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Pushing the limits FOREST AND GARDEN PRODUCTS 2014


325 years of experience ‌ Here at Husqvarna, our desire for the best hasn’t changed in the last 325 years but our thinking has, thanks to our collaboration with forestry professionals and homeowners alike. Through superb design and smart features we continue in our aim to provide machines that handle the most demanding applications. As a Husqvarna user you can expect high performance and reliability, as well as ground-breaking technology that handles every challenging job with ease and comfort.

‌ to meet the challenges of today.

Robotic lawn mowing innovation.

Leading the way in innovation and technology. Exceptional design features, quality engineering and forward thinking is what has put Husqvarna machines as the number one choice for users all over the world. Years of experience in precision engineering and manufacturing, combined with an innovative approach to research and development have kept Husqvarna at the forefront in product innovation. Today, Husqvarna lawnmowers, garden tractors and forestry products continue to meet the demands of users all over the world.

Powerful Husqvarna battery products.



Lawn cutting concepts


Robotic lawnmowers






Overview product range

21 – 24

Garden tractors


Rider and garden tractor attachments


Snow throwers


Battery series


Forestry clearing saws / Brushcutters / Trimmers


Protective clothing


Forestry accessories


Hedge trimmers


Blowers / Cultivators

42 – 43


Giving you the power for a better performance. We listen, we learn and that’s how we create our chainsaw range with functions that are based on real needs. In fact our development never stops and neither does our collaboration with professional forestry workers who work with our machines. We improve our design and features year on year to provide the ultimate machines for power, performance and reliability.


X-TORQ ® The engine technology X-Torq® delivers high torque and cuts fuel consumption by up to 20 % and exhaust emissions up to 75 %.



AUTOTUNE ™  Automatically fne-tunes  the engine for optimal operation based on temperature, fuel type and flter condition, etc.



REVBOOST ™ Provides rapid acceleration and higher chain speed for best limbing performance.

Watch the 560 XP® flm and see  the chainsaw in action. Download a free QR reader on your smart phone and scan the code.

What you get. And how we do it. G



SMART START ® The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort. Resistance in the starter cord is reduced by up to 40 %.

AIR INJECTION ™ A centrifugal air cleaning system for reduced wear and longer operating time between flter cleanings. You will be able  to work longer shifts.


LOW VIB ® Effective anti-vibration dampeners absorb vibration, reducing the impact on the user’s arms and hands. For a more comfortable operation.


ChaInSaWS for aLL tYpeS of taSKS

Full-time professional use.

When power, performance and the highest level of effciency  are required our most advanced chainsaw range will deliver that and more. With features suited for long demanding shifts for full time loggers and aborists. The XP ® -chainsaws are equipped with all the latest features, to maximise the performance in every situation. The Air Injection™ keeps the engine clean, Low Vib® technology reduces vibrations and AutoTune™ ensures the engine runs optimally in all weather conditions.

top of the range aCCeSSorIeS

Gear up like a pro. Husqvarna brings modern design into protective clothing to maximise comfort and safety. Materials are used for their technological advancement and hard wearing properties. Always use approved safety equipment when working with a chainsaw. Read more about Husqvarna forestry accessories on page 39.

hUSQVarna 560 Xp ® 59.8 cm³, 3.5 kW, bar length 33–60 cm, 5.6 kg. RevBoost™, AutoTune™, Air Injection™, X-Torq® and Low Vib®. Available with heated handles and carburettor.

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Periodical professional use. Powerful, robust and ideal for commercial skilled users like contractors and municipality workers. Our range of professional power chainsaws is packed with performance features that are designed and developed for periodically intense use.

All-round use. Easy to start and easy to manoeuvre, ideal for those who cut less regularly. Designed to handle a multitude of cutting tasks making them ideal for pruning, felling and cutting frewood. 

Occasional use. These chainsaws deliver excellent cutting performance, are easy to start and come with features that make your operation comfortable and fexible.  Ideal for light cutting work including smaller trees and frewood. 

trIoBraKe™ a UnIQUe hUSQVarna featUre

Safety, ergonomics and efficiency. All improved by TrioBrake™. TrioBrake™ is a unique feature on select Husqvarna chainsaws. It adds an additional way of engaging the chainbrake with a small movement of your right wrist. This means increased safety, and also encourages you to work more effciently and ergonomically  since TrioBrake™ will activate if you’re not using a correct working technique.


The answer to your lawn mowing needs. When you’re looking for a lawnmower there are many questions you will ask, and we have an extensive range of grass cutting machines to answer all of them. From self-propelling mowers to ride-on machines, different cutting methods, and attachments to give more versatility and year round use. Most of all choosing Husqvarna means you can be sure you are buying a machine that not only meets your demands but has the quality to perform year on year.

Traditional lawn mowing just got easier. For those who have decided on having a walk behind lawn mower, we can offer a range of machines that will ft many different types of lawns and users. If you want the versatility of different cutting methods, we recommend the collector models which also give you both mulching and rear-eject options when mowing your lawn. And because we understand that every lawn is different, you’ll fnd a machine that has  all the features you need for the perfect results while making life easier and the work more enjoyable.

Enjoy fantastic cutting results without lifting a finger. If you’ve always wanted your own gardener then now you can have just that with the Husqvarna Automower ®, the frst robotic  mower and still the leader in technology and performance. It’s capable of working around the clock, day in day out, leaving you to think about other things while knowing you’ll enjoy beautiful results and a healthy well kept lawn.

