and the world are growing up without a father and/or father-figure. This is so much more than a’s a God-Movement that is designed to strengthen and help kids all over the world to put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ!! In gospel music today, there aren't many CD's that are focused on children and their issues. Gospo & The Gospel Kids is the voice of the young generation!" WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP.! We need your donations through KICKSTARTER so they can finish the CD! PLEASE SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD! 74


Pay in full when you sign the contract $595+ tax. $250 deposit required at time of booking. 3/4 of balance due one month before the wedding with the remaining balance due the day of your wedding. You’ll receive your disk within 2-weeks after your wedding. Book the photographer, videographer and DJ and you’ll save even more!!!!























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