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Five Key Trends for Leadership Development The driving force behind the success of any organization is the leadership strength of its employees. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, the concept of leadership development is critical for the success of the businesses. Therefore, the article focuses on discovering and nurturing the seeds of leadership in an organization. We are highlighting here, a list of five trends for leadership development that business leaders need to focus on today. Boot-camp Training A recent study shows that 91% of the employees feel that they have too much work on their plate. When it comes to education, the beginners should be given a break and therefore “boot camp-style learning” is a perfect way. Educating employees has become, today, essential and the learning method needs to be practical and challenging. With training, the business leaders should also include chances for team bonding and team building activities, to allow for business beneficial brainstorming discussions with colleagues. Engagement with Employees Organizations with engaged workforces have higher productivity and profitability and it is a huge market advantage. In recent years, several studies have conducted that in an organization, mere 15% of the employees are highly engaged. More than 60% of the workforce was found to be only engaged with their particular tasks. Business leaders should know the important factors that engage their team members. Investment in leadership development As per recent studies, an organization should invest a particular budget to develop first-line employees. Developing the first level of workforce must be a priority on any organization's agenda. These leaders are generally promoted to their post based on technical skills and knowledge; but it is their people skills, that determine their effectiveness and success in their new leadership role. Today high-impact corporates are creating leadership councils that are composed by senior leaders to motivate, engage and develop talent. Technology is a key to leadership development Technology plays a major role in leadership development. Technology savvy companies have rapidly become an integral aspect of today’s leadership effectiveness. With the latest technologies adapted by the corporations, communication between leaders and employees become easy and smooth. Technology will connect employees and clients making collaboration and information flow faster. Transparency The 2008 financial meltdown and the fall of some big businesses have emphasized the importance to maintain transparency in businesses. Recent studies show that 60% of CEOs in companies are now making more disclosures about their risks, strategy and financial performance. According to them, the pros of this practice are improved decision-making, innovation and better reputation. They have brought into focus the significance of transparency as a best practice. Accepting new challenges and motivating other employees is what defines today’s leader. Therefore, keeping abreast of important leadership trends is the key to success. If organizations can implement these trends into their initiatives, they will achieve an even more productive year.

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Five Key Trends for Leadership Development  

The driving force behind the success of any organization is the leadership strength of its employees. In today’s rapidly changing business e...

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