Your garden work horse. The best for your garden. If you want to enjoy the ride while easily getting around every obstacle, then the Husqvarna Rider is undoubtedly the mower for you. It has many features to get the job done. The articulated steering gives the Rider excellent manoeuvrability and a small turning radius. The front-mounted deck can cut under hard to reach places such as bushes or along fences with no problems.


With high quality performance and easy operation the Husqvarna tractors bring versatility to the garden workload. Its wide range of attachments and a builtin choice of cutting methods give our garden tractors excellent versatility. Ideal for effcient lawn care  and various tasks around your land. The Husqvarna tractors can be ftted with trailers, spreaders, snow  throwers, and more turning them into year round garden work horses.

aUtoMoWer ®



Superior manoeuvrability Versatile cutting system Collector BioClip ® Year round use Battery-powered



A perfect lawn, also in reality. What does it take to make a robotic mower deliver the perfect lawn in the real conditions of most gardens, including bad weather, complex shapes, narrow passages, inclines, fowerbeds and other obstacles? We would say, it takes some  20 years of challenges, experiences and continuous development. Since 1995 we have been refning the original Husqvarna Automower ® into the most proven, reliable and extensive robotic mower range available. Among today’s seven Automower® models you will fnd your special favourite, optimal for the size  and shape of your garden.



RELIABILITY Husqvarna Automower® robotic mowers are equipped with advanced technical solutions to achieve the highest level of reliability, quality and mowing results. This means maintenance free operation and minimum service.



NO NOISE OR EMISSIONS Environmentally friendly robotic lawnmower is powered by battery, cuts the grass without harmful emissions and is very quiet. It will work in your garden without your neighbours noticing.


WEATHER TIMER Your Automower® automatically maximizes its mowing time during  periods of strong grass growth. In sunny or dry weather, or late in the season, it will spend less time mowing, decreasing wear on lawn and mower.

What you get. And how we do it. HASSLE-FREE

AUTOMATIC CHARGING The robot knows when it needs to be charged. When that happens it automatically returns to the charging station without undesirable tracks forming.



UNIQUE CUTTING Three razor like cutting  blades make clean cuts. Shorter clippings mean better fertilising, excellent cutting result with no moss and less energy consumption.


PRE-PROGRAMMING You decide if you want your robotic mower to mow the lawn around the clock and 7 days a week.


roBotIC LaWnMoWerS for aLL tYpeS of LaWnS

How your Husqvarna Automower® will mow it’s way around your garden. Watch your Husqvarna Automower ® robotic mower climb hills and slopes, up to 45 %. And with its sensor it will work around trees, bushes even fowerbeds, and rain never  stops play. Setting up is easy too. Once you’ve planned your cutting area and laid the boundary wire your Automower ® is ready to take up its gardening duties. Then when it’s time for charging a guide wire helps it to locate its charging station. Safety is not an issue, lift or tip your machine and its blades automatically shut off.

For installation and more tips of trouble-free mowing watch Husqvarna Automower® at work.

MaKe the MoSt of YoUr aUtoMoWer®

Intelligent accessories. Houses, wall hangers, headlights, GPS communication units, terrain kits, wheel brush kits, soft carry bags, colour collections, iPhone app and more. Our range of clever accessories not only facilitates preparation but will help to make your machine personalised and fun to use.

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New generation of Husqvarna Automower® continues to lead the way in robotic mowing. Automower ® 330X / 320. automower® 330X. Cutting area up to 3200 m² (0.79 acres). Slope capability: Up to 45 %. Weather timer adjusts the working time to the lawn’s growth rate. GPS-assisted navigation for optimized lawn coverage. Automatic passage handling fnds its  way automatically even through the smallest passages. automower® 320. Cutting area up to 2200 m² (0.54 acres). Slope capability: Up to 45 %. Weather timer adjusts the working time to the lawn’s growth rate. Automatic passage handling fnds  its way automatically even through the smallest passages.

Automower ® 265 ACX / 220 AC / Solar Hybrid. automower® 265 aCX. Top performance for really big areas, higher cutting speed and ultrasonic sensors. Equipped with GPS tracker and SMS communication functionality. Cutting area: 6000 m² +/– 20 %. Slope capability: Up to 35 %. automower® 220 aC. Our classic bestselling model can also deliver frst-class  results on lawns with complicated shapes. Cutting area: 1800 m² +/– 20 %. Slope capability: Up to 35 %. automower® Solar hybrid. Solar panel and battery charging of the battery. Equipped with GPS tracker and SMS communication functionality. Cutting area: 2200 m² +/– 20 %. Slope capabillity: Up to 35 %.

Automower ® 308 / 305. automower® 305 is perfect for smaller lawns. Cutting area: 500 m2 +/– 20 %. Slope capability: Up to 25 %. The compact automower® 308 gives higher all round productivity. Cutting area: 800 m2 +/– 20 %. Slope capability: Up to 25 %.

LaWn CUttIng IS gettIng SMarter

GPS-assisted navigation. An onboard GPS system creates a map of the garden, including where the boundary and guide wires are installed. Automower ® then registers which parts of the garden it has covered and adjusts its mowing pattern accordingly. This will ensure optimized lawn coverage  and excellent cutting results.



Lawnmowers for demanding lawns and frequent users. All our lawnmowers are designed to give the highest performance and effciency  with thoughtful ergonomics solutions. They have high-spec and easy-starting engines as well as durable cutting decks, delivering frst class cutting results every  time. So no matter what Husqvarna model you choose, you can expect a mower that’s robust, reliable and one that delivers the results for a healthy well kept lawn.

LaWnMoWerS for aLL tYpeS of LaWnS See all models at the center fold Learn more at

Semi pro series. Robust lawnmowers with extended durability made for heavy use. Their compact design gives them excellent manoeuvrability and the vibration damped handles makes every operation comfortable. Simple and maintenance-free front-wheel drive for easier manoeuvring.

The new LC 56 AWD with driving performance never seen on the market before. All wheel drive, powerfully effcient and high-performing. This  latest lawnmower from Husqvarna is equipped to manage the most challenging and strenuous of gardens. Intuitive speed control and driving performance on all wheels means steep slopes and areas less-often managed become a thing of the past. Fast cutting speed, wide cutting deck and 3 cutting methods to choose from are just a few of the features that will make the difference to your lawns.


COLLECTION Helps prevent weeds from spreading and tidys the lawn collecting leaves and twigs for a nice overall fnish.


BIOCLIP ® Mulching can help to release nutrients like nitrogen into the soil that are benefcial for growth and overall lawn health,  and prevent weed growth.



REAR OR SIDE EJECTION These cutting systems have high capacity and are more suited for taller and coarser grass types that are seldom cut.

InnoVatIVe neWS

Modern mowers for demanding use. The highly modern design and the generous device make our lawnmowers for demanding homeowners reliable and effcient. The AFTech™system helps fll the collector to the optimum level, meaning less frequent emptying.  These are high capacity machines that you can rely on and that help you achieve a frst class cut.


RIDERS FOR ALL TYPES OF LAWNS See all models at the center fold Learn more at

Our most advanced Riders.

Fantastic results all year round.

Get the job done with minimum effort.

The 400-series is an excellent choice for estate owners, sport clubs and hotels where professional power, comfort and capacity is required. Being AWD it will handle the work with superb results and above all, ease of use.

These versatile 300-series machines can be used all year round thanks to the wide range of attachments. Choose between three different Combi cutting decks to meet the demands of both land and smaller lawns.

200-series Riders are suitable for homeowners who require high efficiency, ease of use, first-class manoeuvrability and performance. Choose AWD for improved grip or the X model for extra efficiency.

Smaller machines with Rider characteristics.

A quiet and comfortable Rider. This battery Rider gives a comfortable ride, with low noise and no direct emissions. Enjoy Husqvarna perfor­ mance with excellent results. An ideal machine for environmentally conscious homeowners, with up to 90 minutes run time.

100-series offers compact-sized machines that are perfect for the smaller gardens with all the Rider characteristics you can expect but in a smaller and more compact package.


ARTICULATED STEERING SYSTEM The articulated steering gives first-class manoeuvrability and facilitates driving around obstacles such as trees, bushes and flower beds.



FRONT-MOUNTED CUTTING DECK  Gives excellent overview of the working area, allowing you to trim edges and reach into corners and under bushes with ease.


Sitting comfortably  Safety, stability and traction on both flat grounds and hillsides. The Rider’s low centre of gravity conbtributes to excellent traction and user comfort.


See the whole range of products at the center fold

For the latest news, product information and help. The Husqvarna website offers all the product information you’d expect but you’ll also find a whole lot more to help you get the perfect results from every job. There are regular campaign offers, help and advice on products as well as accessories to add versatility to your machines, in addition to an extensive range of professional protective clothing. Should you decide you need to speak to one of our representatives directly our dealer locators will point you in the direction of our closest Husqvarna specialist.

PRODUCT INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTION MANUALS Here on the site you can download manuals for all your Husqvarna machines as well as find additional information to help you in your work.

Personalise your product search Our latest search function allows you to narrow your search with specific information. This helps us to guide you to the best machine for the features you are looking for.

Visit our mobile sites We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to receive and find information from Husqvarna. Our mobile site has been tailor-made for smartphones to help connect to our different information channels – the website, the product catalogue and other print materials, plus our channels on YouTube and Facebook.

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chainsaws Petrol chainsaws

HUSQVARNA 3120 XP® 118.8 cm³, 6.2 kW, 42", 10.4 kg.

HUSQVARNA 395 XP® 93.6 cm³, 4.9 kW, 28", 7.9 kg.

HUSQVARNA 390 XP® 87.9 cm³, 4.8 kW, 24 / 28", 7.1 kg.

HUSQVARNA 576 XP® autotune™ 73.5 cm³, 4.2 kW, 24", 6.8 kg.

HUSQVARNA 372 XP® 70.7 cm³, 3.9 kW, 20", 6.1 kg.

HUSQVARNA 560 XP® 59.8 cm³, 3.5 kW, 15", 5.6 kg.

HUSQVARNA 550 XP® 50.1 cm³, 2.8 kW, 15", 4.9 kg.

HUSQVARNA 365 65.1 cm³, 3.4 kW, 15" – 28", 6.0 kg.

HUSQVARNA 460 Rancher /  455 Rancher 64.1 / 55.5 cm³, 3 / 2.6 kW, 18", 6.0 / 5.9 kg.

HUSQVARNA 450e 50.2 cm³, 2.4 kW, 18", 5.1 kg.

HUSQVARNA 445e 45.7 cm³, 2.1 kW, 18", 5.1 kg.

HUSQVARNA 440e 40.9 cm³, 1.8 kW, 15", 4.4 kg.

HUSQVARNA 435e 40.9 cm³, 1.6 kW, 15", 4.4 kg.

HUSQVARNA 135 40.9 cm³, 1.4 kW, 15", 4.4 kg.

HUSQVARNA T540 XP® 37.7 cm³, 1.8 kW, 14", 3.7 kg.

HUSQVARNA T435 35.2 cm³, 1.5 kW, 12", 3.4 kg.

Battery chainsaws

HUSQVARNA 436Li 36 V, BLDC (brushless), 2.5 kg excl. battery. Available with or without 2× BLi150 batteries and 1× QC 330 charger.

Electric chainsaw

HUSQVARNA 536Li XP® 36 V, BLDC (brushless), 2.4 kg excl. battery. Available with or without 2× BLi150 batteries and 1× QC 330 charger.

HUSQVARNA T536Li XP® 36 V, 330 W, BLDC (brushless), 2.3 kg excl. battery. Available with or without 2× BLi150 batteries and 1× QC 330 charger.

HUSQVARNA 420 Electric 230 V, 2000 W, 40 cm.

Pole saws

HUSQVARNA 327PT5S Telescopic tube. 24.5 cm³, 0.9 kW, 7.3 kg. Comes with ergonomic harness Balance Flex™.

HUSQVARNA 327P5X / 327P4 24.5 cm³, 0.9 kW, 6.4 / 6.1 kg. 327P5X has a detachable shaft, and comes with ergonomic harness Balance Flex™.


HUSQVARNA R 53SV / LC 153V Honda, self-propelled, TrioClip®, 53 cm.

HUSQVARNA R 52S B & S, self-propelled, TrioClip®, 53 cm.

HUSQVARNA LC 153 S B & S, self-propelled, TrioClip®, 53 cm.

HUSQVARNA LC 348V / VE B & S, self-propelled, collect/AFTech, 48 cm.

HUSQVARNA LB 548S e Honda, GCV160, BioClip®, 48 cm.

HUSQVARNA M53S PRO Honda, GCV160, BioClip®, 53 cm.

HUSQVARNA LB 553S  Honda, GCV160, BioClip®, 53 cm.

HUSQVARNA LB 553S e Honda, GCV160, BioClip®, 53 cm.

Manual lawnmower

r Hover mowe

HUSQVARNA 64 40 cm, 12 – 55 mm, 8.7 kg. With or without Grass Collector. HUSQVARNA WB 553S e Honda, GCV160, BioClip®, 53 cm.

HUSQVARNA GX 560 Honda, 50.5 cm.

Robotic mowers

HUSQVARNA Automower® 265 ACX 6000 m² (+/– 20 % ).

HUSQVARNA Automower® 330 X 3200 m² (+/– 20 % ).

HUSQVARNA Automower® 320 2200 m² (+/– 20 % ). 

HUSQVARNA Automower® 220 AC 1800 m² (+/– 20 % ).

HUSQVARNA Automower® 305  500 m² (+/– 20 %).

Hedge trimmers Battery hedge trimmer HUSQVARNA 327HE3X / 327HE4X 24.5 cm³, 0.9 kW, 55 cm, 6.5 / 6.6 kg.

HUSQVARNA 122HD45 / 122HD60 21.7 cm³, 0.6 kW, 45 / 60 cm, 4.6 / 4.9 kg.

HUSQVARNA 226HD60S / 226HD75S 23.6 cm³, 0.85 kW, 60 / 75 cm, 5.7 / 5.9 kg.

HUSQVARNA 226HS75S 23.6 cm³, 0.85 kW, 75 cm, 5.8 kg.

HUSQVARNA 536LiHD60X 36 V, PMDC (4-brush), 60 cm. Available with or without 1×BLi150 battery and 1×QC330 charger.

HUSQVARNA 136LiHD50 36 V, PMDC (4-brush), 50 cm. Available with or without 1× BLi80 battery and 1× QC 120 charger.


HUSQVARNA TR 430 Subaru, EX17, 43 cm.

HUSQVARNA TF 434P Subaru, EP17, 80 cm.

HUSQVARNA TF 224 / 324 B&S, 550 / 750, 60 / 60 cm.

HUSQVARNA T300RS compact pro Subaru, EH035, 24 cm.


HUSQVARNA R 422Ts AWD B & S 12.6 kW @ 3000 rpm, hydrostatic AWD, 94 –122 cm.

HUSQVARNA R 418Ts / R 418Ts AWD  Kawasaki, 10.6 kW @  2900 rpm, hydrostatic / hydrostatic AWD, 94 –112 cm.

HUSQVARNA R 316T Kawasaki, 9.6 kW @  2900 rpm, hydrostatic, 94 – 112 cm.

HUSQVARNA R 320 AWD / 318 B & S, 10.6 / 9.6 kW @  2900 rpm, hydrostatic AWD / hydrostatic, 94 – 112 cm.

Battery Rider

HUSQVARNA R 216 B & S, 9.6 kW @  2900 rpm, hydrostatic, 94 – 103 cm.

HUSQVARNA R 213C B & S, 6.7 kW @  3000 rpm, hydrostatic, 94 cm.

HUSQVARNA R 111B B & S, 6.8 kW @  3000 rpm, hydrostatic, 85 cm.

HUSQVARNA Rider battery 135 Ah, 3×12 V, 85 cm. Complete with batteries and charger.

Commercial front mowers HUSQVARNA P 524 Kawasaki, FX Series V-Twin, 13.9 kW @  3000 rpm.

HUSQVARNA P 520D Kubota, D 902, 14.5 kW @  3000 rpm.

HUSQVARNA P 525D Kubota, D1105, 18.7 kW @  3000 rpm.


HUSQVARNA CTH 224T Kawasaki, 11.8 kW @  2550 rpm, hydrostatic, 107 cm.

HUSQVARNA CTH 184T Kawasaki, 10 kW @  2550 rpm, hydrostatic, 107 cm.

HUSQVARNA CTH 164T Kawasaki, 9.2 kW @  2550 rpm, hydrostatic, 97 cm.

HUSQVARNA CTH 194 Kohler, 9.2 kW @  2500 rpm, hydrostatic, 107 cm.

HUSQVARNA CTH 174 Kohler, 8.8 kW @  2500 rpm, hydrostatic, 97 cm.

HUSQVARNA CT 154 Kohler, 8.1 kW @  2500 rpm, manual, 97 cm.

HUSQVARNA CTH 126 B & S, 6.4 kW @  2800 rpm, hydrostatic, 77 cm.

HUSQVARNA CT 126 B & S, 6.4 kW @  2800 rpm, manual, 77 cm.

HUSQVARNA LTH 154 / LT 154 Kohler, 8.1 kW @  2500 rpm, hydrostatic /  manual, 97 cm.

Brushcutters & trimmers

HUSQVARNA 555RXT 53.3 cm³, 2.8 kW, 9.2 kg.

HUSQVARNA 545RXT / 545RX 45.7 cm³, 2.1 kW, 8.5 / 8.7 kg.

HUSQVARNA 535RXT  34.6 cm³, 1.6 kW, 6.2 kg.

HUSQVARNA 327RX 24.5 cm³, 0.9 kW, 5.4 kg.

HUSQVARNA 323R-II 24.5 cm³, 0.9 kW, 5.1 kg.

HUSQVARNA 129R 27.6 cm³, 0.8 kW, 4.8 kg.

HUSQVARNA 525RXT 25.4 cm³, 1.0 kW, 5.6 kg.

HUSQVARNA 525RX 25.4 cm³, 1.0 kW, 5.4 kg.

HUSQVARNA 143R-II 41.5 cm³, 1.3 kW, 7.6 kg.

HUSQVARNA 135R 34.6 cm³, 1.4 kW, 6.8 kg.

HUSQVARNA 128LDX 28 cm³, 0.8 kW, 4.9 kg.

HUSQVARNA 128RJ 28 cm³, 0,8 kW, 4.8 kg.

HUSQVARNA 122LD 21.7 cm³, 0.6 kW, 4.7 kg.

HUSQVARNA 128C 28 cm³, 0.8 kW, 4.4 kg.

HUSQVARNA 122C 21.7 cm³, 0.6 kW, 4.4 kg.

Battery trimmers

HUSQVARNA 136LiC 36 V, PMDC (4-brush), 3.1 kg excl. battery. Available with or without 1× BLi150 battery and 1× QC 120 charger.

Backpack battery

HUSQVARNA 536LiL 36 V, BLDC (brushless), 3 kg excl. battery. Available with or without 1× BLi150 battery and 1× QC330 charger.

HUSQVARNA 536LiR 36 V, BLDC (brushless), 3.8 kg excl. battery. Available with or without 2× BLi150 batteries and 1× QC 330 charger. The weight of one BLi150 battery is 1.2 kg.

HUSQVARNA 356BTX 51.7 cm³, 13.4 m³/min, 10.4 kg.

HUSQVARNA 130BT / 530BT 29.5 cm³, 10.2 m³/min, 6.7 kg.

HUSQVARNA BLi520X /  BLi940X 14.4 Ah, 520 Wh / 26.1 Ah, 940 Wh


HUSQVARNA 570BTS / 580BTS 65.6 / 75.6 cm³,  21.8 / 25.7 m³/min, 11.2 / 11.8 kg.

HUSQVARNA 125B / 125BVX 28 cm³, 12.03 m³/min, 4.26 / 4.35 kg. 125BVX comes with Vac attachment.

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Husqvarna dealers will help you to get the most from your machines. All Husqvarna machines are sold exclusively through our registered dealers who have the knowledge and expertise in all machines. You can be sure they will help you find the right solution for the work you have in mind.

FIND YOUR NEAREST HUSQVARNA DEALER You’ll find a search function on the Husqvarna website where all you need to do is type in your postcode. A map and details will then show you where your nearest Husqvarna dealer can be found.

WHAT YOU GET FROM OUR DEALERS Our local representatives will answer all your questions, give advice and point you in the direction for the best machine. They are specially trained, have the skills, tools and resources to handle all Husqvarna machines. After all, they are Servicing dealers, with service as a hallmark. ƒƒ Help and advice on all Husqvarna machines ƒƒ Spare parts and accessories ƒƒ Service and repair

protective clothing and accessories to work with your machines There’s a wide range of accessories for use with our products, from clothing, to spare parts and forestry accessories so that you will enjoy not just function but versatility too. Our genuine Husqvarna accessories will perform the way you expect them and keep you in control to achieve the results you want. For the full guide to all our accessories visit

servicing dealers | 25


Tractors built to help you all year round. A wide range of attachments and choice of several cutting methods give our garden tractors excellent versatility. Ideal for efficient lawn care and various tasks around your land. Choose between three different cutting systems for lawn care then fit a trailer, spreader, snow thrower and more for greater versatility.

Watch the Husqvarna tractors in action, all year round.

less uncut areas

NEW STEERING TECHNOLOGY You can expect more from our top-segment tractors featuring U-cut™ steering technology. Less uncut areas, extra efficient mowing and improved manoeuvrability.



PEDAL-OPERATED HYDROSTATIC TRANSMISSION The pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission ensures easy speed and direction control. Separate pedals for forward and reverse.

First class cuttin


robust cutting decks The reinforced and powder-coated cutting decks give improved durability and corrosion resistance.

TracTors for all Types of grass cuTTing see all models at the center fold learn more at

BioClip® for lawn fertilisation. BioClip® means that the grass is cut into small pieces that decompose and return to the lawn as natural fertiliser. All Husqvarna tractors can perform BioClip® cutting. On most tractors with integrated collection, BioClip® is included as standard. For side ejecting tractors BioClip® accessories are available.

Tractors with integrated collection. If you want to collect grass clippings, leaves and other debris, a tractor with integrated collector is a good choice. The collector is easily emptied from the driver’s seat and a sound indicator tells you when it’s time to empty.

Tractors with side ejection.

Compact garden tractors.

For effcient mowing of seldom-cut lawns with tall, wild and coarse grass, a tractor with side ejection is an ideal choice.

These homeowner garden tractors offer comfortable ride-on mowing in a compact format. The size makes them easy to manoeuver even in the tightest of places and where less space is available for storage.


RapidReplace™ blade system. The cutting blades are easily removed and replaced without using any tools. This means safe and quick blade service – and with sharper blades you’ll get a healthier lawn.


rider and TracTor aTTachmenTs learn more at

One machine – many options. Adapt your Husqvarna Rider or tractor to all seasons and many different tasks with this extensive range of attachments. Choose from trailers, brooms, snow throwers, spreaders, moss rakes and more to make your machine totally verstaile – ready to take on job after job.

aTTachmenT frame The 300-series Riders are equipped with an attachment frame for easy shifting between cutting deck and front-mounted tools such as fail mower, broom, snow thrower and snow blade. spreader Effcient spreader for even coverage of lawn care additions such as fertiliser and weed control.

broom Rotating broom for sweeping up leaves, snow, etc. Can be angled to either side.

snow Thrower Two-stage snow thrower for effcient snow removal on driveways and paths.

Trailers Spacious trailers made from sturdy steel. Folding tailgate for easy loading and unloading.

28 | ATTACHmenTS RIDe-On

snow blade Wide, sturdy snow blade for clearing paths, driveways and other areas.

snOw THROweRs

we’ll make your winter work more enjoyable. The frst snow is always a happy surprise but the long, cold winters that follow often mean hard work. And once you’ve done the job it doesn’t neccessarily stay done depending on the weather conditions and forecast ahead. Husqvarna’s high capacity snow throwers don’t shorten the winter but can help to make those hours of snow clearing not only effcient but fun.

Handles CHangi COndiTiOns


HydROsTaTiC TRansmissiOn Controlled by a joystick on the user panel, variable forward / reverse drive improves manoeuvrability and gives optimum performance.

OuTsTanding manOeuvRaBiliTy

POweR sTeeRing Convenient trigger control power steering allows you to operate each wheel/track separately for turns of up to 180º.

diReCT snOw THROwing

aCCuRaTe CleaRing Our single-stage model is equipped with an easy to use remote chute rotator to direct snow throwing.

snowThrowers for all Type of jobs

single-stage or two-stage snow thrower? It’s a simple question and the answer is simple too. Two-stage snow throwers are more effcient especially if you have a large area to clear. For homeowners with only a small amount of clearing to do, a single-stage would be just the job.

see all models at the center fold learn more at

Two stage system. Snow is fed into the housing by an auger screw and then discharged through the chute by an impeller fan. This is the best solution for bigger spaces and public areas.

single stage system. The multiply reinforced auger blades sweep the snow highly effciently with immediate contact to the ground. An excellent solution for driveways, garden pathways and terraces. Two stage system.

Single stage system.


BaTTeRy seRies

Husqvarna Battery series. Clean, silent and powerful. The Husqvarna Battery Series is a range of higheffcient handheld machines driven by a powerful 36V Li-ion battery pack. The battery gives you high and constant power, a performance similar to our petrol machines. You get signifcantly less noise and vibrations, minimal maintenance – and no direct emissions at all. Also, you’re able to exchange battery from one machine to another, and keep working. The machines come complete with an extremely fast charger. The batteries are available in two different capacities (2.1 Ah and 4.2 Ah) to deliver the performance you need.

easy OPeRaTiOn

dOn’T disTuRB

inTuiTive key Pad All products in Husqvarna Battery Series is easy to use with just a few, easily understandable push buttons.

lOw nOise The silent proprietary motor provides a comfortable working environment and low disturbance for the surroundings.

maXimum RunTi


save ™ All Husqvarna battery handheld products feature save™, a battery economy mode which you can choose when you want to maximise your operational time.

baTTery-powered chainsaws, brushcuTTers and hedge Trimmers see all models at the center fold learn more at

Powerful chainsaws. husqvarna 536li Xp速 High-performance battery chainsaw for full-time professional use. husqvarna 436li Effcient battery chainsaw developed for allround use. husqvarna T536li Xp速 Rapid, lightweight battery chainsaw for professional arborists.

well-balanced brushcutters and trimmers. husqvarna 536lir Powerful battery brushcutter for professional use, with high handlebar and comfortable harness. husqvarna 536lil Effcient battery brushcutter for professional use, with adjustable handlebar. husqvarna 136lic Lightweight battery trimmer developed for domestic use.

low-noise hedge trimmers. husqvarna 536lihd70X High-performance professional battery hedge trimmer with 70 cm knife. husqvarna 536lihd60X Smooth, rapid battery hedge trimmer with 60 cm knife for professional use. husqvarna 136lihd50 Lightweight battery hedge trimmer developed for domestic use.

One battery fits all. All machines in the Husqvarna Battery Series use the same type of Li-Ion battery pack, which means you can switch your battery between machines and continue working. The charger is extremely fast, making the battery ready to go again in just a lunch-break.

innovaTive news

Backpack power for nonstop working. With capacity options of 14.4 Ah and 26.1 Ah, our new backpack battery gives you the possibility to work a full day on one charge with our handheld battery machines. The durable design and ergonomic harness ensure that you always work effciently and comfortably. The innovative Li-Ion technology and many smart features provides a truly professional solution.

BRusHCuTTeRs, TRimmeRs and FOResTRy CleaRing saws

High-end results whatever your needs. Finding the right machine for ones specifc needs can be a tough task. Our brushcutters, trimmers and clearing saws combine power with low weight. They are ergonomic, easy to handle, and deliver results you can be proud of. They are extremely durable and easy to use. To ensure work is handled in the most comfortable way, Husqvarna harness ergonomics distribute the load optimally between shoulders, chest and back to give the most comfort for long shifts.

Raw POweR

X-TORq 速 The X-Torq速 technology reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 75 % and increases fuel effciency by up to 20 %. Making work more comfortable and more economic.

lOng OPeRaTing

lOw viB 速 engines are equipped with very effective anti-vibration dampeners that absorb vibration, sparing your arms and hands to let you work more comfortably during long shifts.

RT TROuBle FRee sTa


smaRT sTaRT 速 The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort, getting you working quicker.

what you get. and how we do it. ROBusT design

BalanCe design

mulTi PuRPOse

COmmeRCial gRade Common to all Husqvarna brushcutters is that they are powerful, industrious machines, ergonomically designed for many years of demanding operation.

eRgOnOmiCs The handles are designed to be adjustable and vibration-damped. High handle bars also makes working on slopes more effcient.

veRsaTile Detachable shaft makes it easy to switch cutting tools. It also gives you greater fexibility in your work. Transporting and storage is never a problem.


brushcuTTers, Trimmers and foresTry clearing saws

work your whole garden with just one machine.

one machine To handle many jobs. The 327LDX is a lightweight, high performance combi machine, equipped with Husqvarna’s e-Tech® II engine with catalytic emission control, soft and comfortable handles. Several attachments are available as accessories which will turn this machine into a hedge trimmer, sweeper, lawn edger, long reach hedge trimmer, cultivator or a pole saw.

If you are looking for a versatile trimmer that makes awkward grass cutting tasks easier and less tiring then a combi-trimmer is right for you. In fact with its multi purpose attachments it can handle grass trimming, hedge trimming, sweeping, blowing, tree pruning, edging and soil cultivating with one and the same engine base unit.

Let us show you the different wearing a harness can make to your work.


improve efficiency, comfort and safety. The right accessories, protection gear and clothing will make your work safer and more effcient. Our range of accessories for clearing saws, brushcutters and trimmers include everything you need for well being, working conditions and productivity. Including harnesses with the most advanced ergonomics on the market that effectively spread the machine’s weight to maximise balance – making the machine feel lighter, more manouverable and less strenuous to work with.

Read more about Husqvarna forestry accessories on page 39.

see all models at the center fold learn more at

Heavy worker. Husqvarna brushcutters have many faces. They come equipped with a grass blade, trimmer head or saw blade that are easy to attach. many models also comes with X-TorqÂŽ engine that reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 75 % and increases fuel effciency by up to 20 %. Grass


Small trees

Clears smaller trees. easily operated, rugged forestry-clearing saw with high performance. Short and smooth shaft with the bevel gear angled 24Âş simplifes directional felling in dense forests. Small trees

For finishing touches. This range of trimmers guarantees great performance even under the most demanding of situations. They are easy to store and really do add the fnishing touch to a job well done. Grass

innovaTive news

Clothes specially designed for clearing work. Our new collection of clothes for clearing work is designed to be highly comfortable and functional, especially when you wear a harness or work long hours with a bruschutter or trimmer. Practical details are in the right places, such as padding and zip pockets, comfortable lining, ventilating zippers and durable protection against spattering gravel.



Protective clothing designed for safety and to ft well. Good protective equipment must withstand demanding conditions and provide the required protection. That’s why we use nothing but high-quality materials. each job comes with different requirements. Our range of protective clothing takes into consideration every type of work. In fact our extensive range of safety clothing, offering the latest innovations in design and materials, will provide you with the level of protection and comfort you need to get the job done.

proTecTive cloThing for all Types of foresTry work learn more at

Top to toe protection. we have you covered. A wide range of Husqvarna Protective clothing, for every level of work, to help you work safer, simpler and more effectively.

serious protection for heavy work. The Technical extreme range consist of work wear designed for high demanding use. Top of the line, it is made from strong material, with a slim comfortable ft. Features include water repellent zippers and reinforcements on all critical areas.

Balancing protection with comfort. The Technical range uses advanced chainsaw protective materials and have been designed to be lighter, stronger and fexible. These features make the difference when worn for long working days.

Combines durability with protection. Functional range, protective clothing with robust and durable material that fts well and is designed for year round use.

meets safety standards. Classic range offers an affordable protective clothing option. Has a clean and modern design with quality in the detail, that make them ideal for occasional yet demanding work.

glOves Husqvarna’s new range of protection gloves, made from goat leather, are designed for demanding jobs while giving comfortable operation. Also available with saw protection.

FOResT HelmeT, eT TeCHniCal A robust yet lightweight helmet with a completely new design – packed with smart solutions that lessen the weight, enable a more personal ft and ensure a better head temperature even during long shifts.

COmFORTaBle and eRgOnOmiC

COmFORTaBle and PROTeCTive ClOTHes We make our protective equipment and clothing so comfortable and ergonomic that you can use them without being restricted while you work.

saw PROTeCTiOn BOOTs High quality waterproofed leather boots. Padding and stability make these boots perfect for long working days.

COnFidenT saFeTy


RegulaR TesTing All protective clothing must carry the Ce marking. euroTest® mark shows that the items are regularly inspected by an accredited institute.

gRaded laBels sHOw PROTeCTiOn Class Ranked depending on the ability to stop the chain at different speeds.


FOResTRy aCCessORies

Husqvarna accessories designed to cover all your work load. Genuine Husqvarna accessories will perform the way you expect and need them to while continuing to provide high levels of productivity for a good working regime. You’ll fnd our extensive range of accessories will cover you in all your working situations.

Watch how the professionals work with a Husqvarna chainsaw safely and effciently.

foresTry accessories for all Types of work learn more at

increase performance. Our trimmer heads, trimmer lines and blades are designed to do outstanding work. They offer optimal performance and effciency on every level.

Rugged forestry tools. We offer a wide range of tough and dependable tools to facilitate your work; axes, knives, lifting hooks, breaking bars and more.

a cut above the rest. Husqvarna bars and chains are built to the same high standards as our chainsaws. By using highquality materials we can deliver maximum effciency and safety when used with our chainsaws.

innovaTive news

new Combi Can with optimized design. Designed for safe, comfortable and effcient transport and flling of fuel and chain oil. The fuel/oil volume ratio is optimized for modern chainsaws, and levels are easily checked through the level windows. It also features a newly developed compartment for transport of frequently used tools, spare parts and accessories for the chainsaw.


Hedge TRimmeRs

make sure you always trim with frst class results. A hedge needs time and care to stay healthy and beautiful. A well-kept hedge will provide you with privacy while giving the garden solid lines and visual appeal. Different hedges need different types of tools, which is important to have in mind when buying a hedge trimmer. All Husqvarna hedge trimmers are powerful, precise and effcient to give great results every time.

BuilT TO lasT

ROBusT design The robust design increases service life and prepares the hedge trimmer for tough work.

POweR FOR T THe enviROnmen

X-TORq 速 engine technology that reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 75 % and increases fuel effciency by up to 20 %.

quieT neigHBOuR


lOw nOise Innovative technology that delivers low engine noise. An important feature for those operating in residential areas.

hedge Trimmers for all Types of work see all models at the center fold learn more at

Flexible handling at any angle.

straight cuts in one movement.

Double-sided hedge trimmers are designed for shaped portions of hedges. They offer effcient and comfortable operation with features such as Smart Start ® and Low Vib® and adjustable handle on most models.

Single-sided hedge trimmers make it easier to make straight cuts with precision and allow for longer blades to cut wide hedges in one sweeping movement.

Reach where others struggle.

Pole hedge trimmers are perfect when you need to reach diffcult places without losing performance. They have superb ergonomics, easy to start, suit both high and low hedges and with back folding cutter bars they ‘re also easy to store and transport.

innovaTive news

new battery-powered hedge trimmers for professional users. Husqvarna Battery Series is now updated with two new hedgetrimmers developed for true professional use. Both models feature long, effcient blades, high performance motors and pivoting rear handles for best working position. Read more about Husqvarna Battery Series on page 30.

HeDGe TRImmeRS | 41


Blow the hard work away. Get rid of leaves, straw, grass, cobwebs, sand, gravel – as well as the hard work. Husqvarna blowers are ergonomically designed, effcient and enjoyable to work with. And with a range of jobs in-mind you can be sure these blowers will handle the task effortlessly.

see all models at the center fold learn more at

manage larger areas with ease.

versatile and efficent.

Backpack blowers are powerful machines that offer the user total control. They are ideal for tackling large areas and long periods of heavy work.

Perfectly formed for smaller garden work our handheld blowers combine high power with friendly ergonomics, making them perfect for a variety of lighter tasks.

HigH POweR

HigH sPeC engines Powerful enough to move and pile-up the leaves and garden rubbish wherever you need to move it too.

42 | BLOWeRS

BlOw OR vaCuum

vaC CaPaBiliTy Some blowers can be turned into vacuum mode to collect debris.

quieT as iT BlOws

lOw nOise Husqvarna blowers deliver low noise making them suitable for residential areas.


Powerful, versatile cultivators. Designed to take tough treatment, Husqvarna cultivators are built to withstand intensive operation over many years. Their comfortable handle system and well-grouped controls make them easy to work with and the anti-clockwise rotation system breaking up soil with ease and effciency.

see all models at the center fold learn more at

Heavy duty use.

smaller landscapers.

For larger and more open areas a rear tine cultivator will give you the power to break up densely packed soil effectively. Handling is comfortable thanks to their ergonomic design.

For versatile garden tasks a front tine cultivator will do the job. With the addition of accessories you can rake, edge, scarify, ridge and plough too.


HigH sPeCiFied engines Reliable and powerful engines with low emissions under load.


ReliaBle TRansmissiOn Durable and detachable transmission housing with lubrication nipple for easy maintenance.


eRgOnOmiC HandleBaR ergonomically designed handlebar with comfortable soft-grip and easy-access controls.


Copyright © 2014 Husqvarna AB (publ). All rights reserved. Husqvarna and other product and feature marks are trademarks of the Husqvarna Group as displayed at

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